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									Hives cure

I from 2005 to the present the old skin allergies, some time ago that is
urticaria rash,

my cause is exposure to the glass boxes… Tool to show the red patches, so the
other There will also show the effectiveness of flexible, do not know how to
do very annoyed, did not eat a lot of drug use, not how much to eat, when,
stopping by again… first aid

see my experience it

2005 to the field study I do not know is agitated, or other reasons why, one
day in the spring the Russian contingent began to itch. Naole this ride, the
edge of the scratch again trails itch, scratch all over the addition until all
the places her hands and face. and then come back again at night. and then to
the pharmacy that symptoms, bought adrenal hormones, 10 minutes after eating
like a 2-3 days does not itch. And then another attack. lover sent me
cetirizine hydrochloride tablets, after eating the same effect. every day to
maintain. I thought that physique is not good, try them each day after the
physique, but not seen well. I tried to find food problems. this week do not
eat meat, eat eggs next week, then next week do not eat tofu…. no effect.

2005 骞?8 months, the study concluded. Back at home, or want    to take admitted
to it. to try the skin hospital, gave me the medicine is the   medicine I had
ever eaten. and to the social dilemma of the hospital, three   did not go on no
matter what the role of traditional Chinese medicine. I have   to remember to
think of other ways.

I would first verify that the minimum control my dose. I cetirizine
hydrochloride tablets after eating with a knife to cut half of the results
with a whole slice of the same effect. I do not have time to eat, just eat
itch. and then eat is the same half of the half. Then I sketch a month to keep
a quarter of the time. and then eat one-eighth to keep for 1 month. and then
the sixteenth, and then maintained for 1 month. Then I do not eat, and do not
itch. amazing! I am happy heaven. I have not the patient had.

to now no further attack. these essentials is very effective for me. hope to
those suffering with I am also sick of people a little inspiration and help.

recently noticed that eat packaged foods on the human body than the force,
there is a world Conceiving urticaria rash, for example, in order to prevent
food spoilage of the country allowed hydrogen peroxide, pigments and other
industrial raw materials. urticaria rash, patients should try to avoid eating
such food, should eat fresh food, industrial process the smaller the better.

Good early child back to health!

Qian rash is not good governance, rule of my urticaria rash is more than 5
years are always repeated attacks, the general medicine to take more than a
can not stop, is a specialist, then cure, you can try to consult taste. to
give you a message

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