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									?Converting Word to PDF files is easy and simple; it is also quite convenient, since
PDF files, standing for Portable Document Format, are very convenient and safe
systems, allowing the easy and fast transfer of files without broken fonts or other
visibility problems.

Converting Word to PDF can be easy, as you can choose the document converter as
the printer. Set the document converter as the default printer, using the Control Panel
orders. Right clicking the Printers and Faxes options, you can use the document
converter as the default one.

In the case you are already using another printer you can easily choose the proper one
from the window that opens when pressing the order ‘Print'. In this case, you follow
three simple steps:

? You open the Word document
? You click on File, and then on Print
? You choose the converter you want - PDF printer or Universal Converter. In this
case you simply go for the PDF files and you are done.

Converting Word to PDF files is easy if you use the Open Office application. The
Macro option facilitates the procedure, in a few simple steps:

? Go to Open Office
? Click on Tools
? Then click on Macro
? Click on the Organizer
? Click on Libraries Tab
? Check the Document to Office and then give a name to the new library
? Click on Modules and then rename the module to conversion
? A new window will pop up. All you need to do in this case is to paste the following

Sub ConvertWordToPDF(cFile) cURL = ConvertToURL(cFile)

 ' Open the document.
 ' Just blindly assume that the document is of a type that OOo will
 ' correctly recognize and open -- without specifying an import filter.
 oDoc        =     StarDesktop.loadComponentFromURL(cURL,               "_blank",    0,
Array(MakePropertyValue("Hidden", True), ))

 cFile = Left(cFile, Len(cFile) - 4) ".pdf"
 cURL = ConvertToURL(cFile)

 ' Save the document using a filter.
 oDoc.storeToURL(cURL,                  Array(MakePropertyValue("FilterName",
"writer_pdf_Export"), ))


End Sub

Function MakePropertyValue( Optional cName As String, Optional uValue ) As

 Dim oPropertyValue As New
 If Not IsMissing( cName ) Then
 oPropertyValue.Name = cName
 If Not IsMissing( uValue ) Then
 oPropertyValue.Value = uValue
 MakePropertyValue() = oPropertyValue
End Function

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