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					?This is a question which many of us ask. But we have never imagined that it can be
so easy. People like me and you who are not at all tech savvy and good in
programming will always find it a very difficult task. Is it really a very tough task and
hard to do? No is the answer in a very simple way. Programmers worked really very
hard to create software's to do the conversion of word doc to PDF. WordtoPDF
Converter is one of the highly demanding software to make your work easy.
 WordtoPDF Converter is compatible with any version of windows and can convert
any number of doc file to PDF file. PDF Converter converts all Windows applications
to PDF files using the PDF printer driver. Its simplicity in use and technology is
incomparable. WordtoPDF Converter has a Very quick conversion speed to covert
single or multiple word doc files to PDF files. It has such a easy and user friendly
interface that an amateur who is having no technical knowledge can convert a word
doc file to PDF file. Windows PDF Creator printer driver allows all documents of MS
office, AutoCAD and other document files from any window applications to be
printed as pdf.
In addition to the basic conversion feature, PDF Converter has other impressive
features like attaching Digital Signature to protect documents from unauthorized
access by unknown people, watermarking document to copyright it by the owner of
the document, printing the document. Digital Signatures attached by the WordtoPDF
Converter becomes invalid if PDF files are modified or altered and the PDF becomes
inaccessible. These features give full protection of the document and leaves complete
amazement for getting such an impressive feature from such a small and useful tool.
Moreover, it enables you to copyright your document with your custom watermark at
any position of the PDF file and at any angle and size. PDF Converter is a small but a
very useful and handy tool to meet the basic necessities of most users.

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