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									  ISAC’s Military Programs:

     Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG)
Illinois National Guard (ING) Grant

             April 2010
        Both Programs …
   Entitlement programs
       Awarded to all eligible applicants regardless of
        funding level
   Specified by Illinois statute
       Chapter 110, Higher Education Student
        Assistance Act
       Assistance to be granted as long as federal
        government provides educational benefits to
   Available at all four-year public universities and
    public community colleges
         Both Programs …
   Students receive 120 units of eligibility
       Equivalent to four academic years of full-time enrollment
       Units are based on the enrolled hours for a term:

          # of Hours     Semester School   Quarter School
          12 or more     12 units          8 units

          9 – 11.99      9 units           6 units

          6 – 8.99       6 units           4 units

          3 – 5.99       3 units           2 units

          0 – 2.99       1 unit            1 unit

        IVG Eligibility Requirements
   Served at least one year federal active duty in
    the Armed Forces of the United States
       Includes the Illinois National Guard and Reserve
        component of the Armed Forces
       If less than one year, veteran may qualify if:
            Service was in a foreign country in a time of hostilities in that
            Separation was for medical reasons directly connected to
             such service
            Service was prior to August 11, 1967
   Separation characterized as honorable
       If still in the Armed Forces, veteran must verify
        continued eligibility upon discharge                                4
    IVG Eligibility Requirements
   Student must meet one of these:
       was a resident of Illinois at the time of entering
        federal active duty or within six months prior
       was a student at an Illinois public university or
        community college at the time of entering federal
        active duty service
   AND one of these:
       established or plans to establish Illinois residency
        within six months after separation from the Armed
       established Illinois residency within six months
        after spouse was separated from military service
          Applying for IVG
   ISAC application available on
       Download/print
       Can be submitted anytime during academic year
       Only need to submit one time
       Applicants must also submit a copy of their
        Department of Defense Certificate of Release or
        Discharge from Active Duty (DD214 Member 4
        copy) or its equivalent for all periods of active
        service                                           6
        Applying for IVG
   An applicant who is a member of the Armed Forces
    at the time of application must submit a letter from
    the commanding officer indicating:
       that the applicant is a member of the Armed Forces
       character of service
       applicant’s home of record at the time of enlistment
       length of time in each period of federal active duty
       expiration date of current enlistment
   The student will be subject to verification of
    continued eligibility after each period of federal active
    duty service.
     IVG Notification
   Student receives Notice of Eligibility from ISAC
       Applicant must notify school of his/her eligibility no
        later than the last day of classes for the term for
        which the grant is requested
   Schools can access eligibility data and IVG
    benefit history in My Zone at
       Eligibility information is refreshed every night
       Can view eligibility status, number of units available
        and payment history for each eligible applicant

          IVG Benefits
   Pays tuition and mandatory fees
       Grandfather clause for tuition and certain allowable fees
        for students continuously enrolled since Spring 2005
       Students attending out-of-district community colleges
        receive in-district rates and are not responsible for the
   No minimum enrollment requirement
   Available to undergraduate and graduate students
   Academic year begins with summer term

    IVG and Other Programs
   Students eligible for IVG may also use the
    Montgomery or Post-9/11 GI Bills during the
    same academic year for eligible educational
       Federal VA benefits are always considered ―first
   Students eligible for MAP and IVG must use
    IVG benefits instead of MAP
   Students eligible for IVG and ING Grant can
    choose which program they’d like to use.
    IVG Payment Process
   Schools initiate the payment claim process
    online via My Zone
   Available 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
   Deadline dates for submission of claims are:
       September 15 – summer term
       January 15 – first term
       May 25 – second semester/second and third
       July 31 – all claims, including supplemental claims

    IVG Payment Process

   Submit payment claims, correct payment
    claims, and submit replacement
    claims/adjustments in My Zone
       Edit/update capability restricted to the
        school originating the request
   Offset process similar to MAP process

            Payment List: Filter

                              • Select Filter option
                              • Choose Operator
                              • Enter Value data
                              • Click on View button

Enter all
 zeros to
  view a
  list of
        Payment List: Filter Screen

   Allows users to limit the selection of
    records to be viewed
   Data available to be filtered for Payment
    List excludes ineligible IVG #s
       Reduces file volume considerably
   Can Filter on SSN, Last Name, and IVG #
       Can only apply one filter at a time

    Payment List: View Screen
   Displays results of the Filter criteria once the
    View button is selected
        Default view is in ascending SSN sort order
   Enables users to select student records for
    initial payment requests
   Columns that can control sort order are:
        SSN
        Last name
        IVG Eligibility #
           icon provides link to Claim Detail
Payment List: View

  Link to Claim Detail
                         Can sort these columns

    Claim Detail Screen
   Multi-purpose screen:
       View IVG claim information
       Create IVG payment requests
       Change or correct IVG payment requests
   Access via      icon on Payment List:
    View screen
   Several fields are pre-populated
       Reduces possibility of data entry errors
        Claim Detail Screen

   Top section
       Student
       School input
   Middle and
    bottom sections
       Processing
       ISAC-generated
       Claim Detail Screen

   Student’s Name and IVG # are pre-populated based on
    SSN entered or selected
   IVG School Code is pre-populated based on user sign-on
        Claim Detail Screen

   Terms are presented in columns
   Tuition & Fee (T&F) Code is pre-populated with
    code that corresponds to the term selected
       Assigned by ISAC                             24
    Claim Detail Screen
   In-district claim fields that require data entry
       Credit Hrs
       Amt Requested

        Claim Detail Screen
   Out-of District Claims
       Indicator must be selected
        to request an amount
       OOD tuition amount
        requested will validate
        based on school budget
            Allows up to 5 whole
             numbers and 2 decimal
            Error message will occur if
             the amount exceeds the
             school budget table
        Claim Detail Screen
   Click on Save
    Changes button to
    submit payment
       Database is updated
        in real time and user
        is returned to Claim
        Detail page
   Select Discard
    Changes button to              Select Cancel & Return button
    clear changes and               to clear changes and return to
    return to original data         Payment List screen

        Claim Detail Screen
   Process Date will
    update each time
    changes are saved
   Updated in real time
   Status will be
       S = Submit
       E = Exported
       P = Processed
       R = Rejected
       F = Future claim
       L = Late claim
    Claim Detail Screen
   In-district claim
    amount paid
    will display in
    Amount Paid
    field for
   Out-of-district
    claim paid will
    display in OOD
    Amount Paid
    field                 29
        Claim Detail Screen

   Other details
       ISAC
       Proration %
       User ID
       Error info

    Claim History:View
   Access by clicking on    history icon
    on Payment List or School Claim List

        Claim History: View
   List is
    organized by
    school code
    on claim
   Same
    is available
    ―details‖ link
    on IVG
    View screen
School Claim: Filter

   Allows user to define criteria for the claim
    data to be displayed in School Claim View
     School Claim: Columns

   Allows users to limit or expand claim details to be
    displayed in School Claim View
   Add columns to the Selected list in the order that
    you want them to appear
School Claim:View

         Default view   35
IVG Reports

  Two types of My Zone Reports:
  • User-defined
  • Pre-defined Payment Results

       FTP (Batch) Processing
   Payment requests can also be submitted using the
    File Transfer Protocol (FTP) process
   ISAC creates a directory for schools to submit
    requests through FTP server
   Schools must password-encrypt the file with
    WinZip before sending to ISAC
   File specifications are on College Zone
   Contact School Services to set your school up for
    FTP processing and obtain an ID and password

     FTP Reminders
   FTP ID and password is not the same as your
    My Zone ID and password
   ISAC can only accept files that have been
    secured using WinZip
   School Services can check a test file before you
    begin processing
   Don’t wait until the deadline date to submit FTP
       Problems may occur with file specs, naming
        conventions, etc.
        IVG News
   2009-10
       Funding for Summer 2009 term only
       Payment claims must still be submitted to track usage
        of eligibility units
            Spring term deadline is May 25
   2010-11
       Budget packets
        are available
        in FAA Zone
       Due on or before
        June 1
        ING Grant Eligibility
   Must have served at least one year with
    the Illinois National Guard
   Must be in active status
   Available to any enlisted member or
   Must maintain an acceptable grade point
       As determined by the institution
        Applying for ING Grant
   Interactive online application is available at
   Students must reapply each year
   Deadlines dates:
       October 1 — full year consideration
       March 1 — only second semester, second and/or third quarter
       June 15 — only summer term consideration
   Students will receive a confirmation page upon
    completing the application
        Applying for ING Grant
   Involves certification from the Illinois
    Department of Military Affairs, which
    verifies whether or not each applicant:
       Is enlisted in the Illinois National Guard
       Is on active duty status in the Illinois Army or
        Air National Guard
       Has served for at least one year
            Date on which service or eligibility will end is also

    ING Grant Award Notification
   Qualified student applicants receive a Notice of
    Eligibility from ISAC
        Ineligible applicants also receive written notification
   Schools receive eligibility information via My
    Zone in College Zone
        Announcement rosters include eligibility dates,
         number of units used, restrictions, etc.
        Only the school listed on the student application
         receives the information
        Can be used to verify eligibility rather than requiring
         the student’s Notice of Eligibility
       Denotes the last date that the
      applicant is qualified to be paid.

Denotes the date from which
    payment can start.
        ING Grant Benefits
   No minimum enrollment requirement
   Academic year begins with fall term
   Pays ―tuition and certain fees‖
       Fees specifically included in statute:
            Registration
            Graduation
            General Activity
            Matriculation
                  Typically charged only to new students when they have been
                   both admitted and enrolled
            Term
   Students are not responsible for out-of-district
    or out-of-state tuition charges                  49
    ING Grant Benefits
   Cannot be used for sectarian or denominational
   Fees specifically not covered:
       Book rental
       Laboratory and supply
       Air flight
       Hospital and health insurance
       Room and board
       Parking
       Student union
       Athletic
       Proficiency or placement exam
       Service
    ING Grant Benefits
   A student who withdraws after a school’s
    refund date can receive the grant for
    costs incurred up to the term award.
       Eligibility units will be assessed in proportion
        to the total dollars that are paid.
       If any portion of tuition and fees were paid,
        at least one eligibility unit will be charged to
        the recipient.

        ING Grant Benefits
   If a recipient ceases to be an active member of
    the Guard during a term, benefits cease and the
    student is responsible for costs attributed to the
    remainder of the term.
   If a recipient becomes eligible during a term,
    benefits will be prorated for the remainder of
    the term
   Proration calculation
       Total tuition cost divided by total instructional days =
        cost per day x days of eligibility = total proration
     ING Grant Benefits
   A student must repay any ING benefits
    received if he/she does not fulfill his/her
    National Guard enlistment
       Benefits are repaid to the Illinois
        Department of Military Affairs

     ING Grant & Other Programs
   Illinois National Guard members who
    have been called to federal active duty
    may also qualify for the Illinois Veteran
    Grant (IVG)
       ING and IVG may be used at the same time
           Keep in mind that eligibility units will be charged
            to both programs regardless of the dollar amount
            of benefits paid
       ING or IVG must always be used before MAP
    ING Grant Payment Process
   Payment requested via My Zone
       Includes payment and supplemental

Sample Screen

    Payment Roster
   Prepopulated Fields:
       School name and code
       Student name
       SSN
       Restrictions
       Due date -- will be 30 calendar days following the
        generation date of the roster by ISAC
   Information will be grouped by term and
    academic year
   Student information will be displayed in
    ascending SSN order
    Payment Roster
   Mandatory Fields
       In-district tuition
       Total hours
   Optional/Non-Mandatory Fields
       Out-of-district tuition
       Activity fee
       Eligible fees
       Comments
   System will calculate value for Total Dollars
Sample Screen

    Payment Roster
   Functional Buttons
       Reset – restores any changes made on the screen to
        original state as when first displayed
       Save – saves information entered in any of the
        updateable fields
       Submit – when clicked, signifies that the information
        on the roster has been reviewed and certified. Sends
        the payment request to ISAC and locks out the
        information on the roster from any subsequent
        changes by the school.
       Print
    Supplemental Rosters
   Used to submit payment for eligible
    students not appearing on payment
   Could also be used for expenses not
    submitted on initial payment roster.

     Supplemental Rosters
   Access from the Payment Roster screen

   A new supplemental request may not be
    created if one already exists that has not
    been submitted.                            63
     Supplemental Rosters
   Once created, the Supplemental roster will be
    date stamped and assigned a sequence number
   The Due Date will be prepopulated, based on the
    date that the payment roster was generated
       45 days after roster date for Fall and Spring term
       30 days after roster date for Summer term

Sample Screen

        Sample Screen

        ING Grant News
   2009-10
       Funding available to reimburse schools for all terms
       Supplemental rosters are due on or before April 29,
   2010-11
       Budget packets
        are available
        in FAA Zone
       Due on or before
        June 1
    VA News
   Recovery of Post-9/11 GI Bill Advance
    Payments is underway
   Call Center is now open Monday – Friday
   2010-11 Yellow Ribbon information has
    been posted to VA Web site
       Finalized list will be available around June 1

      New BAH Rates

   New rates won’t be reflected in stipends until July
   Association of Veterans Education Certifying
    Officials (AVECO)
       Annual conference: July 20 – 22, 2010, St. Louis, MO
   Higher Education Veteran Services Act
       Logo can be used as a link to your school’s list of
        veteran programs and services

    Veteran Success Jam
   May 3 – 6, 2010
   Co-sponsored by the American Council on
    Education and the Kresge Foundation
       National conversation about the role that
        higher education can play in the successful
        reintegration of veterans into the classroom
        and workplace

     Thank you for
   participating today!


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