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									Pete Malcolm
                            What We Do

 Enterprise Cloud Management

   Transforming Virtualized
Environments into Global Clouds

       Virtualization 2.0
                                  The Virtualization 1.0 Problem

• Too hard to manage
   – Virtual Machine sprawl
   – High provisioning effort / lack      80%
     of agility
   – Poor capacity planning
   – Security / governance /              40%
   – Vendor lock-in                       20%

• Does not deliver promised                0%
  cost benefits                                  Storage     Servers
   – Utilization goals not achieved    Non-Virtualized   Virtualized   Ideal
   – Wasted power and cooling
                                                      Abiquo Solution

• Strategic
   –   Hypervisor agnostic design
   –   Self-service management of compute, storage and networking
   –   Business policy driven
   –   Multi-tenancy with separation and fully delegated control
   –   Global infrastructure management
   –   Massively scalable (tens to hundreds of thousands)
   –   Standards compliant (eg OVF, Hibernate ORM, etc)
• Tactical
   –   Supports all six major hypervisors
   –   Virtual to virtual conversion ends vendor lock-in
   –   Deployable in live installations
   –   Full integration with existing management tools
                                                      Target Market

• Enterprises
   – Eliminate virtualization 1.0 issues, especially security /
     compliance / governance /sprawl/management
   – Increased efficiency and agility – reduced time to market
   – Significant “real” and immediate cost savings
   – High value, massive addressable market
   – Very low market penetration (<1%)
   – Longer sales cycle
• Managed Service Providers
   –   Competitive advantage from “Virtual Enterprise” offerings
   –   Lower costs by eliminating manual provisioning
   –   Lower costs from increased efficiency / energy savings
   –   Significant market, but very cost sensitive
   –   Shorter sales cycle
                                                 Business Model

• Channels to Market
   –   Direct Sales
   –   Distribution Partners
   –   Systems Integrators
   –   OEM
   –   Open Source Community Edition
• Revenue
   – Annual fee based on # of hypervisor Hosts under management
   – Includes three tier maintenance
                                        Competitive Advantage

• Company
  –   Proven teams (GTM and Development)
  –   Large enterprise experience (37 Wall St Banks)
  –   Strong security/compliance/governance background
  –   Intellectual property
• Product
  –   Strategic and tactical benefits
  –   Strongly focussed on enterprise needs
  –   Game changing features (V2V conversion)
  –   Business policy
  –   Simple sophistication
  –   Third party integrations
  –   Killer UI
Competitive Advantage
Competitive Advantage
                                                 Selected Team Members

• Pete Malcolm, CEO
   Serial Entrepreneur, SVP CA Technologies, Benchmark Capital EIR
• Steve Soechtig, VP Global Sales
   VP Sales CA Technologies, Orchestria, Pivotal, AT&T
• Trevor Chamberlain, VP Business Development
   SVP Buss Dev PSS Systems, Orchestria, Digex, JD Edwards
• David Piontek, VP Support and Services
   SVP Global Services Orchestria, Price Waterhouse Coopers, IBM Consulting
• Wendy Perilli, VP Global Marketing
   Director Cloud Marketing VMware, SVP Marketing OpTier
• Azmir Mohamed, Sr. Director Product Management
   Senior Marketing Manager VMware & Cisco
• Bernard Liautaud, Board Member
   Founder and CEO Business Objects, SAP & MySQL Board Member

• Partners
   – Distribution Channels
   – Systems Integrators
• Strategic Introductions
   –   OEM
   –   Future Funding
   –   Partnership with Enterprise CIOs
   –   “Big Thinking”

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