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									                                                      Motor Fleet Claims

At COBRA London Markets we strive in offering a consistent and professional claims service. We recommend using a Claims
Management service, to compliment the service provided by the insurer, by providing a full uninsured loss recovery service,
together with a range of courtesy vehicles to suit all your client’s needs:

In the event of a Motor Fleet Claim, please contact our own dedicated claims team on:

0800 012 6852
Occasionally disputes arise and ultimately the underwriter will have the final say in whether a claim is met or declined. In these
instances our brokers will negotiate with the underwriters to bring about the most satisfactory outcome possible.

Links to Claims

         Brit           24/7 Free Phone            Chartis              Chaucer
                         0800 066 5364

   Equity Red Star             LV                  Jubilee               Newline

        Novae                                      Summit                 Ascot
   24/7 Free Phone            QBE               24/7 Helpline
    0800 783 8230                               01245 396655         0161 494 3412

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