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									?Developing iPhone apps has become a quick way to both make a few extra dollars
and to get your name out in the world. But, it isn't an "instant on" process. Let's face it,
with over 85,000 iPhone apps already available, the first thing that has to be done is to
find something that hasn't already been done to death. GPS apps, chat apps, games,
eBay hooks, time apps, etc. have all got their own 'category' as it were in the app

So, finding something that will be saleable to the general public and acceptable
enough to Apple that they'll allow it onto the "store shelves" means either finding
something new, or doing something that's already out there better, cheaper and faster.
Another thing to think about is whether to have it be a "public" app or finding a
concept or idea geared specifically to a specific company or genre like online delivery
apps for pizza or Chinese takeout, or even more narrowly defined for a local company
that has a specific need, like companies that deliver bottled water to offices.

Once you've got the concept of what you want to do nailed in place, then it comes
down to delivering the coded and compiled app for public consumption. The great
thing about doing iPhone apps now is the fact that there is a lot of "prior art" out there
to work from. Not only is there an "official" iPhone SDK, or Software Developers Kit,
available, but there are a multitude of pre-built libraries that can be either imported for
free, or for a nominal cost that will speed development and programming of your app

Depending on how much "new code" that has to be created, a new iPhone app could
be created, tested and posted online in as little as a few hours. Some apps that require
a lot of new code, or that have to have a lot of testing to ensure stability could take
days, weeks or even months before they're ready for ‘prime time'. One aspect of the
whole development process that bears keeping in mind is Apple's guidelines for
acceptance into their online store. Apple doesn't let just any app in, as has been noted
in the news. A modicum of taste and decorum is necessary, although it doesn't take

But, once the app is completed and is on Apple's store, it is in front of a national
audience. As with the old shareware and freeware programs when PC's were ‘shiny
and new', there are a lot of people, including potential employers taking a look at what
is available in terms of capability from coders. So, if you choose to take on the
challenge of developing an iPhone app, keep in mind you may very well be displaying
your skills to some of the most important people in the country, in terms of jobs.

And in today's economy, a little care, a little patience and a little iPhone app could
make all the difference in the world.

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