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How to convert PDF to Excel by gyvwpsjkko


Due to the security features, compact size and compatibility on any computers,
Portable Document Format (PDF) become a common document format for
exchanging and transferring files nowadays. Especially, a variety of financial
statements, budget Statistics and other data summary Excel spreadsheets are saved
into PDF format after they finish editing. Sometimes the PDF files we received have
some mistakes to revise, or we need to extract the data and reuse them to improve
spreadsheets or calculate with formula. However, PDF editors like Adobe Acrobat is
expensive and overcomplicated to use. In these cases, drawing support from a solution
to convert PDF to Excel and reuse them in original format seems more reasonable.

AnyBizSoft PDF to Excel Converter is designed for converting PDF files to Microsoft
Excel documents (.xls, .xlsx). All the original layouts, text content, and images can
exactly retained in the generated Excel documents. After conversion, you can
expediently copy and modify the content of PDF files in MS Excel. Following is the
brief introduction about how to use it to convert PDF to Excel.

Step 1. Download and install AnyBizSoft PDF to Excel Converter

Download the program here: PDF to Excel Converter. After finish downloading,
double click the anybizsoft-pdf-to-excel.exe file and follow the installation wizard
instructions to install it.

Step 2. Launch PDF to Excel Converter

Double-click the shortcut of PDF to Excel Converter on your desktop to launch it. Let
us have a quick look at the main interface of AnyBizSoft PDF to Excel Converter

Step 3. Import PDF files

Click the Add Files button above the panel to add files for conversion. Alternatively,
you can directly drag PDF files into the panel. It supports converting up to 200 files at
one time. The program supports converting PDF files with copy and print restrictions.
Optional Settings: Select certain pages and set an output files path

If you just want to convert some pages of files, click Selected Pages field and type the
page numbers to be converted.

The converted Excel file will save in the source file folder if you select Save in the
same folder as source. Alternatively, you can choose another destination by clicking

Step 4. Start converting

Click the Convert button below the panel, and your PDF files will be converted one
by one. After conversion, you can open the converted Excel files directly through the
links in the panel or open the destination folder by clicking the button Open below the

With above four simple steps, it is not as complicated as imagined to convert PDF to
Excel. After conversion, users can reuse the Excel spreadsheets for improve content
and calculate with formula. In addition, users can use the spreadsheets with databases
to automate the comparison process.

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