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Manhattanville Dance _ Theatre by wulinqing


									                                Manhattanville College
                             Department of Dance & Theatre
                                     Spring 2007

DTH 4112 Yoga                                                Instructor: Lisa Harris
Section 1: Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm                              703-501-9642
Section 2 :Wednesday 8:30-10:30am                  

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class will introduce the physical practice of yoga which
includes postures, breathing and meditation. Students often find it reduces stress and
increases focus for other courses. This course will also cover the vast history, philosophy
and language of yoga and define this practice which is over 6000 years old.

Wear comfortable clothing, bare feet and bring a sticky mat (Wai Lana Yoga Mats tend
to be non slippery and inexpensive).

This course will be graded on a Pass/Fail system. Grades will be based on based on:
To pass this course you must attend 13 of 15 sessions and submit all written assignments
on time.

Required Reading: Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith
                  The Complete Book of Yoga by James Hewitt

Other Suggested Reading: Pantajali’s Yoga Sutra
                         Jivamukti Yoga by Sharon Gannon and David Life

Each class will consist of 1.5 hrs of practice (Meditation, Pranayama, Asana)
and one half hour of lecture/discussion

   I.        Introduction
             History and Evolution of Yoga

   II.       Pantanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga

   III.      Different Styles of Yoga
             Basic overview of Sanskrit Language

   IV        The Roots of Chanting and Mantra –The power of sound and heart opening
          **Kirtan (chant and repeat) with Wynne Paris (Tues Night class only but students
          from 8:30 am class are welcome)

   V.        Basic Branches of Yoga

   Writing Assignment -5 postures you like and dislike (use Sanskrit names)why and
   what branch(es) of yoga you tend to gravitate to-why and give examples
          Due next class.

   VI.     Pranayama (Styles of controlled breathing and awareness)

   VII.    Chakra System/Bhandas/Metaphysical Body

   VIII.   Anatomy: Eastern vs. Western Philosophies
           Writing Assignment-Name 5 heart openers in English and Sanskrit , what
           muscles are used, chakras affected , and how they make you feel-due
           following class)

   IX.     Overview of Ayurveda/ Yoga Diet/Awareness

   X.      Yoga Diet/Awareness

   XI.     Meditation (George Harrison meets Maharishi introduces US to TM on grand
           scale-influence on the Beatles music)

   XII.    Yoga Deities and Stories

   XIII.   Ego/Right Action/Karma
           Final Paper-What have you learned about yourself through yoga on and off
           the mat and how you can integrate what you have learned and take your yoga
           off the mat into every day life (due last class)

   XIV. In class Assignment-Each Student teaches short sequence

   XV.     Closing
           Review of class/teacher
           Explanation and awareness of Buddha Pashmina Holiday

**This class will include hands-on physical adjustments by the instructor and the use of
aromatherapy. If you have adversities to either please inform your instructor before class.
Also, it is imperative that you inform the instructor if you have any injuries and/or are

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