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									Among the optimum ways to speed up your internet is to also clean up your computer.

speedy internet connection is diminished greatly by a slow computer.

Possibly the most effective ways to speed up your internet is to check your internet connection. There are
several ways that you can improve your internet connection and beneath are my 9 top ways to speed up
my internet by purely checking my internet connection.
With any luck some of them will work for you

1. Check Your Internet Connection in your Location. Often times ISP‟s develop their service and have
speedier connections available then the one that you are on. I recently updated my Qwest connection
from 12 Mbps to 20 Mbps and at the same time decreased my monthly cost by nearly 40%. There are
deals out there, just call and ask.

2. Enhance your temporary internet files and cache. The temporary internet files and cache simply are
constructed to make browsing more quickly by storing a local copy of a file (images or graphics for
example) in the appropriate file on your device so that next time you view the website you do not have to
download it again. To optimize the use of these folders, do the following: Open up Internet Explorer, then
click on the “Tools” menu at the top and click on “Internet Options”. On the General tab, choose the
“Settings” button next to Temporary Internet Files. Place a check mark for newer versions to handle
downloading new versions “Automatically”. Set the amount of disk space to use to 2% of your total
harddisk size or 512 MB, which ever is lower. On Firefox, press “Tools” then “Options,” and go to the
privacy tab. Then click on on the Cache tab within this to set it to automatic.

3. Inspect for Wireless Router problems with cordless phones. There are 3 types of wireless routers;
802.11 b, g, and n (2.4Ghz) or 802.11 a (5.8Ghz). Examine the connection of the cordless phone and if
you have a 2.4Ghz Cordless phone and 2.4Ghz Wireless router then you will endure a slow down,
generally when using the wireless phone or wireless security camera gear. The most straightforward way
to check the phone and camera is to simply look at the spec sticker on the side or back. If it says 900Mhz
then it‟s fine. If it says 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz then it could be the reason of your slow connection speed while
they‟re in use.

4. Reboot Your Network. In regards to resetting the home network, sometimes all it takes is rebooting the
router and/or modem that you have at your home. Try unplugging and wait around 10 seconds or so then
plug it in again. You will most likely see an improvement in your speed. One easy way to check your
internet speed is by executing a quick (free) ISP test at

5. Upgrade equipment like the firewall and routers. The more modern routers are more capable then older
routers and are able to handle the swiftness of modern networks. The vast majority of old routers are not
adequate to handle speeds faster than 10 Mbps. They also may be underpowered and too weak to reach
capacity. It is smart practice to invest in a new router every 1-2 years.

6. Upgrade your router firmware. It is generally handy to check the status of the most recent software
updates to your router. It is very good business practice to investigate the website from time to time to
confirm that you have the most latest version of the router firmware software. A lot of routers have built in
software to check, but it also would not hurt to monitor it again.

7. Replace your old cable modem. There are a variety of reasons to replace the old cable modem. As
with all electronics, they decline and wear out over time and the modems and routers simply wear out. As
your modem gets older, it will have to use more resources to maintain increased connections. Any
solid-state electronics will degrade over time due to built up heat damage. Your broadband modem will
have a harder and harder time „concentrating‟ on preserving a good connection as it gets older (signal to
noise ratios will drop, and the number of resend requests for the same packet will go up). An after-market
cable modem as opposed to a cable-company modem will generally offer a better connection.

8. Close unwanted programs that are working with the Task Manager. Simply hit the “ctrl”, “alt” and “del”
keys together and the “Task Manager” will show up. under the “Applications” tab, simply shut any
programs that are running that do not need to be. Also under the “processes” menu, you can shut
processes that you have opened from time to time. Chances are good that there are numerous processes
that you need running so educate yourself on those most used processes before closing them down.

9. Ensure that no one else is prowling your network connection. Your connection should consistently stay
secure. Each network is a little different so it makes no sense that I go through what you need to do to
protect your internet other than to say – read the owners manual on the router. This one strategy will help
you speed up your internet.

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