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Short Stories by gjjur4356


									   ELEMENTS OF

Short Stories
Short Story Elements
   Plot
   Setting
   Character
   Theme
   Conflict
   Solution
   Mood
   The series of events that take place in the story
     Exposition/Introduction  (setting, characters, early
      events, and mood are established)‫‏‬
     Trigger Action/Inciting Incident (the event that kicks off
      the action of the story—gets things moving)‫‏‬
     Rising Action (when things start to get interesting)‫‏‬

     Climax (highest point of interest/most exciting part)‫‏‬

     Falling Action (loose ends are tied and the action of the
      story dies down)‫‏‬
     Resolution/Conclusion (ending-how the conflict is solved)‫‏‬
Plot            Climax

Rising Action            Falling Action

  Exposition              Resolution
   Where the story takes place (geographically,
    immediate location)
   When the story takes place (year, era, time period,
    present day, the future)
   Major characters
     Protagonist -- the character whose story is being told
     Antagonist -- the character in conflict with the
   Minor characters
   Underlying message
   Moral of the story
   Lesson being taught
   Insight into human nature
   Conflict is the struggle between two opposing forces
   Internal conflict
       Person vs. self
   External conflict
     Person vs. Person
     Person vs. Society
     Person vs. Nature
     Person vs. the Supernatural
     Person vs. Machine (technology)
   Solves the problem of the conflict
   Happens after the climax
   May not be happy or appealing
   Overall feeling of the story
     Sentimental

     Somber

     Uplifting

     Dark
Literary Devices
   Descriptive language that appeals to the senses
    and helps to create a vivid picture for the reader
     Descriptions  so vivid that they call to mind the reader’s
      senses (smell, sight, touch, taste, and hearing)
     Similes (she is as beautiful as a flower) and metaphors
      (he is a dog)
     Personification (the sweater hugs her curves flatteringly)

     Symbols (a dove= peace while a cross=Christian
   Hints or clues about the story’s end that happen
    throughout the story

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