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Halloween Costumes


									            In the Beginning
• The Indexicals initially considered constructing
  a metadata schema for baked goods.
  However, further examination suggested that
  there weren’t enough useful fields to create a
  sufficiently complex schema for this project.
  Some fields we considered:
  – Title
  – Ingredients
  – Vegetarian
           Halloween Costumes
• Once we settled on the
  category of Halloween
  costumes, we looked for
  studies regarding selection
  criteria for costumes.

• We were disappointed to
  find that studies mostly
  focused on psychological
  aspects of character
  selection (not costume
We Visited Non-Commercial Websites

• Detroit Historic
  Museums Costume

• Dorothea June
  Grossbart Historic
  Costume Collection
Historic Costume Collection
   We Visited Commercial Websites

• Adult Halloween Costumes

• Wonder Costumes

• Halloween Express

• Hollywood Toys and Costumes

• Buy Costumes
            Requirements for Metadata
• Provide practical information—such as price, construction materials, and
  size ranges of costume—to costume buyers

• List accurate time periods for historical costumes

• Categorize costumes with terms used by costume sellers as well as buyers
  (i.e., celebrity, historical, occupational)

• Inform prospective buyers of accessories for costumes

• Inform prospective buyers of how many pieces comprise the costume

• Guide prospective customers regarding age appropriateness of costume
         More Requirements for Metadata

• Give descriptions which could help a buyer visualize a costume

• Make each record uniquely identifiable through an ID number

• Provide data that could aggregate similar costumes (for example,
  all adult male costumes or all costumes from a movie)

• Provide data (in Notes field) for distinguishing features—for
  example, a court jester costume which has bells on it

• Allow for the use of more than one controlled term in a field (for
  example, royalty and fantasy for a King Arthur costume)
       Sample Record
Genre                   military, occupational, science fiction
Size                    adult large
Gender                  unisex
Age suitability         teenager, adult
Suggested accessories   weapon (Trooper Dart Blaster)
Construction Material   plastic, polyester, foam padding
No. of Pieces           16
Description             Authentic Stars Wars Stormtrooper costume including black jumpsuit and
                        gloves, along with white injection molded armor pieces and helmet for full body


Notes                   Full-color guide to putting on costume is included
Price                   $795.00
Multiple People         no
ID#                     00003

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