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CHAPTER                                                                        PAGE

Chapter 1 – Introduction                                                               3

Chapter 2 – What’s It All About?                                                       5

Chapter 3 – Why Does This Work?                                                        6

Chapter 4 – Why Google?                                                                8

Chapter 5 – The Traffic Strategy (Video: #1)                                           10

Chapter 6 – How Can This Create Traffic? (Video: #2)                                   15

Chapter 7 – How To Use My Traffic Strategy (Video: #3 & 4)                             21

Chapter 8 – Partnering With Google (Video: #5)                                         32

Chapter 9 – Fringe Benefits – Google Really Loves Us                                   38

Chapter 10 – Partnering with iGoogle                                                   44

Chapter 11 - Further Development                                                       48

Chapter 12 – Proven Marketing Strategies (Video: #6)                                   49

Chapter 13 – Traffic Strategy Tips And Important Rules                                 62

Chapter 14 – Advanced Traffic Strategies (Video: #7)                                   65

Chapter 15 – Case Studies                                                              75

Chapter 16 – This Is Superior To eMail                                                 82

Chapter 17 – Advantages Of Using My Traffic Strategy                                   85

Chapter 18 – Automating Your Traffic Strategy                                          86

Chapter 19 - Updates & New Features                                                    88

                         Chapter 1
I have tried to make this course as quick and easy to get through as I
can, in fact… at the time of writing we already have over 4000
registered users (I call them Publishers) of my Traffic Strategy, and all
of these have quite happily made a start WITHOUT the benefit of this

However, many have overlooked some of the basic principles and are
missing out on a valuable route to FREE Traffic.

I have published this course to ensure that each and every Publisher
gets the maximum out of my proven Traffic Strategy.

You are now at a distinct advantage, please treasure what you are
about to learn.

You may find that you can skip certain sections or chapters, but please
try to at least speed read all chapters as you may miss an important
element, or even completely miss the point of just how easy this is.

If there is a video available I have highlighted this at the beginning of
each chapter. You can also access the videos by logging into your
Traffic Strategy account as shown in Chapter 7.

Once you are ready to start, keep this course by your side, use it to
refer back to should it be needed as I really have tried to make this a
step by step course so that nothing is missing.

This Traffic Strategy does not entail you having to do a thousand and
one things in order to create traffic, you simply need to do one thing,
and the system will take care of everything else.

I’ve purchased some very expensive courses only to find that to create
even a trickle of traffic you have to spend months undertaking
intensive techniques which may or may not work. Some of it will work,
some of it won’t and often relies on luck, creating the next Google or
spending the next 2 years painfully drudging through forums, blogs
and hoping email signatures will work.

I offer you here a system which will work; it’s tried tested and proven.

It’s built on solid foundations.

These foundations are solid yet simple…. people need information; you
need to get your information in front of people.

Most people, probably 99% of people simply cannot draw traffic to
their information or website, they don’t know how; even if they do
they still need more… its called traffic generation, lack of it will cause
failure, getting the balance right will create the success we all crave.

My Traffic Strategy enables you to get YOUR information in front of
people… it’s as simple as that.

My Traffic Strategy will generate traffic, I am the living proof.

What you do with it there after is entirely up to you, you can sell them
a product, keep them entertained with more information, monetize
your information with Adsense or any other form of paid advertising,
the only limit is YOU.

So far I not included any links to web sites or resources as I want you
to fully understand the power of what you can do with this knowledge
and system. Read each chapter, once you understand the power of the
system you can make a start.

Since the first draft of this course was written, indeed even whilst
writing the first draft, new areas are continually opening which we can
all exploit with my Traffic Strategy; I have added Chapter 18 which I
will use to add important links to new course additions or resources on
getting the maximum out of my Traffic Strategy. I will let you know
when anything new is added.

Should you need any assistance or have any suggestions, testimonials
or feedback please use any of the following:

                       Chapter 2
                   What’s It All About?

I hinted at this within the Introduction, this is all about getting your
information in front of your target audience.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Create a web page, create a piece of information and people will come.

I’ve seen it and done it myself.

You create your first web page or web site; it’s the greatest, the most
informative web page on earth isn’t it.

Of course it is…

It may well be but how many times must this have happened only for
that moment of enterprise and enthusiasm to disappear due to lack of
traffic, a pure and simple lack of any one reading your master piece?

Or even simpler than that, you see your self as the next super affiliate,
you are given your referral or tracking URL and weeks later you’ve
created no more than a few click throughs!

Follow my Traffic Strategy and this need never happen… ever!

Follow my simple strategy, create something people want and Google
will send your traffic.

                     Chapter 3
                Why Does This Work?
This works because Google want to give their users a huge choice of

Google want to rule the internet, they want to be every ones first port
of call for information and services, for anything PC and Internet

Google want to remain the market leader by delivering choice, ease of
access to services and information but with increased functionality.

And they can’t do it all on their own; they need the likes of you and I…

They simply can’t employ the entire world to deliver the diversity of
information their users want, it’s simply not viable or practical.

So by allowing programmers to access their various platforms, by
allowing them to program their own functionality into these platforms
they know they will be offering their users more choice, more
functionality and above all they will retain a valued client who will
come back again and again.

Google have allowed my company to develop versions of their
software, adapt it for a particular subject, niche or audience and give it
back to Google who then make it freely available to their users.

It's the best joint venture you will ever experience, its like writing a
few words on any subject you like, give it to your joint venture partner
(in this case Google) who then puts it in front of millions of their users.

Of course there is quality control, but as of today we have never had
one single refusal from Google, we've had a 100% acceptance rate.

Further more and given our good relationship with Google I can never
see a point when we will be refused. Google want to offer their users
choice, so a lot of Google’s own strategy is that their users will vote
with their feet, or in this case with their mouse, as long as we follow
our proven submission system we will get YOUR Traffic System
accepted by Google.

You clearly want to tap into these massive resources.

The fact you are reading this is proof of this.

I am here to help you, I have trained staff who will guide and advise
you to ensure you are also accepted by Google.

                         Chapter 4
                        Why Google?
This chapter has largely been lifted from the sales page at as it’s an important part of the learning curve.

If you spent time reading the sales page before committing you could
skip this chapter, if you did not thoroughly read the sales page I highly
recommend that you read this, as it’s an essential area to understand.

Why Google? Or more importantly...Why have I chosen to exploit
this particular under developed area of Google's empire?

This is a good question and as suggested on the sales page I pretty
much stumbled across this area of Google. I could quite easily have
opted for the more established areas of Google's developer network
but with the advantage of hindsight I can see this would have been a
major mistake and I firmly believe that had I not taken the less
established route I may never have discovered the true potential of my
Traffic Strategy.

When programming started back in 2006 you could say that I had
inadvertently chosen to program for one of the less popular areas of
Google. Lack of research you might say, possibly, but now with the
benefit of hindsight it's clear to see that this was a major coup.

Let’s get something into perspective... whilst I say 'less popular areas
of Google' this needs clarification.

You and I may associate something as being 'less popular' as being
something which attracts a hand full of people, but of course we are
talking Google here, so when we talk about something at Google which
is less popular we are talking about a Google user base in the TENS

Back to my reasoning... whilst other companies were programming for
more popular areas of Google this meant that these platforms were
becoming saturated with developers meaning more and more choices
for Google's end users which in turn makes it harder and harder to get
people using their software.

You can look at this in the same way as if you were to try and reach
the top of the Google search engine for the more sort after and

popular key words, you'd be fighting against millions of others trying
to do exactly the same, but if you choose to target less popul ar
keywords your chances of success multiply many, many times over.

Mean while my chosen route has less programmers for this particular
platform which in turn means less choice for the end user. This is great
for us as it makes it a relatively easy job to get noticed by these users.

And don't forget... these still number in the TENS OF MILLIONS...
more than enough for you and I.

This platform is also growing in popularity, it’s only a matter of time
before it attracts HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of users, once Google
have a sufficiently large portfolio of developers the flood gates will
open, 100,000 unique visitors will be a drop in the ocean.

PLEASE NOTE: I may keep referring to 100,000 unique visitors each
month because that is the most recent figure when I wrote this course
over September and October 2008, but if you are reading this at any
point after October 2008 before I have had a chance to update it then
its highly likely, almost certain to be higher, substantially higher!

And by the way… there is no restriction to the number of Traffic
Systems you can create; one of our beta testers has created over 30!

                     Chapter 5
               The Traffic Strategy …
                    (Video: #1) - Access Video Tutorials here

Ok, so now you know what it’s all about, you know why it works; you
know why I have chosen Google.

Now its time to tell you the area of Google we are going to exploit.

You may even be using this area of Google already, you may not have
realised the potential it holds or simply been unable to exploit it due to
technical barriers.

You will not be alone!

As discussed Google have many, many platforms from Adsense and
Adwords through to Gadgets and SEO.

I’m going to show you how to exploit Google’s love of Gadgets.

Gadgets and Widgets are not just an area loved by Google; this is a
vast area of growth right across the Internet, from small independent
companies like mine to Yahoo’s Widgets and Facebook.

You are now ideally positioned to grasp this simple idea and use it to
push more and more traffic to your projects, websites, blogs and
articles, quite literally any form of real estate you have on the

Google has two primary areas where they offer Gadgets; the biggest
area of interest with the biggest volume of users is their iGoogle
platform. I will show you how to tap into this busy area of Google’s
empire later in this course, but the first area I want to show you is the
area which has brought perhaps 90% of the massive growth in traffic I
have seen since May 2008.

The section of Google I am going to concentrate on in this chapter is
Google Desktop. This chapter should be read in conjunction with
Chapter 3, if you did not read this chapter I suggest you go back there

                                                                       - 10 -
Like I have said… you may already be using Google Desktop and
appreciate the extra functionality you receive from having it
conveniently on your PC. You are not alone.

There are millions and millions of Google Desktop users; I am going to
show you how to tap into a small percentage of these, perhaps you’ll
tap into more, either way if you get the mix right anything is possible.

It took me over a year, till May 2008 to develop this system and get
the formula right, follow it and you will have your own set of traffic
systems pushing traffic to any webpage you want.

The idea is simple; using my Traffic Strategy you can create Google
Desktop Gadgets by completing a form within your online account.
Through these Gadgets you push your information, we then submit
YOUR Gadgets to Google on your behalf, Google then allows their
users to add YOUR Gadgets to their Desktop… you get visitors to
your website.

Look at it like this…

   1) Use my Traffic Strategy to create a Google Gadget
   2) Push your information OR some one else’s’ through this Gadget
   3) Let Google send the traffic

Sounds simple? It is; this is how we do it.

My system is called and it is through this that we are
going to create Gadgets and get the system working for you.

Firstly, I want to show you what Google desktop is, where your
Gadgets will be listed and how people will access these.

Chapter 5 will show you how this then creates traffic and how to get

Take a look at Google Desktop, I have provided a link for you here.
Please also look at the screen shots I have provided below as this will
point you to the important areas:

                                                                    - 11 -
Google Desktop:

The above will take you to this page:

(Screen Shot #1)

This is where Google users will download Google Desktop. Please give
it a try by using the ‘Install Google Desktop’ blue image in the middle
of the page, you will see it installs in seconds.

Google users can also access Google Gadgets (YOUR Gadgets) from
this page by clicking on the ‘Gadgets’ link provided at the bottom of
the page.

                                                                    - 12 -
By doing this you are taken to this page which is Google’s directory of

(Screen Shot #2)

Note the links to the left which give you a choice of categories. At the
top are ‘Featured Gadgets’ – these are chosen by Google.

Below this are the rest of the Gadgets, in the above screen shot the
first 2 are our Gadgets (A Forex Gadget and A YouTube Gadget).

Once a user sees something they like they simply click on ‘Download’
(below the gadget icon) which instantly installs the chosen Gadget to
their Google Desktop. Or they can click the Gadget name above the
image to view more details.

If you have gone ahead and already installed Google Desktop your
computer screen could now look something like this, (I have put a
RED border around Google Desktop):

                                                                     - 13 -
(Screen Shot #3)

The above shows 10 Gadgets already installed onto my own Google
Desktop, the first 2 are just general Gadgets, but the rest have been
created by – we simply need to get Google users to
install as many of YOUR gadgets to their Google Desktop and iGoogle
as possible to create more and more traffic to YOUR web pages.

                                                                 - 14 -
                Chapter 6
        How Can This Create Traffic?
                    (Video: #2) - Access Video Tutorials here

Following on from the screen shots provided in Chapter 5 I have
included further screen shots for you here to demonstrate what the
end user will do with YOUR Gadgets and how they will land on the
webpage of your choice.

Look at screen shot #4 below, here the user has gone to the next step
by expanding the headlines to create a new window (shown here with
the RED border) to the left of the Gadget. Note the headline underlined
in BLUE – this is a clickable headline, as with all the headlines shown,
the user simply decides on what headline interests them, they then
click on the headline which for the purpose of this demonstration I
have chosen the one relating to Russia’s Neighbours and their Liberty.

A new window will appear giving further brief details about Russia’s
Neighbours and their Liberty. This new window is shown in screen shot

(Screen Shot #4)

                                                                   - 15 -
Below is screen shot #5, showing the new window mentioned above
allowing the user to view brief details about Russia’s Neighbours and
their Liberty (shown here with the RED border). Within this new
window are 2 further clickable links underlined in BLUE. If the user
wants to see the full story they simply click on one of these links.

By doing this the user will be taken to YOUR webpage hosted by If you scroll down to screen shot #6 you will see an
example of this webpage.

(Screen Shot #5)

                                                                 - 16 -
Below is screen shot #6…

This is the final page the user will land on; it’s called an ‘eLert’. This
will be YOUR webpage, YOUR eLert.

To create YOUR eLerts you simply need to complete the headline and
body section of an online form within your Publishers
account and these eLerts will be created instantly for you at the click
of your mouse.

>>> Further details on creating eLerts are shown in chapter 7.

Just pick your subject, use existing content you may already have or
create new exciting content create your eLerts and within a matter of
weeks you will have your first Gadget accepted by Google literally
pulling and siphoning their users to your eLerts and web pages.

You can even use some content you are freely sent by email every
day, it’s so simple and I’ll show you how to do it.

Use these eLerts to link back to your web site, include your adverts or
insert your affiliate links, you have now created traffic back to the
website or webpage of your choice!

(Screen Shot 6)

                                                                       - 17 -
                Features, Functions
              and Tools Of An eLert…
I have taken 2 screen shots to display this for you as follows.

Check out Screen Shot #7 which shows the top of an eLert, and then
look at Screen Shot #8 to see the bottom of an eLert. Below each
screen shot are pointers as to what each feature will do.

(Screen Shot #7)

   1) GREEN arrow shows website navigation panel
   2) RED underlined area shows eLert navigation panel giving access
      to ‘My Archive’ (links to all your eLerts), ‘About Me’ (your page
      where you can tell readers who you are and what you do). The
      next 3 images allows the reader to add YOUR Gadget to Google,
      Yahoo or eLert platforms. Next image is where you or the reader
      can submit your elert to multiple indexing and social networking

                                                                   - 18 -
       sites via the ‘Share’ link. Last orange image to the right allows
       the reader to view your RSS feed
  3)   BLUE underlined area shows the category of the elibrary the
       elert is contained within.
  4)   PINK underlined area shows the eLerts headline
  5)   ORANGE underlined area shows the date it was published
  6)   RED cross shows the main body of the eLert
  7)   RED arrow shows 10 most recently published eLerts

(Screen Shot #8)

  1) RED underlined area shows where reader can access your RSS
  2) PINK underlined area shows image where you or the reader can
     submit your eLert to multiple indexing and social networking
     sites via the ‘Share’ link
  3) Area with BLUE border shows if any comments have been made
     relating to the elert and how many positive, neutral or negative
     votes there have been for the eLert

                                                                      - 19 -
4) RED arrow shows the remainder of the 10 most recently
   published eLerts
5) Finally the area shown with PINK arrow is where the reader can
   login to their membership account or create a new membership
   account. Reader must be registered to leave comments and/or
   to vote.

                                                             - 20 -
               Chapter 7
      How To Use My Traffic Strategy
                   (Video: #3 & #4) - Access Video Tutorials here

I have designed so that all you ever do is complete
an online form. You do this in the following order:

  1) Create your eLert Gadget Publisher account by going to this

      Once your account is created login here:

  2) Next create your first eLert Gadget (see details below)

  3) Once your eLert Gadget is approved start creating eLerts (see
     details below)

I am now going to assume your eLert Gadget Publisher account is now
open and you are ready to create your first eLert Gadget.

Start by logging into your eLert Gadget account. You will go straight to
the home page as shown here:

(Screen Shot #9)

                                                                    - 21 -
First step is to go to the ‘Gadget Management’ section underlined
above in RED.

This will take you to the next page shown here in screen shot #10.
There are some other options on this page, primarily a means to
extract an RSS feed from your blog. I have covered this aspect in one
of the videos so to keep this first Gadget creation simple I want to
show you how to create a basic Gadget. To do this click on the ‘Add
New Gadget’ link shown underlined in RED below:

(Screen Shot #10)

                                                                    - 22 -
This will then take you to the eLert Gadget creation page; the form is
shown for you here the following screen shot #11.

Instructions on how to complete each part of the form are given below
screen shot #11.

(Screen Shot #11)

  1) Gadget type: you have 2 options, community eLert Gadget or
     Exclusive eLert Gadget. Exclusive Gadgets are primarily for
     people wishing to brand their eLert Gadget; I would advise
     against that at this stage, you should opt for the default
     community eLert Gadget which will gain for you greater
     exposure and is ideal for submission to Google.
  2) eLert Name: This is for the Gadget name, it could be a brand
     name or company name, but if your brand or company name is
     not well known I would thoroughly recommend calling it

                                                                   - 23 -
       something which relates to your business or the information you
       want to deliver. For example we have a trading website which
       delivers Futures Trading Results, so instead of calling it which is the name of the business it has
       been called Futures Trading Results, it is descriptive and allows
       the user to instantly decide if the information is likely to be of
       interest. Be descriptive and accurate, remember eLert Gadget
       Admin will have to approve your Gadget so if you try to mislead
       users as to what is being offered Admin will simply ask you to
       correct it before allowing it to go ‘live’.
  3)   eLert Description: use this field to describe accurately the
       information you intend to deliver.
  4)   YOUR Website URL: Here insert your website URL. Admin will use
       this to determine if the description and name matches that of
       your website and that it is not misleading. It will not be used for
       any other purpose and will not be displayed to anyone apart
       from Admin.
  5)   RSS Feed URL: Use this field if you have an RSS feed which
       relates to the information delivered through your eLert Gadget.
       If you do not have an RSS Feed or don’t know what one is please
       leave this field blank.
  6)   RSS FEED : If you leave this on the default setting which is ‘Yes’
       this will allow our system to create an RSS feed for your eLert
       Gadget. (This is totally unconnected with the RSS Feed URL
       above). I recommend that you leave this as ‘Yes’ as it will allow
       users to access your information through many other platforms.
  7)   Show In eLibrary: Use this to specify if YOUR eLert Gadget is to
       be accessed from the eLibrary. Obviously you want as much
       exposure as possible so I recommend you leave this set as ‘Yes’
       The only time I would expect this to be set to ‘No’ might be if
       you want to make changes to an existing Gadget and you do not
       want anyone to access it until those changes have been made or
       if you want to offer your eLert Gadget to private members for
       example. By setting this option to ‘No’ will simply remove it from
       the eLert Gadget eLibrary.
  8)   Select Category: You are allowed to choose one category, please
       make sure it accurately represents your eLert Gadget and the
       information you intend to deliver.
  9)   Submit: Once the above is completed hit the submit button.

NOTE: Once you have created your eLert Gadget you will be brought
back to the page yo u are currently on where you will see your new
eLert Gadget listed. Then click on the 'Edit' link along side your new

                                                                     - 24 -
eLert Gadget, where you will be able to access the 'Open to Edit' link
which will take you to the Marketing Page WYSIWIG creator.
Your eLert Gadget will be inactive until approved by admin. This should
take less than 24 hours, Monday to Friday. Once approved you will
receive an email advising so. If your eLert Gadget has not been
approved you will also be notified with reasons as to why.
W hilst your Gadget remains inactive please create your Marketing
Page as instructed above.

             Creating Your First eLert
IMPORTANT: Don’t let the name ‘eLert’ confuse you in any way, an
eLert is a webpage and you can create an eLert as easily as creating
an email.

An eLert can be an article or sequence of articles on any subject or
niche, it can be a series of follow ups to entice the reader to subscribe
to a service or purchase a product.

If you use an email auto responder to deliver follow up messages to
prospects you can do exactly the same with eLerts, just copy and
paste your follow ups into the eLert system.

Below I have listed your step by step instructions on how to create an
eLert. But before this take a look at the following examples. I have
chosen these to show the variety on information and ways eLerts can
be used.

There quite literally are no boundaries to what your eLerts can contain
providing the information is relevant, helpful and is not pornographic
in any way.

One other thing which is likely to get you banned is if you simply want
to push advertising through your eLert Gadgets. Gone are the days
when you can just advertise, advertise and advertise, now is the time
to deliver quality information, from this information you can then
insert your links to sell your products and services. See how it’s done
within these examples:

                                                                     - 25 -
EXAMPLE #1: Blogging Course
Here is an example of a blogging course delivered by eLert: EXAMPLE
#1 - Note the body of this eLert is simple text only.

EXAMPLE #2: Trading Results
Here is an example of a trading results eLert: EXAMPLE #2 - Note the
body of this eLert is again simple text but also contains 1 chart. The
creator of this eLert uses the service to send out trading results to
entice readers to subscribe to their system.

EXAMPLE #3: Comedy eLert
Here is an example of a comedy eLert: EXAMPLE #3 - Note the body of
this eLert is simple text but also contains a picture. This publisher
delivers funny eLerts to their readers and monetizes the eLerts with
advertising to create revenue from their efforts.

EXAMPLE #4: Auction eLert
Here is an example of an auction eLert: EXAMPLE #4 - Note the body
of this eLert is again simple text. The creator of this eLert uses the
service to send out basic information relating to auctions, to entice
readers to subscriber to their membership site.

EXAMPLE #5: Health eLert
Here is an example of a health related eLert: EXAMPLE #5 - Note the
body of this eLert is again simple text plus a banner advert. The
creator of this eLert uses the service to send out health eLerts and
supports their efforts by advertising Amazon products which are
commissionable. The creator also draws the reader to their own

The key to success is to offer quality information, engage the reader
who will then remain a loyal subscriber and reader who will in turn
trust you and the information you deliver. This will then put profits
directly on your bottom line as they purchase product from you or the
companies you affiliate with.

From the above examples you should see that eLerts can be used to
portray virtually any kind of information.

Follow these instructions to create your eLerts…

                                                                   - 26 -
If you have logged out of your eLert gadget Publisher account please
log back in here:

Once logged in, within the left hand navigation panel go to: ‘eLert

You will be met by the following screen:

(Screen Shot #12)

To create your eLerts click on the RED underlined link ‘Add New eLert’.

For your information (FYI) I have also underlined 4 other functions on
this page in Yellow. The ‘More Information’ link will expand the page
to show relevant helpful tips, the other 3 functions will help you to
organize and view previously sent eLerts or eLerts set to go out at
future dates. eLerts will appear here and down the page as you create
more eLerts.

Please click on the RED underlined link ‘Add New eLert’.

                                                                      - 27 -
You will see the following screen:

(Screen Shot #13)
This is called a WYSIWYG viewer – ‘What You See Is What You Get’

Above is where you create your eLert. Insert your headline or subject
where it says eLert Headline which I have underlined in RED.

Insert the content of your eLert where it says eLert Description, which
I have underlined in BLUE.

                                                                   - 28 -
At the very top it you have a drop down menu containing the Gadgets
you have already created. I have underlined this in PINK.

As you create more and more Gadgets this drop down menu will be
populated with these. When you create an eLert it is important that
you deliver to the appropriate Gadget.

For example, let’s assume you have 3 Gadgets, one dealing with
cooking, one dealing with gardening and another dealing with
healthcare. If you create an eLert on the subject of Gardening you
must ensure it is delivered to your Gardening Gadget to ensure the
content being received by your subscribers is relevant.

On this subject, if you want to start creating eLerts on the subject of
‘Cars’ for example then you must create a new Gadget which will deal
with cars or motoring. You MUST NOT deliver your car related eLerts
to your gardening, healthcare or cooking related Gadgets as this will
cause your subscribers to become disinterested and uninstall your

Another important reason to ensure your eLerts are correctly
categorized is for search engine optimization, which is dealt with later
in this course.

TIP #1: When inserting your eLert Headline try including some key
words but make sure it still makes sense. Your eLert Headline will
appear within the URL of your eLert and also on the page of your eLert
as an actual ‘Headline’.

Take a look at this example, the headline used was ‘The Man With No
Face’ – note this within the URL and for the headline on the eLert:

TIP #2: When creating eLerts I recommend that you copy and paste
your content into a text file to remove any formatting, then re copy
this content into the WYSIWYG viewer. If you then want to insert
images etc. that you follow the instructions given within the suggested

                                                                     - 29 -
            2 Variations of Each eLert
Each time you create an eLert without you doing anything extra my
Traffic Strategy will in fact create versions of your eLerts.

Version #1: is delivered directly to your chosen Gadget
Version #2: is accessed directly from our home page for users to view
and to ensure they are correctly optimized for search engines.

Using another eLert example called ‘Hi Speed Boat Disaster’ here are
the 2 versions, note that the second version appears within a specific
category of ‘The Weird And Wonderful‘ which appears within the URL
which is for search engine optimization.

Version #1:

Version #2:

You may also notice that we have 2 different libraries; this again is for
search engine optimization and is dealt with later on in the course.

                                                                     - 30 -
                  Send It Now
             Or Send In The Future?

When you send eLerts you have options to send now, send in the
future on a preset date or send at preset intervals.

Here are the options in more detail and each can be setup when
sending each eLert.

  1) Just at says on the tin… use the ‘Send Now’ option shown at
     bottom of Screen Shot #13 to send your eLert immediately.
     Users online at the time you send will receive within a few
     minutes, guaranteed to get through, no lost eLerts which is an
     ongoing problem with traditional email.
  2) Use the ‘Schedule This eLert’ option shown at bottom of Screen
     Shot #13 to send your eLert on a preset date in the future. If
     you want it sent tomorrow, set for tomorrow’s date, if you want
     it sent in 2 months time set to the date you want in 2 months
     time and we’ll take care of the rest.
  3) If you want to send out eLerts at preset intervals please use the
     ‘Set Up Auto eLerts’ option shown at bottom of Screen Shot
     #13. For example you may have a set of messages you want to
     send to people at pre set intervals, i.e. course materials or follow
     up information to entice users to purchase from you. Let’s
     assume you have 6 follow up messages to send out. Apart from
     the initial welcome message sent out immediately as soon as
     they sign up you can then set message #2 to go out 3 days after
     they subscribe, message #3 to go out 6 days after they
     subscribe, message #4 to go out 9 days after they subscribe etc.
     etc. you set the time intervals and forget about it, my system
     will send out exactly the way you set it up.

These settings are great if you already have an email auto responder,
simply copy and paste your auto responder follow ups into the eLert
Gadget system and forget about it, do it just the once.

This is far, far better than an auto responder, not only are eLerts not
affected by email blocks and spam traps so they are 100% deliverable
but each eLert creates a web page, so each eLert is indexed by Google
and other search engines, unlike email where you get just the one
shot to get the message across (and that’s if you are lucky enough to
get through all the spam filters!!)

                                                                    - 31 -
                    Chapter 8
              Partnering With Google
                     (Video: #5) - Access Video Tutorials here

This is where it gets exciting….very exciting

You should now be fully conversant with how the Traffic Strategy

  1)   Create your eLert Gadget
  2)   Create your eLerts
  3)   Let us submit to Google
  4)   Let Google send the traffic

Now comes the final link in the Traffic Strategy chain… Hey presto you
have traffic! More traffic…

Within your eLert Gadget Publisher account is a section called ‘Google
Desktop Submission’, this is where you will submit your eLert Gadget
to allow admin to submit your Gadget to Google. This is also where
admin will then take over to ensure your eLert Gadget will be accepted
to the official Google Desktop directory.

We also have a section called ‘iGoogle Gadget Submission’ which is
dealt with in another chapter. For now we are concentrating on Google
Desktop Submissions.

                                                                   - 32 -
The ‘Google Desktop Submission’ page will look like this:

(Screen Shot #14)

You access this section by clicking on the RED underlined link within
the left hand side navigation panel.

To submit a Google to Google Desktop you start by choosing the
Gadget you want to submit and then use the ‘Submit’ link to the right
of this Gadget. In the above screen shot this is underlined in PINK.

After you have completed the submissions you can review its status by
clicking on the ‘View Status’ link. In the above screen shot this is
underlined in ORANGE.

NOTE: The ‘Submit’ link will change to ‘View Status’ once you have
successfully completed the submission.

                                                                   - 33 -
Once you have clicked the ‘Submit’ link you will be taken to the
following screen:

(Screen Shot #15)

At the top will be the Gadget Type and Gadget Name. Check these two
elements to ensure you are submitting the correct Gadget.

Below is the area with the RED border. This will already be populated
with the description you used when first creating this Gadget. You can
edit or add to the existing Gadget, you can even totally change this
description as it will not affect the main description held by the eLert
Gadget system.

The area with the PINK border is for a second description. You can use
up to 400 characters or you can simply copy and paste the description
from the area with the PINK border as each description is used in a
different area and will not be seen as a duplicate.

You will need an image with the following specification:

(WIDTH: 80 x HEIGHT: 60) pixels - ONLY .gif FILES ALLOWED

                                                                    - 34 -
Please upload your image from your hard drive using the section with
the GREEN border.

This is a requirement set by Google, if you do not have an image
matching this specification please contact our support desk here,
advising this. We will then create the image for you.

When contacting the support desk to request an image we will need
the following:

  1) Your eLert Gadget user name
  2) The name of the Gadget you wish to submit
  3) The place from which to create the image, this can be a page
     from your website for example

Admin will then create this image for you and then send back to you
for you to complete the submission.

The final section with the ORANGE border is OPTIONAL. You can use
this to more related feeds so that the Gadget is submitted to Google
Desktop with multiple RSS feeds offering more options to the end
user. Examples of this are shown within screen shot 16 below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you go to submit your first eLert Gadget
you will be asked to pay an amount of $69. This was highlighted on
the original sales page.

A very small price to pay to partner with Google and access traffic
from the mighty Google Directories.

We have to charge this as our programmers and eLert Gadget Admin
have to create the following:

  (a)    Creation of new .gg file. This is your actual Gadget file which
         needs additional programming alterations to adapt it for the
         Google Desktop Directory
  (b)    Creation of unique download URL. This is not your standard
         eLert Gadget URL and is a requirement set by Google
  (c)    Support by eLert Gadget Admin to assist you through any
         changes or additions which might be required before the
         ultimate submission to Google.

                                                                      - 35 -
  (d)   Creation of a 300 x 225 pixel screenshot that represents your
  (e)   All other costs associated with your submission

Once your Gadget has been submitted you will be able to use the
‘View Status’ link as shown within screen shot #16 to keep up to date
with your Gadgets submission process. Each time the status of your
Gadget changes as it moves through the submission process you will
receive an email to advise this.

These are the stages you will see specified as the process progresses:

Pending: eLertGadget is in receipt of your submission and will shortly
start work on this

In Progress: Preparation for submission has now begun

Completed: Submission to Google has now been completed and we
await their decision

Accepted By Google: Congratulations Google has now accepted your

Declined By Google: Sorry but unfortunately Google has declined
your Gadget. We will advise on how this can be corrected and if
necessary resubmit

As already advised we will do all we can to ensure your Gadget is
accepted by Google and we can virtually guarantee that no Gadget will
ever receive the last (Declined By Google ) advised status, and I can
assure you that we have never ever had a Gadget refused by Google,
and we never expect to!

Once you click on the ‘View Status’ link you can expect to see a
screen very similar to that shown at screen shot number 16.

NOTE: The RED underlined area is to show the current status of this
particular Gadget which you will note states ‘Accepted By Google’
and can therefore be accessed by Google Desktop users directly from
the main Google Desktop Directory.

NOTE: Once accepted by Google it can take up to 2 weeks for your
Gadget to appear with the main Google Desktop directory here:

                                                                   - 36 -

NOTE: The areas underlined in BLUE show the additional RSS feeds
included at the time of submission. Note that these fall under the same
subject of ‘Cancer’ and are therefore appropriate to be submitted with
this Gadget as it covers the subject of ‘W hat Is Cancer? ‘

(Screen Shot #16)

Once your Gadget has the status of ‘Accepted By Google’ and after
the 2 week wait to see it appear within their Desktop Directory you
will need to remain patient for a while longer before we can expect to
see traffic to your eLert pages and subsequently to your chosen web
site or web pages.

During this time you can go ahead and create further eLert Gadgets
and remember to continue to create more eLerts as the more eLerts
and content you create the more traffic you will see.

                                                                   - 37 -
               Chapter 9
            Fringe Benefits
   Google Really Loves eLert Gadget
I said right at the beginning, on the sales page that my Traffic
Strategy has nothing to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Adwords, Adsense or Pay Per Click.

If you have understood the very simple concept behind this traffic
strategy you will see that this is 100% true and accurate.

Howeve r, and this is why I call this a ‘Fringe Benefit’ because you need
do no more than already discussed so far in the course to make it
work, yet you will see your eLerts being ranked within Google and
highly likely other search engines as well.

I base a lot of this on my findings on Google and not the other search
engines as Google is the biggest and the best so this is why we
concentrate on Google.

Google is constantly indexing our publisher’s eLerts so as a spin off not
only are you creating eLerts for mi llions of Google users you are also
making them available via the mighty Google search engine.

Most eLerts will be listed at Google within 90 minutes, after you have
created your eLert try a search at Google. We don’t guarantee you will
be listed for your chosen keywords but you will quite often find you will
be listed for the longer (long tail) key word phrases which most search
engine optimizers spend a lot of time trying to get their pages listed
for, yet at eLert Gadget you can accomplish this very easily simply by
creating eLerts.

Just to prove how quickly Google will index your eLerts you can also
run your own tests by using Google Alerts. I have this set up for many
subjects, this not only helps me to assess how quickly Google are
indexing our eLerts but also provides a great source of information
through which to create eLerts.

I show you how to set up your own Google Alerts in Chapter 14.
Check out the screen shots below showing that Google indexed one of
my eLerts today (15 th October 2008) within 68 minutes.

                                                                     - 38 -
Screen shot #17 is of the actual eLert, note the date and time
underlined in RED. For the purpose of clarification you will see that the
time the eLert was posted was 4 minutes past 9 on the morning of the
15th October. Don’t confuse the dat e of the 10th October as that is just
the date the trade took place.

(Screen Shot #17)

Screen shot #18 shows the actual Google Alert sent to a Gmail
account I use for these Google Alerts. Note the time underlined in RED
being 10.12am, which is 68 minutes after I created the eLert. So
Google had indexed my eLert some where between 1 minute and 68
minutes after I had created it. The inaccuracy or uncertainty is down
to allowances for the Alert which is actually sent by email, and we all
know just how unreliable email can be!

I have underlined the date shown of 10 th May in BLUE – this is purely a
mistake because when I first created the eLert I gave it the wrong
month of May instead of October so of course this was also reported
within the Google Alert. I’m only human, you can verify that what I
say is true because the other point underlined in BLUE shows the 10th
October which is taken from the actual body of the eLert.

                                                                     - 39 -
(Screen Shot #18)

Here’s the link to the actual eLert:

Getting To The Top Of Google…

Take a look at these 2 examples, you may not find them at number 1
in Google any more as these things constantly change and we are not
spending any time optimizing for the search engines so this should be
seen as ‘Fringe Benefit’ or a bonus.

Once you have looked at these 2 examples take a look at how to test if
your chosen pages are listed in Google even if they don’t appear on
the first few pages of Google for your desired key word(s).

                                                                  - 40 -
(Screen Shot #19)
Here we are listed at number 1 out of 18,600,000 search results for the
search term ‘Traffic Forces’.

(Screen Shot #20)

I haven’t gone too heavy on the proof here as the best proof will be
when you create your own eLerts and run your own tests when
searching Google.

In case you didn’t know how to see if Google has indexed your eLerts
try the following…

                                                                          - 41 -
Go to and do a search for the key word or phrase you
have used within your eLert. In my example below I have done a
search for ‘published’. These were my search results:

(Screen Shot #21)

I’m not sure where within those results are my eLert pages but that’s
not the point I am trying to make and after all… I could not expect to
be listed in the first few pages without some specific SEO as there are
575,000,000 search results.

The point of this is to show that Google has in fact indexed my pages
and we do this by clicking on the ‘Advanced Search’ link which has
been underlined in RED on the screen shot above #21.

After clicking on the ‘Advanced Search’ link you will be taken to the
following (Screen Shot #22):


1) That the search term ‘published’ is carried through to the new form.
I have underlined this in RED.
2) At the bottom of the form there is a field for ‘Search within a site or
domain:’ underlined in PINK – here type in the domain of
3) Finally hit the button bordered in ORANGE and Google will display
all the eLert pages it has indexed under the search term of ‘published’.

                                                                     - 42 -
(Screen Shot #22)

You will see something similar to screen shot #23 below. When
undertaking your own tests simply use your chosen keyword to see if
Google has indexed your eLert. Or better still search on Google for the
entire ‘Headline’ used when creating your eLert.

(Screen Shot #23)

                                                                   - 43 -
                   Chapter 10
             Partnering With iGoogle
At the time of writing we are perfecting the final elements of the
submission process with iGoogle so that we can gain maximum
position within the iGoogle Directory.

I will be asking for your assistance with this within this chapter, keep
reading and I will show you how we can help each other out.

We have already programmed for the iGoogle Gadgets and you will
already see these are available from within your eLert Gadget
Publisher account.

As advised this is the big one, the iGoogle directory attracts hundreds
of millions of users and when we have perfected our submission
process you will be the first to know.

Part of the process is that I want to work with a team of enthusiastic
publishers so that we can help each other work through the ranks at
iGoogle, keep reading and I will show how you can get involved.

In the meantime I can advise that your Google Desktop Gadgets are
already available to those using iGoogle and that as soon as you have
created your first eLert Gadget you can add this to your iGoogle home

Because eLert Gadget already works with iGoogle you can access code
to add any eLert Gadget to any web page or Blog. I have covered this
aspect within the ‘Proven Marketing Strategies’ Chapter #12 as this is
a great way not only to let others know about YOUR Gadgets but also
to add content to your web pages. It also shows Google that your
Gadgets are popular so gives more weight to the ranking of your

If you don’t already have a Google account through which to add your
Gadgets I thoroughly recommend that you create one here:

                                                                     - 44 -
Once create you can then add your own Gadgets to your iGoogle home
page and you can also add other publishers Gadgets which is where I
want to ask for your assistance.

You see, Google will rank iGoogle Gadgets higher and give them
preference once you have 100 or more active users so I want to work
closely with at least 100 eLert Gadget Publishers so that we can assist
each other to gain exposure for our Gadgets.

When we have a new Gadget I would simply contact those who want
to be involved and ask that you add a specific Gadget to your iGoogle
home page. You can add these in quite literally 2 or 3 clicks of your

In this team of publishers I would also be asking them to add YOUR
Gadgets to their iGoogle home page so we really will all be helping
each other out.

To get on this list just write to me using accounts at
– I will then confirm receipt and I’ll let you know when I have a
Gadget for you to add.

If you are not familiar with iGoogle here are a couple of screen shots
to show what can be done and also to show the power of the iGoogle

Screen Shot #24 below shows some of the hottest Gadgets within
the Directory, note the first one has over 12 million users!

Whilst the hottest ones may be owned by Google publishers such as
you and I can still gain user numbers in the tens or hundreds of

When we finished the iGoogle Gadget programming in August 2008 we
created this brief eLert to show the sort of numbers you and I can
achieve with iGoogle Gadgets when we get the balance right:

                                                                   - 45 -
Here’s that careen shot, note the subscribers numbers underlined in

(Screen Shot #24)

Following is a careen shot of a basic iGoogle home page. You can add
Gadgets from Google’s huge directory to do all sorts of functions, but
for the purposes of this demonstration I have loaded this page with
eLert Gadgets and a couple of Google’s own Gadgets.

Note that I have underlined the name of 3 Gadgets in RED, these are
namely YouTube, BBC News and Sky News. These have all been
created using eLert Gadget and contain the actual YouTube Videos,
BBC News and Sky News respectively.

                                                                   - 46 -
(Screen Shot #25)

Remember to take a good look at chapter #12 to see how you can
easily expose your Gadgets to even more users.

                                                                 - 47 -
                     Chapter 11
                Further Development
We have designed eLert Gadget to have a universal platform based on
RSS Feeds.

By utilizing this fact we are able to seamlessly integrate with many
different platforms as they come onto the market.

Our programming is a constant process to ensure our service keeps
ahead of the market and is ready to exploit new avenues of traffic
generation as they become available.

We already cater for Google Desktop and iGoogle. The following
platforms are currently being programmed for. You will not have to
make any alterations to your eLerts; they will simply copy across to all

  1) Yahoo Widgets should be ready during the last quarter of 2008
  2) Facebook should be ready during the last quarter of 2008
  3) eLert Gadget’s own unique and proprietary platform allowing
     independent creation of Gadgets according to eLert Gadget
     Publisher requirements. Ready during the first quarter of 2009

We are open to suggestions, if you know of any suitable Gadget and
Widget platforms please feel free to suggest these by sending us a
support ticket here

                                                                       - 48 -
                 Chapter 12
         Proven Marketing Strategies
                     (Video: #6) - Access Video Tutorials here

                Proven Marketing Strategy #1:
                         RSS Feeds

Ok so the basic concept is easy, create an eLert Gadget, create eLert
and Google will send traffic.

But there is more we can all do.

Each eLert Gadget is created with its own unique RSS feed. This feed
enables users outside of the Google platforms we are working with to
add your RSS feed and eLerts to their preferred platform or RSS

Whilst hundreds of millions of people use Google, Yahoo and Facebook
etc. there are also millions of users who like to read RSS feeds through
one of perhaps hundreds or thousands of different RSS readers.

So by following a simple procedure you can make YOUR eLerts and
content available to millions of other users which will also create links
back to YOUR content.

This is a dead simple submission process.

Because of the popularity of RSS feeds independent RSS feed
directories have emerged through which users can access content.

I have created a page listing these directories for you to submit your
RSS feeds to. The page can be found here:

Most of the directories will not require registration and I thoroughly
recommend this as an easy form of self promotion, even if you don’t
do them all in o ne go and spread over a few weeks, my testing has
shown that Google indexes these sites and as such your RSS feeds or
the pages they are listed on stand a good chance of showing up within
the search engines.

                                                                      - 49 -
To access the RSS feed for your eLert Gadgets simply login to your
publisher account and go to ‘Gadget Management’, click the ‘Edit’ link
for the each eLert Gadget. At the bottom of the resulting page will be
the RSS Feed URL for that eLert Gadget. Take this RSS Feed URL and
submit to all the RSS directories HERE

Here is an example RSS Feed:

             Proven Marketing Strategy #2:
        Put YOUR Gadget on any web page or Blog

Again this is dead simple, if you have your own webpage or blog you
can add YOUR own eLert Gadget which will not only add content to
that page but also allow your visitors easy access to your eLerts.

The biggest viral marketing effect of this will also be that by adding
your Gadgets to your web pages and blogs you will also be allowing
YOUR visitors to add YOUR Gadgets to their own web pages and
Blogs, so by keep your eLerts interesting will mean more and more
webmasters and bloggers will add YOUR Gadgets to their pages.

Here’s how you do it…

Obviously you need to have an eLert Gadget already created so I am
going to assume you have already done this, the rest can be done in
less than 10 minutes…

Firstly, login to your elert Gadget Publisher account here.

Go to the ‘Gadget Management’ section, using the links within the left
hand navigation panel.

On the resulting page and as shown in screen shot #22 below under
the very right hand iGoogle Gadget column underlined in BLUE you will
see a link along side your Gadget saying ‘Create’ underlined in RED.

To create your iGoogle Gadget simply click the ‘Create’ link.

                                                                     - 50 -
(Screen Shot #26)

Once you click the ‘Create’ link the page will refresh and the ‘Create’
will now be shown as a ‘View’ link, your iGoogle Gadget is now

To add to your iGoogle home page or to add to any webpage follow
these instructions.

                                                                     - 51 -
To add to your iGoogle home page click on the ‘View’ link. This will
take you to this screen:

(Screen Shot #27)

Note this is a Sky News eLert Gadget, the name is underlined in RED.

To add to your iGoogle home page click on the +Google image which I
have given a PINK border.

                                                                       - 52 -
This will then take you to the following screen:

(Screen Shot #28)

Final step is to click the ‘Add To Google’ image and YOUR Gadget will
be on your iGoogle home page.

To add your Gadget to ANY webpage or BLOG start back at (Screen
Shot #26) again and click on the ‘View’ link. This time instead of
clicking on the +Google image you will firstly use the Gadgets Settings
as shown within Screen Shot #29 below. This will allow you to set
size, name and border type.

Once you have the Gadget looking the way you like hit the ‘Get Code’
option within the RED border and then insert the code where you want
it within your chosen page.

                                                                  - 53 -
(Screen Shot #29)

Below is an example screen shot of an iGoogle Gadget placed on a
website which can also be seen on this webpage: please
go to this page, scroll down until you see the Gadget installed on the
page as seen in the below screen shots. Have a play and then imagine
your Gadget like this on your WebPages and more importantly other
webmasters putting your Gadgets on their WebPages!

                                                                   - 54 -
(Screen Shot #30)

Screen Shot #31 shows an expanded view to show actual
eLerts/trading results.

                        (Screen Shot #31)

                                                        - 55 -
             Proven Marketing Strategy #3:
        Invite others to subscribe to YOUR eLerts

This is already set up for you; it’s just a copy and paste job….

You can also add an image and link directly to your WebPages and
blogs inviting others to subscribe to your eLerts. More and more
people are becoming more and more familiar with eLert Gadget,
Google Desktop, iGoogle and Yahoo etc. that it is becoming extremely
common place to see more than just the traditional means to
subscribe for information to be delivered via email auto responder.

Not only is email very limited in functionality but it has become so
unreliable that each day it moves closer and closer to the point where
it will no longer be a viable communication tool.

No longer does email have to be the only choice.

eLert Gadget integrates with multiple delivery platforms and IS THE
viable, obvious and popular alternative choice through which to receive

There are 2 options through which to invite others to subscribe
to your eLerts….

Proven Marketing Strategy #3 - Option #1: For each eLert Gadget
you create you are given a download URL to allow others to download
your Gadget and to add to their iGoogle pages, Google Desktop and

Instructions on where to locate this download URL are shown below.

All you need to do is include this download URL in literally any
communication you may create or reply to.

Include in your submissions to forums and support suites etc. etc.

If your HTML skills are limited you can also insert your download URL
into your blogs, MySpace and FaceBook pages etc. etc.

People are fed up of being spammed by email so welcome effective
alternatives through which to receive the information they want.

                                                                     - 56 -
Once you have created your first eLert Gadget you can then locate
your download URL as follows.

  1) Login to your Publisher account here
  2) In the left hand navigation panel click on ‘Gadget Management’
  3) You will now see a list of eLert Gadgets already created
  4) Within the Edit Column click on ‘Edit’ for the eLert Gadget you
     want the download URL for
  5) On the resulting page scroll to the bottom where you will see the

       (Screen Shot #32)

  6) In the above screen shot is an example of a download URL. It is
     underlined in RED
  7) Whilst on this page I have also taken the opportunity to point
     out the RSS Feed underlined in GREEN. I have discussed how to
     use this RSS Feed within this same chapter under the sub
     heading of Proven Marketing Strategy #1

Ok, so now you know where to locate your download URL. Once you
have created your first eLert Gadget please click on the download URL,
it will open in a new window.

                                                                    - 57 -
At the time of writing the download URLs referred to on page 58 were
undergoing some additional add ons and functionality so they will
appear same as you see here but there will be additional features to
assist with your marketing and the end users experience.

This will include links to your ‘About Me’ page, the ‘Marketing’ page
relating to the specific Gadget and additional options of adding the

Here is an example:

I have taken a screen shot of this for you here so that I can point out
one or two key features.

(Screen Shot #33)

                                                                    - 58 -
Features of Your Download URL:

  1) On receipt of your download URL your prospect can add your
     eLerts to their iGoogle pages or to their WebPages by clicking on
     the image bordered in RED
  2) On receipt of your download URL your prospect can add your
     eLerts to their MyYahoo pages by clicking on the image bordered
     in BLUE
  3) On receipt of your download URL your prospect can add your
     eLerts to their existing eLert Gadget account by clicking on the
     image bordered in ORANGE
  4) On receipt of your download URL if your prospect wants to
     access your eLerts via eLert Gadget and Google Desktop we give
     them 2 options depending on whether they currently use Google
     Desktop or not. This 2 options are highlighted by the RED

  So… one of your key Marketing Strategies should be to post your
  download URL in as many places as possible.

Proven Marketing Strategy #3 - Option #2: If you have some
HTML skills, own your own WebPages or have your own blog you can
easily add a download image to your pages as follows:

  1) Login to your Publisher account here
  2) In the left hand navigation panel click on ‘Marketing’
  3) You now have the option of 3 different images to place on your
     WebPages and you also have a drop down menu through which
     to choose eLert Gadget you want your prospects to download
  4) Following is a screen shot of the marketing page, see below for

                                                                 - 59 -
(Screen Shot #34)

5) Choose the eLert Gadget you want to promote via the drop down
   menu highlighted here by the RED arrow
6) Choose the size of image you want by using the radio buttons
   underlined in BLUE
7) Now click the ‘GET CODE’ button underlined in GREEN
8) The page will refresh to display the code as shown here:

                                                            - 60 -
(Screen Shot #35)

  9) Now simply copy and paste the code shown within the box
     highlighted by the RED arrow to your webpage or blog.
  10)      Please also note where underlined in BLUE within the code,
     the unique ID which identifies each eLert Gadget to ensure the
     user downloads the correct eLert Gadget. In this case above the
     unique ID is ‘111’

                                                                - 61 -
                  Chapter 13
             Traffic Strategy Tips
             And Important Rules
1) Read instructions on the relevant pages within your eLert
   Publisher Account. This saves you time, gets your eLert Gadgets
   approved quicker and ensures you get the most from Your Own
   Traffic Strategies.
2) You can have as many eLert Gadgets as you want. We would
   actually prefer for all Publishers to have several eLert Gadgets,
   each one catering for a specific subject. This way your eLerts
   and content are relevant to the chosen category which ensures
   correct indexing by Google.
3) DO NOT create an eLert Gadget and then never deliver an eLert
   to it. If you do this your eLert Gadget will simply be deactivated,
   so save your time and ours by only creating eLert Gadgets you
   intend to deliver eLerts to.
4) Make sure that for each eLert Gadget you create that you deliver
   at least 5 eLerts to each one. These do not have to be done
   immediately or all at once. They can be done over a few weeks.
   Preferably we want all eLert Gadgets to have eLerts created
   weekly for the foreseeable future as this will ensure your
   subscribers are on the look out for your next eLert and that
   Google will rate your Gadgets and eLerts very highly.
5) Always view your eLert once it has been created. Please do this
   from the home page here where all
   recent eLerts are listed. If you are quick enough you will see
   your eLert at the top of this page. Make sure it views OK on the
   home page and then click on the link to go to the actual eLert to
   make sure it displays correctly.
6) Within your eLert Gadget Publisher account is an ‘About Me’
   section. Use this to tell others about yourself, what you do and
   why you do it. You can pretty much put what you want on your
   ‘About Me’ page including pictures of yourself and links to your
   other websites. Your ‘About Me’ page is linked to from all of your
   eLerts so is a great way to promote yourself. To create you
   ‘About Me’ page login to your eLert Gadget Publisher account
   and click on the ‘About Me’ link located within the left hand
   navigation panel.
7) Don’t forget to monetize your eLerts with Google Adsense,
   Kontera or Adbrite. You don’t have to insert code into your eLert

                                                                  - 62 -
   pages simply login to your eLert Gadget Publisher account and
   click on the ‘Monetize eLerts’ link located within the left hand
   navigation panel.
8) If your elert does not display correctly in any way make changes
   until it does. If you do not make necessary changes this will be
   picked up by Admin. Admin will assist with making necessary
   changes or alerting you to this. Please avoid being a repeat
   offender or you may just get a warning from Admin.
9) Make sure your eLerts are relevant to the category of the eLert
   Gadget. This ensures the likes of Google value your eLert pages.
   If you consistently publish eLerts to an irrelevant eLert Gadget
   we will ban either your eLert Gadget or your eLert Publisher
10)       Following on from 3 above don’t just create eLerts with
   blatant advertising; this is not what eLert Gadget is about. eLert
   Gadget is all about delivering quality information which people
   want to read. By all means add your advertising to relevant
   information by adding banners or text links but do not create full
   page adverts… our users don’t want this and will only lead to
   your eLert Gadget being banned.
11)       This is one of the biggest time wasters for both Admin and
   our Publishers… when creating your Gadgets make sure you
   create your marketing page. 8 out of 10 Publisher’s fail to do this
   despite it being clearly requested on the eLert Gadget creation
   page. Admin will not approve your eLert Gadget until the
   marketing page is created. If in doubt go back to chapter #7.
12)       When creating an eLert you can copy and paste from a
   webpage, copy and paste text or simply type your eLert directly
   into the WYSIWYG viewer. If the latter make sure you keep a
   copy of what you are typing, if you take too long you may be
   logged out by the time you hit the submit button and risk losing
   your hard work. Better still make a habit of creating all eLerts in
   either a text file or note pad and then copy and paste across to
   the WYSIWYG viewer.
13)       I some times use front page to create my eLerts. This can
   cause an error when viewed from the index page. The following
   screen shot will show the possible error. If this happens to you
   simply use the ‘edit’ link within your eLert Publisher Account to
   edit the actual eLert concerned and then simply hit submit again.
   You don’t have to make any actual edits you simply need to
   resubmit it.

    Notice where it says ‘HTML clipboard’ underlined in RED.
                        This is the error.

                                                                 - 63 -
(Screen Shot #36)

    Now look at this 2nd screen shot of the same area after I have
              corrected this by resubmitting the eLert.
              Note the error has now been removed…

(Screen Shot #37)

  14)       Don’t copy and paste content directly from an email. This
     will contain formatting which may not be compatible with HTML
     pages (eLert pages). If you have something you want to copy
     from an email first copy it to a text file or note pad and then
     copy it to the WYSIWYG viewer.
  15)       Don’t copy and paste content directly from a Microsoft
     Word Document. This will contain formatting which may not be
     compatible with HTML pages (eLert pages). If you have
     something you want to copy from a Microsoft Word Document
     first copy it to a text file or note pad and then copy it to the
     WYSIWYG viewer.

                                                                     - 64 -
                 Chapter 14
          Advanced Traffic Strategies
                    (Video: #7) - Access Video Tutorials here

Some of the following are geared towards creating content, where to
get it for free and using Google to deliver this for you.

These may not necessarily be construed as traffic strategies but the
end result is that they will create more traffic.

The principle being that the more eLerts and content you create the
more traffic you WILL create.

Above all they are free and easy to do… my 2nd Advanced Traffic
Strategy utilises other peoples RSS Feeds…

Advanced Traffic Strategy #1: Google Alerts

Firstly I am going to show you how to set up Google Alerts to use with
the creation of content for your eLerts which you may also find useful
to monitor competition within your specific markets and industry.

Google Alerts are an email alert sent out by Google’s servers as soon
as they index a piece of information or webpage relating to the subject
which interests you.

Because Google has just indexed the page means the content is fresh,
new and should be unique so it’s a great resource for information and

In chapter 10 we discussed Google accounts and how to set one up in
order to use iGoogle or to see how millions of Google users use the
iGoogle Gadgets.

By creating a Google account you also get to access ma ny other free
services, one being Google Mail and Google Alerts.

Within this section we are going to set up Alerts. So if you do not have
a Google account I thoroughly recommend that you create one here:

                                                                    - 65 -
Once created please login to your Google account where you will be
able to view a list of Google services which would be listed on this

Click on Alerts within the list of services which should take you to a
screen showing the following:

(Screen Shot #38)

Setting up Alerts will take less than a minute each. Note the following:

   1) Within the ‘Search Terms’ field type the key word or phrase for
      the information you want to be alerted to. If you want to be
      alerted to news on curry recipes type ‘curry recipe’ or if you
      want news relating to celebrities type in ‘celebrity news’.
   2) Under type you can choose whether you want to be alerted to
      any ref of your key word or narrow it down to be alerted only
      when Google finds information on blogs, just WebPages, news
      pages or videos etc.
   3) How often allows you to set when you want to be alerted. how
      this could be weekly, daily or as it happens etc.
   4) Finally insert the email you want the alert delivered to.

                                                                     - 66 -
You may need to test and retest the keywords you use until you get
the best mix of information you want, but in my experience Google
gets it right first time.

If you are not getting enough alerts broaden the key word, instead of
using ‘World Cup Football’ for example you may want to use ‘Football’.

Generally I can create an alert and Google will start delivering within
15 minutes so you have instant content to work with.

Soon your email client will be full of Google Alerts so make sure you
either create a Gmail account especially for this or create an email rule
so they are stored within a specific folder within your Outlook.

Here’s an example of some of my alerts I use to monitor my business
and my websites.

(Screen Shot #39)

Each Google Alert will contain brief information along with a link to the
source of the information. Simply open the alert, if the brief
description sounds of interest you can follow this through the source of
the information.

When using third party sources you must ensure that you do not
infringe upon anyone’s legal copyright. I personally use Google Alerts
for ideas and then write about the same subject but using my own
words. This is perfectly acceptable under copyright laws.

                                                                     - 67 -
Advanced Traffic Strategy #2: Using 3rd Party RSS Feeds

Here’s a way to let others create eLerts for you or push your own
content from your blogs, MySpace, FaceBook and YouTube etc.
through your own eLert Gadgets.

We appreciate that many of our users are already using blogs,
MySpace, FaceBook and YouTube etc. so if you are already publishing
content via these platforms you can also push the very same content
through eLert Gadget, without duplicating your word, you simply set it
up the once and the eLert Gadget system takes care of the rest.

You can seamlessly create in one place, on one platform and see it
appear on multiple platforms all at once.

Whatever platform you are currently using, from MySpace, FaceBook
and YouTube to Word Press and Blogger you will generally find that
most of these also give you an RSS feed through which to syndicate
your content and to give users their own options as to how they want
to view your content.

You simply take this RSS feed and attach it to your eLert Gadgets.

Here’s how you do it…

Within each eLert Gadget there is a provision to insert an RSS feed.
This feed will then create eLerts for you as each item pushed through
an external RSS feed will also create an eLert.

Now you might ask… what can this do for you as an eLert Gadget

There are 2 major reasons why this should be of benefit to you; in fact
it should excite you when you understand the possibilities available.

Firstly, by pushing your MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube, Word Press and
Blogger content through eLert Gadget you open up your content to a
whole new audience.

For example if you are currently creating YouTube videos for
marketing purposes or purely for some fun your only option is to hope
some one will find your videos on YouTube’s static WebPages or on
from your own website. As soon as you push these through an eLert

                                                                     - 68 -
Gadget you immediately open the doors to an entirely new and
massively huge and interested audience available to you through
Google Desktop, iGoogle, Yahoo etc. etc.

Apart from the major benefits of allowing people to access your
content via multiple platforms you also get to advertise to your new
set of visitors and subscribers.

We have tried to cater for as many opportunities as possible for you to
monetize and advertise on your eLerts and this strategy is no different
even when using 3rd party content.

Below are instructions on how to set this up, but before you skip to
that let me show you how you can capitalize on this.

When you use an external RSS feed with your eLert Gadget you get
the option to create what we call an ‘RSS Landing Page’.

An RSS Landing Page is an interim page which users will land on
before proceeding to the actual article, video or headline displayed
within the RSS feed.

The RSS Landing Page will also frame the subject matter within the
RSS Landing Page.

Here is an example screen shot (#40).

At the time of writing the RSS Landing Page is undergoing some slight
page alterations so if it views slightly differently to what you see here
this will be why but the basics of what I am saying remain the same.

                                                                       - 69 -
Look below the screen for further explanations…

(Screen Shot #40)

Screen Shot #40 shows a typical RSS Landing Page. This one is using
a BBC RSS feed.

At the top is a navigation bar highlighted by the PINK arrow.

The navigation bar allows the visitor to view your archive of eLerts,
view your ‘About Me’ page or add your eLerts to yahoo, Google, eLert
Gadget etc. etc.

If you look slightly below this you will see the main headline in GREEN,
this is different for each eLert according to the headline given within
the RSS feed. Just below this in RED there are 2 lines of TEXT saying
‘YOUR ADVERTISING COULD BE HERE’. This is where you can place
any form of advertising, you are not limited to 2 lines, and you could
place HTML even banners, it’s entirely up to you.

To add an RSS feed and create your RSS Landing Page please follow
these simple instructions…

  1) Either when creating your eLert Gadget or by editing your eLert
     Gadget from within ‘Gadget Management’ you can add an RSS
     feed into the field shown in Screen Shot #41 below.

                                                                   - 70 -
  2) Hit the submit button at bottom of the form which will either
     create your eLert Gadget or save any changes if editing your
     eLert Gadget.

(Screen Shot #41)

This will now save or create your eLert Gadget with your chosen RSS
feed. You now need to set up your RSS Landing Page.

From within ‘Gadget Management’ click on ‘edit’ for the Gadget you
have added the RSS feed to. Now you will see a new section within the
eLert Gadget form to create your RSS Landing Page.

                                                                     - 71 -
This is shown below within Screen Shot #42 below with the RED

(Screen Shot #42)

To create your RSS Landing Page click on the relevant ‘Open To Edit’.

This will open a WYSIWYG viewer as shown within Screen Shot #43
below. Note that you will now see the correlation between the text of

                                                                  - 72 -
shown at screen shot #40 and how this text was created in screen
shot #43.

When creating your RSS Landing Page please read instructions on the
pages within your eLert Gadget Publisher account paying particular
attention to the placement of the merge code #*RSSCONTENT*#.

In my example I have placed the example ad centered on the page
and ‘above’ the merge code so that it is placed as shown within Screen
Shot #40.

(Screen Shot #43)

                                                                   - 73 -
By following the above instructions you will be able to duplicate your
content across multiple platforms.

Within the demonstration above I used an example BBC RSS feed. The
actual news story I used which created the eLert in question can be
seen clicking the following URL. However please note that I have
removed the ‘YOUR ADVERTISING COULD BE HERE’ text as that was
placed purely for demonstration purposes only.

If you decide to utilize the Advanced Traffic Strategy #2: Using 3rd
Party RSS Feeds… you should be aware that some sites will not allow
use of their RSS feeds for commercial practices such as these. Before
using any RSS feed which does not belong to you please ensure you
check the relevant websites terms of use or terms and conditions
before proceeding.

                                                                    - 74 -
                         Chapter 15
                        Case Studies
We have many publishers making a success of their eLert Gadget

Within this chapter I am going to highlight a few of these simply to
show you what can be done and to show the quality you should be
aiming for.

Hopefully they will open your eyes to the endless possibilities.

You may be surprised at the type of information delivered through
eLert Gadgets. It’s not all glamorous high tech information which
people want.

Most of the time people want simple solutions to some times boring
yet life critical problems.

And of course we all want to raise our spirits each day and there are
those of us who simply can’t resist peeping at other people’s

I have chosen the following to try and demonstrate all of this along
with the diversity of information people will read and laugh at as well
engage their curiosity.

You can now deliver these through YOUR eLert Gadgets.

Case Study #1: #1 - The Weird And Wonderful

The author of this Gadget has some really interesting stuff to display.
Some of it will make you squirm, might even make you a bit
squeamish. What ever you think of these they certainly trigger a lot of
people’s curiosity and will keep them on the edge of their seat waiting
for delivery of the next eLert. I am a particular fan of this eLert

                                                                    - 75 -
Example eLert:

RSS Feed:

Google Desktop Directory Link: Submission in process

eLibrary Link:

Case Study #2: #1 YouTube Gadget

Here’s a prime example of Advanced Traffic Strategy #2 and
represents a great way for users to view the very best of YouTube. The
actual eLert Gadget submitted to Google has 5 or 6 RSS feeds, the
RSS feed shown below is an example of just one of these.

Example eLert:

RSS Feed:

Google Desktop Directory Link:

eLibrary Link:

Case Study #3: What Is Cancer?

Let’s get serious for a moment. These eLerts deal with a serious
subject, unless you have been affected by Cancer this may not interest
you, but you can bet your bottom dollar that millions have been
affected, are being affected and will be affected until something is
discovered to remove peoples suffering. You can also bank on the fact
that millions will want to know more about this awful disease. The
actual eLert Gadget submitted to Google has 4 RSS feeds, the RSS
feed shown below is an example of just one of these.

                                                                 - 76 -
Example eLert:

RSS Feed:

Google Desktop Directory Link:

eLibrary Link:

Case Study #4: Auction eLerts

Here’s a service delivered by an auction website. They deliver auction
eLerts to let users know about up coming auctions and what will be
available at these auctions. This author utilizes the Advanced Traffic
Strategy #2 by using their own RSS feed and they also use the eLert
Gadget Publisher account so that their content will appear on regular
eLert pages as well as on RSS Landing pages

Example eLert:


RSS Feed:

Google Desktop Directory Link:

eLibrary Link:

Case Study #5: Futures Trading Results

Yes I have already used this as an example within this course and yes
this is one of my own websites. I like to think of this as a great
example as it not only ensures these trading results reach the

                                                                   - 77 -
customer on time and with 100 deliverability but they also allow us to
deliver so much more than had it been done via conventional
unreliable email. admin use the eLert Gadget
system to deliver our daily trading results to our subscribers.

Example eLert:

RSS Feed:

Google Desktop Directory Link:

eLibrary Link:

Case Study #6: Ask Tom Venuto - Dieting With The Fat Loss

Here’s an author of weight loss materials and courses delivering tips
on achieving fat loss via eLert. Check out the example eLert and see
just how he manages to advertise his course.

Example eLert:

RSS Feed:

Google Desktop Directory Link:

eLibrary Link:

Case Study #7: Yaro Starak's Blogging Tips

Here’s a professional Blogger who really knows his business. He has a
great course on teaching others how to blog. He delivers free tips and
advice by eLert to entice readers to subscribe to his blogging course

                                                                   - 78 -
and mentoring program. Check out the example eLert and see just
how he manages to advertise his products and services.

Example eLert:

RSS Feed:

Google Desktop Directory Link: Currently under submission.

eLibrary Link:

Case Study #8: Comedy eLerts

This is another favorite of mine. A lot of the content for these eLerts
are simply gathered from those viral emails we all get. Take a look, it
might inspire you to the same or just lift your day and give you a bit of
a giggle…

Example eLert:

RSS Feed:

Google Desktop Directory Link: Currently under submission.

eLibrary Link:

Case Study #9: Motoring - Issues

With the millions and probably billions of cars right across the globe
what a great subject to cover. There are some great tips delivered
here on everything motoring related, including green issues and even
some funny stuff!

Example eLert:

                                                                    - 79 -
RSS Feed:

Google Desktop Directory Link:

eLibrary Link:

Case Study #10: Answers To Your Sleeping Problems

Who doesn’t need help with sleeping issues? This is a massive area
which and this author touches on some clever ideas and possible
solutions to general sleeping problems. Of course its geared towards
selling a sleeping course contai ned within an eBook.

If you are a budding or active affiliate this is a great way to generate
sales for virtually any information related product. Just broaden your
horizons, open your mind and let the ideas start flowing.

Example eLert:

RSS Feed:

Google Desktop Directory Link: Currently under submission

eLibrary Link:

Case Study #11: A Brighter Side of Life

What a great one to finish on. Again I love these sort of eLerts. Some
are funny; some just portray the better side of life, the way we’d like
to live our lives. I use these to give me a lift each day. It’s what
millions of us need.

Think of it as giving the world a valued service, go on help some one
out today!

                                                                     - 80 -
If you go down this route you’ll find you have a keen and dedicated
audience who will eagerly wait for your eLerts.

Example eLert:

RSS Feed:

Google Desktop Directory Link: Currently under submission

eLibrary Link:

That completes the case studies. Honestly, when I started listing the
case studies I thought I would show you 4 or 5 but the more I kept
looking the more I kept finding Gadgets and eLerts which offer some
great content and information. I could go on and on but had to stop
some where.

You should have enough here to demonstrate some great examples,
give you some inspiration and ideas to make a start.

You won’t need it as this Traffic Strategy is so dead simple but I’ll wish
you luck any way with your new traffic business.

It will create traffic, how much is down to you to put the effort in, but
unlike some so called traffic systems or strategies this will work within
a few weeks, perhaps even days and certainly not months or years.

                                                                     - 81 -
                    Chapter 16
            This Is Superior To Email
eLert Gadget gets 100% of your communications delivered… email
quite simply doesn’t!

If you currently use email for marketing or general communication
with your customers and prospective customers I can virtually
guarantee you’ll be amazed at just how few emails actually reach your
intended subscribers.

Let me put this another way… you will be amazed, I mean REALLY
amazed that by far the biggest percentage of emails you send out
don’t actually get delivered to your subscribers inbox let alone get

Let me explain…

All of our email deliverability problems have originated due to spam.

We all receive it, day in and day out, and it’s a colossal problem for
individuals and major corporations alike right across the globe, no one
is safe from spam.

Due to these issues of Spam the major ISPs along with smaller
independent services and networks have taken it upon themselves to,
in their eyes, save the average guy from these unwanted email

Unfortunately, whilst their intentions have been honourable they have
quite literally devastated the delivery and click through rates for those
legitimately delivering information via email.

I know as I am one of the victims.

Gone are the days when you could literally send out your emails and
expect to receive 30% click through rates.

Before your email even reaches the intended subscriber it has to go
through so many checks and authorisations that in some cases less
than 1% will get delivered let alone read.

                                                                     - 82 -
And did you know that ‘delivered’ does not even mean it will get read?

Delivered just means it got to the end users PC, you’ll never know if it
got to their actual inbox or if it was delivered to a spam folder destined
for auto deletion never to be read.

If it manages to reach a real live ‘inbox’ it will still have to compete
with other messages be it spam or legitimate email so you still have to
stand out in crowd as it were.

It doesn’t matter if you are white listed with yahoo, hotmail, Microsoft
or AOL, if your message contains a spam trigger it will not get

If your subscribers suddenly decide they don’t want to receive your
emails any more they don’t have to click on your unsubscribe links.
Yahoo, hotmail, Microsoft and AOL, despite the fact they insist on
legitimate email senders including an unsubscribe link, have now given
their users a link they simply click to mark your legitimate email as

So it doesn’t matter what you do, if you are getting your emails
delivered to Yahoo today that’s great as tomorrow you might not.

eLert Gadget is not affected by spam filters or traps, it simply gets
delivered. eLert Gadget gets 100% of your communications delivered.

Here are some interesting facts…

FACT: Your email can get lost in spam filters, spam traps and spam
filtering services

eLert Gadget is not affected by any of the above; eLert Gadget
gets 100% of your communications delivered

FACT: Major ISPs can block your email sent from your PC or server by
monitoring and blocking your server, IP and domain.

eLert Gadget is not affected by any of the above; eLert Gadget
gets 100% of your communications delivered

                                                                     - 83 -
FACT: Depending on what service or host you choose to send your
emails from just one spam complaint can be sufficient to get your
account closed down. And yes even your most loyal subscribers will
accuse you have spam, even if it’s because they forgot who you are!

eLert Gadget is not affected by any of the above; eLert Gadget
gets 100% of your communications delivered

FACT: Your legitimate email can be marked as spam by users of
Yahoo, hotmail, Microsoft and AOL etc. by simply clicking a link,
damaging your reputation

eLert Gadget is not affected by any of the above; eLert Gadget
gets 100% of your communications delivered

FACT: You can spend months getting correctly white listed with all
major ISPs only to get black listed with days

eLert Gadget is not affected by any of the above; eLert Gadget
gets 100% of your communications delivered

Above is just a taster of where email has gone devastatingly wrong, if
you are interested to more on this subject take a look at:

                                                                     - 84 -
                 Chapter 17
             Advantages Of Using
              My Traffic Strategy
1) Zero cost to operate

2) No advertising costs involved at all

3) Easy to do

4) Can be operated in less than 60 minutes each day

5) Compared to delivery of information by email, this is 100%
   reliable and successful. It is not affected by spam traps, spam
   filters, domain, server or IP blocking.

6) Built on sold reasoning, no fanciful, here today gone tomorrow

7) Elert Gadget is continually evolving and developing for new

8) Offers far more exposure than article marketing

9) Little or no work involved if you utilize existing RSS feeds

10) No programming required, all done for you by eLert Gadget

11) No previous knowledge required

12) Can be used to create links back to websites

13) Great support team to assist all publishers

14) Can be 99% automated

                                                                  - 85 -
              Chapter 18
     Automating Your Traffic Strategy
I can assist with the automation of your Traffic Systems, and right now
I have a 7 day FREE trial on offer, but before you jump straight in,
take a look at what my automated system will do for you…

It’s easy to create or find content for your eLerts, so that you can build
quality Traffic Systems for submission to Google but if you don’t have
the time or the inclination I can assist…

Plus if you have read my Traffic Strategy course you will know and
appreciate that you only need a minimum of 6 eLerts for your Gadget
to be submitted to Google, so creating traffic does not have to be a
long drawn out affair.

However, I appreciate that writing may not always be an easy job or
perhaps you just want assistance with this so I have a team of writers
ready and able to assist you.

These are all professional English speaking USA based writers, not one
of our eLerts will be sourced from the likes of India and other 3 rd world
countries where unfortunately the quality of eLerts and English used
within these can be absolutely dreadful…. End result is that no one will
read them!

A totally wasted exercise and expense…

If you want to create quality Gadgets which will be approved by
Google and enable you to automate your traffic strategy I have a
system in place to do just this.

Our eLerts are GUARANTEED to be of a high standard suitable for
submission to Google…

                                                                     - 86 -
Before I send you to grab your 7 day free trial, check out what’s on

Guaranteed 100% unique eLerts, not only will these build a quality
Gadget for submission to Google but with these eLerts you can also
create excellent:

      •   Web Page Content - Great for Search Engine Rankings!
      •   eLert Marketing - Get Back Links and Pre-Qualified Traffic!
      •   Autoresponders - Convert Your Email List into Hungry Buyers!
      •   Blog Posts - Keep Your Site Visitors Consistently Updated!

 My team of professional writers will create eLerts for you which are:

  §        100% Unique Content
  §        Our eLerts are GUARANTEED to be of a high standard suitable
          for submission to Google…
  §        On ANY Topic or Keyword Phrase
  §        Delivered quickly - Quick Turnaround
  §        400 Words Per eLert (Optimal Size)

I have created 3 eLerts for you here to providing further information
regarding this service.

The 4th link takes you to the all important page where you can set up
the automation of your traffic strategies:

Suggestion For Topics

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Grab a 7 Day FREE Trial...

                                                                   - 87 -
                   Chapter 19
             Updates & New Features
Since the first draft of this course was written, indeed even whilst
writing the first draft, new areas are continually opening which we can
all exploit with my Traffic Strategy.

I have slotted in this Chapter so that I can add important links to new
course additions or resources on getting the maximum out of my
Traffic Strategy. I will let you know when through our publishers
Gadget and by email when anything new is added.

If needed I will test everything put here, but on a lot of occasions
other websi tes or services open their doors to elert Gadget and on
those occasions I will simply give you details on how to utilise this.

Update #1: Twitter

Just before releasing this course Twitter made it possible for you to
push all your eLerts through their system, by simply adding your eLert
Gadget RSS feed to your Twitter account.

This is potentially a massive step forward, you can set this up once
and as long as you create eLerts they will forever appear within your
Twitter account, totally hands free.

You can read instructions on how to do this by downloading the PDF

Update #2: Earn Repeat Monthly Commissions

As a buyer of my Traffic Strategy you will appreciate just how powerful
this system is and just how compelling the sales page is to convince
visitors to invest in my strategy.

You will not be alone so I have created a system for you to create
great commissions just by referring others to
Take a look at the affiliate page here where you will discover how to

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earn 2 types of commissions, both one off front end sales and back
end repeat monthly commissions.

Update #3: At the time of writing the download URLs referred to on
page 58 were undergoing some additional add-ons and functionality so
they will appear same as you see here but there will be additional
features to assist with your marketing and the end users experience.

This will include links to your ‘About Me’ page, the ‘Marketing’ page
relating to the specific Gadget and additional options of adding the

Update #4: Date to be advised…. I am just a few weeks away from
finishing the system to allow others to add YOUR Traffic Systems to – Google’s flag ship blogging system.


NOTE: I want to avoid this course becoming too much bigger so as
well as putting minor updates at the end of this course I will also make
sure there are links available from within the eLert Gadget Publishers
area to any new PDFs and strategies which will inevitably appear as
the weeks and months come and go.


                                                                    - 89 -
Finally… when setting out to create this course I really didn’t know
how big the course would be and even now at nearly 100 pages its
already a comprehensive guide on how to exploit this area of Google,
in fact its no longer just about Google, this is about exploiting the new
development areas which are continually evolving through out the

The important factor is that at the very core of my system are the
basics to exploit all of these areas, people require information and my
system allows publishers to make sure their information is right in
front of their noses.

It doesn’t matter what the Internet is about to throw at us, we have
the basic technology standards in place; we simply adapt these so that
your informa tion is available across a forever widening and expanding
number of platforms and technologies.

By investing in my Traffic Strategy you can rest assured that your
business will grow and grow. The proof is in the results and the results
speak for themselve s, this is a simple traffic system built on solid
foundations embracing the core principles of the internet, indeed these
are the core principles the internet was set up for in the first place….

…. Easy access to information.

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