How to Increase Your Internet Speed

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Today everyone use Internet. It made our lifestyle very fast and easy. Everyone wants
fast Internet speed. Generally to increase internet Speed is demand on what type of
Internet connection you have. Internet service Provider (ISP) provides different kind
of Internet connection, As Dial-up access connection which provide 2400 bps to
56kbps speed, ISDN connection provide 46 Kbps to 128 Kbps, Digital Subscriber
Link (DSL) 128 Kbps to 8 Mbps, Cable Modem Broadband connection provide 512
Kbps to 20 Mbps, Wireless connection provide almost same as cable modem
connection. Among of these connection Dial-up access connection is slower than
others. If you have Dial-up network connection, and you really want to increase
Internet speed than you should go with other type of connection.
In the other hand many people are keep fed up with slow internet speed although they
have fast type of Internet connection. There are many reason to poor Internet speed,
may be your computer is infected with viruses and spywares, your Internet browser
settings is not correct, your firewall settings and some kind of security software might
be generating problem which causes slow Internet browsing. You can checked those
settings to
1.For magazine the security settings Go to Tools> Internet Options > Cohoes security
tab and set the security level that you like your requirement.
2.Correct the Internet Security settings Open the Internet Explorer and go to>Tools
Menu>Internet Options>Go to Security Tab and set the disarable security settings that
you want.
3.Mange the Add-ons Open the Internet explorer and go to>Tools Menu>Select the
Manage Add-ons option
4.For settings the advanced Internet option>Tools Menu>Select the Advanced Tab and
correct those settings what you want, for best you can restore the default all settings as
After that restart the computer once is necessary for applying and saving the
settings.All above takes is very beatificale to improve the Internet speed. If you are
the person who knows something about the Internet explorer than you can do this by
your self easily.
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