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									Our Diamonds
Here at The Diamond Market we offer Rare Fancy Color Diamonds. Our Diamonds
constitute less than 1% of the quantity of Diamonds manufactured globally every
year, and this supply is steadily shrinking, while demand of those looking for aes-
thetics and investments purposes has been in a continuous progression. For a Dia-
mond to be classified as NATURAL loose color diamonds, they are certified in a
gemological institute such as GIA, EGL, or IGI . Once our stone is graded and certi-
fied, the natural loose diamond will have its own personal ID which includes an ID
number, measurements, weight, shape, clarity, polish, symmetry and fluorescence
will all be depicted in said certification. The Diamond Market proudly hand selects
each stone in our offerings based on quality and value.

The valuation of a natural Fancy Color Diamond is subject to the 4Cs: Color, Cut,
Clarity, and Carat.

There is a key importance in selecting the color of a Fancy Diamond. The most desir-
able are primary colors, without any secondary hue - for example, Fancy Blue dia-
monds, Fancy Pink diamonds, Fancy Yellow. When the loose stone is a single color,
the price of the diamond will be considerably more expensive than a diamond with a
secondary hue - for example, fancy Brownish Orange, Greenish Yellow, Fancy
Orangey Pink, or Fancy Light even Grayish Blue.
                                                                                          Inside you will find:
The intensity grading system for Fancy Color Diamonds differs than that of white
diamonds. Unlike white diamonds, which range from the letter D-Z, fancy color dia-        Our Diamonds (cont.) ..... 2
monds are graded by Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep , Fancy
Dark, and Fancy Vivid. The stronger and more vivid the color -the greater the value.      Company’s Profile ...... 3
Details:                                                                                  FAQs ........................... 3

Pink Diamonds                                                                             Investing ..................... 4
The most desirable of all the Fancy Color Diamonds is the Pink Diamond, and most
of the loose Pink Diamonds are originally from a mine in Australia known as the
Argyle Mine. Notably a famous actor Ben Affleck purchased a 6.1 carat pink dia-
mond for his engagement ring to musician Jennifer Lopez a few years back. As well
as world renowned soccer player David Beckham who bought his wife, Victoria Ad-
ams, a $1,800,000.00 Fancy Pink Diamond ring.

Blue Diamonds
Blue diamonds range from Light Blue, Fancy Light Blue, Fancy Blue, Fancy Intense
Blue, Fancy Deep Blue, Fancy Dark Blue, to Fancy Vivid Blue. Loose Blue Diamonds
are extremely rare, and as a result, they yield the highest of price tags. Take for ex-
ample the recent sale of the Wittelsbach Diamond, a historic 17th century cushion-
cut fancy deep grayish-blue VS2 diamond of 35.56cts.

Price realized: £16,393,250 ($24,311,191)
December 2008, London, King Street
Setting a World Auction record for any Diamond or jewel sold at auction.

                        The Diamond Market        1-877-4FANCY1      www.thediamondmarket.com
Yellow Diamonds
Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds otherwise known as "Canary Diamonds" are truly
magnificent rarities. The color scale of white diamonds starts with the letter D, and
ends with the letters X-Y-Z. These are the beginning of the yellow fancy color, due to   Did you know?
its yellow shade. After XYZ, there is Light Yellow, Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow,
Fancy Intense Yellow, and Fancy Vivid Yellow. The Yellow Diamonds are a very popu-       Diamonds by weight
lar choice when beginning to invest so purchase your Yellow Diamond right away
from The Diamond Market!                                                                 are the most valu-
                                                                                         able commodities on
Orange Diamonds
Often referred to as "Pumpkin Diamonds", Orange Diamonds are truly quite rare,           earth.
and most will appear as a combination of orange and yellow. Usually, this is either
Fancy Yellow-Orange or Fancy Yellowish Orange, and of course, in stronger levels of      Fancy Color Dia-
intensity, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid.
                                                                                         monds are so rare
Black Diamonds                                                                           that 1 in 10,000 are
Black Diamonds currently are becoming a trend setting stone. The popularity can be
attributed to the Diamonds beauty, strong color and relatively low price point. Unlike   considered true
other fancy color diamonds such as yellow and blue diamonds, the beauty of Black         Fancy Color.
Diamonds is in the purity of its deep color. For more information on how you can
own your very own Black Diamond, contact us now!

                        The Diamond Market        1-877-4FANCY1      www.thediamondmarket.com                   2
                                           Company Profile
                                           The Diamond Market based in Miami, Florida, is recognized as the true source for
                                           Natural Fancy Color Diamonds offering pink, blue, yellow, and a variety of other rare
                                           colors including elegant white and numerous fine gem stones brought to you from
                                           around the world.

                                           Since inception The Diamond Markets owner Adam J. Lowe personally checks and
                                           examines every single stone. With improving skills, professional help, and the con-
                                           tinuous advancement technology, rest assured that The Diamond Market is up to
                                           date to guarantee prompt and reliable service to its clientele. You can count on our
                                           expertise and your satisfaction.
                                           The company guarantees the authenticity of the natural color of every single stone.
                                           We thank you for your time and appreciate your business!

                                           Kindest regards,

                                           Adam J. Lowe
                                           The Diamond Market

  “Gems are the flowers of the mineral kingdom and the fancy color diamond is the
  orchid.” - R.J. Haüy (1817)

Diamonds are graded using the 4C's - color, clarity, cut and carat weight - this pertains to color Diamonds as well as clear Diamonds alike,
however with clear Diamonds the color grading scale is alphabetical. For example, the best color grade for a clear Diamond is "D" whereas
with Color Diamonds "Fancy Vivid" is the highest color grade.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certifies and grades our color Diamonds as follows: Faint, Very Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy
Intense, Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid with Fancy Vivid as the highest color grade.

Color Diamonds are truly quite rare. One out of 10,000 carats of Diamonds mined, only one carat will be Fancy Color. There are approxi-
mately 110 million carats of Diamonds mined each year and only 2,000 carats will be cut and polished Color Diamonds.

The Argyle mine in Australia, mines 30 million carats a year and less than 590 individual stones are jewelry grade. Less than 1/10th of 1
percent are Pink Diamonds and out of those, only a select few are that of investment quality.

The rarest color diamonds are "Vivid" Red, Blue, Orange, Green, and Pink.

Supply and demand is the strongest reason color diamonds are a strong investment. Demand for color diamonds is ever increasing as
supplies are falling. DeBeers closed 3 diamond mines in Africa in 2006. The latest mining in Russia and Canada are not yielding much in
the way of Color Diamonds, so with supplies of Color Diamonds falling and demand increasing, simple economics applies and prices
should rise substantially.

Yellow Diamonds and Pink Diamonds have very strong profit potential as the Argyle Mine in Australia only produces a limited supply of Pink
investment quality Diamonds each year and demand is growing dramatically, prices for a Pink Diamond have skyrocketed! Very high grade
Yellow Diamonds have excellent potential for growth as well; and percentage wise could offer greater return as they have not yet reached
the levels of their Pink counterpart. Keep a close eye on Fancy Yellow Diamonds!

                           The Diamond Market            1-877-4FANCY1         www.thediamondmarket.com                                        3
     Investing in Natural Fancy Color Diamonds
When one ponders an investment choice it is often wise to consider of all things, history. I happen to be
a great history buff. In my studies I have often noticed patterns both cyclical, and sporadic at times,
however volatility in any market tends to create activity, as we see in today's commodity markets. My
personal thoughts pertaining to the question of investing in Fancy Color Diamonds is that they are a
must have in any well diverse, yet security seeking portfolio. Fancy Color Diamonds posses the greatest
value of all of the gemstones on earth. Investments in Fancy Color Diamonds is often a long-term
choice. The economic cycles of the past 25 years have brought Fancy Color Diamonds to levels never
before seen. A brief comparative analysis yields many instances over the years when Fancy Color Dia-
monds have tripled and quadrupled in value. Fancy Color Diamonds may provide a flight to safety in
times of great need and portability. Intrinsic value speak volumes in consideration of today's volatile
economy and harsh financial times. Providing a secure hedge in an insecure world, Fancy Color Dia-
monds are poised for stronger future and allow investors the opportunity to have and to hold their in-
vestment not subject to a "paper promise" fraught with depreciation and unscrupulous actions of oth-
Furthermore, Fancy Color Diamonds are truly the world's most concentrated form of actual physical
wealth. A portfolio of Fancy Color Diamonds will fit in your shirt pocket and therefore can easily be
transported quietly and legally. Of equal importance it can be sold globally. While these facts alone may
appeal to the more sovereign individual seeking discretion it is wise for all to give consideration to the
world of Rare Fancy Color Diamonds. With average appreciation rates upwards of 12%- 16% per annum
Fancy Color Diamonds provide the perfect hedge as they are statistically non-correlated to Wall Street.
In closing I feel it imperative for all to consider the addition of Fancy Color Diamonds to you own portfo-
lio over the next few months and years as they continue to out perform all other asset classes.

                      The Diamond Market    1-877-4FANCY1    www.thediamondmarket.com                          4

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