How to Make a Slide Show- by gyvwpsjkko


									?A slideshow is a display of visual images used for a particular purpose. It can be
created using any of the presentation software available in the market.Slideshows, as
we call them in the biz, are a display of important images singled out for special
emphasis. They are very effective at a place where an appropriate and interactive way
to display information is required. Using them we can display images in an organized
and compact manner.

These days, slideshows are enhanced using animation and sound for effective
presentations. While designing a slideshow, we can incorporate many features like
transition animation, clip art, sound, highlighted text and other unexpected elements
to gain the attention of the audience. To create a slideshow, we have to use slideshow
presentation software. There are many types of software available in the market. A
few of the easy to use software are given below.


PowerPoint of Microsoft Office is a versatile presentation tool that reaches the
audience with the different learning styles. This software help you create effective
images in slides with special effects. It is easy to use and has many features like slide
layouts, themes, backgrounds, animations, transitions, slides tabs, sorter view, and
more. After creating a PowerPoint, we can save it and if required, upload the file to
any sharepoint, server or website.


This is effective presentation software which is really simple to use. It is free software
and designed to create photo or video slideshows that can be shared with friends and
family. Using this software gives you many options like customizing the images,
using transition effects, applying the effects randomly, editing the slides, adjusting the
settings, adding text to pictures and inserting text slides. You can save the slides or
generate a new video and upload to YouTube or your personal web page.

Photo Story 3

Photo Story 3 for Windows is a perfect tool to create visually compelling and fun
stories using slideshows of your pictures and music. It is a must have tool for digital
photography enthusiasts. If you are a Windows XP user, you can download this
software for free. This software has some unique features like photo editing, filmstrip,
special effects, advanced panning, zooming, and many options for sharing your photo

Windows Movie maker
Windows movie maker is the other presentation software that comes free with
Windows XP. The effects generated by this application are stunning and compelling
that they are mostly used for making movies and advertisements. This software is easy,
fast and has many features. You have choices for creative transitions, adding special
effects to your video and scrolling credits. Using this software enables you upload the
files to any server or website easily. It can be done by simply dragging and dropping
the files into the interface.

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