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PowerPoint Presentation - First Baptist Church - Hendersonville_ NC


									          Lesson 6
How to Effectively Witness to
Hindus, New Agers, and Jews
God calls us to be a light in a
     dark world for the
gospel…but, is your lamp dirty
          with sin?
“My people have committed
     two sins: They have
forsaken me, the spring of
 living water, and have dug
 their own cisterns broken,
  cisterns that cannot hold
   water.” Jeremiah 2:13
  Many people within our
churches today have many,
       many idols:
Family    kids        church
work      money       sex
drugs     alcohol     self
  An idol is anything we place
     between us and God!
    We become what we
  worship…do we have any
   idols? We need to be
careful not to look down our
 noses on other people that
do while we are unrepentant
   of idolatry ourselves!
2 Samuel 7:22-23
 Matthew 7:3-5
Today, we will explore:
    •New Age/Hindu
 Be prayerful in sharing the
 Gospel…(with thanksgiving!)
“I am not ashamed of the gospel
for it is the power of salvation…”
             Rom 1:16
“But you will receive power when
the Holy Spirit comes upon you,
 and you will be my witnesses…”
             Acts 1:8
  Essentials of the Gospel

•We’ve all done wrong in God’s
•This wrong separates us from
God forever …Rom 6:23
  Essentials of the Gospel
•Jesus came to take our
punishment that we deserve…
Rom 5:8
•Turn away from doing wrong as
a way of life… Acts 2:38
•Confess with your mouth Jesus
as Lord…you will be saved…Rom
Remember…in the power of the
   Holy Spirit, you have to
    the plan of salvation…
“You were shown these things so
  that you might know that the
Lord is God; besides him there is
 no other.” Deuteronomy 4:35
“I will give you a new heart and
 put a new spirit in you; I will
remove from you your heart of
 stone and give you a heart of
     flesh.” Ezekiel 36:26
If they reject the message,

being their friend or loving
•New Age/Hindu
•I am astonished that you are so
quickly deserting…and turning to
different gospel, not that there
is another one…Galatians 1:6-7a
•New Age and Hinduism is very
 pervasive in our culture today
   and is creeping into many
 evangelical church’s theology…
Governor Bev Perdue quote on the
opening of a major Hindu temple in
     May, 2009 in Cary, NC:
“This is more than a religious temple,
    although it’s a quite impressive
   beautiful temple. It’s a place of
  cultural diversity. It’s a place of
learning. It’s a community center. It
 really does represent the change in
North Carolina that we’re so grateful
Worldwide-est.: 820 million;
  India w/over 780 million
   US-est.: > 1.5 million
 Hindus believe in over 330
       million gods…
Data from 2004 from
Hinduism began about 2000
B.C. with no single founder
  and is the most diverse
 (understatement!) of all
   major world religions.
Hindu temple near Spartanburg, SC
 “Temple openings are rare events
and Hindus believe they bestow on
 participants health, longevity and

“…The temple has elaborately carved
   images of swans, lions and other
mythic creatures…the purpose of the
building’s (temple’s) consecration is to
     bring these statues to life.” *
   *Quotes taken from the Raleigh N & O, May 29, 2009
   •Hindus are polytheistic,
  (the belief of many gods.)
 In fact, there are over 330
 million gods within Hinduism.
  •They are also pantheistic,
(the belief that “everything” is
    Major beliefs include:
The world is an illusion and the
goal of humanity is to free the
       soul from rebirth,
   (reincarnation) and to be
  absorbed into the ultimate
   principle called Brahman.
   A chief concept in Hindu
  thought is karma…the idea
  that deeds, thoughts, and
actions have an impact on one’s
         future fate.
    In Hinduism, there is
positive karma and negative
Hindus believe in reincarnation… an
   endless repetition or cycles of
creation…they believe their karma
   determines your next stage of
 life…higher level of species, such
         as a cow or a rat…
   Have you ever heard the term,
   “Holy cow?” This is where it is
    Hindus have no concept of
     rebellion against a Holy
   God…ignorance of unity with
 Brahman, desire and violation of
dharma (one’s social duty) are the
  roots to humanity’s problems!
  In Hinduism, their
belief in astrology, evil
spirits, and curses also
Doesn’t this sound
    Yoga and meditation,
especially raja-yoga is one way
           to achieve
“total final self-realization of
    the truth, (moksha).”
Yoga, in its purest form,
should not be practiced by
Christians…one of the
mantras of yoga is the
repetition of “oooommmm”
which means, “I am God…” It
also is a form of trying to
find oneself through clearing
of the mind…
Hindu sects include:
•Hare Krishna
•Transcendential Meditation
Witnessing to Hindus….
•Criticize or condemn Hinduism
•Argue or debate
•Use extraction evangelism…
•Speak quickly on hell or that
Jesus is the only way
Witnessing to Hindus…
•Force Christian ideas into
passages of Hindu thought,
(blend theologies)
Witnessing to Hindus….
•Work into your life points of
contact…commonality, such as
humility, etc.
•Know about their beliefs
•Be quick to acknowledge our
own failures, (we’re are not
Witnessing to Hindus….
•Center on Christ
•Be quick to acknowledge
mystery of God, “…deep
mysteries of God that we
cannot fathom…”
•Share your testimony what
forgiveness and grace means to
you. Keep it short!
Be ready to give an answer
but DO NOT be too quick
to believe they are saved!!
     This would be so
   detrimental to them!
   There have been many
trips to India to share the
gospel to areas with a high
  concentration of Hindus’
 …reports of many people
 coming to Christ on these
  Hinduism is the hardest
  people to evangelize as
they may quickly “convert”
 but not really…do not be
too quick to get “the prize”
   as they will now have
  330,000,001 gods now…
Unfortunately, many of
these converts have not
come to a true knowledge
of God…it sometimes takes
years for this to happen!
They are so engrained in
their Hindu culture of such
things as “reincarnation”…
…you cannot talk about being
born again… they will not
understand the concept!
New Age is very similar to
 Hinduism but has some
 occultic practices, self-
 help, holistic medicines,
 and forms of astrology.
•New Age and Hinduism is
 very pervasive in our
 culture today and has
    crept into many
  evangelical church’s
In 1985, Shirley MacLaine, came out with
  “Dancing in the Light” In many mainline
 denominations, it quickly became a Bible
              Study essential!
 She taught as well as other
       New Age gurus:
I am the light of lights; I am the
sun; I am the real, real sun…in me
the whole world moves and has its
being…I existed before the world
  began…I permeate and pervade
 every atom…Oh, how beautiful I
        am.. I am the whole
   universe…everything is in me.
   Companies and famous
personalities around the world
   embracing yoga and TM,
(transcendental meditation)…
Pentagon   AT&T Joe Namath,
   Stevie Wonder Merv Griffin,
         Clint Eastwood
  Oprah, who some say is the most
dangerous woman in the world, follows
  the New Age guru, Eckhart Tolle
  Tolle said on Oprah that you can
  awaken your inner power through
   meditation and self realization.
 He quotes the Bible from Matthew 6,
  “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for
   theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
   What does it mean to be “poor in
spirit?” Oprah asks? It means to have
  no inner baggage, no ego, free inner
 state of consciousness…” says Tolle.
New Age Assumptions:
•Pantheist…God is all and All is God
•Monism…All is One
•Reincarnation…you will be reborn
•You are God and must discover your
•Good and evil do not exist;
therefore no absolutes in morality
Many New Agers believe the city
of Asheville is located in the
midst of intersecting vortexes,
creating an energy source for
connecting with the cosmos.
Testimonials talk of a
supernatural draw to Asheville,
and once people are here, they
have no problem finding others
of like faith.
One writer wrote about her
experience coming to
     “I felt it about 20 miles
   (outside) of Asheville…it’s a
   feeling of lightness and love
  that seeems to permeate the
physical body…I felt like crying…
     like I had come home…”
Asheville has been recognized:
•CBS TV Special
•Rolling Stone Magazine
•New York Times
•USA Today…as being the New
Age mecca…
  Witnessing to New Agers…
Use similar techniques as with Hindu,
but also engage them in their beliefs
           and philosophy…
…such thing as there is no such thing
        as right or wrong…
  Many New Agers take offense
with the exclusive gospel message
 that faith is Jesus Christ is the
      only way of salvation.
They claim that there is no right
or wrong way to God that we are
 wrong to claim that there is…
 Ask: “If there is no right or
wrong way to God then how can
  our claim that our gospel is
Lovingly point out that their
position is illogical because it
      contradicts itself.
  •Trust in the Holy Spirit to
 convict Hindus and New Agers
    of their need for Jesus.
•Do not get frustrated if you do
  not see immediate results.
•Tell about the difference that
    God makes in your life.
   Judaism Background and Data
Jewish Population:
•World: 13.1 million
•Israel: 5.3 million
•US: 5.3 million, (26,000 in N.C.)
•72% of Jews are affiliated with synagogue, but
only 10% attend regularly
•Tend to be both socially and politically liberal in
their views.
   Many are involved in
secularism, new age, even
  Buddhism. Israel, for
   example are mostly
comprised of atheists and
   Three Principal Branches:
1. Orthodox (Traditional):
interprets Torah more literally
with the Modern and Hasidim
The Hasidim have the Habad;
they are the ones who wear the
black suits and wear the yarmulke
(skull cap).
Three Principal Branches (cont.):
2. Conservative: Largest in the US;
they are conservative in religion only,
not politics
3. Reform: embrace modernity,
liberalism, humanism, feminist,
homosexuality, agnostic; sees the
Hebrew Scripture as folklore.
The challenge to speaking with
 Jews is the question, “Where
was God during the Holocaust?”
Many lost their faith in God due
       to the Holocaust…
 How would “YOU” answer that
Judaism Background and Data
Key Emphasis:
•One God, (Shema... Deut. 6:4-5)
•Believe in Biblical creation, but
not the fall of man
•No concept of need to be
  Judaism Background and Data
Holidays and Festivals:
•The Sabbath
•Rosh Hashanah: Jewish New Year
•Yom Kippur: Day of Atonement
•Hannukah: 8 day Festival
 Judaism Background and Data
Holidays and Festivals:
•Purim: celebration of the salvation of
the Jews during days of Queen Esther
•Pentecost: harvest festival
celebrating the giving of the law to
         •Make friends
          •Be up front
        •Ask Questions
        •Use Scripture
         •Be Prayerful
•Ask for a decision and follow-up
      Most are hostile to
Christianity, especially efforts
  to evangelize to them…ask
questions to make connections;
   don’t be argumentative.
  When witnessing to Jewish
   people about Jesus it is
important to stress that they
 do not need to give up their
 identity as Jews in order to
  embrace Jesus as Messiah.
  (excerpt from “On Witnessing to Jews” by David Brickner)
Above all, again, rely on the power
of the Holy Spirit to guide you and
to change the heart of the person
        you are speaking…

   Remember, God is in the
business of miracles…trust Him

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