Schneider_Electric by nuhman10


									    Circuit Beakers and Switches mechanism model requirements

                                           Michel ABADIE
  Schneider Electric - Power Business - 31 Avenue Pierre Mendès France, 38000 Grenoble, France

                                         Emmanuel Frangin
   Schneider Electric - Strategy & Innovation - 37 Quai Paul Louis Merlin, 38000 Grenoble, France

Schneider Electric is designing and producing robust circuit breakers and switches to protect
customers and installation against electrical risks. At the heart of our products, we have mechanisms
which are in charge to open and close electrical contacts, with a contact force up to 15000N, using an
order of less than 15N given by actuators or by the user. This presentation will show what are the
main contact problems we are addressing during the design of mechanisms and how we treat them
using simulations and tests. We will especially focus on tripping force, closing security, closing velocity
and contact bouncing. We will end this presentation by presenting progress axis we are working on to
improve our simulation capabilities like clearance in joints to predict tilting effects.

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