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									                        Connect, Learn, Transform

New Transformative Learning Network & Free IONS Membership
            Expand Access to Noetic Sciences Tools

A legacy of trusted consciousness science research is fueling a new online transformative
learning network full of enrichment resources and social engagement tools designed to
support the proliferating number of people pursuing growth opportunities in life-skills,
career, and spirituality. IONS’ new free membership makes noetic sciences solutions
more available, especially for crisis-level problems in healthcare, education, the
environment, and business.

August 12, 2010, Petaluma, Calif. - The proliferating number of people pursuing
growth opportunities in life-skills, career, and spirituality can enjoy greater
promise of meeting their goals with the help of a new transformative learning
network that online today when the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) launched
its new website. IONS also announced a new free-membership model to make
the network’s enhanced content and learning tools accessible to more people and
communities, especially those involved in transitional or global crisis fields such
as healthcare, education, the environment, and business.

“As one of the world’s leading science centers rigorously researching the
connection between mind and body, consciousness and matter, we have retooled
our organization to bring more collective learning and community support to
more people,” said IONS President and CEO, Dr. Marilyn Schlitz. “At a time of
intense global transition, trends indicate that people from all walks of life
increasingly are seeking the most trusted science-backed sources to help them
more fully engage in the changing world around them.”

The New
Sporting IONS’ new logo and asserting a stronger identity as a global network
where people connect, learn, and transform through noetic science, the website – – was built by Brick Design Inc. of San Francisco. Designed with
a vibrant blue/green pallet and photography to convey wellbeing, human spirit,
and the beauty of planet Earth, the new website consolidates IONS’ former
public and member-only websites into a single, easy-to-navigate, interactive hub.
Using more robust software solutions, the website allows IONS to offer more
online education programs, deeper and easier access to consciousness science
resources, and social discussion forums. It also features a new E-store for IONS’
books, DVDs, eBooks, and audio sets. Content and functionality will be
continually updated as the site evolves and grows.

Building on the respected tradition of its industry journal, Shift: At the Frontiers of
Consciousness, and its predecessor, Noetic Sciences Review, IONS will continue
covering cultural and scientific issues in the broadening field of consciousness
studies with a new online section called Noetic Now. It will feature new and
archived articles, excerpts from new books, and reviews. Blog posts by IONS
scientists and guest experts in transformation and consciousness will cover topics
in science, healthcare, education, global issues, media, and business.

New Membership Model
Recognizing that future funding of its laboratory science and applications
research depends on retooling for a new age of online donor behavior, IONS has
revised its philanthropic model to invite significantly more participation in its
online network. Entry-level membership, which used to cost as much as $120 a
year, is now free. It allows wider access to IONS’ archives, enriched and
upgraded with more published papers, seminars, conference proceedings, and
multimedia resources in transformational studies. Free membership also allows
participants into online discussion forums. Funding from the new model will
come from generous member donations, value-added member levels, and fee-
based programs that provide deeper consciousness science instruction. Members
at donating levels have access to more learning tools and events as well as
discounts on products, e-learning programs, and the Institute’s biannual
conference (scheduled for San Francisco in July 2011).

Education and E-Learning
With its improved membership model, IONS now can structure its educational
programs to support the needs of more people looking for advanced-level
transformative learning as well as those using the Internet to expand their skills.
Headlining the new programming is IONS’ teleseminar series, a popular forum
for consciousness explorers to discover and discuss developments in the noetic
sciences. Teleseminars are now offered as structured 13-week courses with
downloadable support material and online discussion. Available to “Partner”
and above donors, each course will explore “Big Questions” from noetic science
research. The fall 2010 series, “Essentials of Noetic Sciences” will start with the
big question on the lips of anyone new to the field, including the millions
reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol for the first time – “What in the World is
Noetic Science?” This series will coincide with the four-million-copy paperback
release of The Lost Symbol.

The transformative learning network also includes online classroom solutions.
IONS will offer CEC courses for professionals interested in bridging
consciousness studies with current social trends. Courses in nursing and
worldview literacy will inaugurate the program. Other online learning tools will
include webinars and interactive engagement activities such as games and

Social Noetic Network
To give the public a more personal experience with the noetic sciences, IONS’
new website introduces a social community with profile sharing and discussions
that, prompted by the “Big Questions” explored in its teleseminar series,
encourage collaborative exploration. Research findings and follow-up questions
will fortify community discussions. The new IONS site also features improved
integration of other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
into its transformative learning network.

Market Trends
With a history steeped in the academic science sector, IONS has been a quiet participant
in the self-improvement market with its digital and live learning services built on positive
research findings. But as the nonprofit industry becomes more competitive and more
market savvy, IONS is embracing the same kind of transformative thinking it asks of its

“If we are going to continue to fund our scientific mission while serving people seeking
transformative support, we must think charitably, but act entrepreneurially,” said Dr.
Marilyn Schlitz, IONS president and CEO.

Fortunately, the self-improvement market perpetuates growth, meeting the needs of
people seizing opportunity in good times as well as those practicing resilience in tough
times. Despite the current recession, for example, the market for holistic institutes like
IONS grew 11 percent, and Americans spent $11 billion on self-improvement books,
CDs, seminars, coaching and stress-management programs--13.6% more than they did
back in 2005, according to Marketdata Enterprises. The independent Tampa-based
research firm forecasts 6.2% annual market growth through 2012.

About IONS
The Institute of Noetic Sciences is one of the world’s leading science centers
rigorously researching the connection between mind and body, consciousness
and matter. Its trusted laboratory and applications research fuels an expanding
global learning community helping people to transform their lives and the world
around them. IONS hosts one of the most active research-fueled networks of live
and online resources, community, and learning experiences. It also operates the
EarthRise retreat center which, together with the IONS research facilities, is
located on a rolling woodlands campus near Petaluma, California.

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