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									?Improving your customer relationship management requires three steps.

Collect demographics.
Keep good records.
Market to different types of customers.

Improve Customer Relationship Management By Collecting Demographics

To improve your customer relationship management, you need to gather demographic
information on your customers.

You can collect demographic information - like age, gender, and type of employment -
with customer surveys and contests. You can do this at the time of purchase or later if
you acquire contact information, and follow-up after the purchase.

Following up with your customers enables you to reinforce your their purchase
decisions and to start building good customer relationships. It enables you to
demonstrate an interest in your customers while gathering information that will help
you to serve and market to them better.

By better understanding them, you can create messages and offers that they find
relevant and appealing.

Improve Customer Relationship Management By Keeping Good Records

Once you've collected information on your customers, you should record that
information along with what they bought, when they bought, and if they bought
through a sale or special promotion. Then you can let your customers know of similar
sales and promotions.

You'll need to keep all this in a database so you can segment your customers and send
them customized offers.

The more information you keep on your customers, and the more ways that you can
access and analyze it, the more likely you'll be able to convert them into repeat

Improve Customer Relationship Management By Marketing To Different Types Of

There are three main levels of customers, and each needs to be managed differently.

Lapsed customers have purchased from you, but not for a while. You need to get them
to purchase again by making them a similar offer that created their prior purchase.
For example, if they purchased because you were having a sale or offering a discount,
you'll need to offer them comparable savings to get them to purchase again.

Traditional loyal customers have made repeat purchases from you at regular prices.
Instead of offering them a sale price, you need to treat them special.

Offline businesses can open late one night just for them. Online businesses can invite
them to be affiliates. Both types of businesses can assign a representative or a special
telephone number that loyal customers can call for immediate service.

You can also encourage them to purchase more by letting them know of new products
and services. E-mail and direct mail work effectively.

Brand customers may have only purchased from you once, but demonstrate potential
to become loyal customers. You should pursue them with promotions that further
develop their positive perception of your brand.

Improve Customer Relationship Management: Conclusion

Keeping in touch with your customers improves customer relations while also
improving your sales.

Your customers will appreciate knowing that you are thinking about them "after the
sale." They will be more likely to purchase again because of your customized offers
and communications.

Customization improves customer relationships and builds loyal customers because it
demonstrates that you consider each customer special. And that's the best way to
improve your customer relationship management.

For more on this topic, see ">Success With Customer Relationship Management . You
can get Characteristics By Demographics for your customers and target market. All
are creations of the author and marketing expert, Linda P. Morton.

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