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					?When you print cards for business, you are also printing your image. That is why
when the time comes to print business cards of your own, it is important to focus on
the type of layout and design that you want. Especially if you want to project a
professional and luxurious image you would want to print cards that represent higher
end tastes and preferences. So, if you want to print business cards that look elegant
and luxurious for your business image, just follow the four steps below.

1. Investing in professional designs.
First, it is important to invest in professional designs. You can try buying some
professional business card templates and designs over the Internet for you to use.
There are a lot of those that you can search from, and it is easy enough to buy and
download them through online transactions. Templates are very easy to use, and you
should have no trouble customizing them into your own luxurious design.

However, to get the most luxurious design that best fits you, it is probably better to
have your own customized design made. You can do this by hiring a professional
graphic artist to make the designs for you. Simply give your design preferences and
you should have a nice design within a day or so. Investing in professional services
like these may be expensive, but it will be well worth it since you will be getting the
best designs possible for your business card.

2. Trying out the expensive paper stock.
Secondly, the paper stock of your business card should also be of concern if you want
your business card to appear luxurious and expensive. Besides using thicker and more
durable paper, high quality stocks also have special treatment coatings to the card
stocks that make it sheen and more resistant to moisture and dirt. To make your cards
even more posh you can also buy special imported card stocks with different textures
and expensive perfumes and accents. All of these can combine into a nice and
impressive business card base perfect for a luxurious design.

3. Special Inks.
Of course, the printing ink is one of the things you can also adjust in your luxury
business card. A normal businessman may be content with the simple black and white,
or even the standard color business cards. However there are special options out there
when you print cards that include special inks that have additional accents. This can
be those glitter inks, or metallic inks which lend an extra twinkle or definition to the
business card design. Using these kinds of inks should make your luxury business
card a cut above the rest of cards out there with their special twinkle.

4. Scented business cards.
Lastly, some high end business cards also spend some money on scents. This is
usually applied to the paper itself, or the ink of the business card. Besides having a
pleasant thing to smell as you receive business cards like this, scents also basically
work on people's memory, making the business card more distinct and of course
memorable. So, if you have expensive scents or perfumes embedded in your business
cards, this increases its impact on people making it quite distinguishable and

Now you know how to make a luxury business card. Just follow the four items above
and you should be able to print cards that look expensive, luxurious and of course are
perfect to project your high end image.

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