How To Get Bees for Beekeeping

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If you are serious about becoming a beekeeper for a hobby or as a business, then you
will need to consider which equipment you plan on buying to get started.

Clearly the most important item that you will need is bees.

But there are so many different ways of getting bees for your beekeeping activities.

Four of the most popular ways to get bees are a hive nucleus, colony, package and a

Buying a Hive Nucleus

You can purchase a hive nucleus from a local vendor. A hive nucleus basically
consists of a few frames of honeycomb that contain a queen bee and some worker

It is cheaper than starting with a full colony but you will still have everything you
need to eventually create a colony from the hive nucleus.

This method is also considerably slower than starting with a full colony.

Buying a Package

Purchasing a package is somewhat simply to a hive nucleus in that you will be given a
queen bee and some worker bees.

However the difference here is that you will have to get the bees to start to work and
produce a hive by feeding them.

Using a Swarm

Using a swarm of bees to create your colony is of course the cheapest way to get bees
but it is by far the riskest way.

First you have no control over the types of bees that will create your colony and you
also run the risk of introducing dangerous viruses and other defects into your growing
colony if the swarm is infected.

You can also put yourself in serious danger if the swarm has become Africanized.

Buying a Colony

Buying a colony from a reputable local vendor or beekeeper is probably about the best
way to get bees.

Although it is probably the most expensive, you will not have any of the risks that are
involved in the other methods.

Your colony will be complete with a queen bee, worker bees, drones and the frames of

If you are lucky you might even be able to get a colony that has already produced
some honey.

So here is some ideas for you to choose from if you are considering starting as a

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