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					    Study of P2V and V2P

                     By Saroj Patil

                     CS522 : Semester project presentation
                     Professor : Dr. C. Edward Chow

1        12/6/2006                              Saroj/P2V
    Virtualization Technology

     What is virtualization?
     Virtualization is an abstraction layer that decouples the physical hardware from the
         operating system thereby
        allowing multiple virtual machines, with heterogeneous operating systems to
         run in isolation, side-by-side on the same physical machine.
        Consolidating multiple physical servers to run in single platform (easy to
        More reliableEasy to restart a system by bringing another fresh copy of VM

     Current solutions :
       VMware virtual server / ESX server
       Microsoft virtual server

2                                   12/6/2006                           Saroj/P2V
    Using VM

    A virtual machine is same as a physical box without
      software. Thus to use a virtual machine, it needs to
      run an operating system to support its applications.
    For this, we need to somehow capture the existing
      software including the operating system and all
      configuration details on physical machine, and then
      transfer it to the virtual machine This is called P2V
      in short.
       It can be used to a copy of prototype as a set of files (compact
       Allow the actual hardware to be used by other projects

3                             12/6/2006                    Saroj/P2V

    One of many available P2V solutions.
    Created by Qui Hong, Chris Huss and Mike Laverick.
    It uses "BartPE" (Bart Preinstalled Environment) to boot
        the physical and virtual machine, and then uses
        Symantec’s ghost software to clone hard disk.

4                       12/6/2006               Saroj/P2V
    P2V transfer….

    Here are my steps to migrate physical linux machine
        (eca) to the virtual machine (starget1) on walrus.
    1.   Create UltimateP2V bootable CD/iso image.
    2.   Create virtual machine, starget1
    3.   Boot both virtual as well as physical machine with
         UltimateP2V CD
    4.   Clone the hard disk from physical machine. It utilizes the
         Symantec ghost software to transfer disk images.
    5.   Boot virtual machine and configure OS for the hardware
         components present.

5                           12/6/2006                   Saroj/P2V
    Creation of UltimateP2V

       Download UltimateP2V software from RTFM Education’s
       The boot CD uses windows 2003 software.
       In addition, it needs VMware VMXnet network driver, LSILogic
        driver, VMware SCSI “Buslogic” driver, Qui Hong’s “Fix-
        VMSCSI” FreeP2V plug-in, VMware tools and SVGA Graphics
       It uses Symantec Ghost software to clone hard disk.
       Since “eca” contained NIC card from 3COM, we needed 3COM
        NIC driver to be added into UltimateP2V image.
       Using pebuilder.exe, I created the iso image file and then burnt
        it on a CD.

6                            12/6/2006                    Saroj/P2V
    Creation of virtual machine

    On walrus machine, VMware’s virtual server is
      available. I created a virtual machine named
      “starget1” in it, with one CPU, 384 MB of RAM and
      32 GB of virtual hard disk.

7                      12/6/2006              Saroj/P2V
    P2V process

    Booted physical and virtual machines with UltimateP2V disk.
    Started network support and configured network details like IP
       address, default gateway address and subnet mask.
    Started Ghost8 and set virtual machine in slave mode (as receiver
       to receive disk image) , and physical machine in master mode
       (as sender to send its disk content).
    The master mode gives option to select source disk drive and
       destination drive. This transfers the details from physical
       machine to virtual machine.
    After the completion of cloning, the virtual machine is up and ready
       for use.

8                           12/6/2006                    Saroj/P2V
    V2P process

    The UltimateP2V CD created is also capable of
       transferring virtual machines to physical machine,
       Virtual-to-Physical. I reversed the master and slave
       modes. The ghost8 on virtual machine is started in
       master mode and physical machine was started in
       slave mode.
    I performed V2P from starget1 to frodo machine

9                       12/6/2006               Saroj/P2V
     Lessons Learnt
        The UltimateP2V documentation is good to follow, creating the ISO image.
        When I booted eca with UltimateP2V CD, it did not recognize the NIC card,
         since the UltimateP2V did not contain the driver to work with 3COM card. I had
         to download the driver from 3COM site and integrate it with UltimateP2V.
        When I created the virtual machine, I did not allocate all the storage (16GB) to
         the virtual disk. But, the ghost needs the target disk to be at least same size or
         grater than the source disk. When I recreated the 32GB virtual disk with all
         storage pre-allocated, the cloning worked.
        At the end of cloning, the virtual machine still did not boot, giving error while
         reading the virtual disk. This arose, because, the VMware suggested creating
         SCSI virtual disk, but the eca machine had the IDE disk drive. I again recreated
         the virtual disk as IDE instead of SCSI disk. This then allowed the cloned
         machine to boot up normally.
        Due to paucity of time, I couldnot attempt virtualizing windows machine, but
         someone can attempt that in future.

10                                  12/6/2006                            Saroj/P2V
     References :


11                         12/6/2006              Saroj/P2V