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									A Guide to Organic Foods
Organic Foods at a Glance

Organic foods are becoming more and more popular each year. Long before humans
became dominant, nature has found his own balance. Various crops such as rice,
wheat, corn already in the earth, as well as insects that depend on them. When people
think of it as a pest species and then attacked him with toxic chemicals. Toxic
chemicals that eventually not only kill pests but also kill the various species are useful
to humans, such as bee pollinators and pest-eating birds. Finally toxic chemicals
intended for nuisance species are also harmful because it undermines the human body.
But now has come at last to return to the awareness of nature.

Many countries began to return to organic farming. Even in countries like Indonesia
to the organic agriculture has begun to develop. With awareness for organic foods are
not only the consumers who become healthy but also farmers and the environment.

Organic Foods – What Is It?

Organic foods are grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, antibiotics or
growth hormones. Organic food production is based on a system of farming that
strives for balance with nature, using methods and materials designed with the
environment in mind. Food grown without pesticides; grown without artificial
fertilizers; grown in soil whose humus content is increased by the additions of organic
matter, grown in soil whose mineral content is increased by the application of natural
mineral fertilizers; has not been treated with preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, etc.
And the important thing also, about the storage, do not forget about the storage
especially for food processors and food manufacturers, they must separate organic
products from non-organic products and take steps to ensure that organic foods don’t
come into contact with forbidden chemicals or substances.

What to Expect From Organic Foods?

Our body would be healthier if we always consume organic food.

Foods grown conventionally are treated with chemicals and pesticides to control
weeds and pests, prevent plant disease and fertilize soil. These chemicals and toxic
materials can remain on foods long after they are harvested and can pose health
threats to you and your family. Conventionally produced foods are cheaper than
organic foods. It is caused by organic foods tightly controlled to be free of chemicals,
using natural compost instead of hormones or additives so it takes more time and
money but finally produce quality products more healthy. Organic foods have been
proven to not only taste better, but to also contain more of the food’s natural vitamins
and minerals than foods harvested by modern farming methods.
Some people buy organic products because they are concerned about pesticides,
antibiotics or other chemical residues in food. They prefer food produced naturally for
the long-term health.

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