Study Guide Photosynthesis by nuhman10


									Study Guide Photosynthesis / Cellular Respiration
1. Be able to put the photosynthesis model together and explain what is happening
   during the light and dark reactions.

2. Know where the light and dark reactions get the energy to complete their tasks.

3. Explain what ATP is and what it is used for. Also know how this molecule is able to
   release energy.

4. Know where (in what organelles) photosynthesis and cellular respiration takes place.

5. Be able to write the balanced chemical equations of both photosynthesis and cellular

6. Compare and contrast autotrophs and heterotrophs

7. Be able to put the cellular respiration models together and explain what goes into and
   out of the major processes.

8. Know which processes are aerobic and which are anaerobic and which ones produce

9. Distinguish between alcohol and lactic acid fermentation, where or what conducts
   these processes.

10. Study the questions missed on past tests.

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