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					Sickle Cell Center

                         Sickle Cell Center

                              AHA Disparities Audio Conference
                                                October 7, 2009
                                              Dawn Sutton, RN
                             Director, Medicine Specialty Clinics
About Truman Medical Centers

•   Two-hospital system (560 licensed beds) in Kansas City, MO

•   Level one trauma center.

•   Top Five AMC and teaching partner
    of UMKC Schools of Health Sciences

•   Stand-alone behavioral health unit.

•   300,000 outpatient visits annually.

•   4,000 FTEs and $400 million in annual patient revenues
TMC Sickle Cell Patient Profile

•   121 patients with Sickle Cell or related diagnosis

•   1,344 Sickle Cell-related patient visits
     over last 12 months

•   Patients ages from 18-75.
Origins of TMC’s Sickle Cell Center

• Disparities in Care

•   Clinical staff not knowledgeable of Sickle Cell

•   Leadership Commitment

•   Responsiveness to Community

•   Need for Better Coordination of Care

    Sickle Cell Center
•   Appropriate Use of Health Resources
Philosophy of Program

•   First and foremost …pain is believed

•   Comprehensive disease management education

•   Empowerment strategies-overcome feelings of powerlessness
     - Individualized patient centered interventions
     - Identify and utilize patients strengths
     - Set and achieve patient goals
     - Identify and provided needed resources

•   Foster an environment of:
     - Safety
    Sickle Cell Center
     - Acceptance
     - Reassurance
Sickle Cell Resource Center Reception Area

 •   Soothing color scheme, lights, music and décor.
 •   Computer kiosk for patient education.
Sickle Cell Resource Center Same-Day Treatment Room

 •   Quiet, restful environment
 •   Homelike bedding and warmed blankets
Sickle Cell Center Team Members

 •    Physician

 •    Family Nurse

 •   Psychologist

 •   Social Worker

 •   Pharm D
 Sickle Cell Center
Sickle Cell Center Services

•    Patient visits and exams

•    Pain control protocols

•    Counseling for patients and families
     - Disease management
     - Medication
     - Behavioral

•    Case management across care areas

•    Individual treatment plans

•   Sickle Cell Center
     Same-day crisis     treatment

•    Support group
Sickle Cell Center Outcomes

•   Decreased ED visits 20%.

•   90% Patient Satisfaction.

•   Increased same-day treatment usage by 25%.

•   Case management across care areas

•    Sickle Cell Center
    Patient reported improved life style outcomes
Sickle Cell Center Challenges

•   Complex and sometimes difficult patient population

•   Maintaining patient trust

•   Hours of operation

•   Community education and awareness

    Sickle Cell Center
•   Pediatric to adult care
Community Partners and Stakeholders

•   Regional Chapter: Sickle Cell Disease Association of America

•   Community Groups (Black Health Care Coalition)

•   Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity

•   Scandia Down

•   Children’s Mercy Hospital

•   Local Black Church Coalition (Church Health Ministries)
      Sickle Cell Center

•   State of Missouri-Hemoglobinopathy Resource Center
Advice for Success

•   Build patient-centered programs

•   Listen to consumer

•   Involve internal and external

•   Ongoing disease process education across organization
    Sickle Cell Center

•   Consider needs of the patient, family and community
    For More Information on TMC’s Sickle Cell Center:

•    Dr. Angela Garner, Sickle Cell Medical Director
     Phone: (816) 404-0000

•    Dawn Sutton, RN, Director of Medicine Specialty Clinics
     Phone: (816) 404-0519

•    Donna McCurry, RN, Family Practice Nurse
     Phone: (816) 404-4294