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Payout Annuities catalogue


									Payout Annuities catalogue
A Canada Life payout annuity is an ideal investment for clients wanting to turn all or part of their savings into a safe
and guaranteed income stream.

An annuity converts a lump sum payment into a series of payments comprised of the original principal used to
purchase the annuity and interest earned. The payment amount is usually fixed and is based on:

    • The amount of money used to purchase the annuity

    • The type of annuity purchased

    • Current interest rates

    • The client's (and/or spouse's) age

Annuity Options
Canada Life has a wide range of annuities to meet your clients' registered and non-registered income needs,

    • Life annuities, paying an income for life

    • Joint and last survivor annuities, paying clients an income for life (and their spouses a reduced income after the
         annuitants' death)

    • Term certain annuities, paying clients a set number of times (registered annuities pay clients or their spouses
         until age 90)

Canada Life also offers numerous other annuities, including annuities with optional income dates, impaired annuities
for those with health problems and more.

               Questions and answers related to the cashable annuity

               Cashable payout annuities- Sample commuted value calculations

               Payout annuities - client brochure
               Form #: 5345

               The client brochure explains the concept of annuities, highlights their benefits, and details the
               various options we offer to help clients meet their retirement income objectives.

               Payout annuities - advisor summary
               Form #: 46-5029

               The summary describes features of Canada Life payout annuities.
Investing for income summary catalogue
Form #: 46-4664

Summary provides descriptions and form numbers for all the marketing materials related to
income planning available to order.

Payout annuity taxation

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