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 King’s Commissioners
 Base 10 blocks and place mats
        - create some numbers i.e.) show with the block how to make 43; 123; 508
 How many ways can you demonstrate…
        - provide students with a number i.e.) 56 and ask them to create it as many
        ways as possible -5 rods and 6 units; 4 rods and 16 units; 3 rods and 26
 Race for a flat
        - the object is to add up to a hundred block (a flat)
        - have students roll 2 number cubes and lay out that many of blocks
        i.e.) 3 and 2 – they would lay out 5 blocks.
        - then roll again i.e.) they roll a 11 – now they will have a total of 16 units.
        They must regroup ten of them so they have one 10 and 6 units.
        - the first group to keep rolling until they add to 100 (flat) wins. They have to
        keep regrouping along the way.
 Base 10 riddles. Who Am I?
        - I have 3 tens, 5 ones
        - I have 2 tens, 23 ones
    Flip 4 cards- order by place value
    - provide a place value mat for students and have a deck of cards for each group of
    students (A- 9’s)
    - tell students they are to make the highest number possible (or the lowest or the
    closest to 5000 or whatever you chose)
    - flip over one card and tell the students they should place it in one of the place
    values (ones, tens, hundreds or thousands). Once they place it there, they are not
    allowed to move it. If they are trying to make the highest value possible and you
    flipped a 2, they may choose to place it in the ones column. It would not be wise to
    place it in the thousands column.
    - flip a second card and have them place it in a different column. Continue until they
    have 4 cards flipped.
    - the player with the highest number wins.

   Wipe out with calculators
  - Create a large number on a calculator i.e., 4 567 891.
  - Ask students to “wipeout” (turn to zero) any of the numbers i.e., wipeout the 7.
  - The students then must punch in subtract 7 000. This will turn the 7 into a zero
  - students then tell the next person to “wipeout” another number i.e, 5
  - play until all numbers are zeroed.
 Roll Dice (doubles while other person writes numbers by 10’s,
  100’s, 1 000’s…)
  - one student rolls the number cubes (dice) and keeps rolling until they get doubles.
  Once they get doubles they say “STOP”
  - other students write down numbers by counting by tens (or hundreds or
  thousands… as determined by teacher). Student continues writing down the
  numbers until doubles on the dice are achieved.
  - students switch roles and repeat.
   Have students become familiar with other culture’s number systems i.e., Roman
    Numerals, Vietnamese system

 NLVM website
 Grade Two
 Grade Five

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