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					     Item No. Product                 Description                                                                          sp/op

      33080 Terrano                    Terrano Bark is a particularly absorbent substrate made of Douglas fir bark.         1/6
            Bark, 4 l                  For semi-damp and, in particular, for damp terraria. Moisture storage capacity
                                       controls the air humidity in the terrarium as needed. Ideal for larger reptiles
      33084 Bark, 8 l                  and rain forest dwellers. For example for Iguana sp., Testudo sp., Physignathus      1/3
                                       sp. and Dendrobates sp..
      33089 Bark, 25 l                                                                                                      1/1

      33090 Terrano                    Terrano Terra is a ready-mixed terrarium soil for semi-damp to damp terraria.        1/6
            Terra, 4 l                 Absorbent and moisture-retaining substrate which slightly compresses in time.
                                       For all forest to rain forest dwellers. Popular with digging species. For example
      33094 Terra, 8 l                 for Anolis sp., Takydromus sp., Mantella sp. and Pandinus sp..                       1/3

      33099 Terra, 25 l                                                                                                     1/1

      34010 Terrano                    Chopped beech is a substrate for dry terraria. It is frequently used for keeping     1/6
            chopped beech, 4 l         reptiles, especially snakes. For example for Boa sp., Elaphe sp., Testudo sp. and
                                       Thamnophis sp..
      34014 chopped beech, 8 l                                                                                              1/3

      34019 chopped beech, 25 l                                                                                             1/1

      34020 Terrano                    Pine bark, like bark mulch, is also used for semi-damp terraria, but essentially     1/6
            pine bark, 4 l             it is used for damp and tropical terraria. Ideal for larger reptiles and forest
                                       dwellers. For example for Basiliscus sp., Chondropython sp. and Phelsuma sp..
      34024 pine bark, 8 l                                                                                                  1/3

      34029 pine bark, 25 l                                                                                                 1/1

      34030 Terrano                    Chopped coconut is a light material with a high capacity to soak up moisture         1/6
            chopped coconut, 4 l       and therefore prevents puddles or backlogs of water. Suited above all for
                                       amphibians. For example for Agalychnis sp., Pelodryas sp. and Opheodrys sp..
      34034 chopped coconut, 8 l                                                                                            1/3

      34039 chopped coconut, 25 l                                                                                           1/1

      34040 Terrano                    Corn granules is a dust- and husk-free substrate for desert lizards, snakes          1/6
            corn granules, 4 l         and other arid-zone dwellers. For example for Mabuya sp., Python sp. and
                                       Lampropeltis sp.. Also suitable for bedding for small domestic pets.
      34044 corn granules, 8 l                                                                                              1/3

      34049 corn granules, 25 l                                                                                             1/1

      34050 Terrano expanding humus    Expanding humus is a pressed, dry substrate block which by adding water              1/1
            for 8 l                    turns into wonderful humus. Can be used for spider terraria and also as humus
                                       for plants. For example for Brachypelma sp., Avicularia sp. and Ambystoma sp..
      34055 Terrano expanding humus                                                                                         1/1
            for 1,5 l

Item No. Product                   Description                                                                        sp/op

 34060 Terrano calcium substrat    Ideal substrate for keeping lizards, snakes and tortoises. If eaten by the pets,    1/6
       natural, ø 2-3 mm, 2,5 kg   it is not only non-harmful but actually promotes bone growth. The calcium
                                   is of 100% organic origin. For example for Tiliqua sp., Agrionemys sp. and
 34063 Terrano calcium substrat    Phrynosoma sp..                                                                     1/6
       natural, ø 2-3 mm, 5 kg

 34065 Terrano calcium substrat                                                                                        1/6
       ochre, ø 2-3 mm, 2,5 kg

 34068 Terrano calcium substrat                                                                                        1/6
       ochre, ø 2-3 mm, 5 kg

 34070 Terrano calcium substrat                                                                                        1/6
       red, ø 2-3 mm, 2,5 kg

 34073 Terrano calcium substrat                                                                                        1/6
       red, ø 2-3 mm, 5 kg

 34075 Terrano calcium substrat                                                                                        1/6
       black, ø 2-3 mm, 2,5 kg

 34078 Terrano calcium substrat                                                                                        1/6
       black, ø 2-3 mm, 5 kg

 34080 Terrano desert sand         Substrate for creating a terrarium environment for desert and sand dwellers         1/6
       red, ø 1-3 mm, 5 kg         which is identical to their natural habitat. Stimulates egg laying and natural
                                   digging activity. Without added chemical colours. For example for Pogona sp.,
                                   Eublepharis sp. and Hadogenes sp..

 34085 Terrano desert sand                                                                                             1/6
       natural, ø 1-3 mm, 5kg

       New: UV spotlight
       from 100 watt on

                                                                                                     GROUND LAYER             39
                  Item No. Product               Description                            sp/op

                    31110 Terrarium background   50 cm high photo background            1/6
                          rain forrest           rain forest design.
                          0,50x15m / roll

                    31111 Terrarium background   50 cm high photo background            1/6
                          stone wall             stone wall design.
                          0,50x15m / roll

                   34090 Mexican moss fern       Mexican moss fern repeatedly           1/6
                                                 turns green when water added
                                                 and curls back up when dry. Ideal
                                                 for savannah, steppe and desert

                   34095 Terrano natural moss    Dried natural moss without             1/6
                         26x11x20 cm             colorants for amphibians and
                                                 reptiles from damp forest areas.

                   34100 Liana, 50 to 80 cm      Aesthetic, natural terrarium          10/10
                                                 decoration. Entwined to graeter
                                                 and lesser extents. Supplied in
                                                 pack of 10, lengths between 50-
                                                 80 cm, in mixed box with thin,
                                                 medium and thick pieces.

                   34130 Flexible branch, s.s.   Can be formed as required. Ideal       1/1
                         150 cm                  climbing possibilities, e.g. for
                                                 small lizards.

                   34105 Bamboo bars             Ideal climbing possibilities, e.g.    20/20
                         20 pcs., 1-1,5x40 cm    for small lizards.

                   34110 Bamboo Cane             Natural terrarium decoration.          1/1
                         5x50 cm                 Ideal e.g. for phelsuma sp..

                   34115 Bamboo Cane                                                    1/1
                         5x100 cm

                   34120 Bamboo Cane                                                    1/1
                         10x50 cm

                   34125 Bamboo Cane                                                    1/1
                         10x100 cm

                   35000 Cork bark               Ideal for turtles and for terrarium    8/8
                         8 kg box                decoration. Supplied in mixed
                                                 box with 8 kg of float and round

Item No. Product                      Description                          sp/op

 35010 Cork tubes                     Approx. 60-80 cm long. Diameter:     5/5
                                      10 to 15 cm. Mixed box of 5
                                      pieces. Each piece labelled with

 35020 Cork branches                  Approx. 90 cm long, as grown.        5/5
                                      Thickness and branching depends
                                      on their natural growth. Mixed
                                      box of 15 pieces. Each piece
                                      labelled with barcode. Natural,
                                      robust decoration for bigger
                                      reptiles or snakes.

 35030 Cork rear wall Burma, 2 pcs.   Rolled natural cork, glued onto      1/1
       600x300x17,5 mm                a 3 mm layer of pressed cork.
                                      Only to be used in dry terrariums.
                                      Supplied as a pack of two, sealed
 35040 Cork rear wall Laos, 2 pcs.    in foil. Labelled with barcode.      1/1
       600x300x17,5 mm

 35045 Cork rear wall Java            Robust composition cork              1/1
       500x300x20 mm                  sheets. Environmentally friendly
                                      adhesion. Also suitable for damp
                                      terraria. Individually sealed in
                                      foil. Labelled with barcode.

 35050 Cork rear wall Borneo          Thin composition cork sheets         1/1
       2 pcs.                         with interesting structure and
       600x300x3 mm                   a smooth surface. Also suitable
                                      for damp terraria. Sealed in foil
 35053 Cork rear wall Sumatra         as a pack of two. Labelled with      1/1
       2 pcs.                         barcode.
       600x300x3 mm

 35085 Kokos Korb 1                   Plantable basket made of             1/1
       6x11 cm                        coconut fibre for terrariums.

 35090 Kokos Korb 2                                                        1/1
       10x13 cm

 35100 Coir mats                      100% natural product made            1/1
       30x30 cm                       of coconut fibre. Provides
                                      climbing facility for the animals.
                                      Protected against quick rotting
 35110 Coir mats                      by rubberising with natural latex.   1/1
       40x40 cm                       Pack contains 4 mats.

 35120 Coir mats                                                           1/1
       50x50 cm

                                                                                   DECORATION   41
                                             Item No. Product               Description                        sp/op

                                              35125 Cocos Modul 30          100% natural product made of       1/1
                                                    30x30 cm                coconut fibre. Protected against
                                                                            quick rotting by rubberising
                                                                            with natural latex. Provides
                                                                            ideal climbing facility for the
                                                                            animals and can be planted with
                                              35130 Cocos Modul 40          tillandsia, ferns and mosses to    1/1
                                                    40x40 cm                make a living background.

                                              35135 Cocos Modul 50                                             1/1
                                                    50x50 cm

                  Delivery without plants.

                                              36255 Cave S, grey            Ideal possibility of retreat and   1/1
                                                    14x11,5x6 cm            hiding place for terrarium
                                                    Available October 03.   animals.

                                              36265 Cave M, grey                                               1/1
                                                    26x18x9 cm
                                                    Available October 03.

                                              37010 Terra-Rock 2            Decorative ceramic imitation       1/1
                                                    31x11x13 cm             rock. Compared to plastic,
                                                                            ceramic decoration has the
                                                                            advantage that it does not
                                                                            change colour if urinated on by
                                                                            the animals.

                                              37023 Cactus Sahara           Artificial cactus for terrarium    1/12
                                                    19 cm                   decoration.

                                              37024 Cactus Kalahari                                            1/12
                                                    21 cm

                                              37025 Cactus Gobi                                                1/12
                                                    14 cm

                                              37026 Cactus Sierra madre                                        1/12
                                                    12 cm

                                              37027 Cactus Sinai                                               1/12
                                                    13 cm

Item No. Product            Description                       sp/op

 37028 Plant Savannengras   Artificial plants for terrarium   1/6
       35 cm                decoration.

 37030 Plant Tequila                                          1/6
       7 cm

 37032 Plant Durango                                          1/6
       28 cm

 37034 Plant Sonora                                           1/6
       30 cm

 37036 Plant Tikal                                            1/6
       115 cm

 37038 Plant Tulum                                            1/6
       25 cm

 37040 Plant Merida                                           1/6
       35 cm

 37042 Plant Palenque                                         1/6
       45 cm

 37044 Plant Antigua                                          1/6
       50 cm

                                                                      DECORATION   43
                  Item No. Product              Description                           sp/op

                   37045 Bamboo branch          Artificial plants for terrarium       1/6
                         75 cm                  decoration.

                   37046 Plant Sternefeu                                              1/6
                         30 cm

                   37047 Cactus Mojave          Artificial cactus for terrarium       1/6
                         30 cm                  decoration. Extra large.

                   37048 Cactus Serengeti                                             1/6
                         30 cm

                   37049 Cactus Sierra Nevada                                         1/6
                         16 cm

                   40210 Aqua-Cave S            In the terrarium, ideal retreat,      1/1
                                                sleeping, and breeding possibilitiy
                                                for small terrarium animals.

                   40215 Aqua-Cave M                                                  1/1

                   40220 Aqua-Cave L                                                  1/1

                                                In the terrarium, ideal for
                   40900 Peat blocks            landscaping and back wall             1/12
                         3 pcs., 36x9x1.8 cm    arrangements. Particularly
                                                popular when keeping marsh
                                                turtles and turtles as well as
                                                poison dart frogs.

Item No. Product                   Description                                                                     sp/op

 10870 Biotherm                    Thermostat with 5°C nocturnal temperature drop. Keeps the correct                1/1
       elec. temp.reg. terrarium   biological temperature and protects from dangerous temperature
                                   fluctuations! Breaking capacity: up to 2000 Watt.

 10872 Biotherm                    Thermostat with 8°C nocturnal temperature drop.                                  1/1
       elec. temp.reg. terrarium

 10875 Biotherm                    Thermostat with 10°C nocturnal temperature drop.                                 1/1
       elec. temp.reg. terrarium

 10890 Biotherm professional       Digitally programmable thermostat for terraria and aquaria. Time and level of    1/1
       digit.temp.reg.             nocturnal temperature drop can be set individually. Current
                                   temperature is displayed.

 10925 Terra-Thermo                Waterproof heating cable for terrarium with double silicone sheath. Ideal       1/12
       3 m / 15 W                  terrarium bed heat, e.g. for reptiles and amphibians. Usable as daytime
                                   heating for ground living and nighttime heating for tree living species. VDE
                                   and CE tested. With 100 cm on-heatable cable.

 10930 Terra-Thermo                                                                                                1/12
       4,5 m / 25 W

 10935 Terra-Thermo                                                                                                1/12
       6 m / 50 W

 10940 Terra-Thermo                                                                                                1/12
       8 m / 80 W

 37050 Sun Rock, heating stone,    Well-shaped heating stone, deceivably life-like. Provides even heat              1/6
       18x12x6 cm, 6 W             distribution without hot spots. In all reptiles kept as pets, the enzymes
       1.380 g                     necessary for digestion can only be produced if there is sufficient warmth.
                                   These Sun Rocks are indispensable for breaking down the undigested food in
                                   the digestive tract.

 37050 Sun Cave                    Sun cave: Heating stone and cave. Individually usable as large heating stone.    1/6
       30x19x11 cm                 Even heat dissipator. In combination, ideal hiding place for small snakes and
       3,800 g                     reptiles. Cave roof radiates heat mainly upwards.

                                                                                     TECHNICAL PRODUCTS                    45
      Item No. Product                    Description                                                                       sp/op

        37070 Heat Protector              Protects terrarium pets against burn injuries. Recommended for ceramic             1/9
              15x15x25 cm                 infrared heat radiators (such as Elstein) up to 150 watt and heat emitting
              Available November 03.      bright radiators. Can be secured in the perforated sheet-metal of the terrarium
                                          cover using the brass thread and nut of the HOBBY ceramic holder connection
                                          set (37072).

        37072 Heat resisting              Complete set ready for assembling, consisting of 1 heatproof holder,               1/1
              porcelain socket E 27       1 hollow screw thread, 2 washers, 2 nuts, 1 cable with switch.
              complete set, s.s.

        37075 E 27 socket device, s.s.    Heat resisting porcelain socket device for heat radiators.                         1/1

       37080 Elstein radiator             Ceramic infrared dark radiator for keeping reptiles and insects. Eexceptionally   1/75
             IOT/75                       long life of more than 8,000 operating hours. Permanently high radiation
             60 W                         efficiency. Insensitive to water splashes.

       37085 Elstein radiator                                                                                               1/75

       37090 Elstein radiator                                                                                               1/50
             150 W

       37095 Elstein radiator                                                                                               1/50
             250 W

        37100 Thermica 21x21 cm           Functions without heating wires by using a spray paint with a high metal           1/6
              heating mat, 8 Watt, s.s.   content. Does not have to be glued in position. This means its location under
                                          the terrarium can always be changed. Ideal ground warmth for snakes, lizards
                                          and tortoises. As daytime heating for ground dwelling terrarium animals, as
                                          nocturnal heating for tree dwellers. New: Including on-/off switcher.
       37150 Thermica 25x35 cm                                                                                               1/6
             heating mat, 15 Watt, s.s.

       37200 Thermica 30x50 cm                                                                                               1/6
             heating mat, 35 Watt, s.s.

 Decorative: Combination
 suggestion HOBBY Cocos Modul
 with artificial HOBBY plants

Item No. Product                   Description                                                                        sp/op

 37250 HYGRO-PLUS                  Ultra sonic fogger for increasing the humidity of both the air and the substrate   1/25
       terrarium fogger            in the terrarium. To protect the animals from dehydration and for covering
                                   their fluid requirement. Water is nebulized as a real mist using ultrasound
                                   technology. Automatically switches off when water level is below 45 mm.
                                   New: Including 1 splash protector, 1 replacement membrane, 1 replacement

 37253 Replacement membrane        Replacement membrane for terrarium nebuliser HYGRO-PLUS.                            1/1
       ø 20 mm

 37254 Replacement membrane                                                                                            1/1
       ø 16 mm

 37255 Splash protector            For terrarium nebuliser HYGRO-PLUS and similar models. Prevents an                  1/1
       s.s.                        uncontrolled discharge of droplets from the water container through the
                                   nebuliser, thereby prolonging the time of the nebulisation.

 37300 HQL 80 W                    Mercury vapour spotlights for aquariums and terrariums. Bright, white light.        1/1
                                   High luminous efficiency. Good heat emission. Lamp choke necessary.Colour
                                   temperature 4,619 kelvin, colour rendition 42 Ra, luminous intensity 2,911 lm

 37305 HQL 125 W                   Colour temperature 5,087 kelvin, colour rendition 32 Ra, luminous intensity         1/1
                                   5,812 lm

 37320 UV Sun Lux 100 W*           UV panel spotlight for terraria. Increases activity, aids the vitamin D3            1/1
                                   synthesis and prevents metabolic diseases, particularly rachitis.

 37330 UV Sun Lux 160 W*                                                                                               1/1

         *Available November 03.

 Innovative: Protects animals
 from burns from ceramic lamps
 and spotlights

                                                                                     TECHNICAL PRODUCTS                       47
     Item No. Product                        Description                                                                       sp/op

      36000 Book „Faszination Terraristik“ Sadly, the book is only available in German.                                        1/12

      36150 Terrarium door lock, s.s.        Protects and safeguards valuable or dangerous terrarium pets. For sliding glass    1/1
            for 4-10 mm sliding glas         panes of 4-10 mm thickness.

      36200 Hydrometer                       Self-adhesive hydrometer for terraria. Indicates the precise humidity in the      1/12
            round, s.s.                      terrarium.

      36250 Thermometer                      Self-adhesive thermometer for terraria. Indicates the precise temperature in      1/12
            round, s.s.                      the terrarium.

      36270 Drinking bowl S                  Drinking and bathing bowl. Rocklike appearance. Incorporated steps protect         1/1
            grey/beige, 50 ml                animals from drowning.
            10x9x3 cm

      36272 Drinking bowl S                                                                                                     1/1
            ochre, 50 ml
            10x9x3 cm

      36274 Drinking bowl S                                                                                                     1/1
            red, 50 ml
            10x9x3 cm

      36275 Drinking bowl M                                                                                                     1/1
            grey/beige, 150 ml
            17x12x4 cm

      36277 Drinking bowl M                                                                                                     1/1
            ochre, 150 ml
            17x12x4 cm

      36279 Drinking bowl M                                                                                                     1/1
            red, 150 ml
            17x12x4 cm

Item No. Product              Description                                                                    sp/op

 36280 Drinking bowl L        Drinking and bathing bowl. Rocklike appearance. Incorporated steps protect      1/1
       grey/beige, 550 ml     animals from drowning.
       24x17x4 cm

 36282 Drinking bowl L                                                                                        1/1
       ochre, 550 ml
       24x17x4 cm

 36284 Drinking bowl L                                                                                        1/1
       red, 550 ml
       24x17x4 cm

 36285 Bathing dish           Ideal as water element for amphibia and bathing reptiles.                       1/1
       grey/beige, 2,000 ml
       31x23x9 cm

 36287 Bathing dish                                                                                           1/1
       ochre, 2,000 ml
       31x23x9 cm

 36289 Bathing dish                                                                                           1/1
       red, 2,000 ml
       31x23x9 cm

 36300 Infusator              Drip-drink for continuous drinking water supply. Ideal for chameleons and       1/6
       drip water feeder      tropical tree-dwellers which do not drink from bowls. Holds 500 ml of water.
       500 ml

 36309 Tweezers, straight     Tweezer for feeding terraria animals.                                           1/1
       s.s., 30 cm

 36310 Tweezers, bent                                                                                         1/1
       s.s., 30 cm

  36311 Tweezers, straight                                                                                    1/1
        s.s., 40 cm

                                                                                                ACCESSORIES          49
     Item No. Product                Description                                                                        sp/op

      38000 Reptix Health            Cleaning spray: anti-bacterial, anti-mould, anti-salmonella and anti-viral.        1/12
            cleaning spray, 300 ml   Reduces the risk of infection after scratch, scrape or bite wounds. Diarrhoea
                                     illnesses prevented. Without alcohol and aldehyde.

      38010 Reptix First Aid         Pesticide spray for effective control of mites, ticks and other small parasites.   1/12
            vermin spray, 150 ml     Can be used on animal and its surroundings. Non-toxic watery solution which
                                     safely kills off the parasites after 5-10 minutes. Free from toxic insecticides,
                                     solvents and other questionable substances. Works by blocking the parasites‘
                                     respiratory orifices.

      38020 Reptix Smell             Smell killer against odours, germs, harmful gases, putrefaction. Prevents new      1/12
            odour killer             smells arising. Without alcohol and aldehyde.
            100 ml

      38025 Reptix Herbavital        Dietary supplement with preservative for herbivorous terrarium animals for         1/12
            vitamin spray            short-term, additional vitamin supply. With ß-carotine for giving a healthy
            for herbivores           coloration to the animals and lots of vitamin D3 for the calcium metabolism.
            100 ml                   Promotes growth of muscles, skin and scales. Prevents deficiency symptoms.
                                     Strengthens the immune system in general.

      38030 Reptix Vital             Dietary supplement for carnivorous and omnivorous terrarium animals                1/12
            vitamin powder           for short-term, additional vitamin supply. For building muscles, calcium
            for carnivores           metabolism, growth of skin and scales. Prevents deficiency symptoms.
            120 g                    Strengthens the immune system in general.

      38035 Reptix Mineral           Mineral feed with essential calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D3, water-soluble         1/12
            mineral powder           vitamins, and trace elements. Promotes the build-up of bones and prevents a
            120 g                    softening of the armour and rachitis.

      38040 Reptix Aqua Gel          Accumulates water for weeks. Especially suitable for keeping spiders, scorpions    1/10
            250 ml                   or insects.


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