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					?Working with Portable Document Format (PDF) file is more beneficial than working
with other types of documents like word files. Some of the benefits of PDF files are:

Size of the PDF file is comparatively less than the other documents having the same

PDF file maintains data formatting while transferred from one place to another while
in other document types the formatting can be altered.

Sharing PDF file over network and transferring it over Internet is quite faster than
sharing other type of documents.

Various security parameters can be applied on PDF files to protect its data from
intruders. For example, you can apply password on the PDF file, you can apply
restriction so that no one can copy data from PDF file, and so on.

Because of the aforementioned reasons, PDF files have become so popular among
computer users. The only problem that you may need to face while using PDF files is
managing a large number of PDF files. If you need to deal with a large number of
PDF files of similar concept on regular basis then you can combine those files in a
large file to ease their management. If you do not know how to


2.Type Combine PDF in its search bar.

3.Go through some of the websites providing tool to merge PDF files.

4.Download the one that you feel easy and self-descriptive by reading its features.

5.Install the software by following the on screen instructions given on the installation

6.Launch the software.

7.Select the Merge PDF files option and click the Next button.

8.Browse files that you want to combine and click the Next button.

9.Set the priority of the listed files based on your requirement.

10.Click the Next button.
11.Select a location to save the merged files and click the Next button.

12.Click the Merge button to start the merging process.

As you click the Merge button, the software starts combining the listed files in the
given order. Once the process to combine PDF is completed, you can access the
merged file from the location where you have saved it. This way portable document
format files can be combined into a single portable document format file. While
merging files the combine PDF software maintains data integrity, data formatting,
data structure, and hyperlinks. The combine PDF tool can be installed on any version
of Windows operating system like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP,
Windows 2003, and earlier versions.

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