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Trusted Advisor


Bob Beck has over twenty-eight years of experience in creating, expanding, and running organizations with an unsurpassed record of accomplishment.

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									Trusted Advisor

       It's an never-ending battle on a daily basis for businesses when they face
different situations that present challenges and issues. The key executives and
decision makers count on the guidance and recommendations of others that will
help solve problems and challenges. They locate people who they're able to rely on
and trust, who are positive and can also think beyond the box with the challenges
they face.

       These decision makers are not seeking the quota salesperson, they are trying
to find a consultative sales professional or a Trusted Advisor.

      What I've discovered during Quid Pro Quo Sales Training is very few sales
professionals feel they have got the authority to set the rules for relationships with
potential prospects. When they feel this way, they become stereotyped as a
"quota" sales person and they are not considered by their client as any sort of
consultant or trusted advisor.

       You need to change how your client or prospect perceives you and the
choice is yours to set the principles of a give-and-take relationship with your
clients. Hold on to this thought: To take on a consultative selling approach you are
attempting to help solve issues and challenges - not merely trying to sell your
products or services.

       Each prospect or client has unique challenges, so you cannot do the same
thing for each of them. Instead, to truly be their "trusted advisor" you need to think
positively, think outside the box.

Start right now and rid yourself of being recognized as a quota salesperson.
Develop your give and take relationship and become a Trusted Advisor to all your
clients and prospects.


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