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Free web hosting service


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									A free web hosting service is a web hosting service that is free, usually
advertisement-supported. Free web hosts will usually provide a subdomain
( or a directory ( In
contrast, paid web hosts will usually provide a second-level domain along
with the hosting ( Many free hosts do allow use of
separately-purchased domains. Rarely, a free host may also operate as a
domain name registrar.
 File hosting on free webhosts

Many free web hosting services discourage the use of their free web
hosting services for file or image hosting only in which no web page is
established or setup resulting in the use of bandwidth due to hot linking
of files with no revenue gain to the service provider in the case of
advertising supported services. As a result, hot linking or remote
linking or inclusion of many image, media and download file formats is
disabled or not permitted on many free web hosting services.

Other common limitations on file hosting limits on free hosts are limits
on file size, for example no files over 5 MB or file types such as
programs or large media files such as MP3.

This has resulted in the growth of free hosting services dedicated to
image hosting, video hosting and general file hosting which permit remote
hotlinking of files and larger file formats.
Co-branding and resellers

These let you brand fixed plans with your own company. Other services,
offer WHM or panel reselling. This allows the client to develop his or
her own web hosting plans and business.

Some customization commonly afforded to the co-branding or reseller owner
would be the ability to set service quotas, to add, enable, disable or
remove features of resold accounts, custom reseller or co-branded
website, private label DNS and backend services among other items to
differentiate the individual's service from the parent company of which
they are a reseller or co-branded provider.

The key difference between co-branded and reseller services is the level
of customization afforded to the individual setting up their own free
hosting service and the level of autonomy afforded to the individual
service owner.

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