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                           Ganoderma Testimonies
CFIDS sufferer: They really do seem to be helping me -- I've been feeling much better
in the past few weeks. ...FYI, one of the guys who works for me is from Wuhan
province in China. He says Ling Zhi/Reishi is a very potent mushroom "for a long life"
and they're very expensive in China.

Allergy/Chronic Bronchitis sufferer: [Ganoderma] helped me with my own allergies
(not terrible ones but annoying ones that make me sound like I have tuberculosis). It
sure is nice to breathe normally again.

Gout/Arthritis sufferer: Thanks for the information and your very good assistance, I
can assure you we will do great business for a long time. I like the coffee in particular
and my gout and arthritis are gone. Praise God for this product. This product has an
unlimited market. You mark my word.

Edema/Angina sufferer: What a difference ganoderma makes in the quality of my life!

Diabetes/Arthritis sufferer: I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2, about 3 years ago,
and my blood sugar levels fluctuated from 5.8 to 8.9. Since taking Ganoderma my
blood sugar has stabilized and dropped to 4.8, 5.3, 5.8, 5.3. (4 tests a day). This is
great news. I also cut the tip of my index finger with a circular saw about 3 weeks ago.
Thanks to Ganoderma it has healed already despite my diabetes. Since washing my
hair with Ganoderma Shampoo, I have noticed a darkening in the color (gray hairs
going back to more like when I was younger), and my hair also looks and feels fuller. I
have severe Arthritis for quite some time, and since taking the capsules I now can walk
and even run. Waste elimination was always a big problem. This too has normalized. I
also had severe sleep disorders (insomnia). Since taking the capsules, I fall asleep
easy and awake after six hours, feeling refreshed and energized. My Liver functions
normally now and the pain in my joints, that for around two weeks increased, is barely
evident now.

Stress/Insomnia sufferer: I have been taking Ganoderma for about 8 months. I
started because of working very long hours running my own business, a home and
caring for my elderly mother, all of which were very tiring and stressful and I was not
sleeping very well. Since taking Ganoderma I find I'm sleeping better, eating healthier,
and have found time to exercise and I've lost a little weight as well. I am taking 2 pairs
of capsules a day. I believe that Ganoderma would help most people to live a better
quality of life.

Allergy/Puffy Eyes sufferer: At the time I started taking Ganoderma I had watery
eyes and planned to seek medical advice. A fortnight later I no longer had watery eyes
and I was taking one pair of capsules a day. I also had a "cosmetic" lump under my eye
(puffy eyes) and after applying the Ganoderma toothpaste under my eyes each night for
3 weeks the lump (puffiness) disappeared.


Chronic Pain sufferer: I have suffered great pain in my knee for many years as a
result of a bullet wound. I have obtained temporary relief from a foul smelling ointment
that I had to apply every 6 hours. After rubbing the Ganoderma toothpaste onto my
knee, the pain was relieved. It felt like "deep heat" and I could feel it going down into
the bone. The pain has not returned and it has been one week since I applied the

Chronic Pain sufferer: I have suffered with pain in my shoulder (rotor cuff syndrome)
for two and a half years. I have been unable to sleep undisturbed. I would wake up
every ten minutes or so with the pain. After rubbing the Ganoderma toothpaste onto my
shoulder, I slept soundly and pain free that night, and the next. I was also continually
free from the pain during the day. Today, two days later, I felt a little pain (three percent
compared to ninety percent before the toothpaste treatment). I have just had a little
more toothpaste rubbed on my shoulder and the pain has completely gone.

Stinging Nettles Pain sufferers: My seven year-old daughter brushed past a stinging
nettle while walking through rainforest. A section of her arm welted up and was very
red. Thankfully we had the Ganoderma toothpaste with us, and applied it to the area. It
was soothed instantly. The next day she was asked about her arm and she told us that
she could not feel any pain at all. My husband had been the one to remove the plant
from our daughter's arm, and was also stung on the hands. Ganoderma soothed him
too, and no more pain was felt. Stinging nettles pain usually last in the skin for weeks.
This toothpaste took the pain away and it never returned.

High Blood Pressure/Indigestion sufferer: I was diagnosed as having high blood
pressure when I was twenty-one. As I imagined I was ten feet tall and indestructible at
that age, I did nothing about it. At thirty-four I had a slight stroke and spent a few weeks
in hospital. I have been treated for high blood pressure ever since. I have been
hospitalized once since with hepatitis A, due to being over prescribed with blood
pressure tablets (sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease!). Since I have
been taking my Ganoderma, my blood pressure is very stable at 123 over 70, which I
and my doctor are very happy with. Also I injured my back in an industrial accident and
was placed in traction for six weeks, after which I had a laminectomy on my spine. As a
result of taking anti-inflammatory medication I caught a bug that causes ulcers in my
gut. After taking three courses of antibiotics, it was still there and causing quite a bit of
indigestion and heartburn. Once again, since I have been taking my Ganoderma, my
tummy has settled down and I now enjoy my meals once more, and no longer blame my
wife's cooking!

Arthritis/Chronic Pain/Low Energy sufferer: The state of my health in January of
2004 was not good. I have Osteo-Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and thyroid problems, plus a
slight problem with one of the valves in my heart. My main difficulty was living with so
much pain and weakness. I could not walk very far without a stick or wheel-walker
because my body and legs were very weak. The worst part of my day was waking up
each morning with really bad lower back pain, and wondering if I could get out of the
bed and stand up, and if I had enough strength to get down to breakfast. I was


depressed about being unable to do so many things that I had always taken for granted,
e.g. just being able to walk for more than a couple of minutes without having to sit down
or hang out my washing or making my bed. I started to take one pair of DXN
Ganoderma capsules on Monday the 26th of January and continued to the next Monday
when I increased the dose to two pairs per day. By the end of the next week I was
beginning to feel the benefits of taking these capsules. On Monday February 9th, I
woke up to find I had no back pain and more energy than I have had for some months,
my brain seemed to be working better, and I had a general feeling of well being that I
had not experienced for some time. Yippee, I feel great!!! I have now been on
Ganoderma for seven weeks taking either two or three pairs a day and I feel wonderful!
No more excruciating backache, and lots of energy even on our hot summer days. So
many people are being amazed at how well I look. Soon I am sure I will be able to just
take a maintenance dose of one pair a day.

Cigarette Detoxification/Hair Loss sufferer: I have recently decided to stop my self-
inflicted poisoning from smoking cigarettes. I have found information from many
sources that claim that taking high doses of alkaline foods reduce nicotine withdrawals.
Spirulina is of course a food extremely high in alkaline, and your cereal has been
helping me with any withdrawals. The Ganoderma is now working as it should, by not
having to continue to try to detoxify me from those hundreds of damaging chemicals
daily that I was receiving from smoking. My husband's hair is growing back since he
started taking capsules. He has been going bald since his early twenties. Now that
very shiny top area has got 1.5cm of new growth. He has been taking 2 pairs of
capsules per day and went through the initial detox program, also he has been using
the Gano shampoo. This is something I would not think Ganoderma would live up to,
but it is continuing to amaze us all the time. We are also noticing that our nails are
growing very fast and extremely strong.

Tired Leg Syndrome/Ringing In Ears sufferer: Before I started taking Ganoderma, I
suffered from tired leg syndrome where both my legs would continually ache in the
night, similar to painful pins and needles. I also have had severe ringing in the ears
regularly. Since taking Ganoderma for seven months, I have noticed that I no longer
suffer from these pains in my legs and only twice have I experienced a slight ringing in
the ears. People have also commented on how clear and bright my eyes look and how
my skin glows.

High Fluid Retention/Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferer: I wish to state that I had
fluid retention, causing swollen ankles and general discomfort for at least forty years,
and after consuming a pair of Ganoderma capsules per day for less than two months,
my ankles are back to normal, with no signs of swelling. I have more energy, and a
continuing feeling of well being. I find the capsules also help Irritable Bowel condition,
which I also have.

Haemo Chromatosis sufferer: I have the Haemo chromatosis gene which causes the
body to absorb abnormal and excessive amounts of iron. As iron is toxic, Haemo
chromatosis can cause arthritis, diabetes and liver disorders, among other diseases.


Because it is genetic there is no cure and the only treatment is to be bled at regular

For the last four years I've suffered constant and increasing pain in my joints together
with some liver problems. During that four years I've had fortnightly bleeds for three
months in each six. By the end of August 2003 it had become difficult and painful to
walk or drive. At the time I had just finished three months of fortnightly bleeds and the
blood test revealed an iron reading of 85 (the recommended maximum is 100).

In the first week of September I started taking Ganoderma capsules. By the fourth day
the pain was worse than I had ever had but by I stayed with the dosage, knowing this
was a detox symptom and would eventually dissapate. By the end of that week the pain
had started to decrease markedly and I continued to take the capsules. By the end of
November I only had slight pain in three knuckles with no pain in my joints. I had my
three monthly blood test at the end of November and instead of an iron level of around
500, as it normally would be after three months, the level was only 108, which is a
negligible increase. For the first time in four years I'm NINETY-NINE PERCENT free of
pain, my liver readings are getting back to normal and the majority of the excess iron is
being flushed from my body and I no longer require regular bleeds. The power of
Ganoderma is incredible!

Various Age-Related Maladies sufferer: I have always been an active worker up
until four years ago. When I stopped working I started to get very sick. After consuming
Ganoderma I have noticed many good results. My memory and my sight are both very
good now, I have a lot more strength for gardening and hard work, I can now run. I
have noticed the warts that were on my hands have disappeared from applying
Ganoderma toothpaste and now disappearing from my ankles. An infection in my leg
healed very quickly while taking Ganoderma. My hair was white and is now returning to
original colour, I also am noticing new growth now. I no longer suffer from poor
digestion and heartburn. A cancer spot on my hand has now gone from applying the
toothpaste. While taking Ganoderma I started to get a rash on my body, this was a
reaction and I stopped taking the capsules, while I was not taking the capsules, my
blood pressure rose to 220 and heart b p m were 257, so I took the capsules again.
These are both now regular. I feel like I have a new life, I will never stop taking
Ganoderma. I also use the shampoo, coffee and toothpaste.

Asthma/Chronic Pain sufferer: My five year-old son suffered from asthma. After
consuming Ganoderma for three weeks, he coughed and vomited a lot of mucus and
phlegm from his lungs. This lasted for about two weeks on a dose of one pair of
capsules per day, and we considered this was a normal part of the detoxification he had
to go through. Normally he was only able to run around the outside of the house as fast
as he could once. After the run he would need his asthma pump. One day when racing
his brothers, he ran around the house three times in excellent time. To my surprise he
was breathing deeply when finished and with no need for his pump. This to me is just
amazing. With myself I noticed after consuming the capsules for one week my lower
back pain was as if not even there, it is so minimal at around five percent. I have had


two spinal blocks with caesarean births and had five children altogether, so this has
caused much back pain. My menstrual cycle was also extremely abnormal. After
taking Ganoderma for three months all is very regular and normal now.

Aged Pet Triumph: I just wanted to tell you about my fourteen year-old Toy Poodle
Ben. The Vet has been wanting to put my best friend down for the last year. Ben and I
had other ideas. He has Cancer, is totally deaf, almost blind, slept all day and all night
and could hardly walk, not much pleasure in life for him. Also smelt dreadful. Seven
weeks ago I introduced my little pal to Ganoderma, the huge lump under his jaw has
withered to size of a pencil about three inches long, and looks like it is almost ready to
fall off, there is no more odor coming from him and his gums are all very healthy looking
now. He plays and follows me around just like he used to and has even been for
several walks this last week. His eyes are much improved and no longer walks into
glass doors. His nose is always wet now. I know he is old and so am I. We both
wanted quality of life and to help that along, we take Ganoderma. Ben now has a better
quality of life and can live to the end of his days in a healthier way... Oh yes he also has
his teeth cleaned with Ganozhi toothpaste, and I'm sure he is smiling at me.

Degenerative Spine Disease sufferer:           In 1991 I was diagnosed with a spinal
degenerative disease, which left me unable to lift anything over 1 kg, and in constant
pain which got progressively worse. I needed frequent physiotherapy but after passing
out after a session one day, I wasn't allowed to have further treatment anywhere. I was
unable to leave the house except by ambulance from 1993 to 1996, when I got a
wheelchair. I have been using a wheelchair ever since. I have been unable to obtain
remedial treatment or relief from the condition no matter what I did. I have had no
feeling at all in my legs since 1991.

I began taking Ganoderma in March 2004. I take just one pair of capsules per day but
after nine weeks I wasn't getting any better. In fact the pain was much worse so I
decided to stop taking them. My wife insisted I give them a fair go so I eventually
agreed, and after sixteen weeks (in June) the pain stopped altogether. Now I am
walking, sometimes without assistance, sometimes with a walking stick. The feeling in
my legs has returned, and is now completely normal. I can drive my car again, for the
first time in years!

Ganoderma actually saves me a lot of money as well. Since I no longer need the range
of vitamins and minerals I was on.

Increasingly Busy Lifestyle sufferer: I began taking Ganoderma in March and I am
amazed at how well I am coping with my increasingly busy lifestyle! My memory has
improved along with my energy. All hail Ganoderma!!!

General Health Increase/Healthy Pet:          Since taking Ganoderma in April I have
experienced initial energy spurts and longer concentration. I have also started to detox
which with patience will deal with various issues in the body, which will heal itself. We
give our 30kg. thirteen year-old dog a half capsule of each, and her health has improved


greatly. She was limping with arthritis, becoming incontinent and diahorrea. All those
symptoms have gone after one month and she is now jumping around again!

Asthma sufferer: I was born with Asthma as was most of my fathers family. The
effects were severe and debilitating, necessitating large quantities of drugs. I was often
confined to bed and hospitalised. I was pleased to have a vast improvement using
kinesiology. Imagine my delight to find that the Ganoderma which was taken for
another reason has made an enormous difference and I am now almost symptom-free.

Spider Bite/Weeping Wound sufferer: In January I was bitten by a spider, on the top
of the arm, near the armpit. The bite location was a big, red, weeping mess for six
months. After one week of ingesting one pair of Gano capsules a day I noticed a big
improvement. After two weeks of applying the toothpaste, the sore was completely
healed, with no scar. I have energy to burn, I am working harder at 56 than I did in my
40`s! Ganoderma is fantastic!!

Denture Wearer/Chronic Back Pain sufferer: I have taken Ganoderma for two and a
half months now and since I have started my bad back pain has disappeared and my
energy levels have greatly improved.

PS: My dentures now fit better on my gums!

Chronic Pain sufferer:       I started very slowly on Ganoderma tea, coffee and
toothpaste. I found all products helpful, and tried adding the detox, and restoring the
capsules in small amounts after 3 weeks. I had noticeable results in my chronic lower
back pain, hips, knees and osteo-arthritis in my right foot, in particular. After three
months of treatments, using the toothpaste and lotion morning and night on joints back
pain has disappeared, and knees almost better, all thanks to Ganoderma.

Hemochromatosis/Longtime Constipation sufferer: I started taking Gano in 2004.
I had been constipated for twenty four years, after a Caesarean section, but everything
is FINALLY back to normal now. My hemochromatosis has gone. I had been expecting
to have to have a hip-replacement, but my hip and back pain remarkably improved in
the first 3 weeks after starting to take the capsules. I was always tired, but not any
more, and I sleep like a baby. Friends tell me I am not looking grey any more!

Smoking Detox/Painful Joints sufferer:         I was persuaded to try Ganoderma to
counter my cigarette smoking and for painful joints. Almost immediately I noticed a
difference in the pain. I could sit cross-legged without discomfort. I became
complacent after taking the pills for two months and failed to re-order. I was well so I
thought. Within one week I re-ordered! My joints were again extremely painful. I had
forgotten what pain I had been in before I started, but now that I am back taking
ganoderma again I have energy to burn. I have always looked great (of course !), but
now with Ganoderma I also feel great. I am 56.


Multiple Injuries/Chronic Pain sufferer: I have worked in the earthmoving, mining
and construction industry for the past 45 years and believe me operating heavy
machinery has taken its toll on my fitness and general health, not to mention high blood
pressure, the onset of arthritis, back and neck pain and being overweight.

In 1976 I sustained a severe right shoulder injury when tossed over a fence by a bull. I
incurred extensive soft tissue damage and over the years the doctors could only
prescribe painkillers, mostly panadene forte. I have been unable to sleep on my right
side as numbness and pins-and-needles would give me constant pain.

In mid 2003 when going to climb down a ladder into an excavation the ladder collapsed
and I fell 18 feet to the bottom with one leg twisted in the ladder. Again after several x-
rays there was no broken bones. Two separate doctors concluded I had sustained torn
cartilage and soft tissue damage and was a prime candidate for a knee replacement.
The only relief from pain was hot packs and massage lotions which would last three to
four hours My knee would give-way as soon as I put my weight on it.

I was first introduced to Ganoderma products in late March 2004. I rubbed the Ganozhi
toothpaste on my aching knee after a shower one night and the next morning the pain
had eased a lot and my knee did not collapse under my weight. A week later I started
taking the capsules. After two days I asked my wife how long did it take for the products
to work? She didn't know, as she was still learning about these products. She asked
why? Well I said, I hardly notice any pain in my knee anymore.

I have been taking the Ganoderma capsules now for 6 weeks and will not ever be
without them ever because of the tremendous relief they have given me. I can now
sleep on my right side very comfortably, and the Ganozhi toothpaste I am rubbing on
the sunspots on my hands, upper arms and face are causing them to disappear very
quickly. I'm looking forward to my next medical check, which I have every 6 months.
The way I am feeling, I know my blood pressure will be normal.

To those of you who are operating heavy machinery or driving trucks and can relate to
these conditions I have experienced: You won't know what these marvellous Chinese
herbs can do for you till you try them!

Arthritic Ankle/Insomnia sufferer: I have suffered for many years with an arthritic
ankle which has not allowed me to do any extensive walking. Well it is hardly two
months since I started taking capsules, and already I can walk for any length of time
and not have any pain. I have really put this to the test, and you cannot believe how
much this changes my life style. A full day at school with 5 lessons, no big deal at all
now. Ganoderma gives me a lot more energy during the day, and at night I sleep really
well. For a long time prior to taking the tablets I always had very restless nights.

Mercury Toxicity/Arteriosclerosis sufferer: I had mercury toxicity which affected my
whole body, kidneys, ears, eyes, brain. Also arteriosclerosis. When I started on the
Ganoderma I had an initial increase in energy and better temperament, but a shocking


shortness of breath after three weeks. I maintained on 3 pairs a day until it passed.
Now I have no more mercury toxicity, my teeth are improving, my vision, hearing and
breathing are all better.

Low Energy/Iron Deficiency sufferer:           I had very heavy menstrual bleeding for
several years. I was always very tired from all the constant bleeding. Blood tests
revealed my iron levels were very low, normal being 100... Mine was 4! I wanted to
sleep all the time. I started taking iron and vitamin B supplements, but it can take up to
a year to raise iron levels using this method. I needed a quicker solution, and found
Ganoderma. I began taking capsules and within two days I could not believe how
much energy I had. I cleaned my house and car, first time in ages! My whole outlook
has improved... I feel alive again, I hardly ever feel tired, I work, I play, I can do
anything I want. It's AMAZING!!!

Infected Breast Lesion/Tumor sufferer: For four or five months I had a lump the size
of a pea in my breast, which eventually became infected. The doctor put me on
antibiotics, and when the inflammation subsided she made an appointment for a biopsy.
But meanwhile I had been taking capsules for six weeks, and my lesion had healed up.
When I returned to my doctor he found that my lump had disappeared. I cannot
attribute this to anything else than Ganoderma. Miraculous!

Tumor sufferer: I was diagnosed with a mass in my stomach, possibly cancerous.
My doctor proposed surgery but I decided to do a Ganoderma detox, taking up to 30
pairs of capsules per day. When I returned September 15th, there was no mass left. I
believe Ganoderma helped to remove it. I believe that everyone needs Ganoderma in
his or her lives.

Allergy/Chronic Bronchitis sufferer:       I am 75 years old, lost one kidney in an
accident, and then I got cancer of the throat, uterus and my remaining kidney. I half-
healed myself through organic foods for three weeks, amazing my doctor. Then I found
Ganoderma, started taking capsules, and am now completely free of Cancer
(completely astounding my doctor!). Also, my granddaughter was very sick at birth, and
in intensive care. We added Ganoderma to the breast-milk, which was expressed for
her. She was discharged from hospital two days later, fine and healthy! I attribute both
our recoveries to Ganoderma.

Stroke/Old Age sufferer: I had my first stroke at age 81 when I was hospitalised with
food poisoning. I was six weeks in hospital instead of one week. After six months
home care by my daughter, I was able to live on my own again. I suffered another
stroke four months ago, which has affected my memory and mobility and I am unable to
live alone again. I will be 96 on November 23rd, 2004. What I realise is that is that
through my daughter giving me a daily dose of capsules, I am walking confidently again
with my stick. No more wheelchair or walking-frame. My short-term memory is
improving. I also have a stoma, and the soap is great for keeping it clean from scoring.
Massages with the oil on my legs help my grazes and bruises heal quickly. Sometime I


forget to take my prescribed medication, but I always take my Ganoderma capsules.
They make me feel so good.

Many and Various Ailments sufferer: I have been taking DXN Ganoderma for 7
months. Three years ago I had cataracts surgically removed from my right eye, and
have been monitored annually to assess when the other eye would need to be done. I
had my check-up today and my left eye has stabilised and slightly reversed, a very
exciting development, I will have another check in 9 months. I am fairly confident
surgery will not be necessary. Apart from that this product has made some other
changes for me: Restoring hair colour, I can read some print in a good light without
specs, My night-vision when driving is greatly improved, My sun-spots are almost all
gone, severe ones, My curved spine is improved, Damaged tissue on the sole of my
foot is no longer sore, Hip pain from osteoporosis has gone, Water-works sorted, no
urgency now! Energy levels up, and sleeping better, tho not as long, General feeling of
serenity and well-being, Tooth decay and loose teeth halted. I have used and
recommended some good health products over the past decade, but I have never had
such quantifiable and noticeable results as I have with Ganooderma, although I am a
decade older! Bless you, Dr Lim!

Many and Various Ailments sufferer: I am aged 67 years - and reside in Auckland,
New Zealand - This testimonial is freely given to assist any person who may wish to use
the products - that they should have no hesitation about the safety on ingesting some.
I have been using the tablets for three months now and although skeptical to start with
is now a firm adherent to the regime recommended. I started with the detox program
and then have been having a pair of tablets a day ever since.

For the past 8 years approx. I have been suffering from Schamberg's disease
(progressive pigmented purpura) on the lower right leg. This unsightly condition has
lessened quite significantly in the colour and area previously affected. Further, a large
varicose vein on the right calf has almost receded back to skin level and diminished in
size and colour, indicating the restoration of near normal blood flow and reduction in
potential clotting.

In addition two benign growths, one on the upper spine which protruded radially, and
the other on the left side of the neck, have receded to the point where there the have
almost disappeared and become unnoticeable. This is quite remarkable as for the past
several years they had been growing!

My wife, who is 63, and myself have both noticed our hair has been growing faster and
thickening. Mine is even encroaching over the bald spot on my crown - to the point
where my barber is commenting. Both of us have also experienced our skin becoming
less dry, with flaking and cracking disappearing where once we had to use a salve to
keep the skin moisturized, especially on our lower limbs. My wife has also noticed her
spider varicose veins are fading. Our general feeling of well-being has increased as
well. We now consider the use of these products to be part and parcel of our normal


health regime, and have no hesitation in accepting enquiries as to the above statements
of fact.

Many and Various Ailments sufferer: 65 years and getting younger by the minute -
My Ganoderma Story: Before I started taking Ganoderma Lucidum one year ago, I felt
an absolute wreck, in fact I thought I was going down the tube. When I eventually got
out of bed each day, I felt like I had been hit by a truck, I was sore all over and it took
me a few minutes to stand up. I suffered from many conditions such as chronic fatigue,
ME, fibro myalgia, high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, frequent bladder infections,
heavy aching legs, depression, sciatica, short term memory loss, poor eyesight,
agoraphobia, diverticulitis attacks, sinusitis, overweight, brain fog, degenerated left hip,
snow white hair, generally felt and looked very old, sick and I was in pain. Nothing my
GP gave me did any good at all and although being a trained nurse and trained
naturopath myself I could not help myself either. I spent most of my time sitting, laying
down or sleeping, I felt so bad that I didn't want to go on living because I didn't want to
be a burden on my wonderful partner who had said, "Even if I have to spoon feed you, I
won't leave you."

The day after I took my first pair of capsules, I woke up in the morning amazed that I
could remember my dreams in vivid colour, I hadn't been able to remember dreams for
years, so I knew something dramatic was happening in my brain, and since that very
first day I have gradually continued to improve in health and sense of well-being to the
point that I no longer feel sick and old, my eyesight has improved dramatically and even
my hair colour is gradually going back to it's original shade.

Over a few weeks I gradually built up my dose to 6 pair of caps a day and stayed on
that dose for 3 months, I now take 4 pair a day. Now, when I wake up in the morning I
bounce out of bed, work all day and hardly ever need to rest, I laugh a lot and I feel
absolutely fantastic and people keep telling me how great I look. I have started an eBay
business which keeps me very busy, I love it and I'm coping very well with it,
considering I work 7 days a week and up to 16 hours a day.

I truly believe that Ganoderma Lucidum has 'turned back the clock' for me and I never
want to go back to the way I felt before. I plan to take these 'miracle' capsules for the
rest of my life.

Psoriatic Arthritis/Chronic Pain sufferer: I am 39 years old. 11 years ago, in 1993, I
was diagnosed with severe Psoriatic Arthritis. My health which had been generally very
good, deteriorated quite rapidly, for the most part the medical treatment offered to me
was aggressive and I began a regime of anti-inflammatory, chemotherapy and assorted
pain relieving drugs, that merely reduced, temporarily, the chronic insidious pain I was
in. More drugs were to follow. At stages I was taking twenty different tablets, several
times a day.

This disease started in my toes and ankles but quickly spread to other soft tissue areas
of my joints and caused swelling and inflammation of fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders,


sacroiliac, jaw, knees, ribs, spine and neck. Within twelve months I had been classified
an invalid and been allocated a full time care giver. In the next few years was
hospitalised fourteen times. My whole system seemed to suffer from the enormous
amount of pharmaceutical drugs I was taking. I was losing hair, I had irritable bowel
syndrome, bad skin, tooth loss, lethargy, depression and muscle atrophy. I was a wreck
and on the verge of suicide several times.

I was then given information about very potent antioxidant treatment; this helped for a
time and allowed me to lead a more normal existence.

Then, two years ago, the disease returned with a vengeance, I flared badly, but the anti
oxidant treatment, this time, only had minimal effect and it was very expensive. I
avoided my Doctor for a while as long as I could, for fear of this drug therapy nightmare
beginning again however, eventually; I had to go back, to get relief from the terrible pain
I was in. At this stage my right elbow was swollen and I could not straighten my arm it
was locked at a 45% angle also my left shoulder was swollen and I could not lift that
arm more than a few inches so I could not look after myself, I was so depressed and
looked forward with dread at a future of pain, drugs and dependency on others.

Then a 'Miracle' happened - just when I had no hope left! I heard about Ganoderma
Lucidum just ten weeks ago, (this was 4 weeks after I had reluctantly, been back to my
Doctor to begin chemotherapy again). A friend gave me some Ganoderma Lucidum to
try; to my amazement I had a very positive reaction within a few hours and since that
very first pair of capsules, I have been completely pain free (yes completely pain free!),
without taking any more drugs at all.

Every part of my body is improving daily, hourly. The joints, while still swollen, are pain
free, I sleep very soundly, my bowels behave normally, I have energy to burn, my head
is clear and I have been able to return to full time work. My gums teeth hair and skin
are all showing signs of rejuvenation, spots and marks on my skin are reducing in size
and I feel my libido returning. My vision is clearing and I have no lethargy. All of this
has happened in a few short weeks and since I first started on the detox program, I
have taken up to eight pairs of capsules a day but have now reduced them to 3 pairs a
day and continue to enjoy improved health. I am convinced that my consumption of
ganoderma capsules contributed to my recovery, and would be happy to discuss my
condition and healing with anyone who feels hopeless like I did.

Dementia/Incontinence sufferer: My elderly mother was diagnosed with Dementia in
August 2004. She was unable to walk and was incontinent. After taking 3 pairs daily of
Ganoderma capsules for only 5 days she was able to walk well and her cognitive
function was returning. After 7.5 weeks she went from high to low care at a nursing
home and has now returned to her own home. She continues to improve, thanks to the
Ganoderma capsules.

Paget's Disease/Chronic Pain sufferer: I was introduced to Ganoderma three weeks
ago. I was diagnosed with Paget's Disease three years ago, causing bone deformity


and pain. I was taking so many painkillers my skin broke out with dermatitis. My doctor
said I would need injections to control the pain. Since I began taking the capsules I am
starting to hope, as my back-pain and leg-pain have disappeared, in fact I am pain-free!
I can hardly believe it, but since there has been no change in anything I am taking or not
taking otherwise, that this improvement must be the Ganoderma.

Mild Cerebral Palsy/Difficulty Walking sufferer: I was born with mild Cerebral Palsy
from the waist down. At the age of 49, I had an operation to straighten my legs. Ten
months after that operation I still had a lot of difficulty walking and I had to use a walking
stick. I then heard about Ganoderma and started taking 6 pairs of capsules a day
because of my condition. About ten days after starting, I felt something liken to electric
currents or pulses on each side of the top of my brain which lasted about 24 hours. It
was a very unusual feeling, but there was no pain. I believe it was Ganoderma
reactivating the cells in my brain. Realising that Ganoderma was doing something I
then started to take 10 pairs per day. Very soon after I began walking without aid. I
actually threw away my walking stick! My walking now has improved dramatically,
thanks to Ganoderma.

NOTE: These comments are not made by a doctor and should not be taken to mean
you will have the


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