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How to Fix PS3 Red Screen Error


									?Have you heard your fellow PS3 enthusiasts complain about their units having
technical problems like PS3 red screen error? Do you dread the day when you are on
the verge of winning a game, your PS3 consoles suddenly develops strange flashing
red light? Good for you if it hasnt happened yet. If you have not encountered such
problem or this error recently occurred to your unit, this is the best place to get tips on
how you can fix PS3 red screen error all by yourself.

Your first step is to try these 3 simple tips:
1. Completely turn off your game console and pull the plug out of the socket.
2. Take all the cables out and then plug them all back in, making sure every single
cable is in its proper places.
3. Then you take out the hard drive and clean off dust then put it back in the game

If these three steps dont fix your PS3 red screen error, it is very likely that you will
need to open up your PS3 game console and fix it from inside. For a step-by-step
guide, you can check out the internet for an instructional video guide.

However, you can try these three options to resolve the problem.

1. If you hardly have any clue on how you can fix this particular error on your own,
it is best that you send back the unit to Sony for repair. You can be sure that they will
be able to fix the problem; the only drawback is it will take some time, maybe a few
weeks to a month before you can get the unit back. Also, if the unit is no longer
covered by warranty, then you will have to pay the repair fee of $150, in addition to
that, there is a shipping fee in case there is no Sony Repair Center near your area.
2. You can try going to a local repair shop to have the unit checked and repaired.
This could be more logical than spending on repair and shipping fees. But then again,
it would also take about 2 to 3 weeks to have the unit back. Your local repair shop
cannot even guarantee you if they can fix the problem, and it will take them about 2 to
3 weeks to figure that out! Ouch!
3. The first two options can cost you and it would take some time before you can
have your unit back. Why not try to fix the error yourself? Most PS3 game users are
starting to discover that there are a lot of PS3 repair guides that they can find when
they search the Web. These sites even offer instructional videos to make it easier for
you to follow the steps. Some sites even promise to have errors fixed in only an hour!

Do you really want to have your PS3 red screen error fixed? What do you do then?
Send it back to Sony for repair with a guaranteed solution to the problem but you pay
for the services and shipping fees? Or would you go to a local repair shop in your area
which cannot guarantee that they can fix the error? The answer seems to be easy fix it
on your own!

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