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Herpes is a disease when the symptoms of what-_39982

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					Herpes is a disease when the symptoms of what?

Herpes disease when the symptoms of what?

throughout the genital herpes is a disease, as genital herpes which is also
contagious in the latent, it will make people aware of the risk of not on the
case as the Evangelist and the victims of herpes. The disease incubation
period 4-7 days. before and after a rash, fever, headache, general malaise, 2-
4 in the sacral nerve segments showed sensory abnormalities. the virus through
the skin and mucous membrane damage enters the human body, growth and
reproduction in the vicinity of the wound, and then through blood circulation
or transmission and spread of neural pathways.

subsided after primary infection, the virus latent living body, waiting for
the chaos. When the case of body defects, immune decline, they also try to be
brave, and as cold, fever, agitation, or mechanical very exciting period, the
make latent, dormant state of the virus re-activation of the disease. female
incidence occurred in the size of the labia, the clitoris or cervix, showing
distribution of cluster sets, the first red papules, small water can become
sore, herpes translucent, containing yellow liquid, easy to grasp after
ulceration erosion, burning pain may also occur secondary to infection, groin
leaching flatter swelling, tenderness, but many do not fester. The disease was
self-limiting, self-healing that can be dead, 1-2 weeks natural healing. When
the body

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