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					Greetings from Rapids Camp Lodge
                                                                 NOTES TO SELF

I am pleased you have made the decision to join us in Alaska.
You have a fishing trip of a lifetime in front of you.

Over the years I have found many guests relish the planning
and preparation for their adventure almost as much as the trip
itself. This small booklet is designed to help you enjoy the
process and ensure a smooth vacation.

Travel to King Salmon Alaska is relatively easy. It is a
destination free from many of the troubles travelers can
encounter in other areas of today’s world. You can rely on me
to answer all of your questions regarding your upcoming

Best of fishing,

Will Blair,
Director of Travel
(800) 624-6843
ANCHORAGE HOTELS                                            MISC. EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST

Millennium Hotel                                            _____Airline tickets
4800 Spenard Road                                           _____Wallet
Anchorage, AK 99517-3236
(800) 544-0553
                                                            _____Prescription medications
Ramada Inn                                                  _____Tape measure
115 East 3rd Avenue                                         _____Small 6x6 inch piece of chamois to clean
Anchorage, AK 99501 - (907) 272-7561                        glasses
                                                            _____Camera & plenty of film/memory cards
Hotel Captain Cook
                                                            _____Sharp knife
939 West 5th Avenue Anchorage, AK 99501 - (907) 276-6000,
Puffin Inn                                                  _____Binoculars
4400 Spenard Road                                           _____Daypack/boat bag
Anchorage, AK 99517                                         _____Sunscreen
(907) 243-4044                                              _____Personal gear (toothbrush, soap, etc.)
                                                            _____Flies/fly boxes
Make airline reservations to Anchorage                      _____Hemostats
                                                            _____Large garbage bags for dirty clothes
Make hotel reservations in Anchorage                        _____ Basic toiletries
Obtain trip www insurance (optional)

Order any needed gear (please call with any questions)

Send final payment to Rapids Camp Lodge (60 days prior to

Please remember to email us your flight schedule. You can
contact us at
CLOTHING CHECKLIST                                     WHAT’S INCLUDED:
                                                       Transportation from King Salmon Airport to the lodge -
_____Long Underwear, 1-2 pair (Capilene or             Deluxe accommodations - All meals, beverages, beer, wine,
polypropylene                                          snacks - Guide service - Boats and fishing equipment,
                                                       including rods and reels - Selected flies and lures - Waders,
      top & bottom)
                                                       wading boots and/or hip boots (Please bring your own
_____Gore-Tex Raincoat (Patagonia, Orvis, North        equipment if you prefer, and please write your name on or
Face, Simms)                                           mark anything you bring with you. Spiked wading boots are
                                                       neither permitted nor needed.) - Satellite TV (not in all rooms),
_____ Fleece Pants, 2 pair                             wireless internet - Library area - Fly outs (weather-permitting)
                                                       - Cleaning, boxing, and freezing of your fish for shipment
                                                       home (Due to conservation efforts, we will only box up a
_____Jeans, 1 pair
                                                       MAXIMUM OF 50 LBS. OF FISH PER PERSON to take
                                                       home, regardless of limits or catch).
_____Wool Sweater or Fleece Top
                                                       WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED:
_____Socks                                             Airfare to and from King Salmon (please arrange afternoon
                                                       flights) - Fishing licenses, available at the lodge or online at
                                              - Liquor - Tips
                                                       for Staff (as with most service-oriented businesses, 10 to 20%
                                                       is usually customary depending on your experience). Of
_____Belt                                              course, tipping is optional but greatly appreciated. Our entire
                                                       staff from the pilots to housekeeping work as a team to ensure
_____Wool Hat                                          your trip is an enjoyable one. Cash is the easiest and preferred
                                                       way of tipping.
_____Baseball Cap
                                                       ESSENTIALS NOT PROVIDED:
                                                       Polarized sunglasses - Rain jacket/ wading jacket - Headgear,
_____Waders (Ultra light and Gore-Tex chest waders     i.e. hat with a brim, toboggan for cooler weather - Insect
are fine)                                              repellent - Swimsuit for the hot tub, or the river if you like!
                                                       (towels provided) - Clothing for the workout room - Cameras
_____Camp Shoes (tennis shoes or hiking boots)         (bring extra film or cards, batteries, chargers) - Video camera
                                                       (bring extra discs, tapes, batteries, chargers, there are plugs in
                                                       the rooms for chargers) - Clothing – warm jacket, warm
_____Polarized Sunglasses (we prefer amber, bring an   underclothes for use under waders, (thermals, thick socks,
extra pair)                                            gloves etc., items to layer works best), and relaxing clothing
                                                       for après-fishing and story-telling in the lodge, hiking boots or
_____Gloves                                            sneakers if you like - Binoculars for eco-trips and sight-seeing -
                                                       Basic toiletries.
Should you need or wish to purchase some of the essentials,         TRANSFER TO LODGE:
toiletries, etc., we can purchase many items for you when we        We will be waiting for you through the doors at King Salmon
go to town. Some items may also be purchased in our gift shop.      Airport. We will take your bags and transfer them to the
Should you require harder spirits than beer or wine, there is a     waiting Van for transport to the lodge.
liquor store in town. Everything has to be shipped in via barge     The drive to the lodge is about 15.
or air, so many items are more expensive than in the “lower
48”, especially cigarettes and liquor, so consider bringing those   FLIGHT ARRANGEMENTS BACK HOME:
items with you, or consider mailing them via the US Post            You will want to arrange to leave King Salmon during the day
Office before your trip.                                            the Friday of your departure. As Friday is a no-fishing day it is
                                                                    often possible to leave early in the day and make it all the way
TRAVEL LOGISTICS                                                    home for the weekend.

FLIGHT ARRANGEMENTS TO Alaska:                                      LODGE LIFE:
You will need to arrive in King Salmon during the Friday of         Please let us know if you have any requests such as dietary
your arrival. Both Peninsula Air and Alaska Airlines service        restrictions or health concerns. We understand this is your
King Salmon. Many of our guests choose to use Pen air as            vacation and want to know if there is anything we can do to
they have the most flights giving everyone the most choices.        make your stay more enjoyable. We can only help with
We often suggest that guests arrive in Anchorage thuresday          problems if we know about them.
night and leave the next day after a leisurely morning or brunch
in Anchorage.                                                       TYPICAL DAY                                     7:00 am     Rise and Shine - Coffee is ready                                           8:00 am     Breakfast
                                                                    9:00 am     Gear up for the day
                                                                    9:30 am     Away we go - Fish On
AIRLINES BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE:                                         10:00 am    Fish On
For domestic travel each ticketed passenger is allowed two          11:00 am    Fish On
pieces of checked Baggage and one piece of carry-on Baggage         NOON Fish On
plus a purse, or brief case or laptop computer.                     1:00 pm     Shore Lunch - varies depending on bears and weather
                                                                    2:00 pm     Fish On
PenAir will accept checked Baggage up to a maximum weight           3:00 pm     Fish On or take a break to look at the stunning
of 50 pounds (23kg) and a maximum total linear dimension            views
(length plus width plus height) of 62 inches (158 cm).              4:00 pm     Fish On
                                                                    5:00 pm     Fly back to camp
                                                                    6 00 pm     Fly back to camp
                                                                    6:30 pm     hors d'oeuvres
                                                                    7:00 pm     Hot showers and cocktail hour
                                                                    8:00 pm     Dinner is served
                                                                    9:00 pm     Stories and lies
                                                                 STREAMERS: (No more than 1/2 dozen each)
FISHING GEAR                                                     -Wooly Bugger - black
At Rapids Camp Lodge you can show up without any                 -Egg Sucking Leech - purple, black
equipment for fishing. The only real requirements                -Sculpin - olive, black, tan
Some guest like to bring a nice cross section of the following   - Various leech or minnow patterns
tackle and flies, but it is not essential to have any flies or   -Rabbit Leeches - black, purple, white
equipment.                                                       Flesh Flies
                                                                 Mouse patterns-the Morrish mouse is the best one.
RODS/REELS/LINES:                                                It is fun to see how well different styles of flies work since the
Rods and Reels should be matched to the species of fish you      fish of Alaska are so opportunistic. These are only general
will be pursuing on your trip.                                   guidelines
Rainbow trout 6 & 7 weights
King Salmon 9 + weight                                           DEPARTURE FROM THE LODGE
Chum, Sockeye, Silver Salmon 7+ weight                           The night before departure it is a good idea to pack everything
Pink Salmon 6+ weight                                            not needed the following day
Char and Dolly Varden 5+ weight
Grayling 3+ weight                                               THE ANGLING DAYS

We prefer heavy leaders and tippet. You should bring nothing     Upon arrival at lodge you will be given an orientation of the
lighter than 3x. Most of the time we use 10 or 15 pound tippet   facilities. Lunch or early dinner will be served (depending
and 6 foot leaders.                                              upon the time); we will gear up and discuss the next days
Adams - parachute or otherwise - sizes 8-12                      The angling days are generally start with a departure from the
Humpy - yellow or red - sizes 8-12                               Lodge at 8 am although due to weather and time it could be
Stimulator - yellow or orange - sizes 8-12                       later or earlier. Safety is the foremost of our concerns.
Elk Hair Caddis - dark & light - sizes 8-12 /
Royal Wulff
Little Yellow Stone                                              .

Hare’s Ear, Bird’s Nest, Prince Nymph and Pheasant Tail, with
and without beads, 10 to 14,
Black and Golden Stoneflies, 6, 8
CLOTHING SUGGESTIONS                                                HATS / SUNGLASSES:
Nothing is more important on a fishing trip than having the         These are important pieces of equipment that not only allow
proper amount and styles of clothing. There are so many             you to see the fish better but protect your face and eyes from
different brands of good clothing available that it is impossible   hooks and sun. Eye injuries are one of the most devastating
to name every single piece and style.                               accidents we see in fly fishing - glasses are essential.

The most important thing is that the clothing is designed to        DRY BAGS – Back Packs:
wick away moisture from your skin. Cotton is not a good             Although these are not absolutely necessary, it is comforting to
choice as it holds in moisture. And of course - layer, layer,       know that all of your gear is dry. There are many different bags
layer.                                                              available now and having one that keeps all your stuff nice is a
                                                                    good thing.

RAIN GEAR:                                                          It is also a good idea to have a backpack for days you will be
This may be the single most important item you bring with           hiking. There many back packs made that serve both purposes
you. It is essential the rain gear you choose is 100%               of backpack and dry bag. Simms makes some fantastic
waterproof. Simms Classic Guide Jacket or the Patagonia SST         products.
are both great choices.

                                                                    ALCOHOL / BEVERAGES:
WADERS / WADING BOOTS:                                              At the lodge we will have a full compliment of domestic beer
Whave a full compliment of waders and boots available for           and private label fine wine.
your use at the lodge.                                              We supply soda and water at lodge. There is also coffee and
If you do bring your own equipment we ask wading boots              tea available at all times. You can purchase liquor in
should be felt bottom and not studded. Studs are hard on the        Anchorage or King Salmon.
planes, boats and rafts and not needed on the river. If you
think you need studs on a certain run you should not be trying
to wade that deep in a wilderness river. Safety first!              WEATHER:
                                                                    If you would like to know the weather for the general vicinity
UNDERCLOTHES:                                                       of lodge, please go to and
This layer sets the foundation for your comfort or discomfort.      search for King Salmon, Alaska.
Simms, Patagonia and other companies make good long
underwear. It is essential that it does not contain cotton.
Everyone has there own level of tolerance for biting insects.
That said as a general rule there are so many products available
it is to each individual taste. Our favorite is Ultrathon by 3m in
the cream form. It has a lower level of DEET but last a long
time and is user friendly. Some guests with lower tolerance
may want to bring a head net.

Please bring cash for tips and incidentals.

Tips are certainly at your discretion and are appreciation for a
job well done. That said, over the years a fair average has been
10% - 15% of the land portion of the trip. These will be given
to the manager of the lodge and distributed among the staff

1. Please be aware that you are visiting a wilderness, and
transportation although reliable can take some time. Do not
take any undue risks such as deep wading or running, etc that
could result in an injury.

2. Never leave lodge without your raincoat.

3. While in the boat please remain seated while the motors are
running. If you want the guide to stop, let him know. There
are many great things to see and he will do his best to make
sure you do not miss an opportunity to take a photo.

4. Please do not help the guide with the handling of the boat
unless otherwise asked.

5. If you walk out from lodge ask someone to go with you and
let a staff member know which direction you plan on heading.

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