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How to Fix “Corrupt data encountered” Error While Opening BKF File-


									?Are you getting errors while restoring data from BKF file using the Backup Exec
application? Are you unable to update the BKF file, created using Backup Exec tool?
Well, the problem generally occurs due to corruption of the BKF file. BKF is a
backup file, created by Backup Exec software. It helps you to restore database in case
of system failure and data loss. In such cases, you have to repair BKF file to extract
inaccessible data from it.

When you try to restore or update the BKF file, you may encounter an error message
similar to the following:

"Final Error Code: a000fe36 HEX (0xa000fe36 HEX) or e000fe36 HEX (0xe000fe36
Final Error Description: "Corrupt data encountered. See the job log for details."
Final Error Category: Resource Errors
Error Text In Job Log: 'Warning: %File% is a corrupt file. This file cannot verify'."

After the above error message, backup updation or restoration processes may fail. The
problem occurs every time you try to perform the specified operations. Specifically, in
case of backup update process, you may encounter following error message, stating:

"Job ended:
Completed status: Failed
Final error code: a000fe36 HEX
Final error description: Corrupt data encountered - See job log for details.
Final error category: Resource Errors"

This behavior makes your BKF file inaccessible and unusable. To access your
precious data from the backup file, you need to figure out the root of this behavior and
then perform BKF recovery by resolving the problem.

You may encounter the above error message due to any of the below reasons:

The BKF file, which you are trying to update or restore data from, is corrupt or
damaged. Corruption can occur because of virus infection, application malfunction,
file system errors, and file header corruption.

The file that you are trying to backup is corrupt.

In case the BKF file is corrupt and you have lost your data, you need to repair BKF
file to recover your mission critical data.

You can easily repair and restore damaged backup file using advanced third-party
applications, known as BKF repair tool. They ensure perfect recovery in all BKF
corruption scenarios, using powerful scanning algorithms.

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