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How to Configure Microsoft Outlook -


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									?Microsoft Office Outlook or Outlook is a personal information manager from
Microsoft. Its latest version is available, both as a separate application as well as a
part of the Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft Outlook is an application that coordinates email messages, calendars,
contacts, and tasks. It allows users to create and view information using a compatible
interface. Outlook is made to stand alone on a personal computer or it can also work
as a client program over the Exchange network. Microsoft Outlook also allows you to
share information with others over the Exchange server. Exchange Server stores all
information related to your e-mail and calendar items and all the other items, such as
tasks and personal folders are stored on the hard drive of your system.

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used e-mail client and due to its wide use, users face a
number of issues. While working on Outlook, you can face technical issues, such as
how to configure or setup an e-mail account with Microsoft Outlook, how to
customize contacts, how to manage files, how to share information, how to automate
tasks, how to organize calendar, how to customize e-mail messages, and many others.
Out of all these issues, configuring an account is the most difficult one to solve.

Here are some steps on How to set up or configure an e-mail account with Microsoft
STEP 1. Firstly, you need to find the type of e-mail account for each of your e-mail
accounts like (POP3, IMAP or HTTP). You must also know the name of the incoming
mail server for example: mail.isp.com and the name of the outgoing or SMTP mail
server for example: smtp.isp.com. You can get all this information in the service
provider FAQ file or by e-mailing the provider.

STEP 2. Now, start Outlook Express and select Accounts from the Tools menu. Click
on the Mail tab.

STEP 3. Click ‘Add', which is on the right side of the box and choose ‘Mail'. The
Internet Connection Wizard will appear.

STEP 4. Now, type the display name for the account and click ‘Next'.

STEP 5. Click the top radio button if you already have the new account. Write the
name of the account and click ‘Next'.

STEP 6. Now, type the mail server information which you collected in the first step
and click ‘Next'.

STEP 7. Type the user name as shown in the account. For example, the account name
of feedback@123.com is "feedback."
STEP 8. Now, type the password to access the account. You can contact the email
service provider if you don't remember the password. If you don't want Outlook to
prompt you for the password each time then you can also check the ‘Remember
Password' box.

STEP 9. Click ‘Finish'. You can edit account properties by clicking on the name and
selecting ‘Properties' from the list which appears on the right.

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