Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Kirby Steam Cleaner by kassiemorgan


									             Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Kirby Steam Cleaner
   Written By: Kassie Morgan - http://vacuumcleanersandsteamcleaners.com/

If you own a Kirby vacuum cleaner, then you must
be aware of the steam cleaner system inside which
acts as its key element for operation. And as an
owner, you must have realized by now that the
assembly of the steam cleaner to your Kirby
vacuum unit can appear to be quite confusing,
however, it’s actually pretty simple. And what’s
even better is that learning how to use the
wonderful steam cleaner by Kirby can be made
very soon.

Pre-Treatment and Preparation
Prior to shampooing the carpet using the cleaner, there are some important
things that you must to do for preparation. Take your time with vacuuming your
carpet as meticulously as feasible. You may also use carpet spray cleaners for pre-
treatment of hard-to-remove stains ahead of shampooing.

The attachments of the steam cleaner are made on a present Kirby vacuum
cleaner. In order to assemble the attachments of the steam cleaner, you should
grab the nozzle and hold it together with the tray, then rotate the knob on its
nozzle until its parallel to the red indicative arrows. The tray and nozzle come
ready for installation on the Kirby cleaner. Thrust the foot pedal of the steam
cleaner all the way downward to hoist the face prior to attaching the tray and
nozzle. You may hold the two to the vacuum cleaner by twisting the knob of the
nozzle to be parallel with the green indicative arrows.

Attaching and Filling the Tank
Before filling the tank of your Kirby cleaner up, make certain that the suds screen
and sponge are in position because both pieces are critical for its proper
operation. If the suds screen is not present, the Kirby cleaner is not able to

Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Kirby Steam Cleaner                         ©2011
generate foam, and in case there’s no sponge, then the shampooer can become
blocked by the dusts from the exhaust of the vacuum.

There are three fill lines on the steam cleaner tank’s side. Don’t ever fill your tank
beyond the highest fill line. Use only either cool or warm water because hot water
can damage the cleaner tank’s plastic steam. You may apply a capful of carpet
cleaning solution for every line which is filled with water.

When it comes to attaching the tank, you should attach it to the vacuum cleaner
wherein the waste bags usually go. Then, grab the hose from its tank and attach it
to the tray in front of your shampooer. You should make use of the pedals found
the vacuum’s side for lowering tray in front as low as possible.

Proper Maintenance and Care
The right maintenance and care can help you maintain the performance of your
steam cleaner to the maximum. After every use, you should disassemble take the
Kirby unit apart and rinse the parts thoroughly. Don’t forget that the brush roll
should not be rinsed, but rather set aside to dry. As for the other steam cleaning
system parts, you may wipe them clean and dry with a clean piece of cloth.

Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Kirby Steam Cleaner                            ©2011

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