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					                                       FREE Social Media ROI Calculator
       The Social Networking ROI Calculator will help you to define the advantages of investing in a
        social networking strategy on sites such as Linkedin, Facebook etc and in finding out more
     about Please answer all the questions by entering data into the
      blue boxes. All Red Boxes are self calculating. Your inputs to the first 16 Questions are your
     hunch or gut feel to the % increase in the growth of your network that you’d create if you were
              to implement the changes being suggested. This will help you to estimate your future ROI.

                          Your Online Social Networking Profile                                                    YOU
1.) % increase in new fans, friends & followers if you had a "qualifying" professional headline                       5%
2.) % increase if your online profile targetted the specific people/target audience you can help                      5%
3.) % increase if your online profile listed the problems, pains and frustrations you solve for clients               6%
4.) % increase if you identified that the cost of your solution was less than the impact of their pain                5%
5.) % increase if your online profile listed the demonstrable results and track record                                5%
6.) % increase if your online profile contained testimonials from satisfied clients                                   5%
7.) % increase if your online profile had a slideshare presentation of examples of what you offer                     3%
8.) % increase if you online profile offered a FREE item of value that prospects can sign up for                     10%

       The IMPACT of Better Qualified Traffic & Prospect Targetting
9.) % increase if you were getting found on Posn 1 page 1 for GLOBAL search results on Linkedin                       6%
10.) % increase if you were getting found on Posn 1 for Local Country search results on Linkedin                      5%
11.) % increase if you partcipated in 30 niche, relevantly targetted GROUPS on linkedin daily                         5%
12.) % increase if you helped answer questions for 50 people weekly in Linkedin Answers                               5%
Subtotal Increase in Fans, Friends & Followers from improved networking                                              65%

     The IMPACT of leveraging the contacts in your social network
13.) % increase if you contacted fellow Group members & introduced yourself asking to connect                         5%
14.) % increase if you contacted the existing members/friends of your network more often.                             5%
15.) % increase if you set up your own niche Group on Linkedin and invited others to join it                         10%
Subtotal Increase in Fans, Friends & Followers from being more proactive                                             20%
Percent Increase to your network BEFORE asking for referrals                                                         85%
The IMPACT of Referrals from within your online social network
16.) % increase in new business if you asked every NEW fan, friend or follower for 2 referrals?                       5%
Total Potential Increase in Network size                                                                             90%
17.) What percent of your existing sales are from new customers?                                                     10%
18.) Please enter your current annual gross revenue                                                                £120,000
19.) What is your projected sales growth rate this year?                                                             10%
Estimated Additional New Business Revenue                                                                 [A]     £    12,000
The IMPACT of Online Customer Retention Strategies
20.) Average Customers (revenue) Loss per Year                                                                      10%
Baseline Revenue for Next Year                                                                              [B]   £ 108,000
21.) Percent Lost Due to Customer Neglect                                                                         30%
22.) % of sales you expect if you could prevent customer defection with help from us                               7%
Additional Business From Retaining Customers                                                                    £   8,400
Baseline Revenue with Customer Retention Campaign                                                               £ 116,400
The IMPACT from Regaining Lost or Inactive Customers
23.) How much sales would you gain if you gained 10% of your lost/inactive customers?             [C]           £     12,000
Sales Growth
Potential Sales Revenue with Solutions in Place                [D]             £    132,000
Total: projected increased sales when you add everything up                                    [E]              £     12,000
Potential Sales Increase Percentage with The Results                                                     9%
Profit Contribution
24.) Gross Margin on Sales (Enter as a %)                                                                            35%
Profit Contribution from Increased Sales                                                              [F]       £      4,200
25.) Current Cost of The Platinum Version of The Social Media 30 Day Marketing Plan                                  £250
BOTTOM LINE - Potential 1st Year ROI from Social Media Marketing                                                      1680%

The above is for illustration purposes only. As with any profit or saving calculator, your results will depend upon
the level of human, technical and financial resources you allocate to the management and implementation of your
marketing. While we believe these formulas are indicative of what you could expect, we assume no liability for their
accuracy in your situation. The important thing is to recognise the opportunities for improvement that The Results can provide you with. If you would like more information on our social media marketing plan, then goto:

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