How to Conduct Market Research for Defense and Solar Market

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					?Like with any other market research, in defense and solar market research you have
two ways to start with.

Do-It-Yourself Market Research
Online market research agencies

Defense market research

It requires comprehensive coverage of the major defense sectors. One needs to do
research on every part affecting the defense system. These are as below;

Aerospace, military budget, homeland security, military and civil aviation, space and
satellites, missiles, military support vehicles (including unmanned vehicles), ordnance
and ammunitions, naval surface and undersea systems, and military electronics

Therefore, its not easy to conduct defense market research on your own as this is very
critical unlike other researches. You can get help from an online market research
company. A staff of seasoned professionals tracks many individual programs and
produces a series of market intelligence services, analyses, and specialized news

Important sources

Company information
Announcements by government
Independent & freely available sources
Interviews with procurement officials and companies executives

How to start with defense market research

Get data on defense budgets of a country or make comparisons between budgets of
various countries. Make real-time economic analysis of allocations and extract the
results as a graphical display.

Interviews of defense professionals, merged with your data. The results reveal hidden
trends, forward looking projections.

Find out how many pieces of a certain equipment or hardware exist in countries
around the world. Get results as per force- i.e., army, navy, air force, marines, etc.

Get the latest information on acquisitions in relation to a specific defense force,
equipment or project.
See how the military forces of different countries are organized. Select a country or
countries to display their respective forces structure.

You must compare & analyze;

Defense budgets
Forces structures
Equipment inventory
Data of two different countries
Procurement timelines
And, also make future projections.

Solar Market research

This research uncovers industry trends, competition, opportunities, projections, sales,
and marketing strategies in areas such as photovoltaic, solar panels, renewable energy
equipment, manufacturing, and emerging technologies. Hence, one must do the
following things to conduct solar market research. A good research agency can help
you in analyzing your type of market very well. is one the best online
market research agency, where you can get your kind of absolute research.

Use marketing magazines, government reports, trade journals, and chamber of
commerce market profiles to determine the demographics of your market. Moreover,
these publications provide data on current trends that will give you a good clue for
your research.

If you have a Web site, start a chat room or message board and encourage people to
participate. Use questionnaires, personal interviews and focus groups to get feedback
on solar products.

Organize the research data you've collected and compare solar power with alternate
energy sources. Re-valuate and determine your strategy based on the results.

Construction market research is very necessary to keep in mind while doing market
research for defense and solar. We need to do construction market research to have an
idea how is the construction graph for them, which affects our data and therefore
should be included in our analysis.