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How to find the right job by gyvwpsjkko


									?There are plenty of places that you can look for employment, and you should always
keep your options open when searching for a new job. The internet is is a good place
to search foremployment as most companies use the internet to advertise nowadays
and it is becoming more popular as time goes on. Not all businesses use the internet
though, some use the job centres and the local press so its always worth a visit or a
look in the classifieds. Employment agencies also offer a wide range of vacancies,
some permanent and some temporary. Temporary positions may not be what you are
looking for but you can gain valuable practical experience, which will go well on your
CV. Temporary positions can also lead to permanent employment so this is an option
that is worth considering.

Most websites have search bars where you can specify the type of job you want, or
the geographical area that you want to work in, for example you could search for jobs
Birmingham or jobs Glasgow, or you could narrow the search down to plumbers jobs
in Glasgow.

Always think about learning new skills, or gaining new qualifications. New skills will
vastly improve your chance of getting employment. New skills can open doors and
could also lead to a new and better paid job. If you feel youre stuck in a rut or in a
dead end job then retraining could be the answer youre looking for.

You can always use the direct approach, say you are unemployed plumber you could
make a list of plumbing businesses and then send them a CV with an accompanying
letter asking if there are any positions vacant.CV'S

CV's take some time to prepare a professional looking CV, a well-presented CV is a
must. Make sure that your CV details all your skills, experience and qualifications.
The CV should also detail all of you previous work and educational back ground,
including all the dates. Try to be as accurate as possible with the information but most
importantly be honest. Include a section that describes yourself, your interests,
hobbies and you attributes. If you are good at something detail it on you CV.

You can produce a professional looking CV yourself, or if you need help there are
tons of FREE resources online that can help you. The job centre will help you put
together a good CV for free and can give you all the advice you will ever need. There
are some companies that charge for this service, but why pay when you can get it for
free. Micro soft word has cv templates that you can add your details to.
Interviews can be nerve racking, but there part and parcel of getting a job. Here are a
few guide lines to help you through the interview process.

Don't chew- chewing in an interview is a definite no.
Don't smoke for the obvious reasons.
Don't eat garlic the night before -again for the obvious reason.
Don't be late if your late for the interview, it will send out the wrong message and you
will look unpunctual. Punctuality is one of the things your potential employer is
looking for.
Be honest when answering the interviewers questions the last thing you want is to be
caught out, it will make you look dishonest and stupid.
Bring all your references and qualification certificates to the interview your potential
employer may want to see proof of your academic achievements. It will also back up
your work experience that is detailed on your CV.
Have a copy of your CV for your reference.
Have the answer to any question that the interviewer might ask you If there are any
gaps in your CV have an explanation for them.
Turn up for the interview dressed smartly this will set a good impression.
Don't talk too much conversation is a two way thing, just answer the interviewers
questions clearly and and in full.
Try to relax it may be hard but do your best.
Try not to arrogant or cocky No one likes a smart ar@@.
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