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									                                  Systems of Care National Evaluation Logic Model
Strategic Planning
                                                     Practice, policies and            Case
                    Collaborative partnership               procedures             management:                                 Child and family
                    Development of an inter-     • Multidisciplinary teams           Service                                      outcomes
                     agency structure that          created                        coordination,                            Safety
                     includes agencies &          • Child welfare agency           integration &                            Reductions in repeat
                     families at all levels in      leads teams                     delivery of                              maltreatment
                     meaningful ways              • All primary partners are          services              Service
                                                                                                            Receipt         Permanency
                    Identification and             appropriately and
                                                                                Increased              Children and       Number of children in
                     assessment of the target       actively involved and
                                                                                 collaboration                               foster care is reduced
                     population’s needs             understand the initiative                            families receive
                                                                                 among agencies &                           Number of children
     Strategic      Assess systems in relation   • Interagency agreements                               services that
                                                                                 providers around        build on their      who remain at home
      Planning       to focus areas.                in place
                                                                                 service delivery,                           increases
   Hire staff      Development of shared        • Greater information-                                 strengths and
                                                                                 coordination, and                          The number of foster
   Build a          goals, vision, & mission       sharing at the                                       meet their needs
                                                                                 integration                                 care re-entries
    collaborative   Development of policies,       management & direct                                  without
                                                                                Staff are culturally    duplication.        decreases
    decision-        procedures, protocols,         service level
                                                                                 competent.             Children and       Children experience
    making body      including procedures for     • Protocols for case
                                                                                Less duplication                            more stable
   Discuss          communication among            planning include:                                    families are
                                                                                 of services                                 placements.
    vision,          agencies regarding           • The involvement of all                               involved in the
                                                                                                         development of     Children visit regularly
    mission,         service delivery and case      partners
                                                                                                                             with parents
    goals,           planning                     • Meaningful family                                    plans
                                                                                        Case            Children and       Children are placed
    objectives,     Development of a process       involvement
                                                                                    Management:                              with relatives, when
    actions and      for data and information     • The provision of                                     families receive
                                                                                   Case planning         culturally          possible
    outcomes         sharing                        individualized,
                                                                                Case planning that                          Placements are close to
   Create          Legislation & advocacy at      strengths-based,                                     appropriate and
                                                                                 is:                     community-          children’s families
    strategic        the state & local level        culturally competent and
                                                                                Undertaken by                              Children are placed
    plan            Development of a plan for      community-based                                      based services
                                                                                 multidisciplinary      Services are        with siblings, when
                     funding integration            services
                                                                                 teams, led by child                         possible
                    Human resources              • Mechanisms in place for                              provided to
                                                                                 welfare                 prevent removal    Well-being
                     development and training,      blending funds
                                                                                Considers the                              Children’s educational
                     including cultural           • Staff trained in new                                 of children
                                                                                 family’s unique                             needs are met
                     competence training            procedures for
                                                                                 strengths and                              Children’s physical
                    Development of an              delivering services
                                                                                 needs, cultural                             health needs are met
                     evaluation system to         • Available services are
                                                                                 background, and                            Children’s mental
                     ensure accountability and      culturally appropriate,
                                                                                 community                                   health needs are met
                     monitoring of progress         family-focused,
                                                                                Includes families
                                                    strengths-based and
                                                                                 in an active and
                                                                                 meaningful way

                      Infrastructure                                                                    Service Delivery
           Cross-site Process and Outcome Evaluation

  SOC activities related to:
• Collaborative partnership      Changes in case
• Practice, policies &           planning for the
  procedures                    target population
• Case management

                                Changes in service          Changes in the safety,
                               receipt for the target     permanency & well-being
                                    population             of the target population

                                                            Changes in the safety,
                                                        permanency & well-being of the
                                                           child welfare population

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