How to Hide Movies on iPhone by gyvwpsjkko


If you have transferred many movies on your iPhone from your computer, but have no
idea on how to hide them on your handset, this article will help you. After reading this
you will have good idea on how to hide movies on iPhone securely, so that only you
can watch them anywhere and have fun at any time. Or even if you do not have any
idea on how to transfer movies from your PC or MAC to your iPhone, this article will
too help you and guide you how to transfer movies to your iPhone and make them
password protected.

First let us start with transferring movies to your iPhone. For this you will need to
have movies either on the hard drives of your computer or on your DVD. When you
have movies ready on your hard drive or on your DVD, transferring them to your
iPhone would become a very easy process. So, let 's get ready to put some movies on
your iPhone today and hide them from prying eyes.

  The actual task of transferring the movies to your iPhone is the effortless part if you
make sure that you have converted the file to the correct format before you go any
further. Once you have movies ready on your computer, you can begin the process of
scanning movies into iTunes, and after that all the movies can be transferred directly
from iTunes to your iPhone.

  However, if you do not want to go through this lengthy process of converting movies
to the correct format that iPhone supports and want an easy way to transfer and hide
movies on your iPhone, you can use an iPhone app like Folder Lock for iPhone or can
find any other reliable app. (which is hard enough to find J )

  There are many applications out there which allow you to download or transfer full
length iPhone movies to your handset and it is sometime difficult to recognize which
applications are going to take your money and not furnish you with the items you
bought and which applications offer top quality movie downloads or transfers that are
safe and secure and virus-free.

 To me, Folder Lock is kind of a perfect app that I have been waiting for since long
because it does not only let me transfer movies and other video files to my iPhone
easily but it also keep them secure in its Locker that can only be accessed after
entering correct password. Furthermore, it does not require me to convert movie and
video file format before transferring them to my mobile phone rather it accepts almost
all types of video file formats including mp4, mov, 3gp and mpv, so I do not have to
worry about converting files prior to transfer.
 To hide movies on your iPhone, first you need to download Folder Lock for iPhone
that you can get directly from iTunes App Store. After having this application on your
phone, you must have Wi-Fi activated on your PC or MAC as well as on your iPhone.
When you meet these two requirements, the application guides you on how to transfer
movies from your PC or MAC to the iPhone using secure Wi-Fi connectivity.

 Once you have done with the transfer process, you will be able to find your movies
in the Videos category of Folder Lock. Now you can feel safe that all your movies on
your iPhone are hidden from others and only you can watch them.

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