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          November 2-6
          Middle School
          Cultural Trips

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           November 7
           SAT Testing

          November 9
       PTO General Meeting
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           November 12
           College Fair

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    19:30 in School Cafeteria

          November 13
   Parent-Teacher Conferences
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        November 26-27
      Thanksgiving Holiday
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         November 30
  PTO Executive Board Meeting
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          December 2
  PTO Holiday Volunteer Brunch

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         Progress Reports                     ns Day (s
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           December 5
           SAT Testing

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             December 8
      Italian National Holiday
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Article: Dr. Beth Pfannl                   2          Kindergarten/Elementary News                13 - 17

Information about H1N1                     2          Middle School News                              18-20

Board of Trustees                          3          Secondary School News                            21

Tech Bytes                                 4          High School News                                 22

All School News                          5-6          After School Activities and Sports              23-25

United Nations Day                         7          Counselor’s Corner                              26-28

PTO                                      8 - 11       Contact Information                              29

Pre-K News                                12          Calendar                                         30
                       AOSR at the NIAF Piazza d’Italia
                              by Dr. Beth Pfannl, Head of School

                                       Dr. Pfannl attended the annual National Italian American
                                       Foundation weekend events in Washington DC last month.
                                       AOSR once again had a booth at the very popular "Piazza
                                       d'Italia"; a showcase of the
                                       very best from Italy.

                                       She held meetings with
                                       prominent members of the
                                       community, including
 AOSR stand at NIAF's "Piazza          AOSR Board members,
  d'Italia", with former AOSR          and met with a number of
   Trustee Dr. Lora Shapiro
                                       alumni who were in DC                   Dr. Pfannl with Italian singer
                                       for the event.                               Antonello Venditti

                 Some Information about H1N1 Influenza
                         by Ms. Diane Cullen-Moore, School Nurse

For Your Information, this is just a reminder          with the Italian National Health, Italy will be
that…                                                  offering vaccination to school age children within
                                                       the coming months.
There is a heightened awareness of the flu this
year because of the new strain known as the            The symptoms of H1N1 are almost
H1N1, or the swine flu. All research                   indistinguishable from the seasonal flu, and the
demonstrates that seasonal flu is still more           treatment is virtually the same. Usually, only
dangerous for the general population than swine        those with previous medical conditions or at risk
flu. However, fear of contracting H1N1 is              are treated with antiviral medications. A fever
rampant.                                               over 37.8C or 100F, cough, lethargy, nausea and
                                                       vomiting, abdominal distress, body aches, and
It is true that seasonal flu can be very serious for   sore throat are all probable symptoms of the flu.
the elderly and the very young. It is true that the    Some unusual symptoms such as rash, extreme
H1N1 has struck down previously healthy, young         fatigue, unwillingness to drink, difficult
people. But the vast majority of H1N1 mortality        respirations, and a reoccurrence of symptoms
cases had underlying medical problems that             after a period of improvement are all things that
exacerbated the symptoms of the flu. For these         could point to H1N1 infection. Only your doctor
reasons, the public health services around the         can diagnose this illness and prescribe the correct
world have targeted those segments of the              method of treatment. If your symptoms point to
population with compromised immune systems,            the seasonal flu, the treatment is:
asthma, or other previous health problems for
vaccination. Until recently, school children were         Rest at home
considered the main spreaders of the flu rather           Isolation from others
than its victims. As the virus progresses however,        Increased fluid intake
there has been an increase of previously healthy
school children being hospitalized with the
                                                          Fever management if necessary
complications of the flu, causing some countries       Using medicines to treat a fever that is less than
to include school age children under the age of 15     100F or 37.8 is NOT seen as beneficial. The
in the group to be vaccinated. According to a                                             (Continued on page 3)
parent of one of our students who is a pediatrician

                                         AOSR BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                          Mr. Frank Ledahawky, Chair

I would like to remind the AOSR community that                  Please note that the Board of Trustees has resolved
the Annual Assembly of the AOSR Corporation                     that only those proxies which are delivered to the
will be held Thursday, November 12, 2009                        AOSR office by 17:00 hrs on Thursday,
beginning at 19:30 in the school cafeteria.                     November 12 and which clearly identify the
                                                                individual nominated to hold the proxy will be
In order to participate at the annual assembly you              accepted. Proxies received after the 17:00
must be a member of the AOSR Corporation. Every                 deadline, blank proxies, or proxies assigned to a
parent or guardian of a student of AOSR is eligible             corporation member already holding three
to become a regular member. Corporation                         proxies will be void. Proxy forms are also
membership forms are available on the AOSR                      available on the AOSR website home page.
website home page. Regular memberships terminate
automatically once a student leaves AOSR. For                   This year, the Corporation is required to elect four
more information about the Annual Assembly,                     members to fill vacancies on the Board of Trustees.
please contact Ms. Domenica Losani at                           There is a wealth of talent in the AOSR parent or call 06.33438331. Official                  community and we hope that parents with
bylaws of the AOSR Corporation are available in                 professional experience will consider volunteering
the Head’s office.                                              their time and talent to AOSR by running.
                                                                Nominations will not be accepted from the Floor
The Annual Assembly is validly constituted when                 during the meeting.
AT LEAST FIFTY PERCENT of the Regular and
Supporting Members are present in person or by                  In the interest of our children’s education and the
proxy. Therefore, we strongly encourage all our                 proper completion of the Corporation’s business, I
Corporation Members to make every effort to                     urge you to take the time to personally attend the
attend or execute and send in a proxy. Article 16 of            meeting on November 12, 2009.
the AOSR Bylaws provides that no member in
attendance may hold more than three proxies.                    I look forward to seeing you there.

  (Continued from page 2)                                       should not come back to school until they are at least
  body heat of a fever is seen as a first line of defense       24 hours free of fever without the use of anti febrile
  against invading viruses. If you are worried, do not          medications. Since coming into contact with the virus
  hesitate to contact your family physician.                    is practically impossible, the most effective defense
                                                                against it is to reduce its proliferation. Such efficient
  At school, we are making a concerted effort to                measures are:
  minimize the spread of the flu viruses. The worry
  over the H1N1 has actually made it easier for us to              Gargling with warm salty water twice a day
  bring the methods of prevention to the attention of the
  students. All the preventive techniques should have              Cleaning the nostrils every evening after a
  been followed even for the seasonal flu. The basics of             forceful nose blowing
  good prevention include:                                         Drinking warm liquids reduces microbial
           Frequent hand washing                                   particles in the mouth and throat by washing
                                                                     them into the stomach where they cannot survive
           Coughing into a tissue or into your elbow               the gastric juices
           Isolating yourself for others if you have a           A diet rich in Vitamin C and sufficient rest to
             fever or from those with a fever                        help boost the immune system
           A doctor’s certificate allowing reentry            The school is closely monitoring school absences. If
                                                                you have any questions call the School Health Office
  All students with a fever of 37.8C are sent home and          at 0633438321.
  according to the (CDC) Center for Disease Control
  and the (WHO) World Health Organization they

                                                        Tech Bytes
                                     by Mr. Geoff Miller, Director of Technology

                                             Technology Task Force

 The AOSR Board Technology Task Force held its first                 technology resources and their current use at school as well
 meeting early this month. The community was represented             as an analysis of the gaps between the actual status and the
 with teachers, parents, and administrators. In attendance           vision for future technology use. The Audit makes
 were AOSR Trustees Gianni Linari (Task Force Chair),                recommendations based on industry standards and best
 Antonio Rizzo and Steven Cohen; Dr. Beth Pfannl, Head of            practice. Mr. Miller shared with the group his analysis of
 School, Tom Connolly, Secondary School Principal, Geoff             the current state of technology and his short, medium and
 Miller, Director of Technology; teachers Silvia Moore,              long term goals. He also distributed his written response to
 Lars Rahm, Jane Rumsby, James Sigafoos, Eric Vacchio;               the Audit’s recommendations. 
 and parents Judy Barkal, Jeff Datin, Riccardo DiBlasio,             Three working groups (Infrastructure and Hardware,
 Michael Itinger and Neeru Lal and guest Elsa Lamb,                  Impact of Technology in the Classroom and Technology
 Executive Director of the Association for the Advancement           Plan) were formed and agreed to meet in the next few
 of International Education.                                         weeks. 
 Mr. Linari and Dr. Pfannl reported on the Technology                Any members of the community interested in joining this
 Audit that took place last spring conducted by consultants          the Task Force are welcome to contact the Head of
 sponsored by the Office of Overseas Schools of the US               School’s office at 06.33438331. The next meeting is
 Department of State. The Audit, part of the school’s                scheduled for Wednesday, December 9th at 18:00 in the
 Strategic Plan, offered an assessment of the current state of       High School Library.

                                               What is Technology?
     “Technology is a broad term that refers both to artifacts created by humans, such as machines, and the methods
     used to create those artifacts. More broadly, technology can be used to refer to a way of doing something or a means
     of organization: for instance, democracy might be considered a social technology. Technology comes from the
     Greek technologia, which is a combination of “techne”, meaning “craft”, and logia, meaning “saying”. So
     technology might be considered the articulation of a craft. The word is also used to describe the extent to which a
     society can manipulate its environment.”

We are in the process of evaluating the technology available on campus, and making some important decisions about what we
need to do next. Now is a good time to also spend a moment to reflect on the nature of technology.
Technology, as a general topic, is even more specialized when applied to the daily life of an educational institution like our
campus. What does it entail?
Technology, as it applies to our campus, entails several distinct components:
   Network Infrastructure
          The components and architecture of the campus network that ties it all together
   Hardware
          The physical equipment components of technology that are closest to the end-user
   Software
          The programs that are used to accomplish the tasks required by both the administration and faculty
   Technology Use in Education
          The components, processes, equipment and methods that are used in the delivery of education in the classroom.

But more importantly, technology in education is how we put it all together to deliver educational content. This is, after all,
our primary function, providing and education to our students. In an ever evolving world, we need to grow to include new
methods and “technologies” in as effective a manner as possible.
In order to do so, we need to provide the best training as possible to our faculty, and administrative staff, to enable them to use
the available technologies. Therefore, professional development can provide the key to unlock the potential of the available

                “Technology is only an enabler, not an end unto itself.” Jim Collins, Good to Great

by Dr. George Grunfeld, ES Principal and Mr. Tom Connolly, Secondary School Principal

   Save the date….. Friday, November 13, 2009
 AOSR is committed to an unsurpassable educational experience
 for all children. Here are some ideas for your consideration that
     will make the conference productive and child-centered:

Teachers don't want to put parents on the spot. They just like to meet
with parents from time to time to discuss how to help students do their best
in school.
All children learn in different ways. They have their own individual
personalities and their own listening and work habits. To help their students
learn new knowledge and skills, teachers must know as much as they can
about each child's likes and dislikes. No one knows more about these things
than you, the parents. And no one has more influence over your children
than you.
That's why teachers need your help to do a first-class job. Working
together, you and the teacher can help your child have a successful school

Here Are Some Things To Keep in Mind

 Start the conference right: be there on time, and plan not to run over the
amount of time that has been set aside.
 If you are a working parent who can't arrange to meet during regular
hours, make this clear to the teacher and try to set up a time to meet that
is good for both of you.
The best conferences are those in which both teachers and parents stay
calm and try hard to work together for one purpose and one purpose only:
to help your child do well. Arguing or blaming each other for problems your
child is having helps no one.

Getting Ready

Each teacher will come prepared with samples of your children's work and
with ideas to help them do even better in school. You should get ready for
each conference, too.
Talk to your children before the conference. Find out what they think are
their best subjects and what subjects they like the least. Find out why. Also,
ask your children if there is anything they would like you to talk about with
their teachers. Make sure your children don't worry about the meeting. Help
them understand that you and their teacher(s) are meeting together in
order to help them.
Before you go to the school, write notes to yourself about:
 things about your child's life at home, personality, problems, habits, and
hobbies you feel it's important for the teacher to know
                           - (continued)
 your concerns about the school's programs or policies
 questions about your child's progress
how you and the school can work together to help your child
If your spouse can't attend the conference with you, ask for his or
her concerns and questions.

The Conference

Some good questions to ask are these:
 How well does my child get along with others?
 What are my child's best and most challenging subjects?
 Is my child working up to his or her ability?
 Does my child participate in class discussions and activities?
 Has my child missed any classes other than ones I contacted the
school about?
 Have you noticed any sudden changes in the way my child acts?
For example, have you noticed any squinting, tiredness or
moodiness that might be a sign of physical or other problems?
 What kinds of tests are being done? What do the tests tell about
my child's progress?
How does my child handle taking tests?
It's a good idea to ask your most important questions first, just in
case time runs out before you and the teacher have a chance to
discuss them all. Be sure to ask the teacher for specific suggestions
on ways to help your child do better. This is the most important part
of the meeting. It will become your action plan. If the teacher says
something you don't quite understand, don't be shy about asking for
an explanation. It's a good idea to end the conference by summing
up decisions you've made together. If needed, ask to meet again.

After the Conference

Start immediately on the action plan you and the teacher worked
out together. Discuss the plan with your child. Make sure he or she
knows that you and the teacher care. To see if the action plan is
working, watch your child's behavior and check your child's class
work and homework.
Stay in regular touch with the teacher to discuss the progress your
child is making. Meeting with your child's teachers should help build
strong parent-teacher partnerships—partnerships that are needed if
you and your child's teachers are to reach your common goal of
helping your child get the best education possible.

                  United Nations Day
                  by Dr. George Grunfeld, ES Principal

                              AOSR celebrates the many cultures of
                              our wonderful school community
                              during the annual United Nations Day

                              United Nations International Day of
                              Peace     is    an
opportunity to reflect on the important work
and issues faced by the UN. Through the art
classes, students submitted their artwork and
                     competed to earn
                     recognition for the need
                     for food and sustainability.
                     Congratulations to Cristina
                     R. and Sharon B. for their poster .
                     "I think peace means there should be no
                     harmful anything from weapons to harmful
                     words," a fifth grader said after the celebration.
                     "I think it would mean everybody's friends and
                     the whole world is friendly. Peace could be
                     shown in anything from planting a tree to
                     stopping a war,” and a 9-year-old added it
could be as simple as a kind word

"Usually the smaller ways are more effective," a third grader said.
"Changing hearts one at a time."

The United Nations International Day
of Peace was established in 1981 and
fixed on Sept. 21 in 2001. Cities across
the world celebrate with a moment of
silence at noon, lighting a candle or
ringing a bell and many other peaceful

                                      PTO News
                              by Ms. Suzanne Datin, PTO President

Your AOSR PTO was very active and productive in the month of October. At our
October PTO meeting we discussed and approved our PTO budget for the 2009-2010
school year. Two of the main projects that support our budget are the boutique and the
booster bar. The Boutique opened on October 6th and since then we have sold over
1500 euro worth of items. We operated 3 booster bars which provided over 300 euro
each to sports and middle school.

Profits from PTO sponsored projects provide additional financial support towards the
education of our children. You can support PTO projects by eating at the Booster Bar
and by shopping or selling at the Boutique.

AOSR Logo items (t-shirts, sweatshirts and bags) are available in the Boutique on Tuesdays and Fridays.
AOSR Cookbooks are also available in the boutique. These items make great Christmas gifts for your
friends “back home”.

All parents of AOSR students are automatically PTO members; there are no dues to pay. If you have not
been receiving e-mails from me about PTO projects and outings and would like to be added to the PTO
e-mailing list, please write to me at

Our next regular PTO meeting will be in the boutique at 9:30am on Monday, November 9th. Our special
guest speaker will be AOSR’s community service coordinator, Carla Dawson.

                                          by Ms. Suzanne Datiin, PTO President
           October 3rd a
      group of AOSR
  parents and students
enjoyed the art and
architecture of three banks
in Rome, Italy: Dexia
Crediop Bank, Banca
Nazionale              del
Lavoro (BNL) and the
Altieri Palace.

Thanks go to AOSR
parent Carlo Di Giulio for
offering the AOSR
community            the
opportunity to enjoy
Italy’s annual Invito a
Palazzo with an English
guided tour.
                                       PTO News

                      On Wednesday, October 28th there was a PTO
             sponsored trip to see the inside of Pyramide and the Non-
       Catholic Cemetery of Rome followed by lunch at Fraschetta di
 Mastro Giorgio hosteria in Testaccio. Our tour was arranged by AOSR
alumni and parent Lisa Finnerty who guides Secret Gardens of Italy tours.

                  Special Thanks: Falcon Flyer Committee

          Kim Gallagher, Graphic Design                  AND the following AOSR staff:
        Elisabeth Giansiracusa, Copy-Editor                      Geoff Miller
              Nelli Izhaki, Distribution                          Egidio Luzi
             Claudia Sobral, Co-Editor

                            PTO News

 Turn Items You Don’t Use Anymore Into Cash at the
                 AOSR Boutique
Whether you want to save some money or make some money there is
something for you at the Boutique.

At the Boutique you will find:

Clothes for Men, Women and children of all sizes
Books in English
Book exchange Bring a book/take a book
Ski season items
Household goods, dishes, microwave,

The Boutique is open:
Tuesdays 9:30 – 12:30
Fridays 15:00 – 16:30

Vendors bring in new items weekly, so don’t miss out on great bargains. Come
                           in often and see what’s new.

                            As a vendor you make 66% of the sale price; 33%
                            goes towards the PTO Budget. To become a
                            vendor, contact Victoria Wise at the boutique or e-
                            mail her at

                            What are you waiting for? Clean out those closets
                            and bring us those things you don’t want
                            anymore; you just might have the item someone
                            else has been looking for.

                            See you at the Boutique!

                                 PTO News

Sweet Potato and Carrot Purée
 4 pounds sweet potatoes
1 pound carrots, peeled, trimmed and cut into 1-inch lengths
2 ½ cups water
1 tablespoon sugar
12 tablespoons butter, softened
½ cup crème fraiche
½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
Salt and pepper to taste
1 dash cayenne pepper (optional)

 Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
Scrub potatoes and cut a small, deep slit in the top of each.
Place potatoes on a baking sheet and bake for 1 hour or until tender when pierced with a fork.
Meanwhile, in a large saucepan, place the peeled and trimmed carrots with water, sugar, 2
tablespoons of the butter, salt, and pepper. Bring to a boil, uncovered, on medium heat until
most water is evaporated and carrots begin to sizzle in the butter, about 30 minutes. Carrots
should be tender, if not, add a little water and continue cooking.

 When sweet potatoes are done, scrape flesh out and combine with carrots; blend in a food
processor or with an electric mixer. Add remaining butter and crème fraiche and process until
smooth. Add nutmeg, season with salt and pepper, add cayenne (if using) and process another
minute. Makes about 10 servings.

Note: If made ahead, reheat by transferring to baking dish covered with foil. Heat at 350
degrees F for 25 minutes.

(Ingredient Note: if you cannot find crème fraiche you may substitute heavy cream.)

A Thanksgiving favorite, donated to the AOSR cookbook by Kensie Blodgett.

               This great recipe and more can be found in the
                              AOSR Cookbook
            Available in the AOSR villa office and at the Boutique
                                for 15 Euros.
                           They make great gifts!!!

               Pre-K and Elementary News
                             Ms. Amy Magazzu, Pre-K Coordinator

                                                     Recycle, Reuse and Reduce
                         As we begin the new school year, we hope that you will help us to
restock our supply of recycled materials. The children enjoy discovering many imaginative
ways to use these items when constructing and creating! We encourage everyone from the
AOSR community to lend a hand by collecting and donating any of the following:
     Empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls
     Shoe boxes
     Clean Styrofoam trays
     Plastic containers from fruits and vegetables
     Cardboard jewelry boxes or other small boxes
     Yogurt containers
     Fabric remnants
     Bottle tops (various colors)
     Newspaper (large size)
     Any other clean and safe items you think we could use
The greater variety of materials we have, the more the children will be able to explore and
express their ideas. Please bring collected items to our classroom. The pre-k staff and students
thank you in advance for your support!

   Pre-K - 5th grade students came to school in their best Halloween Costumes and entertained a large
   crowd of parents with stories, songs, poems and dances. Each grade paraded in costume around the gym
   to show off their costumes. The show ended with a grand performance by the entire 5th grade class who
   danced to "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Great job students and staff for putting together an incredibly
   well organized Halloween presentation. Thanks for the great show!

                   Kindergarten/Elementary News
                 Kindergarten                                               Second Grade

           Ms. Antinucci and Ms. Bleecher

                                                                        Ms. Ciuffreda and Ms. DeVito
            ctober proved to be another busy and
                                                                         econd graders will be making fossil
            exciting month for the Kindergarten!
                                                                         imprints using clay, plaster of Paris and
            The students have been learning about
                                                                         plastic fossils. Once made the fossils will
the season of Fall and all of the changes that occur
                                                              be left for several days to dry. After the children
as the weather gets cooler and cooler. They went
                                                              will open them and see the imprints.
on a leaf hunt and searched for various types and
                                                              Second grade will celebrate Thanksgiving by having
colors of leaves. They are continuing their study of
                                                              lunch in class. They will prepare soup, make cakes
animals and are now familiar with the difference
                                                              and decorate the tables themselves. We hope to
between living and nonliving things. They can also
                                                              have a joyful time together. During the days before
tell you what living things need and how they grow.
                                                              Thanksgiving the classes will talk about the holiday
The Kindergartners are exploring the different
                                                              and discuss and write about the things we are
letters of the alphabet and are beginning to learn
                                                              thankful for.
the sounds that some of the letters make. In Math,
the Kindergartners are exploring and working with
numbers 0-10. They are also working with patterns
and learning how to play games with one another in
large and small groups. The Kindergarten is anxious                           Third Grade

to see what fun November will bring!                                        Ms. Gist and Ms. Wheeler

                 First Grade                                         o you know how many hours you spend

      Ms. Gozdowski and and Ms. Tausend                       reading each week? The third grade students do!
                                                              During October, we have been busy counting up
                                                              how many hours we spend reading.
        he leaves are changing, the rain is coming,
the heat is on and we are ready to welcome                    Did you know that reading practice:
November! What a great time of year to curl up                   Improves your comprehension
with a cup of hot chocolate and read! We have                    Gives you a wide range of general knowledge
been working hard on our thinking skills in reading.             Improves your vocabulary growth
Don’t forget to ask us about our thinking while we               Is increasingly important for learning in all
are reading! Come by our classroom and you will be                   subject areas
astonished with all the creative writing. Students               Promotes reading as a lifelong pleasure.
have been amazing at exploring various writing styles.
In math we continue to work on building a greater             The idea of this program is to stimulate enthusiasm
number sense. It is fascinating hearing their pattern         for reading. Everybody is reading at their own pace -
discoveries through the number chart.            The          it’s not about who can read the most or the fastest.
students enjoy taking surveys and asking questions            At this age level, many of the students can even
too. So many fun things to do in math!                        spend some of their time reading silently.
Currently in our classroom community we are
focusing on working together. It is important that            All the third grade students have been working
we all have the opportunity to share so that we all           together to reach a goal of 300 hours. When the
learn from one another. Also, we are so fortunate             collaborative goal is met, both classes will have a
to have a student teacher from Iowa join our first            special literary based celebration. Read this space
grade team. We look forward to seeing you at the              next month to find out all about the celebration!
parent-teacher conferences on Friday, November 13.

                            Elementary News
                                    Fourth Grade
                              Ms. De Paolis, and Ms. Piccirilli

          Fourth grade Composition assignments will include Native American
          “pelt” stories using symbols instead of words and a Thanksgiving feast
          narrative. Our History studies are focused on Aeneas and his journey
          from Troy to the Italian shore. In Science the children are beginning an
          Oceans unit which includes a cross-curricular technology project.
          Fourth graders are presenting article synopses orally in class for current
          events and also fictional book report presentations.

                        Elementary School Library
                                     Ms. Popp, Librarian

 In October, kindergarten through grade two studied author Leo Lionni, an
acclaimed children's author and illustrator. His books describe human
emotions with beautiful pictures. The children related to his stories and
Grades three through five studied author Beverly Cleary, a renowned author
best known for the "Ramona" series and The Mouse and the Motorcycle. She is
very accessible to grades three through six. Her subjects are interesting, often
humorous characters.

         Star Librarian Awards                       Author of the Month Awards
Cristina R., Grade 3, Ms. Wheeler                Valeria C., Grade 2, Ms. Ciuffreda
Joanna E., Grade 4, Ms. Piccirilli               Joanna E., Grade 4, Ms. Piccirilli
Leonardo Luca C., Grade 4, Ms. DePaolis          Andrew F., Grade 4, Ms. Piccirilli
Camilla R., Grade 4, Ms. DePaolis                Amirul S., Grade 4, Ms. Piccirilli
Asia Z., Grade 4, Ms. DePaolis                   Marsya A., Grade 4, Ms. DePaolis
Sammy B., Grade 5, Ms. Rumsby                    Romy F., Grade 4, Ms. DePaolis
                                                 Yonatan M., Grade 4, Ms. DePaolis
                                                 Francesca C., Grade 5, Mr. Etcheverry
                                                 Francesca D., Grade 5, Mr. Etcheverry
                                                 Micha P., Grade 5, Mr. Etcheverry
                                                 Alessia R., Grade 5, Mr. Etcheverry

                                                    Elementary News

                                                            Fifth Grade
                                       Mr. Etcheverry, Ms. Rumsby and Mr. Wieland

          Fifth Grade Trip to the Explora Museum

                  On Friday October 16th, all of 5th grade attended two of three workshops involving
          Energy, Climate and Why we should eat seasonal fruits in season.
                  During the Climate workshop, we learned about the four world climate zones and
          how they are being changed due to human activity. The adverse affect of greenhouse gases was
          discussed and we learned about how we could try and reverse this process and implement methods
          that are good for us, the climate and our planet.
                  We learned in the Energy workshop about energy sources and what that means. We
          discussed ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ energy. We ran motors from batteries and then from solar panels, we
          then talked about what was inside both sources and why the solar panels were so much better than
                  Agronomists from CNR (Centro Nazionale della Ricerca) talked to us about Italian fruits and
          which region they grow in and why. They told us about the properties of different fruits and why
          they grow in particular seasons. We talked about the adverse effects of eating fruits out of
          season and how doing this pollutes our planet and our bodies.
                  It was a great learning experience for us all!

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                           Since                                         G.                           .             from
                            Jo e  M.

                            Elementary School News

                                         by Mr. Wieland, 5th Grade Teacher
         Beginning this year, the elementary school will publish a literary magazine at the end of the school year. It
will be modeled after the high school and middle school magazines and will include exemplars of elementary
writing and art. We hope to be able to include as much student work as possible and are asking for your children’s
         Submissions should be original work that students have completed in class or independently. Pieces
should be in a “final copy” format, ready for publishing. Submissions may be made by students, parents, or
teachers, and will be accepted throughout the year until the beginning of April. Permission for publication will be
required for all pieces selected. If the piece is an artwork, it will need to be submitted in its original form, or a clear
picture of the piece must be submitted in place of the original. Original pieces will be returned to the students.
Further photography of the art will be completed once pieces are selected. No anonymous writing or art pieces will
be accepted.
         Submissions may be made directly to the advisor, Ty Wieland, fifth grade teacher in ES 21 (the first fifth
grade classroom at the top of the stairs) or through the student’s homeroom teacher. A
volunteer committee of teachers, upper elementary students, and parents will select
the pieces to be included in the magazine. If you are interested in volunteering around
April, please let Ty Wieland know and you will be contacted regarding your availability.
         We are very excited to be initiating this magazine at the elementary level! We                                         e
know there are many talented writers and artists whose work should be available to a                           Literary

wider audience. Please encourage your child to submit his or her best works of art and
writing throughout the year.
         Additionally, we are holding a contest for students to name the new Elementary
Literary Magazine. Please look for information regarding the contest below and around
the school.

     This will be the first year the AOSR Elementary School will publish a literary magazine to
     showcase the talent of our elementary writers and artists. We hope it becomes an ongoing
     tradition, and so would like it to have a special and memorable name. Please join in the
                             A contest to name the magazine is being held from November 2
                             through November 16. The contest is open only to students from Pre-
                             K to Fifth Grade, and there will be a prize for the winning name. Forms
                             for students to submit their suggestions will be on hand in the
                             Elementary Office or from Mr. Wieland in room ES 21 (the first fifth
                             grade classroom at the top of the stairs.) A collection box will be
                             available in the Elementary Office, or they can be submitted directly to
                             Mr. Wieland.

                                 Use your imagination, thesaurus, and creativity to come up with a
                                 name that will best fit a writing and artwork magazine by elementary
                                 students, for elementary students, their parents, and teachers!

             Elementary School Art
                  by Ms. Phebe Cosentino

Students in the Elementary School have been working on many
stimulating art activities. Grades 2-5 designed beautiful World
Food Day posters that are on display in the lunchroom. Three
AOSR students have been awarded for their fine work.
Cristina R. earned 2nd prize; Sharon B. was awarded
Honorable Mention; and Sam S. won Honorable
Mention in Middle School.

                     Grades 4 and 5 designed and painted
                     Flags of the World which were hung
                         up in the lunchroom for the
                        United Nations Day Program.

             While investigating prisms and rainbows,
          Kindergarten and Grade 1 learned and reviewed
              the primary and secondary colors and
           completed related activities with markers, oil
                        pastels, and paint.

                      Students are also drawing self-portraits. Each class
                             will use different color techniques.

              With Halloween this past month, students have been
              engaged in various creative activities.
              Kindergarten has been coloring bats and ghosts and making
              dancing Jack O’Lanterns with paper. Grade 1 made bat masks
              and created colorful Halloween pictures with oil pastels on
              black paper.
Grade 2 made whimsical paper puppets of witches, ghosts, and goblins.
Grades 3, 4, and 5 were busy designing, drawing, and painting
decorations for their classroom and the
                               Halloween Parade.

                             Middle School News
                             by Ms.Sarah Ellyson, MS Coordinator

                                                   Middle School STUCO Members
                                        At the time of the October Falcon Flyer printing, the
                                        Executive Committee Members had been elected for the
                                        Middle School Student Council (STUCO). Since that time,
                                        the remaining members of STUCO have been elected and the
                                        group has had their first successful event, the Autumn Dance,
                                        and are busy discussing and looking to solve issues within the
                                        Middle School. Congratulations and thank you to the 2009 –
                                        2010 Middle School STUCO members:
                                        Executive Committee: Tommaso C., (President), Sara H.
                                        (Vice President), Luca C. (Secretary), Veronica G.
   Middle School Artist                 (Treasurer), Tess W. (8th Grade Ambassador), Michele A. (7th
 Honored at United Nations              Grade Ambassador) and Redia H. (6th Grade Ambassador).
 A special congratulations go to        Grade Level Representatives for 6th Grade: Livia O., Jack M.,
 Samuel S. who was honoured             Leoluca G., Nadav F., Christina D’A. and Henry B.
 with an Honorable Mention at the       Grade Level Representatives for 7th Grade: Alice F., Oliviero
 2009 UNWG World Food Day               T., Edoardo C., Neta-Li B., Amish K. and Kevin B.
 Poster competition Award               Grade Level Representatives for 8th Grade: Viviana M.,
 Ceremony.     Sam, along with          Elettra S., Leonora G., Giuliano N., Maddy L., Valentina C.
 three AOSR Elementary students         and Youssef E.
 were invited to participate in the
 ceremony held at the FAO on
 October 22, 2009.

                        Wine and Culture,
      A benefit Evening for the Middle School Cultural Trips
                by Ms. Zangrilli and Ms. Pestilli, MS Faculty
On the 16th of October, fifty members of the A.O.S.R. adult community
gathered to share an evening of wine and culture. The proceeds from the event went to benefit the
November Middle School cultural trips to Campania, Tuscany, Spain, and France.
Autumn Zangrilli, the 6th grade English teacher, served as Master of Ceremonies while resident staff
sommelier, Chiara Concas, our Middle School Native Italian teacher, led the attentive group in the art of
From D.O.C. versus D.O.C.G. to the difference between 1 bunch wine and 4 bunch wine, attendees
received an “all about” primer to the world of Italian wine. Campania, the destination of the 6th grade
cultural trip was represented by Sogno di Rivolda 2007, a white wine with hints of mango and peach
flavors. Ms. Concas suggested that this wine pairs well with asparagus risotto or fried vegetables.
Tuscany, another site of the MS trips, was represented by a red wine called Morellino di Scansano 2007,
distinguished by its bright ruby color and slightly raisin and prune fragrance. The tasting finished with a
group favorite, Pedro Jiminez sherry from Spain, another destination of our Middle School travelers. The
sherry was accompanied with a vast selection of delectable chocolates generously donated by the Oetiker
family of the SAID Chocolate factory here in Rome.
To add to the mood, Diego M. serenaded the crowd with his guitar and music selections from the 60's.
Following the “Wine Tasting 101” lesson, we were entertained by “The Coughdrops” with their lively
Irish repertoire featuring staff-guitarist and Middle School Italian teacher, Daniele Datillo.

                             Middle School News

                                                     8th GRADERS IN PARIS
                                                         Oh, la, la, c’est magnifique!
                                                  by Ms. Sandrine LeBail, MS Faculty

                                     Admiring Paris from the top floor of the Tour Eiffel, going
                                     shopping on the Champs Elysées, meeting Gauguin at Orsay
                                     or Mona Lisa in the Louvre was part of the trip for 26 eighth
                                     graders from AOSR.
                                     During five days, we discovered Paris’ beauty and mysteries,
                                     visiting some of the most prestigious museums of the world,
    and walking through the time.
    Indeed, Paris is a great time-machine! On l’Ile de la Cité, we went back to the Middle Ages,
    visiting Notre-Dame and la Sainte-Chapelle. At le Louvre we studied the evolution of art from
    Antiquity to the sumptuous time of the French Kings. Meanwhile on Les Champs Elysées and
    les Invalides, we met with Napoleon and felt the ghosts of the French revolution. We didn’t
    forget the XIXth century, walked up to Montmartre as well as visited the Opera House. Paris is
    a lively and modern city, as we saw at the Centre Pompidou.
    On Friday, we left leave Paris to reach Versailles where we visited visit Louis XIV’s castle and
    got lost in the wonderful gardens!
    We will also enjoyed French foods, in particular the delicious croissants, baguettes and crêpes!

                          There / Their / They’re Working Together!
                              by Ms. Tara Rummel, MS Faculty

The sixth and seventh grade teachers have come up with a “No Excuse List” for students. First,
students are expected to write their name, date, period, on the top, right hand corner of their papers. In
addition, students must always write a title at the top of their papers. The “No Excuses List” is also
comprised of words that must be spelled and used correctly, such as “there,” “their,” and “they’re.”
Also included in this list are “your” and “you’re.”        The sixth and seventh grade teachers will be
holding students accountable by taking a point off if a heading is missing or if any of the words on the
list are spelled or used incorrectly. The list is made up of words that, by sixth grade, students have had
enough experience with, that they should be spelling or using them correctly in sentences. It is our
hope, that students will become more mindful when writing in all their subject areas.

            On The Horizon… Middle School Upcoming Events
                 Monday, November 2 - 6                  Middle School Cultural Trips

     by Ms. Sylvia Bloem, MS Art Teacher

My Seventh Grade Art students slipped into
a time machine and traveled back a century
or two to spend time with a famous painter.
Each student researched an artist’s style,
intentions, frustrations,
disappointments, and joys. While analyzing
the work of their chosen artist, the students
uncovered the artistic elements and
principles that went into the paintings and
created their own color charts. Then they
were able to create their own work, directly
inspired by the master’s art. During the last
week of October, the Mini-Masters of the
Seventh Grade Art Classes presented their
work to parents and Sixth Grade Drama
students. The event was a great success!

                   Secondary School News
                    by Mr. Tom Connolly, Secondary School Principal

           Parent Conferences

Secondary School Parent Conferences take place
on November 13, 2009, from 09:00 to 13:20.
This is the same day as the elementary parent
conferences. Teachers in the Middle and High
Schools will be located in the gymnasium as was
arranged last year.       A few teachers have
requested to meet with parents in their
classrooms and a list with a map to help find
their rooms will be made available. Teachers
have a lunch break from 12:00 to 12:30 and will
not be available during this time. If parents want
longer than the allotted 10 minutes with a
particular teacher, please make an appointment
for another day in the secondary office.                    Division II European
                                                            Tennis Champions !!!

                           by Ms. Bocci, Teacher Sponsor of
                               the Spanish Honor Society

                           The Spanish Honor Society is working
     hard again this year to help less fortunate mothers meet the
     basic needs of their children. Together with the Elementary School teachers,
     parents and students, the members of SHS club collected used shoes to
     donate to Salvabebe, a non-profit organization that helps mostly low-income
     immigrant mothers. The members of the club cleaned, polished            and
     sorted the shoes before they were delivered to               Salvabebe. A
              big THANKS from the Spanish Honor                   S o c i e t y
                 members and sponsors to the                    teachers, parents
                    and students who have made this               effort        a

                                        High School News

                                                         Student Highlight
                   by Ms. Suzanne Datin (PTO President) and Ms. Claudia Sobral (PTO Falcon Flyer Coordinator)
                 Alex T. He is an AOSR senior, straight “A” student, member of: National Honor Society, Spanish Honor
                 society, Student Council, Ensemble, MUN, and all around nice guy. It seems everything he touches turns to

Many of you know that side of Alex T. What you may not know about him is that he can ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF
playing the drums with a local Italian band in Rome called FAS (Frequency Accuratamente Scelte).

Just over 1 year ago, Alex was at the right place at the right time, and he was chosen to be the new drummer of FAS by
“Cez”, well known singer songwriter who loves to sing “Be a Good Boy” to the AOSR crowd. (Fellow AOSR Senior,
musician and friend, Jason D. also works with the band.)

Alex along with FAS, rocked Rome on a recent Saturday night at Locanda Blues (just off the via Cassia in La Giustiniana).
A few AOSR parents and students were present to experience FAS with Alex as the “batterista” from Philidelphia, USA.
                                            Claudia asks Alex a few questions:

What and when was your first music experience?
My first real musical experience was competing against kids in my age group at Pennsylvania's state piano competition. I
don't remember how old I was. It was so long ago! I have been playing piano since I was four years old. I remember that I
had to play the first movement of Mozart's Sonata in C, and that I had to use broken octaves to play it because my hands
couldn't reach the notes.
What or who inspired you to become a musician?
This may sound silly but one of my first memories was of watching the old cartoon, Tom and Jerry, in my house in Chile. In
that episode, Tom the Cat has to perform a piano song in front of a large auditorium of people and Jerry, the Mouse, gets in
his way as much as possible. I remember listening to the song, and while my family laughed in the background, I just
watched Tom's fingers blur across the keys and listened to the music bellow out of the television. I think it was then that I
decided I would become a pianist so that I could move my fingers just as fast and make the same music asTom the Cat.
Who are your favorite bands or artists?
Too many to count! My favorite band changes from week to week or month to month. I'll give you a different answer
depending on when you ask me. Right now my favorite artist is Conor Oberst from the band Bright Eyes. His songs are
simple, relatively speaking, and usually don't involve much more than a guitar and his voice but the emotion he puts into his
lyrics and singing style are more than I've heard in any other band I know. Other than that, my musical tastes span many
genres of music; some of my other favorite bands include Lamb of God, Modest Mouse, The Word Alive, Arctic Monkeys,
Sunny Day Real Estate, Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, Alesana Chiodos, Senses Fail, Silverstein and Radiohead.
How do you reconcile your music career with your academics? What are the challenges?
Balancing both worlds is tough at times, partly because both take up a lot of time. I frequently leave after school or after AP
labs directly for band practice and don't get home until very late with a pile of homework waiting to greet me. I may not have
lots of personal time but I'm doing two things that I love, music and academia so, in the end, I don't mind it very much. The
secret to success is doing your homework!
What do you look forward to as a musician?
I look forward to being on stage or anywhere, really, playing and writing music with people who feel as passionate and
committed to the music world as I do. I don't really care to be famous. What's important to me is that I grow as a musician so
that I may one day teach someone else what I have learned. Music isn't something I do anymore. It's
become a major part of my way of life, and I know that will never change.
What about your academic life? What are your goals?
As of now, I aspire to become a doctor. I'm leaning towards studying brain and cognitive sciences for
the first four years of college before med school, but I really won't know until I get there what I'll end
up studying. My number one goal for now is to finish my applications and get accepted into a
university! My goal is to get into MIT, so we'll see if I accomplish that goal in the spring!

   Recent video footage and music of FAS can be found online at

           After School Activities & Sports

                                   Fall Sports
             by Ms. Heather Ierardi, Cross Country Coach & AOSR parent
The Falcon student-athletes have been on the road this season
with trips to Naples, Sigonella, Florence and Milan. We were
delighted to travel to Sigonella via the night train! We give a
special thanks to Coach Phil for coming up with the great idea
                       and making the arrangements. The
                       athletes arrived well rested for some
                       tough competition. Our athletes make us
                       proud as they display sportsmanship within a spirit
                       of competition and continuous improvement of their skills.

                     Our teams continued to prepare for the European Championships
                     with a home meet on Saturday, 24 October. AOSR hosted
Sigonella and Aviano while Marymount                               hosted       Naples
and Milan. All six teams competed at the                           beautiful       and
challenging course at Villa Pamphilli. Top                         honors went to
Naples and Aviano, but AOSR earned 3rd for                         both the boys and
the girls’ teams. Out top runners: Pietro D.                       came in 4th with a
time of 18.00, and Eva P. was the second                           girl finisher with a
time of 21.18.

A special thanks to the                           Falcon Sports Council for all their
efforts in support of our                         student athletes. In addition to their
tireless fundraising at                           the Booster Bar and bake sales, this
group of dedicated                                parents have provided team sweat
suits, team parties and                           continues to work with the school
administration         to                         p r o vi d e qu al i t y
athletic opportunities to                         as many students as
possible. Thanks!

Winter Season is fast approaching. Check out the Bulletin Board
outside the gym for news regarding Girls and Boys Basketball tryouts
and for information regarding Cheerleading. A decision on Wrestling
is pending. Tryouts will be afternoons 9 thru 12 November. Winter
season begins with first games played Saturday, 5 December, though
we have not received schedules yet. Winter Sports Championships
will be held in Heidelberg, Germany 25-29 February.

                Congratulations to 10th Grader, Ben G., for
                being selected to the US Youth Soccer - Olympic Development Program-
                Europe State Team. The team is comprised of US players living mostly
                in Germany, though 2 players from Italy made the team. In addition to
                attending training session in Germany, Ben’s team will travel to Madrid
                and the US to complete in college showcase tournaments.

After School Activities & Sports

                 Spotlight on Student Athletes
            by Ms. Heather Ierardi, Cross Country Coach & AOSR parent
  Elliott E. has been a big contributor to the Falcon Tennis Team. He has come to practices with
        an enthusiastic and positive attitude and an especially memorable sense of humor! He
      made great improvements in his skill sets, always willing to learn new thing. Elliott is known
      for his bright smile and positive attitude. Elliott has lived in Rome since he was a toddler, and
        he has attended AOSR since kindergarten. As a senior this year, he looks forward to
attending college on the east coast of the United States next year.

Darryl S., a senior, has been a student at AOSR since kindergarten. He has lived in Rome his
whole life, and speaks his parents native Pilipino, and has learned Italian, English and Spanish.
      Darryl was a member of last years Championship Men’s Volleyball team, and was selected
       to be this year’s co-Captain. This is only his 3rd year playing Volleyball, though you’d never
    know it to watch him. He has amazing vertical lift which is beautiful to watch on the court.
      Through Volleyball (and Basketball), which he will play in the winter, he has learned the
       meaning of hard work. He has shared blood, sweat and tears with his teammates. He has
learned about the power of confidence, instilled by his coaches. Darryl was named the “Falcon of
the Year, in addition to earning the most improved Men’s basketball and volleyball players last

      Nathalie N. just arrived in Rome in July of this year and didn’t waste any time before getting
     involved in sports. This is her first year playing volleyball and she is a 9th grader. She loves
    the travel associated with the varsity sports programs. She has learned teamwork as well as
      the skills associated with the sport. She finds Coach Abby to be “tough, but so sweet and
      easy to get along with.”

       Brittany R. is a co-captain on the girl’s volleyball team. A junior, she takes several AP
      classes including Comparative Government and Art History. Brittany is from San Diego,
     California, and this is her first experience living overseas. As captain, she has learned how to
      motivate her teammates and keep them excited about the game. She is often seen cleaning
       up after games and practices and accounting for her players. Coach Abby recognized
Brittany as an incredible student and athlete who knows the value of hard work.

    Ramy F., a 9th grader, is an Egyptian, though he lived most of his life in the US in the city of
       Chicago. His Mother’s assignment to the Egyptian Embassy in Rome brought him and his 2
     brothers, Andrew and John to Rome. As a young, but tall, member of the Men’s volleyball
     team, Ramy has learned about teamwork and the importance of depending on others. His
       favorite teacher is Mr. Bleecher. Coach Katerina recognized Ramy for his outstanding
improvement over the course of this first season. We will be seeing Ramy on the Basketball court
this winter, and he is also interested in Track and Field in the spring.

Dominic M., a 10th grader, is a varsity runner on the Falcon Cross Country team. He is a 10th
       grader known for his academic excellence, and for being an all around good guy. He
       speaks 5 languages: German and Japanese from his parents, but also English, French and
    Italian. Dominic comes from a running family. His father is an accomplished triathlete and
      endurance runner, and Dominic is following in his footsteps. He rides his bike to and from
       school each day. After running the 5 K XC race on Saturday, 24 Oct, that evening Dominic
planned to run the 10 Run for Food. Dominic is also an accomplished piano player. He enjoys
the competitive aspect of cross country, finding motivation in trying to catch the runner ahead to
improve his time.


        THE GYM!


        Contact Linda Sieben at
           (06-329-2693) for more information.

                      Counselor’s Corner
              by Ms. Sharice Welch, High School College Counselor

      College & University Corner


NAVIANCE is a tool that assists students with the
college search and application process. Each senior
received a code and procedures for registering and
should do so ASAP!
Parents of seniors can also feel free to view the software and your child’s
information. Ask your son or daughter to log-in and show you what this great
database can do. Visit the website today at

Check to see if your college is one of the 300+ schools using the COMMON
APPLICATION. The Common Application saves time: one application can be
submitted ONLINE to any of the colleges that subscribe. Log-on TODAY and create
your user name and password. WRITE DOWN Your password!!!!


You MUST apply online through the standard application form known as UCAS.
First register yourself under APPLY by creating your unique name and password.
Write it down!!! Next you must enter a BUZZ WORD. Our BUZZWORD is

Need  to  take  the  TOEFL  (Test  of  English  as  a  Foreign  Language)? Register
today!!! Note that AOSR is NOT a test center, and the test centers in Rome fill up

      All students should know their individual application deadlines.

         Counselor’s Corner - (continued)
          by Ms. Sharice Welch, High School College Counselor

                                          Office of Higher Education
                                     Committee for Europe, the Middle East and Africa
                                      Rome College & University Fair
                                          Thursday, 12 November, 2009 13.00 - 15.00
                                            American Overseas School of Rome

American InterContinental University Lon-        Loyola University Chicago
don                                              Chicago, Illinois, USA
London, United Kingdom                           Lynn University
                                                 Boca Raton, Florida, USA
American University of Paris
Paris, France                                    Maastricht University
                                                 Maastricht, The Netherlands
Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne
Lausanne, Switzerland                            Marymount College, Palos Verdes
                                                 Rancho Palos Verdes, California, USA
Emerson College
Boston, Massachusetts, USA                       Northeastern University
                                                 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Eugene Lang College
New York, New York, USA                          Parsons Paris School of Design
                                                 Paris, France
Foothill and De Anza Colleges
Los Altos Hills, California, USA                 Pennsylvania State University
                                                 University Park, Pennsylvania, USA
Glion Institute of Higher Education
Clarens, Switzerland                             Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
                                                 Troy, New York, USA
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Geneva, New York, USA                            St. John's University
                                                 Queens, New York, USA
Hult International Business School
London, United Kingdom                           Suffolk University
                                                 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
International University of Monaco
Monte Carlo, Monaco                              Temple University, Japan Campus
                                                 Tokyo, Japan
Jacobs University Bremen
Bremen, Germany                                  Universidad de Navarra
                                                 Pamplona, Navarra, Spain
John Cabot University
Rome, Italy                                      Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
                                                 Milan, Italy
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada                 University of Denver
                                                 Denver, Colorado, USA
Les Roches School of Hotel Management
Clarens, Crans-Montana, Switzerland              Webster University, Switzerland
                                                 Geneva, Switzerland

             Counselor’s Corner - (continued)
                 by Ms. Sharice Welch, High School College Counselor

     CIS Committee for Europe, the Middle East and Africa 
                      American Overseas  
                        School of Rome  

                              High School Students 
                             and Families to the 

           Rome College & University Fair  
                    Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009
                         1pm – 3pm
                                AOSR Gym
                                Via Cassia, 811 
                               Rome, Italy 00189 
This annual fair is co-hosted with one of the RISA schools and this year, AOSR is
proud to be the 2009 host. Approximately 30 colleges and universities have been
invited to participate and each one is either an American or international
university where programs are taught in English.

**9th & 10th grade students with study periods or free time during lunch are also
welcome to attend.

A college fair is a free program for the public to aid students and their families in
fulfilling their educational aspirations. The fair provides you with the opportunity to
interact with admission representatives from a wide range of colleges and universities.
Use this time to discuss majors of intended study, admission and financial aid
requirements, and other information pertinent to the college selection process.

             AOSR Contact Information

Villa Reception
Secretary:                 Manuela Ciocca                               06-33438-300
Head of School:            Dr. Beth Pfannl                              06-33438-331
             Secretary:    Domenica Losani                              06-33438-331
Secondary School
Principal:                 Thomas Connolly                              06-33438-326
             Secretary:    Cathy Garbinsky                              06-33438-326
Elementary School
Principal:                 Dr. George Grunfeld                          06-33438-395
             Secretary:    Joanne Hoberg                                06-33438-395
PreK Coordinator:          Amy Magazzu                                  06-33438-330
ES Coordinator:            Susan Prideaux                               06-33438-350
MS Coordinator:            Sarah Ellyson                                06-33438-336
AP/IB Coordinator:         Belinda Fiochi                               06-33438-337
Admissions Secretary:      Sabine Neumann                               06-33438-311
Busing:                    Kieran Canter                                06-33438-372
Business Manager:          Elisa Bruno                                  06-33438-338
HS College Counselor:      Sharice Welch                                06-33438-327
School Counselor:          Dr. Simona Reichmann                         06-33438-373
Nurse:                     Diane Cullen-Moore                           06-33438-321
After School Activities:   Christine Hogan
                           Vivian Mencarelli                            06-33438-320
Resource Room:             Silvia Moore (ES)                            06-33438-302
                           Jeff Phillips (MS/HS)                        06-33438-390
Athletics:                 Phil Davis                                   06-33438-313
                           Stefan Harroo                                06-33438-340

             All parent telephone and email address corrections should be
                           sent to

November, 2009

Sunday      Monday                   Tuesday                 Wednesday               Thursday                Friday            Saturday
1           2                        3                       4                       5                       6                 7
            Middle School Cultural                                                   Volleyball                                SAT, 07:45-13:00
            Trips, Nov. 2-6                                                          Championship,
            Quarter 2 begins

8           9                        10                      11                      12                      13                14
            PTO General            Declamations                                      AOSR hosts CIS College Parent-Teacher
            Meeting-Special                                                          Fair, GYM, 13.00-15.00 Conferences - NO
            Speaker, 9:30, cafeter                                                                           CLASSES
                                                                                     Corporation Meeting,
                                                                                     19.30, School Cafeteria

15          16                       17                      18                      19                      20                21
                                     MS Theater Production   MS Theater Production
                                     of Emperors of Rome,    of Emperors of Rome,
                                     Cafeter                 Cafeter
                                                             MS Theater Production
                                                             of Emperors of Rome,

22          23                       24                      25                      26                      27                28
                                                                                     Thanksgiving Holiday,
                                                                                     Nov. 26-27 - SCHOOL

29          30
            PTO Executive Board
            Meeting, 09:30,

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