; How to make your Tweets noticed
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How to make your Tweets noticed


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									?Twitter is an ever growing social media network all over the world, and no one can
deny the fact of this historical medium. You can share anything to everything at this
platform on the limited 140 characters space. The ‘instant' sharing information is the
major unique selling proposition of Twitter where people like to keep them updated
with latest critical, terrifying, inspirational, funny, interesting, stupid, scandalous,
gossiping and exclusive information from every corner of this world. You get to know
about your favorite celebrity who does tweeting about each and everything ‘when she
wakes up, what she wear, whe she goes bla bla', you get to know what's the politician
is doing all around, where is going what? Who is where? I mean EVERYTHING is
there on your Twitter account.

You can share your last night's party with your followers, how did it go, how much
you enjoyed, in case you didn't, how much brand that you want to promote in the
massive crowd, you need to be very critical about what you say in your tweets, and
you should know the best way to tweet about your business. They either can pull your
followers towards you or they might unfollow you for good, so your tweets have to be
interest-grabbing, exciting and absorbing.

Be Funny sometime

There is no harm if you loosen your tie knots, and show up some lively image of you.
Believe me; it will not leave a lousy impression on your followers because I said,
SOMETIMES. When you share lively and funny part of you, it makes them
comfortable and they try to mix with you in a very easy-to-go manner. But make sure,
you don't do it so much; it can make you too funny rather professional and elegant.
Glut of anything is dangerous, so try to maintain balance. You should be perceived as
elegant and professional yet funny and lively sometimes because it portrays Human-is

Share interesting facts

They won't mind if you tell them that ‘Americans drink over a billion pounds of
coffee every year and around five million bottles of soda' I mean it could be
interesting fact for many Americans who never thought about it. So try to bring some
interesting facts on your twitter that may attract followers and that may persuasively
force them to react as per their surprising level. Sharing interesting facts is also a way
to make them ask questions, when you somehow manage to make them ask questions,
there will be more chances of remembering you and your brand.

Share News relevant to your industry

When you will talk about only you and your business only, it might be considered as
biased, so you better explore latest news about your industry, what is being launched,
who is doing what, who is leading and who is being bashed by competitors. It might
help you gathering more followers, and people will like you for not being biased, you
would rather be considered as gentle and very global.

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