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research_areas by nuhman10


									DRAFT Areas for forest research based on EoIs
Area                    Project name and applicants as possible partners                   Proposed
1. Multifunctional      Landscape Tomorrow, Centre for Agricultural Landscape and          NoE
management of           Land Use Research, Germany
forests and             Multifornet, CIRAD-Foret, France                                   NoE
landscapes              Silvopasto, Division of Alpine Environment, Swiss Federal          NoE
                        Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, Switzerland
                        Resilient, University of Aberdeen, UK                              IP
                        Forte, Sociedad Anomima Espanola, Spain                            IP
                        Imodec, University of Agricultural Sciences, Austria               IP
                        Multipurpose silviculture, University of Helsinki, Department of   IP
                        Forest Ecology, Finland
                        Multi-purpose, Agricultural Economics Research Institute,          IP
2. Carbon               Carbodivers, Centre Tecnologic Forestal de Catalunya, Spain        IP
sequestration,          Foresta, Forestry Commission Forest Research, UK                   NoE
nutrient cycles,        Fifa, Department of Plant Science, University of Oxford, UK        IP
remote sensing &        Fordac, Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Sweden           IP
GIS, modelling &        Luccas, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, France      NoE
climate change          Sfmcarbcert, Dept of Remote sensing and landscape information      IP
                        systems, Institute of forest economy, University of Freiburg,
                        Isforest, Kaunas University of Technology, Dept of Information     IP
                        Systems, Lithuania
                        Biocarbo, German Aerospace Centre, Germany                         IP
                        Sysmaf, Environmental systems analysis group, Dept of              IP
                        Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University, Netherlands
                        Fasfor, University of Bristol, UK                                  IP
3. Mountain forests,    Upland, Catholic University of Lublin, Faculty of Mathematics      IP
uplands                 and Nature Sciences, Poland
                        Sumafor, UNI BOKU Forest and Wood Science, Austria                 NoE
                        ADAS, UK                                                           IP
4. Policy on forests,   BioEconPolicy, Department of Economics, University College         IP
biodiversity, climate   London, UK
change                  Epegfa, Central Science Laboratory, UK                             NoE
                        Cettsd, Centre for Development Studies, University of              IP
                        Groningen, Netherlands
5. SFM and poverty      Impulsed, Tropenbos Foundation, Netherlands                        NoE
alleviation             Envpact, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Institut de            NoE
                        Ciencia y Tecnologia Ambientals, Spain
6. Forest fire          Falt, Centre for Development Research, University of Bonn,         IP
                        Fire Spread, Associacao para o Desenvolvimento da                  IP
                        Aerodinamica Industrial, Portugal
7. Agroforestry         Semafor, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique,            NoE
                        Neat, Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, France          IP
8. Dryland              Dryrast, Finland/ETFRN, Netherlands                                IP
rehabilitation          Prodrymon, Netherlands Geomatics & Earth Observation BV,           IP
Illegal logging         TimberIdentification, Fedral Research Centre for Forestry and      IP
                        Forest Products, Institute for Forest Genetics and Forest Tree
                        Breeding, Germany
Public participation    Silvanet 21, Departamento de Economia y Gestion Forestal,          IP
in SFM                  Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
Sustainable wildlife    Sumafiwi, Centre for Fish and Wildlife Research, Sweden            NoE
Environmental           Envalue, Dept of Forest Economics, SLU-Umea, Sweden          NoE
Functioning of          Eutrosphere, Universitat Ulm, Germany                        NoE
tropical rainforest
Genetic & biological    Breedfor, Forest Research Institue, Poland                   IP
diversity               Options, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of     IP
management              Copenhagen, Denmark
Forest soil             Soilrest, Forest Research Institute, Poland                  IP
Changing forestry       Secure-forests, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Finland   NoE
Forest Information      ETFRN, Netherlands                                           NoE
and Communication
eBusiness               ERuralde, Agrocommerce Innovacion, Spain                     IP
                        E-ires, Sustainable development enterprise, London, UK       NoE

A full analysis of all EoI by the Commission can be found at:

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