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					?It's early summer, and like many recent college graduates you might be looking for a
new job. As you begin your search for

Next, you will want to look up all of the school districts in your area. This information
is available in your local telephone book. You can then contact each one where you
wish to work as a substitute teacher and find out their specific application
requirements for substitutes. It might vary a bit from district to district, but generally
speaking they will have you fill out a certified employee application for the district,
and they will ask you to include a cover letter, resume and any letters of reference you
might have. They will usually also ask you to bring in your actual teaching certificate,
so they can take a photocopy, as well as turn in a current set of fingerprints for an FBI
background check, a usual clearance necessary for working with minors, and
applicable if you wish to substitute teach in preschool, elementary, middle and high

Once you are on a school district's substitute teacher list, you will want to make sure
that you will be notified when jobs become available. Districts often make this
information available via telephone calls or through a website. You can be proactive
and call in or log in to procure jobs if you wish, or let the districts contact you when
work is available.

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