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					Gout treatment remedies

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Gout treatment remedies

high uric acid, numbness thumb, toe pain, joint swelling, extreme pain „ „
Needless to say, gout has been a quiet passage of the upper body. as a male
with “patent” disease, the history of many famous kings suffered from gout
will be compared, it is also known as gout “Emperor” disease, and therefore
has been considered and the “wine and meat” close intimate relationship with
the prosperity of disease.

So, how does the treatment of gout?

Chinese medicine treatment of gout:

1: Prescription: Huang Zhi 50 grams, pregnancy, monkshood, the system Breit,
Notopterygium, white peony root, Epimedium, Dioscorea collettii, Angelica, Zao
Ren, Poria of 9 grams, wind, Asarum, independent living, cinnamon, Zhigancao 6
grams each, Chuanxiong 4.5 grams.

Usage: decoction, Japan 1, 3 times

2: prescription: Angelica, white peony root, licorice each 60 grams, 30 grams
nosed pit viper, centipede, Asarum each 20 grams, white wine 2000 ml.

Usage: Pharmaceutical research small, cloth soaked in alcohol for 10 days,
each serving 30 ml, 2 times , 25 days for a course of treatment.

3: Prescription: Clematis 150 grams, ginger (cooked) 60 grams, Aconitum
(cooked, peeled, umbilical) 60 grams.

Usage: drug research for the end of cooking the meat for the pill date, such
as the Indus child large, each serving 15 to 20 pills, get under the warm

4: To manage and treatment of gout his mouth, not eating high purine content
of food. On the other hand, to reduce uric acid levels, according to magazine
reports coherence: the recent drop acid presents a product called the complex
tea is more successful Bates. gout repeated, mainly high uric acid, but most
of the uric acid lowering drugs have significantly damage the effectiveness of
internal organs of the vice, almost all gout patients are “afraid to take
medicine beverages, do not eat fear of recurrence,” the dilemma. safe without
side effect is Complex Bates one of the most important feature of tea.

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