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Art Professors Receive OAC Award 3
Student Group designBridge 4
Honoring Tinker Hatfield 6

                              SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND ALLIED ARTS
                                                                         “As I embrace my third year in A&AA, I am begin-
                                                                         ning to understand the qualities that underpin this
                                                                         extraordinary enterprise. I have been extolling our
                                                                         foundation of critical inquiry and design excel-
                                                                         lence with a commitment to social justice and
                                                                                                       Dean Frances Bronet

                                                                                                                               Dean’s Column
The A&AA Review is published each spring by

the University of Oregon School of Architecture
& Allied Arts. The A&AA Bulletin is published
                                                          n my journeys across the world visiting            Your support for the school has been
each fall and summer. Address inquiries (541)             many of you, I have learned that a deep        growing and is deeply encouraging. As you
346-1442 or                         promise to make the world a better place       know, funding for education in Oregon is
2007–2008 Board of Visitors                         is only one of our school’s great attributes. I      compromised at best, and you have stepped
Executive Committee                                 have heard about the remarkable dedication           up to the plate. A&AA is committed to excel-
Chair                                               to a learning environment that knits commu-          lence, and your generosity keeps our ambi-
  Gordon Chong, FAIA, San Francisco, CA
Vice Chair                                          nities of students and faculty together, where       tions high. Our departments are consistently
  Linda Hummel Parker, San Francisco, CA            research, practice, and teaching meld into           ranked in the top 15% in the country. We
Secretary/Treasurer                                 a powerful and cultivating whole. I listened         have continued our strength in both inter-
  Steve Sandstrom, Portland, OR
At-Large                                            as alumni recalled moments, and indeed,              national and interdisciplinary education.
  Arthur Johnson, P.E., S.E., Portland, OR          entire academic careers where they felt chal-        This year new summer programs in China
  Meagan Atiyeh, Salem, OR
  Michael Wilkes, FAIA, San Diego, CA
                                                    lenged, taught, supported, and nourished             and Finland were initiated. Interdisciplinary
  Alfred Wojciechowski, AIA, Boston, MA             in a way that created a base for them to be          interests across the school have launched
Members                                             leaders in their chosen fields.                      our new graduate Certificate in Ecological
  Cynthia Adamson, Sacramento, CA
  Stewart Ankrom, AIA, Portland, OR
                                                       During this year, multiple programs in the        Design and developed a new A&AA minor
  Garth Brandaw, Salem, OR                          school are gearing up for our expansion in           called Place, Form, and Cultural Identity. We
  Brad Cloepfil, Portland, OR                       Portland this September at the White Stag            are exploring another new minor in Sustain-
  John Cochran III, Los Angeles, CA
  David Cohen, Portland, OR
                                                    building on the corner of N.W. Couch and             able Land Development that will partner with
  Herman D’Hooge, Hillsboro, OR                     First Avenue. Programs in architecture,              the schools of business and law.
  Art Demuro, Portland, OR                          digital arts, and our new B.F.A. in product             Following almost a century of graduates,
  David Donaldson, SPHR, Lake Oswego, OR
  Robert Fulton, Chico, CA
                                                    design will begin classes in our new UO              our students are still pragmatic in the way
  Richard Hoover, Westlake Village, CA              Portland building. The White Stag block is           that they understand how things go together;
  Erik Kvarsten, Gresham, OR                        a testament to thoughtful, appropriate ret-          they are visionary in speculating about how
  Douglas Macy, FASLA, Portland, OR
  Paul Morris, FASLA, Raleigh, NC
                                                    rofit with a passion for inspiring space. We         to both penetrate and transcend the every-
  Laura Paulson, New York, NY                       envision our expanded facilities in Portland         day. They are formulating the future. The
  Nancy Pobanz, Eugene, OR                          as a locus for cutting-edge, interdisciplinary       students are participating in a culture at the
  Michael Reed, Portland, OR
  Mitchell Smith, Bellevue, WA
                                                    education— creating a research environment           University of Oregon deeply rooted in social
  Vinton “Slim” Sommerville, Seattle, WA            committed to innovation in art and design            and environmental sustainability, asserting a
  Brett Steele, London, England                     with an emphasis on social and environ-              set of possibilities – of how to view, occupy,
  Libby Unthank Tower, Eugene, OR
  Sohrab Vossoughi, Portland, OR
                                                    mental responsibility. Portland is Oregon’s          and frame this world.
  Frank Webb, AIA, Los Angeles, CA                  center for innovative design practice, one             Again, thank you for your great encourage-
  Anthony S.O. Wong, Wanchai, Hong Kong             of two leading international cities model-           ment. I look forward to continued learning.
Office of External Relations & Communications       ing sustainability, creative production, and
Assistant Dean                                      is a rich urban laboratory epitomizing the
  Karen J. Johnson                                  “healthy” city.
Program Coordinator
  Kara Rowan
                                                                                                                                    Frances Bronet
  Joseph Mayo, GTF                                                                                                                  Dean
Graphic Designer
  Ho Lee, GTF                                         School of Architecture and Allied Arts
Staff Photographer
  Patrick Arlt                                        Architecture
                                                                                                                                                           COURTESY VENERABLE PROPERTIES

Contributors                                          Art
  Jim Barlow
  Liska Chan                                          Art History
  Keavy Cook                                          Arts and Administration
  Reed Kelley
 Melody Ward Leslie                                   Digital Arts
 Ted Michner                                          Historic Preservation
 Kenneth O’Connell
 Peter Stubbs                                         Interior Architecture
Cover: Ink drawing by undergraduate architecture      Landscape Architecture
student Brent Sturlaugson while in India. With
scholarship support, Sturlaugson spent 12 months      Planning, Public Policy, and Management                        North facade of White Stag building
travelling and drawing in Cambodia, China, India,     Product Design                                                 in Portland.
Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Inset photograph by Jack Liu.
                                                                                                      FACulTy ReSeARCh

       Three Art Professors Win OAC Fellowships
          Six artists with UO ties receive Oregon Arts Commission Artist Fellowships

            hether using multi-media,          viewer interrupts the image, momen-           “a highly personal and private reality
            jewelry, sculpture or a col-       tarily flashing the barren landscape of       with a reality that is more objective,
            lage of techniques, art pro-       a clear-cut in place of the old growth        public and shared.” The OAC Fellow-
fessors Colin Ives, Amanda Wojick              forest. Ives explains, “creating interac-     ship will support the creation, shipping
and Anya Kivarkis embed social and             tive media work allows me to express          and installation of Wojick’s new body of
theoretical concerns in captivating            the sense of responsibility that I feel for   work that will be installed in May at the
ways. The Oregon Arts Commission               the natural environment. Incorporating        Elizabeth Leach Gallery in Portland.
Fellowship aids the development of             the response of an individual viewer, in         Visiting Assistant Professor Anya
artistic ideas, supporting Ives, Kivarkis,     turn, connects that person intimately         Kivarkis crafts jewelry whose beauty
and Wojick as they continue to create          to these same cultural, technological,        almost belies its critique of material cul-
visually and intellectually arresting          and ecological concerns.” The grant           ture. Her work explores the relationship
art. Dave Tinman Edgar ‘89 and Paula           panel was impressed by Ives’s ability         between excess, luxury, and absence.
Rebsom (M.F.A. ’06), alumni of UO, and         to create a sensory experience beyond         Some of her brooches, for example, are
Wendy Huhn, adjunct instructor, also           the machine. Ives’s work engages the          sensuously ornamented, yet tempered,
received fellowships from the Oregon           viewer to confront their relationship         and visually obstructed by austere pla-
Arts Commission. Each artist receives          with nature in an increasingly mediated       nar forms, denying visual access to the
$3,000 to complete work in progress,           environment.                                  most ornamental parts. She explains
embark on new work, or undertake                  Associate Professor Amanda Wojick          that her work “seeks to subvert how
research or travel.                            works with mixed media and sculpture          jewelry operates as a signifier of access

Above: Ives’s “Swimmer” (2003). A kinetic      Above: Wojick’s “Wildwood” (2007), 22 x 30    Above: Front and back of Kivarkis’ untitled
video sculpture in which the projection of a   inches. Bandaids, ink and wood on paper.      brooch (2007).
swimmer swims across the floor, up a wall,
across the ceiling, then back down in an       to create surreal topographical environ-      to luxury, as excessive embellishment
endless loop.                                  ments. “I locate my creative practice         has historically signaled wealth and
   Colin Ives, assistant professor, uses       at the intersections of abstract sculp-       civility.” Through her work Kivarkis
digital projection installations to cre-       ture and drawing, the hand and the            connects the disparate worlds of jewel-
ate an environment of moving image             machine, and material and consumer            ry and social commentary. She goes on
and sound. His recent work explores            culture,” says Wojick of her work. For        to say, “the work examines vision, and
overlapping concerns of art, technol-          the past several years Wojick has trav-       manipulates how we are directed to see
ogy and ecology. The Clearing, a recent        eled back and forth between Oregon            luxury goods in contemporary visual
digital installation, projects progressive     and New York, resulting in what she           culture.” Kivarkis’ art often begins with
slices of old growth forest slowly mov-        calls “a kind of suspended condition.”        an exploration of historical Baroque
ing around the gallery walls, creating a       Such traveling feeds creative ideas           jewelry design and Victorian photogra-
360 degree panorama of a natural forest        and through art Wojick reconciles her         phy. The Art Commission commented
clearing. The projector is not hidden,         contrasting sense of place. The frictions     that Kivarkis’ work was “seductive…
but an important visual component of           inherent in this type of lifestyle are ap-    [and] unlike anything else.”
the piece, reminding the viewer of both        parent in her work. Shifting landscapes          Of the 113 applicants only 13 fel-
the cultural and mechanical construc-          reminiscent of rocky cliffs, caves, and       lowships were awarded based on the
tion of nature and our own responsi-           deserts are dotted by ladders, fissures,      artist’s quality of work, record of profes-
bility for the natural environment. A          and rubble. Within these topographies         sional activity, achievement, and future
sensor on the projector detects when a         one can sense Wojick weaving together         promise.
          hands-On Program designBridge Connects
                 Students with Community

            very Wednesday, students gath-                                                    tegration. As the grant proposal states:
            er in a Lawrence Hall classroom                                                   “The Department of Architecture at the
            for a noontime meeting. First                                                     University of Oregon is unusual among
    on the agenda: gathering in a circle,                                                     architecture schools in that a large por-
    where members introduce themselves                                                        tion of our students arrive on campus
    and lead a group exercise, whether                                                        with a directed social mission. While
    sincere or silly, rotating wrists stiffened                                               the current architecture curriculum is
    by computer use, forming a yoga pose,                                                     strong in its integration of environmen-
    greeting the person next to them. With                                                    tal sustainability, the community and
    their bodies and senses of humor loos-                                                    service component is largely absent.”
    ened up, the meeting begins.                                                                  Professor Larco has found that
        There is a spirit and camaraderie                                                     designBridge offers him an opportunity
    that defines designBridge, a student-                                                     to combine his academic interests with
    run service group comprised primarily                                                     community service. Former adjunct
    of Architecture & Allied Arts (A&AA)                                                      assistant professor Michael Cockram
    students who volunteer their time and                                                     was instrumental in development of the
    design talents to Eugene/Springfield-                                                     program. “designBridge wouldn’t exist
    area organizations.                                                                       without him,” said Larco. “Michael has
        designBridge’s mission is to enhance                                                  been a wonderful advocate for students
    undergraduate and graduate education                                                      taking control of their architectural
    with real-world experience while aid-         designBridge coordinator Nora Diver         education,” added Churchill.
                                                  discusses designs for a proposed new West
    ing community groups who can’t afford         University Park with Steven Bennett from
    traditional design and construction ser-      West University Neighbors.                  ORIGINS
    vices. The flexible group juggles several                                                 Cockram, who has since moved to
    projects at once, with willing students       and money working with students and         Austin, TX, laid the foundation for the
    stepping forward as project leads, and        were really receptive to teaching us,”      organization as far back as 2003. Cock-
    fellow members invited to attend char-        Churchill said.                             ram and his students designed and built
    rettes and on-site work parties.                 Though formally founded only three       the “Chapel of Second Chances” for
        “designBridge is learning through         years ago, designBridge shows no grow-      BRING Recycling, a nonprofit recycler
    making and doing,” said student di-           ing pains. Student officers have been       and reseller of building supplies. The
    rector Erik Churchill, a graduate stu-        elected and a dedicated office has been     open-air chapel was constructed with
    dent and double major in architecture         established. A 2007-08 Teaching Award       second-hand materials from BRING’s
    and business, “and we’re trying to be         from the UO’s Tom and Carol Williams        yard.
    multi-disciplinary, whether that’s art        Fund for Undergraduate Education af-            In 2005, graduate architecture stu-
    or environmental science or planning          forded Nico Larco, assistant professor of   dents Stephanie Osario and Amanda
    or architecture students. Many students       architecture and designBridge’s faculty     Erickson teamed-up with Cockram
    don’t view this as an extra part of their     advisor, time to draft an organizational    to organize the first designBridge
    education, but as integral, and that’s        strategy and syllabus for classroom in-     event - a panel discussion “Students
    how we view it too.”                                                                      Reinvigorating the Community” at the
        Churchill first served as project                                                     annual HOPES conference. design-
    manager on a bus shelter for SeQuential                                                   Bridge now participates each year in
    Biofuels. His group drafted plans for                                                     the conference.
    a shelter of structural steel, rammed                                                         For Cockram’s goodbye party last
    earth and a living roof. Construction                                                     spring, designBridge hosted a fundrais-
    is currently on hold because of budget                                                    er where Cockram and his daughter per-
    concerns.                                                                                 formed on guitar and fiddle. Christine
        Working on the project with Eugene-                                                   Theodoropoulos, Head of the Depart-
    based consultants Artisan Engineering                                                     ment of Architecture, agreed to match
    and transportation planners from Lane                                                     donations up to $2,000. That brought
    Transit District offered students a real                                                  the total to $4,000. “The faculty were
    professional experience. Churchill            designBridge rendering of proposed          very generous,” said Churchill, “and it
                                                  SeQuential Biofuel station.
    said “Artisan donated a lot of time                                                       left a nice legacy for Michael.”
                                                                                     InTeRdISCIPlInARy InITIATIVe

     Interdisciplinary student group expands education through real world design/build
                           experience and community involvement

  designBridge first worked with BRING       had expected around eight students to           principal. Together they plan to revamp
in 2005 to create an accessible covered      enroll, but 20 did. The class was envi-         the current inadequate shelter to ac-
walkway at its new Planet Improvement        sioned as an incubator of projects to be        commodate 30 to 40 bikes, an outdoor
Center location. Students prototyped         pursued in the winter and spring with           work area and, with help from univer-
a section of the walkway on site at          further design and final construction.          sity art students, a mural. Construction
full-scale, employing telephone poles        Brode is currently leading a studio for a       should begin this spring.
as columns. With some revisions, the         food preservation barn on Skinner City            2. Mt. Pisgah Arboretum signage: Stu-
prototype was later expanded and fully       Farm, a project that originated during          dents are redesigning way-finding signs
realized by Essex Construction.              the fall seminar with a review of zoning        and place markers to enhance the sense
   Both Churchill and Larco credit           codes and initial site analysis.                of arrival and destination. A volunteer
A&AA Director of Development Jo-                The group is not lacking for projects.       kiosk and a significant work of land-
seph Hunter and Associate Director           An ongoing concern is selecting the             scape art are also considerations.
of Development Cindy Lundeen with            best proposals. “We had to figure out a           3. The new West University Park de-
connecting designBridge with poten-          ‘job’ application,” said Churchill. “How        sign: Architecture student and design
tial financial donors, local suppliers       valuable is it to us as students? How           lead Nora Diver led a design charrette
and technical advisors such as Artisan       valuable is it to the community?”               with park neighbors, a local developer,
Engineering.                                 Current designBridge projects:                  and a city landscape architect. The
   Pre-designBridge, a seminar taught                                                        final design is currently awaiting per-
by Larco and adjunct assistant professor        1. Edison School bicycle shelter:            mitting from the city.
Juli Brode, debuted last fall and intro-     designBridge sent out a questionnaire             4. 2008 HOPES Conference Workshop:
duced students to the nuts and bolts of      and sponsored a design charrette with           Recycling shipping pallets into furni-
project management. Larco said they          school students, parents, and Edison’s          ture for the Eugene Mission.

           designBridge plants seeds for
           northwest youth Corps harvest
      When Northwest Youth Corps decided to build a stand-alone greenhouse, development
   officer Natalie Whitson (M.F.A.’93) said she pictured something like their existing tool
   shed: a modest unit with no foundation and a slight lean. But with the help of designBridge,
   Northwest Youth Corps now boasts a stylish 200-square-foot enclosure with electricity,
   insulation, and aluminum cladding.
        Beginning last spring Northwest Youth Corps Outdoor School (ODS) students and
   university students, led by project manager and architecture graduate student Matt Travis,
   brainstormed ideas for the new greenhouse through a series of meetings and design char-
   rettes. After finalizing the design, ODS instructor and contractor Charlie Wilshire helped the
   high schoolers excavate and prepare a concrete and cinder block foundation. With a grant
   report due in mid-December, the project has adhered to its time-line thanks to more than
   500 volunteer hours, including a visit from the Eugene Active 20-30 Club. Jerry’s Home
   Improvement Center provided extra funding with an additional $1,000 grant.
        The design minimized the structure’s square footage so it wouldn’t require a building
   permit. The structure is framed with wood studs and beams and finished inside with plywood.
   UO’s architecture students incorporated sustainable practices by using generous windows,
   including two reused units from BRING Recycling, to allow plenty of daylight and reduce
   energy needs. The recycled aluminum cladding lends a splash of color outside. It’s created
                                                                                                     Top: Volunteer greenhouse work
   from interlocking plates left over from packaging for familiar DVDs and video games such          party including Eugene 20-30
   as “Meet the Parents” and “Guitar Hero II.”                                                       Club. Bottom: Architecture grad-
        Whitson is pleased with what the seedling greenhouse will offer students. “We’re go-         uate students Erik Churchill (left)
   ing to be able to both grow our own sprouts and enjoy working in an inspiring place that’s        and Peter Makrauer (right) clad
                                                                                                     the greenhouse with recycled and
   bright and airy,” she said. “The students can see up close how things are put together, and       donated materials.
   see what good architecture looks like,” says Whitson.
                                                                                    Story by Ted Michner. Photos by Ted Michner and designBridge

                                         Ellis F. Lawrence Medal
                            A&AA honors Tinker hatfield
                Architecture alumnus innovates and creates products for Nike’s success

           he 2008 Ellis F. Lawrence Medal                                               some top secret design projects for col-
           recognizes a truly innovative and                                             lege football uniforms and new athletic
           creative designer, Tinker Hatfield.                                           footwear ideas.
    An architecture graduate of the Class of                                               Hatfield has written for the Harvard
    1977, Hatfield has expanded the lessons                                              Business Review in addition to ap-
    of his education into his pioneering role                                            pearing in The New York Times, The
    as a product designer for Nike. Hatfield                                             Washington Post, Fortune magazine
    will receive the school’s highest honor                                              and many other publications. In 1993,
    at the commencement ceremony in                                                      Hatfield won an International Design
    June. The noted designer of Nike’s                                                   Award for the Air Huarache. In 1993
    most popular athletic shoes, including                                               and 1996, he was named one of the 100
    the now legendary success of the Air                                                 Most Influential People in the sports
    Jordan 23, Hatfield, Vice President for                                              business by Sportstyle magazine. Some
    Innovation Design and Special Projects,                                              of Hatfield’s design work for the Air
    credits his design education for his suc-                                            Jordan is included in the Smithsonian
    cess. “Architecture is, by nature, pretty                                            Institution.
    broad. It’s both technical and creative,                                               A native Oregonian, Hatfield attended
    and rich in cultural education.” In Tinker Hatfield with Michael Jordan and Air      Central Linn High School where he
                                               Jordan shoe XX3.
    1998, Fortune magazine named Hatfield                                                earned distinction as an accomplished
    one of the 100 Most Influential Design- Creative Director of Product Design in       basketball player, an All-American
    ers of the century. Hatfield spearheaded 1989. In addition to helping design the     track & field star in hurdles and vault-
    the greening of the newest XX3 shoe. first-of-its-kind cross-training shoe, the      ing, and an All State running back.
    “Our goal was to make the Air Jordan Air Trainer, Hatfield has earned global         In 1970, Hatfield was named State of
    XX3 the best basketball shoe ever, both recognition for imagination and innova-      Oregon’s top individual high school
    in performance and sustainability. The tion in his collaborations with Michael                              athlete.
    handcraftmanship and innovation built Jordan for the Air Jordan line. Hatfield’s                              Outside of Nike,
    into this shoe is simply unmatched,” other credits include Air Max running                                  Hatfield spends
    says Hatfield. The company designed shoes, the Air Huarache series, Andre                                   much of his time
    and manufactured it to reduce waste, Agassi footwear and apparel, the Air                                   with his wife and
    use more environmentally-friendly Mowabb and Michael Johnson’s gold                                         three daughters,
    materials, and eliminate solvant-based track spikes.                                                        attends football
    glues.                                                             In addition to                           games at Grant
       Hatfield studied      “Architecture turned out to be a       working with                                High School in
    architecture at the great, well-rounded education and Michael Jordan                                        Portland, volun-
    University of Or-                                               each year, Hat-                             teer coaches for
    egon while being       helped me understand the dynam- field currently                                      the track team,
    coached by the leg- ics of creativity, problem solving, creates special-                                    and works on
    endary Bill Bower-                                              ized Nike ath-                              making the fam-
    man, co-founder of             people and cultures.”            letic products for                          ily home a haven
    Nike. He held the                 - Tinker Hatfield             champion ath-        Tennis star Roger      for teenagers to
    UO record in the                                                letes including      Federer in shoes and play pool, shoot
                                               Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Andre        apparel designed by
    pole vault and placed sixth in the 1976                                                                     hoops, and hang
    Olympic Trials. Soon after, Hatfield suf- Agassi, Gabrielle Reece, and Picabo                               out.
    fered a severe injury, which ended his Street. He also spends time mentoring           The Lawrence Medal is awarded an-
    track career. After graduation, Hatfield young Nike designers and helping to         nually to an A&AA alumnus or alumna
    practiced architecture in Eugene until build the Nike of the future. His cur-        whose achievements exemplify the
    1981 when he joined up with Nike to rent list of responsibilities includes           Oregon spirit and reflect the integrity,
    design offices, apparel showrooms, and developing long term strategy for design      educational philosophy, and commit-
    Nike retail outlets.                       advancement at Nike and The Jordan        ment to design and artistic excellence
        His product design career was Brand. He is also working on the rede-             demonstrated by Ellis F. Lawrence, the
    launched in 1985 when Hatfield began velopment of Nike Global retail stores          founder and first dean of the School of
    designing Nike products, becoming and story telling and continues with               Architecture and Allied Arts.
                                                                                                               PROgRAm FOCuS

                 Sherry Turkle presents Koehn lecture
                         Students explore their relationship with technology in the
                                        Koehn Colloquia Seminar

         o you spend more time look- more generally, what is a relationship                      gain “cyberintimacy.” Is a piece of our
         ing at your laptop than your in an increasingly digital world? This                     self lost with the attrition of face-to-
         significant other? How long can served as the focal point of Mondloch’s                 face interaction? Graduate psychology
you abstain from the                                                       seminar, generat-     student Jenna Quillen remarks that
Internet or your cell                                                      ing a wide vari-      “physical contact and presence be-
phone?                                                                     ety of discourse      tween humans is an important part of
  Studying how hu-                                                         among the stu-        relationships.” In the light of the Turkle
mans interact with                                                         dents. Reflecting     lecture and seminar, Quillen suggests
technology and the                                                         on this question,     that “we consider our own ties to tech-
relationships be-                                                          graduate art his-     nology, and be intentional in how we
tween human be-                                                            tory student Lyle     use it so that it has a positive impact
ings and the tools                                                         Dechant observes      on our lives without creating unwanted
and toys of everyday                                                       that “from ubiq-      consequences and dependencies.”
life was the topic                                                         uitous devices            Sherry Turkle is Abby Rockefeller
of the 2007 Koehn                                                          like cell phones      Mauzé Professor of the Social Stud-
Colloquia lecture                                                          to advanced ro-       ies of Science and Technology in the
“Cyberintimacies”                                                          bots and virtual      Program in Sci-
by Professor Sher-                                                         reality devices,      ence, Technolo-
ry Turkle on Octo-                                                         technology has        gy, and Society
ber 12th. Art His-                                                         altered not only      at MIT and the
tory Professor Kate                                                        the ways we in-       founder (2001)
Mondloch directed                                                          teract with others    and current
the Koehn Collo-                                                           around us, but        director of the
quium Graduate                                                             even the ways we      MIT Initiative
Seminar in the fall:                                                       think about our       on Technology
“Reading Sherry                           Graphic design by Michael Salter
                                                                           own sense of self-    and Self, a
                                                                                                                    Professor Sherry Turkle
Turkle: Reflections                                                        identity.” Turkle     center of re-
on Technology and Self.” The seminar has encountered people who believe                          search and reflection on the evolving
encouraged 14 students to explore that digital projections of themselves                         connections between people and arti-
cross-disciplinary perspectives and created on-line are more real than their                     facts. The Koehn Colloquia connects
critically investigate the role of technol- physical self. Many new technologies                 people with ideas and encourages facul-
ogy in their own lives.                       are designed to allure us through their            ty members, students and the public to
    Mondloch explains, “with expert sociability, drawing us into what Turkle                     explore perspectives outside of A&AA
credentials in science and psychology, calls “cyberintimacy.” Turkle believes                    departments. The Koehn Colloquium
Professor Turkle is                                                         that it is easier    is supported by the Michael and Stacy
perhaps uniquely           “There is much evidence of a                     to express inti-     Koehn Endowment Fund.
positioned to assess                                                        macy in the vir-
                          technology-enabled flight from                                                       Student Reflections
the implications of                                                         tual world than
the ever-increasing people even as we spend our days the real world,                             “I have always felt uneasy about my de-
interdependence                                                                                  pendence on my cell phone, and could
                        electronically tethered to people.” posing a question
between human                                                               about what fu-       really relate when the class spoke of feel-
beings and tech-             - Professor Sherry Turkle                      ture relationships   ing alone without it...I feel torn between
nology.” Graduate                                                           may be. Graduate     enjoying what this connectivity has to offer,
art student and seminar participant Jen- printmaking student Brian Knowles                       but also realizing that as I check my phone
nifer Wall stated that the seminar and points-out that “when you are with a                      screen every 20 minutes, I am losing a
lecture “was well-timed and poignant, robot you are alone,” and that Turkle’s                    piece of myself...I feel the burden of having
as the questions that Sherry Turkle terms ‘cyberintimacy’ and ‘cybersoli-                        to make difficult choices [of] convenience
raises are questions that we as a society tude’ are theoretically the same.                      versus freedom, but am interested in pur-
can no longer avoid.”                             A common sentiments echoed by                  suing the balance that Sherry Turkle men-
  With the proliferation of technology, students was that for something gained                   tioned many times [of] keeping technology
what type of relationships are appropri- something is also lost. Brian Knowles                   in its place.”
ate to have with machines, and even wonders what we are losing in order to                                 -Graduate seminar participant
    neWS & uPdATeS

     Student Activities                                               A&AA SCHOOL NEWS
     AAD - Graduate students Katie                                  A&A A FACulTy hOnORed
     Schumm & Rachel Byers were hired                               University Provost Linda Brady announced three faculty members from A&AA received
     this fall by the Lane County Historical                        Faculty Excellence Awards. The awards were presented to Renee A. Irvin, associate
     Society as part of a large digital pres-                       professor, PPPM; Marc Schlossberg, associate professor, PPPM; and Andrew P. Schulz,
     ervation project of museum’s archives,
                                                                                                                                       associate profes-
     home to 14,000 historic photographs.
                                                                                                                                       sor, Art History. The
     ART - Undergraduate Reagan haus-                                                                                                  awards help faculty
     wald apprenticed with New York art-                                                                                               members with re-
     ist Suikang Zhao to create a woven
                                                                                                                                       search support and
     composition of steel ribbons on the UO
     Health Center.                                                                                                                    salary supplements
                                                                                                                                       to keep and attract
     ART HISTORY - Graduate student                                                                                                    world-class indi-
     Katie moss received the Marion Dean
     Ross Award.                                                    Above from left: Renee Irvin, Marc Schlossberg, and Andrew Schulz. viduals.

     ARCH - Grad student ho lee and                                 neW SummeR PROgRAmS In ChInA And FInlAnd lAunChed
     undergraduate Tyler Polich (drawing                            Associate Professor of Art Ying Tan with the assistance of bi-lingual Ph.D. student Edwin
                             pictured at left)                      Way, led twelve A&AA students to China. During this three-week mixed media studio
                             were awarded                                                        art program they explored three unique Chinese cities:
                             Mentions for
                                                                                                 Shanghai, Jinan, and Beijing. Highlights included camping
                             their submis-                                                       under the stars on the Great Wall, a sketch trip to the 1000
                             sions in the                                                        year old water town Wuzhen, witnessing an ultra modern
                             national AIAS/                                                      Shanghai in the making, fieldtrips to Mt. Tai (Confucian site
                             Kawneer 2007                                                        dating back 2,500 years), as well as making folk art in rural
     Student Design Competition.                                                                 villages. Most importantly, the group engaged in an intensive
     Undergraduate Kelly Ordemann spent                                                          collaboration with Chinese art students in Jinan that not only
     the summer in London working for Rick                                                       yielded many art projects, a well-received public exhibition,
     Mather Architects after having won the                                                      and a book documenting this extraordinary journey, but last-
     scholarship/internship from the Archi-                                                      ing friendships. You can read about student experiences at
     tecture Department.                                            Students dance atop of Mt.
                                                                    Thai in Shandong Province
     Undergraduate Brent Sturlaugson                                during summer abroad in         Sixteen architecture, interior architecture and landscape
     spent 12 months traveling throughout                           China.                       architecture students spent 8 weeks studying in Finland, led
     Southeast Asia capturing the culture
     through drawing and writing. Brent’s                                                        by Associate Professor of Architecture Virginia Cartwright.
     travels were made possible by a pair of                                                     The program of travel and study is designed to inspire ar-
     scholarships: the Louis C. Rosenberg                                                        chitectural, experiential and cultural understanding, offering
     Award and the Freeman Award.                                                                students an opportunity to explore issues relating building,
     IARCH - Undergraduate interior                                                              landscape, culture, materials and light. The course of study
                                                 SARAH RICHARDSON

     architecture students hye-Jin Shin,                                                         included an architecture design studio, a history seminar
     marian Peteros, Caroline maxwell,                                                           and a media class, as well as lectures by many of Finland’s
     noelle Bullock, and undergraduate                                                           most distinguished architects and theorists, such as Juha
     architecture student Tyler Polich ex-                                                       Leiviskä, Juhani Pallasmaa and others. While in Finland
     hibited projects from Adjunct Assistant                                                     the students documented four wooden saunas. Two of the
     Professor Rebekah Matheny’s IARC 383                           Acclaimed Finnish author
                                                                    and architect Juhani Pallas- models were retained by the Museum of Finnish Architecture
     “Reclaim” Studio at the Sustainable Liv-
                                                                    maa speaks with students for their permanent archives. The design studio culminated
     ing Fair at the EMU in January.                                and faculty after a lecture in students submitting their work to a Finnish Architectural
     LA - Graduate students Barry gor-                              in Otaniemi, Finland.
                                                                                                 Design Competition.
     don and Allison dew, with support
     from the Oregon Chapter of the ASLA,                           gRAnT helPS BRIng gRAnd TOuR TO eugene
     coordinated the 15th annual Shadow                             An interdisciplinary team led by James Tice, professor of architecture, which includes
     Mentor Day.                                                    James Harper, associate professor of art history, and Erik Steiner, Designer at the In-
     PPPM - The Graduate Seminar in                                 foGraphics Lab in the Department of Geography, has been awarded a $65,000 grant
     American Philanthropy class donated                            from The Samuel H. Kress Foundation to mount a major exhibition scheduled for Fall
     $5,000 to two local organizations - Dou-                       2009. The Old Masters in Context Implementation Grant will help fund Giuseppe Vasi’s
     las Supporting Teens and M.E.C.C.A.,                           Rome: Lasting Impressions from the Age of the Grand Tour to be held at the UO Jordan
     the Materials Exchange Center for Com-
                                                                    Schnitzer Museum of Art. The Implementation Grant follows a $10,000 Planning Grant
     munity Arts - allowing students to make a
     real impact in their local community.
                                                                    received by the UO team from the Kress Foundation in 2006. Giuseppe Vasi, best known
                                                                    as the teacher of Giovanni Battista Piranesi, was one of the leading printmakers of the
                                                                                                            neWS & uPdATeS
18th century. The award will enable the research team to present Vasi’s pictorial prints of
Rome, and other objects that reveal the milieu he worked in. Vasi captured Roman street                        Lecture Notes
and cityscapes with an eye for the daily comings-and-goings of both the aristocrat and
the beggar. Team members intend the events to combine scholarly integrity with broad          A&AA - “Re-
                                                                                              building Cities
appeal, addressing Vasi’s contribution as a documentarian of Roman urban and social
                                                                                              after War and Di-
history. A unique aspect of the exhibition will be the use                                    saster” was the
of digital media that displays and precisely locates more                                     topic of this year’s
than 200 of Vasi’s views in the meticulously detailed map

                                                                                                                                               HOWARD DAVIS
                                                                                              lecture series
of Rome by his collaborator, the cartographer Giambattista                                    sponsored by the
Nolli. Tice said that the chief goal of the exhibit and related                               UO’s Savage En-
media displays “is to combine the pictorial brilliance of Vasi                                dowment for Inter-
with the cartographic precision of Nolli in order to recreate                                 national Relations A z z a m A l w a s h
the 18th Century Grand Tour of Rome for the enjoyment                                         and Peace. This is spoke on the Iraqi
                                                                                              the second year for Marshes for the
and intellectual stimulation of the contemporary museum
                                                                                              the series, which is S a v a g e L e c t u r e
visitor.” Pro-                                                                                organized by archi-
fessor Harper                                                                                 tecture professor howard davis.
recently taught                                                                                 The three John Yeon Research Forum
a seminar on                                                                                  lectures this year were given by Brook
Vasi that will                                                                                muller and michael Fifield, nico
bear on the                                                                                   larco, and howard davis.
upcoming                                                                                      ART - The Visiting Artist winter term
catalog and Above: Ponte e Mole Adriana, oggi Castel S. Angelo (detail) by Giuseppe Vasi.     lecture series has included Rebecca
exhibition.       Above Right: Nuova Pianta di Roma (detail) by Giambattista Nolli.           Cummins, Lauren Fensterstock, Gail
                                                                                              Wight, Victor Spinski, Miwon Kwon,
                                                                                              Cara Tomlinson, and Karen Reimer.
  Architecture (ARCH)
                                                                                              ART HISTORY - The Mark Sponen-
PROFeSSORS Run nATIOnAl hOuSIng COmPeTITIOn                                                   burgh Lecture in Art History, “Dialogue
In 2007 the City of Portland                                                                  with Antiquity: Romanesque Roman
Planning Bureau held Courtyard                                                                Remains in Toulouse,” was presented
Housing Design Competition.                                                                   by Linda Seidel.
The competition was designed                                                                  Associate Professor Andrew Schulz
                                                                                              presented “Charles III and the Alhambra
and managed by UO Professors
                                                                                              Vases: European Porcelain and Islamic
Mark Gillem and Michael Fifield                                                               Ceramics in 18th-Century Spain,” De-
with City Project Manager Bill                                                                partment Head Sherwin Simmons
Cunningham. Rather than                                                                       presented “Dada and Kitsch: Cultivation
highlight a particular design, the                                                            of the Trivial,” and Associate Professor
goal of the competition was to                                                                Richard Sundt presented “Manutuke,
stimulate discussion and clarify                                                              A Traditional Maori Church in 19th-
a set of design principles for                                                                Century New Zealand: Reconstructing
urban sustainability in Portland. Presentation board details from 2nd place winning           a Vanished Monument through ‘Photo-
                                   entry. The design team led by Architecture Professor       graphic’ Archaeology,” all at the Art His-
The city seeks to encourage Peter Keyes included Lucas Posada (B.Arch.‘07), Kai
                                                                                              tory Faculty Research Colloquium.
courtyard housing because it Yonezawa (B.Arch.‘07), and undergraduate student
balances density with quality Tyler Nishitani.                                                ARCH - Award winning architect Will
of life and continues the historic neighborhood fabric.                                       Bruder was a featured guest at nico
                                                                                              larco’s Fringe Urbanism fall design
  Fifield and Gillem put together a list of qualities embodied in pre-war Portland housing
                                                                                              studio review and also presented an in-
on which the judging was based. The esteemed jury, composed of Cynthia Girling, Sam           formal discussion afterwards to over 100
Grawe, Clare Cooper Marcus, Nancy Merryman, David Miller, Michael Pyatok and Loren            participants. Bruder has accepted the
Waxman, evaluated 257 entries from fifteen countries and 35 states before selecting           Belluschi Fellowship for the 2008-2009
the winners. Miller remarked on “the tremendous partnership that exists between the city      year and will be co-teaching studios with
and its architects,” and Pyatok thanked the entrants for “the free education.” All entries    Professor Larco in Winter 2009.
are posted on the competition website (                             HP - Presentations on conservation
  Among the jury’s choices was the team led by UO Professor Peter Keyes, which took           projects and practices along the Pacific
the Merit Award in the Inner Site category, complimented for allowing the buildings           Rim complemented a winter term course.
to adapt as families grow and change. Among the winning People’s Choice Awards                The series included “Regeneration of
Eastern Site entries was UO Portland Center graduate student Emily Kociolek and her           Busan, Korea: Reuse of Industrial Heri-
husband Krzysztof Kociolek. A catalog laying out the principles of the competition and        tage,” presented by Dr. Dong-Jin Kang
presenting 25 honored entries is available by request from the City of Portland Planning      from Kyungsung University, Korea.
Bureau (

                                                       1 Joseph Mayo
                                                         Graduate, Architecture
                                                         “Cobb Street Children’s Learning Center”
                                                         Faculty: Jenny Young

                                                       2 Mackenzie Schubert
                                                         B.F.A. Digital Arts

                                                       3 Jeffrey Hoge, Simon Kates
     2                                                   Architecture
                                                         Bryan Belcher, Chauncey Freeman, Benjamin Halpern
                                                         Landscape Architecture
                                                         “Integrating Habitats Competition”
                                                         Faculty: Roxi Thoren

                                                       4 Justin Cloyd
                                                         Graduate, Architecture
                                                         “Old Town Commons and Library”
                                                         Faculty: Gerry Gast, Suenn Ho
                                                         (Portland Program)

                                                       5 Thyra Bessette
                                                         B.F.A. Digital Arts

                                                       6 Anna Muller
                                                         Undergraduate, Interior Architecture
                                                         “The Iron Waffle”
                                                         Faculty: Linda Zimmer

     4                                        5

         Background Image: Ellen Wu, Graduate, Architecture, Studies of Erwin Hauer’s continuous repeating surfaces, Faculty: Nancy Cheng


7                                                            8

     7 Marc Griffin, Meghan Griswold, Tracey Bascue
                                   “Fringe Urbanism”
                                 Faculty: Nico Larco

                                      8 Chang-Ae Song
                                          M.F.A. Painting

                                        9 Orrin Goldsby
                            Undergraduate, Architecture
         “Recollecting: New Lives for Old Grain Elevators”
                                     Faculty: Kevin Nute

                                        10 Morgan Law
                                  Graduate, Architecture
             “CPI Building at Ankeny Square, Portland”
                               Faculty: Guntis Plesums

                                          11 Alvi Lufiani
                          M.F.A. Metalsmithing & Jewelry

10                                                           11

     neWS & uPdATeS

       Art                                               Arts & Administration (AAD)
     uO hOnORS FORmeR STudenT                          FulBRIghT SChOlARS BRIng InTeRnATIOnAl PeRSPeCTIVe
     In eRIC WAShBuRn gAlleRy                                                                   This past fall the University of Oregon welcomed
                                        In the                                                  six Fulbright Scholars from different countries.
                                        summer                                                  The Arts & Administration Graduate Program
                                        of 1991                                                 hosts three of these students: Maria Torres from
                                        a tragic                                                Colombia, Germaine Gamiet from South Africa,
                                        car crash                                               and Susanne Scheiblhofer from Austria. All three
                                        took the                                                have contributed to the strong international focus
                                        life UO                                                 within the program.
                                        ceram-                                                     Torres, who plans to receive her masters degree,
                                                       AAD Fulbright Scholars from left: Su- embodies the potential of the Fulbright program.
                                        ics stu-       sanne Scheiblhofer, Germaine Gamiet,
     Mrs. Washburn in front of the                                                             “Maria Torres is the kind of graduate student that
     Eric Washburn Gallery plaque.      dent, Eric     and Maria Torres.
                                        Wash-                                                  the university seeks to attract. She is highly mo-
     burn. While his time at the university            tivated and focused. She is hungry to access all the resources at her disposal through
     was short, his artistic spirit has remained       her faculty, the university, and emerging professional networks”, states Lori Hager, as-
     present. The Eric Washburn Gallery in             sistant professor, and one of Maria’s mentors. Torres is enrolled in the Fulbright Program
     the ceramics studio has housed student            to study the models of art administration in North America and Europe, with the intent
     exhibits for over fifteen years.                  of returning to Colombia to implement a graduate program at The Javeriana University
          On September 30, 2007 students,              in Bogotá. With UO resources Torres is quickly working towards her academic goals.
     friends and family members gathered at            “The generosity of the teachers engaged in the program combined with the university’s
     the gallery to honor and remember Eric.           strong commitment to community development,” says Torres, “offered the best path for
     The “Pottery (+ Poetry) Posthumously”             me, and that’s why I came here.” In March, Torres will attend, along with Hager and four
     exhibition celebrated the life and art of Eric,   other AAD graduate students, the Nathan Cummings Community Arts Convening at the
     as countless pieces of pottery and writing        Maryland Institute College of Art, and will also travel with AAD Assistant Professor Patricia
     filled the small gallery and blanketed the        Dewey to the Association of Arts Administration Educators 2008 Annual Conference,
     walls. The gallery renovation and exhibition      in Madison, WI in late April. Here Torres can talk with directors of arts administration
     was organized by Eric’s mother, Marga-            programs from schools across North America, providing a rich opportunity to further
     ret, and his classmate and friend, Hilary         develop a framework for establishing a new graduate program in Colombia.
     Stetson ’92 with assistance by Michael
     Smith, A&AA Director of Facilities. Mrs.            Art History (ARH)
     Washburn flew from Arkansas with over             JeFFRey huRWIT APPeARS On nOVA’S PARThenOn SPeCIAl
     50 pieces of her son’s work, including                                                                   Professor Jeffrey Hurwit appeared
     poems that Eric had written while at the                                                                 on NOVA’s Secrets of the Parthe-
     UO. While the event was held to remember                                                                 non in January. NOVA producers
     Eric, Margaret hopes that future students                                                                contacted Hurwit in fall 2006 as
     will benefit from the use of the gallery. “It                                                            they were about to embark on a
     provides a blank slate for students to proj-                                                             documentary on the restoration
     ect what they want,” said Mrs. Washburn,                                                                 of the Parthenon, built in the fifth
     “hopefully with the same artistic freedom                                                                century B.C. He served among a
     and enthusiasm as Eric did.”                                                                             handful of scholars from Greece,
          Today the gallery continues to house                                                                England, and the United States as
     student work from all fine art media areas                                                               technical advisers in the production.
     within the Department of Art. A plaque,                                                                  Interviewed in November, Hurwit
     which was presented at the event, com-                                                                    appears throughout the program.
     memorates Eric, allowing students to              Jeffrey Hurwit in Greece and at right the cover of his
                                                       book on the Acropolis.                                  His main role in the documentary
     understand and recognize why the gallery                                                                  is to offer a broader context of
     was named after him. “He helped all of us in      Athenian life and the Acropolis. Hurwit describes how spectacular the Parthenon may
     very serious ways, but brought a lightness        have appeared in its day “with worshippers paying tribute to a 40-foot-tall gold-and-ivory
     and playfulness to his work,” states Eric’s       statue of the goddess Athena within its vast central hall.” Hurwit also dispels some long-
     professor Sana Krusoe, who still teaches          held notions about ancient Greece’s most legendary building. A leading art historian on
     at the university.                                the archaic and classical periods in Greek art, Hurwit has published extensively on the
        The Eric Washburn Gallery is located in        Acropolis and its history. In 1987, he dismantled and reconstructed the Kritios Boy, the
     Ceramics Building B of the Fine Art Stu-          Acropolis sculpture that best documents the appearance of the classical style. Hurwit
     dios on the Millrace north site and is open       also is the author of a book, “The Acropolis in the Age of Pericles,” which was published
     weekdays from 10am-5pm.                           in 2004 (see above picture). It is now the standard work in its field.
                                                                                                              neWS & uPdATeS

  Landscape Architecture (LA)                                                                     Faculty Research
TRAVeRSe: ShIFTed WATeRWAyS And uRBAn lIFe                                                     ART - Associate Professor Carla Bengt-
A creative project involving methodical walks, photographs and maps, TRAVERSE ex-              son presented work at Flow, Art Miami in
amines the implications of the historical treatments of Amazon Creek in Eugene, Oregon.        December and had a solo exhibition in Janu-
Professor Liska Chan and                                                                       ary at JayJay Gallery in Sacramento.
                                                                  Left: Detail of map from
graduate student in land-                                         Chan’s TRAVERSE proj-        Associate Professor michael Salter had a
scape architecture Kathryn                                        ect. Below: Detail of        solo exhibition in January at the Jeff Bailey
Kuttis, with the support of                                       Shannon Eldredge’s           Gallery in New York. He has also been com-
                                                                  project for Chan’s Am-       missioned by the San Jose Museum of Art to
the Board of Visitors Fac-                                        azon Creek fall design
ulty Fellowship and Student                                                                    build a 22 foot tall Styrobot in April.
Assistantship Award, cre-                                                                      AAD     - Assistant Professor lori hager
ated TRAVERSE. Amazon                                                                          received a UO summer research award for
Creek, the city’s second                                                                       “Teaching the Arts: a case study for profes-
largest waterway (after the                                                                    sional development in teaching the arts in
Willamette River) is an en-                                                                    Eugene, OR.” In October, Hager with AAD
                                                                                               Adjunct Faculty Eric Schiff presented “Pre-
gineered channel. Until less
                                                                                               paring Arts Leaders in 21st Century Skills: A
than 70 years ago, it was a                                                                    Case Study for the ePortfolio Project in the
winding shallow creek that                                                                     Arts and Administration Program at the Uni-
along with associated wetlands flooded seasonally each year. The complimentary prac-           versity of Oregon” for the Annual International
tices of walking, photographing, and mapping were used to find, reveal, and portray the        ePortfolio conference in the Netherlands.
altered relationships between the water of Amazon Creek and its associated landscape.          ART HISTORY - Associate Professor
The products of this work is an exhibition of several hand-drawn maps, large format pho-       James harper advised on the selection of
tographs and collages which show relationships between stream alteration and cultural/         Italian objects for the exhibition “Tapestry in
physical conditions (currently showing at University of Minnesota’s College of Design). In     the Baroque: Threads of Splendor” at the
addition to generating creative work, TRAVERSE activated a Landscape Architecture 539          Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
studio project with Professor Chan in fall 2007. First year graduate students developed        He also co-authored the exhibit’s catalogue,
proposals for a park on Amazon Creek south of the current Lane County Fairgrounds,             writing the chapter on “Tapestry Production
                                                                                               in Seventeenth-Century Rome: The Barberini
incorporating the creek’s history and natural systems into the design.
   Planning, Public Policy & Management (PPPM)                                                 ARCH - Assistant Professor mark gillem
                                                                                               spoke at a North Atlantic Treaty Organization
RARe PROgRAm engAgeS RuRAl COmmunITIeS In ORegOn                                               (NATO) conference in Portugal in December,
Through the UO’s Resource Assis-                                                               focusing on the geopolitical costs of urban
tance for Rural Environments (RARE)                                                            sprawl at NATO installations. The talk drew
Program, graduate level participants                                                           on research from his book America Town:
gain invaluable experience, while                                                              Building the Outposts of Empire.
affecting change in rural communi-                                                             Assistant Professor Brook muller received
                                                                                               the 2008 Van Evera Bailey Faculty Award for
ties. RARE, an AmeriCorps program
                                                                                               Research and Studio Education ($20,000)
administered by the UO’s Community                                                             for his proposal, “Architecture as Support
Service Center, is housed in the PPPM                                                          for Functioning Urban Ecologies.” The award
Department and engages students                                                                enables professional ecologist Josh Cerra to
from across the U.S. Twenty-five RARE                                                          work with students in Muller’s terminal level
participants are currently serving in                                                          studio, fund a studio field trip to the Bay area
communities from Enterprise to Ban- Current RARE program participants.                         and expand research in incorporating habitat
don. This year, six of the positions focus                                                     in urban development.
on natural hazard mitigation or rural multimodal transportation. The hazards positions         Professor Kevin nute received a $4,500
engage coastal communities in hazard mitigation planning. Projects result in increased         UO Summer Research Award to support
community awareness and FEMA approved mitigation plans, qualifying communities for             his research on the use of light, air and
                                                                                               water to improve the wellbeing of building
crucial relief funding if hazards strike. Hazards-focused participants include Greg Butler,
David Farr, and Michael Scharenbroich. Three participants focus on transportation plan-
ning projects, including a bike/pedestrian trails planning project with the City of Lebanon;   LA - Professor Kenneth helphand’s “Set
a bike/pedestrian trails planning project with the City of Warrenton; and a transportation     and Location: Garden and Film,” appeared
                                                                                               in Representing the Designed Landscape
needs assessment for the Rogue Valley Transportation District. Transportation-focused
                                                                                               (Ed. Marc Treib). Kenneth also presented his
participants include Mark Swenson, Sarah Shewell and Jonathan Sullivan. Founded 14             book Defiant Gardens at Iowa State, UCLA,
years ago, RARE’s mission is to increase the capacity of rural communities to improve          UC Berkeley, University of New Mexico, US
their economic, social, and environmental conditions through the assistance of trained         Holocaust Museum and Memorial, and San
participants who live and work in communities for 11 months at a time.                         Jose Museum of Contemporary Art.
      New                                                                               FACulTy nOTeS
     The Department of Architecture welcomes Corey griffin as a new as-                 Architecture
     sistant professor. Griffin joins us from the Bozeman, Montana where he             Architecture Professor g.Z. (Charlie) Brown
     spent the past two years teaching at Montana State University’s School of          received one year of graduate student support
     Architecture. He earned his B.S. in Architectural Engineering from Stanford        in the Energy Studies in Building Laboratory
     University and attended graduate school at the University of California,           from the GBD Graduate Fellowship in Sustain-
     Berkeley, where he received both a M.Arch and a M.S. in Civil and Environ-         able Design Research.
     mental Engineering. During his graduate studies Griffin was awarded the            Associate Professor nancy Cheng was guest
     Konheim Memorial Fellowship to research the connections between built              lecturer at Kumamoto University where she
     and natural environments and the Branner Traveling Fellowship to study             presented “Architectural Design Education at
     and document the relationships between permanence, culture, structure              the University of Oregon.” She demonstrated
     and sustainability. Corey will teach structures, advanced technology and           her Digital Sketching work at an architectural
     introductory design studios.                                                       computing research seminar. Cheng is cur-
     Joshua Faught joins the Department of Art as assistant professor and               rently co-editing an issue of the International
     program coordinator for Fibers. Prior to his arrival at the University of Or-      Journal of Academic Computing with Professor
     egon, Faught taught at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he        Joachim Kieferle.
     received his MFA in Fiber and Material Studies in 2006. Faught also holds          Associate Professor Ihab elzeyadi received
     a B.A. from Oberlin College and an A.A.S. in Textile and Surface Design            the Yamauchi Studio Award ($2,500) plus
     from The Fashion Institute of Technology. Faught’s work has been exhibited         departmental contribution ($2,500) for his ter-
     nationally and been featured in numerous print journals including Bailiwik and     minal studio “Jewel: Joint Civic & Entertainment
     KnitKnit. Combining the formal concerns of textiles, collage, drawing, and         Center, Lake Elsinore, CA.”
     sculpture, Faught’s current work calls on the darker side of craft in order to     Architecture Professor howard davis received
     explore more personal sites of domestic dysfunction. Faught hopes to help          the Department of Architecture Projects Award
     students redefine the rhetoric of craft and expand their understandings of         ($7,500) for “Terminal Connections: Visiting
     materials and processes as they relate to the history of textiles.                 Critics in Advanced Studios.”
     Charlene liu joins the Department of Art as an assistant professor and cur-        Associate Professor gerry gast is working on
     ricular coordinator of Printmaking. Prior to joining the department, Liu resided   an urban design plan for Milwaukie, OR, includ-
     in New York City maintaining a studio practice in Harlem. Liu received her         ing a new Max light rail station, public square,
     B.A. from Brandeis University and her M.F.A. from Columbia University. Her         and connections to the Willamette River. Gast
     work has appeared in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United             leads a team designing the new Stryiskyi Park
     States and Europe and has been reviewed in The Los Angeles Times, The              campus of the Ukrainian Catholic University
     New York Times, and FlashArt International. Manipulating watercolor, oil           in Lviv, Ukraine. Gast and adjunct professor
     paint, and ink through a multitude of techniques and processes including           Suenn Ho organized the show “Thirteen Years
     painting, drawing, dyeing and printmaking, Liu constructs paintings depicting      in Old Town-Chinatown: University of Oregon
     invented landscapes. At the University of Oregon Liu will continue to build        Architecture Projects” on display at Project O
     upon the printmaking program in developing new curriculum related to her           Gallery in Portland February and March.
     area of interest in mixed media work and printmaking.                              Thomas hubka arrives spring term as the Dis-
     laura leete joins PPPM with research and teaching interests in poverty,            tinguished Visiting Professor for the Department
     workforce and housing policy as well as in nonprofit sector organizations.         of Architecture. He will teach an architecture
     She is currently researching (with Neil Bania, PPPM) the implications of in-       seminar, design studio, and a course in Historic
     come volatility on the material wellbeing of low-income households. Recent         Survey and Inventory Methodology. In 2006
     publications include: a chapter in the recently released Nonprofit Sector          Hubka received the Henry Glassie Award for
     Research Handbook, and a research article “Job Access, Employment,                 lifetime achievement in the field of vernacular
     and Earnings: Outcomes for Welfare Leavers in an Urban Labor Market,”              architecture.
     with Neil Bania. Leete teaches Public Policy Analysis in the M.P.A. program        Associate Professor Alison Kwok participated
     and Financial Management in the nonprofit certificate program. She holds           in the Huangbaiyu School Design Workshop
     Masters and Ph.D. degrees in economics from Harvard University, and an             in China last summer, sponsored by the
     undergraduate degree from University of California-Berkeley. She comes to          U.S.-China Sustainability Center. Kwok and
     PPPM after serving as the Fred H. Paulus Director of Public Policy Research        graduate students, Sam Jensen Augustine and
     at Willamette University.                                                          Keara Watson, worked with Tongi, Tsinghua
                                                                                        and Virginia faculty and students to develop a
     Robert F. young joins the PPPM department as assistant professor. Young,           prototype for sustainable elementary schools in
     who earned his Ph.D. from Cornell University, works in the fields of urban and     rural northeastern China.
     regional planning, sustainable economic development, and urban ecology.
                                                                                        Assistant Professor nico larco presented
     His research and teaching focus on economic and environmental policy and
                                                                                        research on Suburban Multifamily Housing to
     planning, specifically nineteenth century planning history and the role that
                                                                                        the City of Eugene Planning and Transportation
     governance networks can have in advancing sustainable urban regions. Young
                                                                                        staff as well as on a panel at the Northwest
     served as the Director of Planning for the Philadelphia Recycling Office and
                                                                                        Transportation Conference. Larco is working
     was appointed by Governor Christine Whitman as the Director of the Office          with the Opportunity Siting Committee in the
     of Sustainable Development in the New Jersey Commerce Department. Young            City of Eugene to identify possible sites of
     founded two large-scale composting firms in New Jersey and California and          infill development. Larco’s paper “Suburbia
     co-founded the Sustainable Business Alliance. Young’s recent publications          Shifted: Overlooked Trends and Opportunities
     include articles in the Journal of Urban Ecosystems and a chapter in the book      in Suburban Multifamily Housing” will appear
     Garden Cities to Green Cities.
in the Journal of Architectural and Planning              A&AA hOnORS FACulTy And STAFF COnTRIBuTIOnS
Research later this year. He will be teaching in       Sherwin Simmons, professor of art history, announced his
Rosario, Argentina during spring term 2008 as       retirement effective June 2008. Simmons, a leading scholar of
well as continuing his research on globalization    German modern art, has been on the UO faculty since 1973. His
in Puerto Madero, Argentina.                        range of courses and inspired teaching has opened doors for UO
Assistant Professor Brook muller’s essay,           students and art history majors on the History of Western Art,
“Continuity of Singularities: Architecture, Ecol-   History of Design, and 20th Century Art. His seminar courses
ogy and the Aesthetics of Restorative Orders,”      reflect his research specialty in modern German art, contemporary
appeared in the journal Environmental Philoso-      art, and modern graphic design. Simmons original research on art
phy Fall/Spring 2007 issue.                         and mass culture in Germany at the turn of the 20th century examines mass media,
In December, Professor of Architecture Kevin        commercial art, and European art movements. His work has been funded by the
nute delivered the Michelle Berton Memorial         National Endowment for the Humanities and the university. He was a Fellow at the
Lecture on Japanese Art at the Los Angeles          Wolfsonian Collection and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. A book in process,
County Museum of Art, and in January he             Kunst oder Kitsch: Art and Mass Culture in Germany, 1900-1920, a major work that
presented a research paper on ‘Living Spaces’       represents more than ten years of research, will take Simmons back to Munich and
at the Sixth International Arts and Humanities      Berlin this year to explore the art periodical literature and archives. Professor Kate
Conference in Honolulu. Professor Nute spent        Nicholson expresses this about Simmons, “In an environment dedicated to learning,
the winter term carrying out sponsored research     Sherwin has taught us all, on a daily basis, critical lessons in integrity. He always acts
on “John Yeon and the Landscape Arts of China       on the best principles and always goes that extra distance. His scholarly work sets an
and Japan.”                                         example through its thoughtfulness and depth.”
Adjunct Associate Professor Otto Poticha’s             Barbara Setsu Pickett, fiber artist and textile expert, retired
fall term studio was covered by KVAL News           December 2007, after leading the UO’s fiber program since 1975.
in Eugene. Otto hopes the studio will start a       Pickett advanced the art and craft of textiles by introducing
dialogue for a new regional convention center       students to the first computerized AVL loom using an early Apple
for Eugene and Springfield.                         computer. Now the program hosts a state-of-the-art, computerized
Associate Professor hajo neis received the          Jacquard loom. As an artist, her exhibition record is complete
TVA Studio Award ($5,000) for “Building a           with invitational and juried shows in Washington D.C, Canada,
Web-Based Urban Architecture Design Exhibit         Ohio, Oregon, Michigan, California, Pennsylvania, New Mexico,
and Archive in Portland.”                           and London, U.K. Pickett leads intensive summer institutes at the Foundation Lisio
                                                    in Italy. She has studied Japanese textile arts in the villages of Shiroko, Arimatsu,
Architecture Professor Emeritus John Reyn-
                                                    Ueno, Kyoto, Izumo in Japan, and silk velvet weaving studios in Venice, Florence,
olds gave keynote talks at two international
                                                    and Genoa in Italy; in Lyon, France; and in Istanbul, Turkey and at textile collections
conferences this summer. He gave the opening
                                                    in major museums worldwide. “Patterned velvets are the only weave structures not
lecture on passive cooling in hot humid climates
                                                    adapted to the modern industrial loom,” states Pickett. “They are the domain of the
at Petra Christian University in Surabaya, Indo-
                                                    masterweaver.” Kate Wagle, Head, acknowledges her many contributions, “Barbara
nesia and presented an energy policy plenary
                                                    Pickett’s encyclopedic knowledge of weaving process and the history of textiles was
talk on recent developments in U.S. energy
                                                    matched only by her enthusiasm in sharing it. Her endless curiosity and passion for
policy at Solar World Congress 2007 in Beijing
                                                    new ideas were passed to generations of students who continue to be dedicated to
in September.
                                                    both the field and to Professor Pickett.”
Art                                                    Mike Clark, administrative assistant for curriculum in the
Emeritus Professor laura Alpert exhibited           architecture department, retired in April. Michael came to the
her sculpture The Meadow in May at the Karin        department in 1977 after completing his degree in literature from
Clarke Gallery in Eugene, OR.                       the University of Wyoming. In the over thirty years he has been
Kenneth O’Connell, Professor Emeritus,              in the department, Michael has written a collection of short sto-
exhibited sketchbook pages from Italy at the        ries, a screenplay, a history of the UO architecture department,
Jacobs Gallery in Eugene.                           two novels and is working on a third. He has exhibited his art at
Assistant Professor Colin Ives’s project Noc-       galleries in Eugene and will continue to write and paint.
turne was featured at Environmental Art and           Janice Rutherford, a respected colleague in the Arts and Administration Program,
New Media Technologies: Imagining Sustain-          is retiring this June. Rutherford has directed the Museum Studies certificate program
able Futures Symposium, at Colgate University       since 2002 when she joined the UO. Rutherford has played a role in the policy and
in February.                                        research of cultural heritage preservation and serves on the Oregon State Advisory
Anya Kivarkis, visiting assistant professor,        Committee on Historic Preservation. In her research and teaching, Rutherford examines
had a solo exhibition at Lamar Dodd School of       culture and gender; issues in arts management; history museums; women, the home,
Art at the University of Georgia and is part of a   and the rise of the consumer culture; and historic preservation. She published Selling
traveling exhibition in Japan titled 12 American    Mrs. Consumer: Christine Frederick and the Rise of Household
Metalsmiths. She is also exhibiting work at The     Efficiency (Athens: Univ. of Georgia Press) in 2003. Doug Blandy,
Surrealist Impulse, New Acquisitions from the       director of the Arts and Administration program, states “Janice
Tacoma Art Museum Collection and is part of         Rutherford was instrumental in completing and inaugurating
Four Emerging Jewelers, Sculptural Objects          the University of Oregon Museum Studies Certificate Program.
Functional Art (SOFA) Chicago at Sienna             Her contributions to the Arts and Administration Program
Gallery in Lenox, MA. Kivarkis lectured at the      include curriculum development, community outreach, serving
                                                    as a bridge between the Arts and Administration and Historic
              NOTES CONTINUE ON PAGE 16             Preservation Programs.”

     FACulTy nOTeS
     CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15                             sor, gave two lecture presentations on the work     ture Magazine.
                                                        of John Yeon: “The Enduring Legacy of John          Planning, Public Policy &
     University of Georgia, and panel developer and     Yeon” at the Architectural Heritage Center,
     co-moderator of the 2008 Society of North          Portland; and “Aubrey Watzek and the Birth of
     American Goldsmiths Conference’s ‘Shifting         Northwest Modern Architecture,” at Lewis &          Assistant Professor Jessica greene has a
     Pedagogy in the Field’ in Savannah.                Clark College.                                      number of papers recently published, in press
     Associate Professor margaret Prentice’s                                                                or accepted, including: “Comprehension and
                                                        Department Head Sherwin Simmons pub-
     prints are shown at the David and Jacqueline                                                           Choice of a Consumer-Directed Health Plan:
                                                        lished “Kirchners Brücke Plakat: Holzschnitt
     Charak Gallery in St. Louis, MO; an invitational                                                       an Experimental Study” with E. Peters, C. Mertz
                                                        zwischen Kunst und Werbung,” Jahrbuch der
     exhibition at the LUX Center for the Arts in                                                           and J. Hibbard in the American Journal of Man-
                                                        Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden, ‘05.
     Lincoln, NE; Innovative Prints from 1992-2007                                                          aged Care. “The Impact of Consumer Directed
     at Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Springs, MD; and       Arts & Administration                               Health Plans on Prescription Drug Utilization”
     Kyoto-Seika University, Kyoto, Japan. She gave     Professor doug Blandy continues his work on         with J. Hibbard, J. Murray, S. Teutsch, and M.
     visiting-artist presentations at Univ. of Mass.,   ChinaVine to educate English-speaking youth         Berger appeared in Health Affairs. Greene also
     the Museum School-Boston, R.I.S.D., Univ. of       and adults about the material and intangible        appears in Medical Care Research and Review
     Connecticut-Storrs, Framingham State Univer-       culture of China.                                   and Health Services Research.
     sity and Wellesley College.                        gaylene Carpenter, Associate Professor              Professor Judith hibbard is currently work-
     Associate Professor ying Tan taught a course       Emerita, was the Invited Discussant for “Leisure    ing with the National Business Coalition on
     for the Chinese Flagship program at UO on          Activity in Later Life: A Context for Social En-    Health on approaches to report comparative
     Modern Chinese Art. The course was taught          gagement and Creativity” at The Gerontological      performance information on health plan choices
     in the Chinese language.                           Society of America’s 60th Annual Scientific         to consumers. She will also help with the new
     Associate Professor laura Vandenburgh will         Meeting, in San Francisco, November 2007.           “Value Exchange” initiative, promoting transpar-
     have a solo show at the James Harris Gallery in    Assistant Professor lori hager presented            ency in health care cost and quality.
     Seattle this summer. The King County Public        papers at the American Alliance for Theatre         In July, Professor michael hibbard partici-
     Art Collection (Seattle) has purchased a second    and Education and the Hawaii International          pated in an invitation-only seminar in Shenzhen,
     piece of her art.                                  Conference on the Arts and Humanities. She          China, on sustainable urban development.
     Professor Kate Wagle was elected secretary         is also working with Lane Community College         He presented a similar talk at a conference in
     of the Executive Board of the National Associa-    on the Oregon Integrated Arts Partnerships,         Beijing.
     tion of Schools of Art and Design. Her work        and participating in an arts education advisory     Professor Renee Irvin was invited as a fea-
     was shown in the group exhibition Frippery,        group with Lane Arts Council.                       tured speaker at the National Center on Non-
     at Cardinal Stritch University in Wisconsin,       Alice Parman, adjunct assistant professor,          profit Enterprise conference in September. Her
     and New Mexico State University. Her article       was a keynote speaker for the annual meeting of     chapter, “Collaboration vs. Competition in the
     “Portfolio: China” was published in Metalsmith     the Idaho Association of Museums in Pocatello       Nonprofit Sector” will appear in the upcoming
     Magazine, Winter 2008.                             in April 2007.                                      book “Nonprofit Economics and Management.”
                                                                                                            Irvin was interviewed and quoted in two articles
     Art History                                        Program Manager Tina Rinaldi was presented
                                                                                                            appearing in the Tulsa World on November
                                                        the Mayor’s Community Recognition Award
     Professor deborah hurtt received an Oregon                                                             25th and 26th.
                                                        by Mayor Kitty Piercy at the State of the City
     Humanties Center Fellowship for fall 2008.
                                                        Address in January for chairing the Mayor’s         Andre leduc was named Director of Emergen-
     JSMA Curator of Asian Art, Charles lachman,        Cultural Policy Review Committee.                   cy Management Program where he assumes
     curated the show and designed the catalog                                                              responsibility for making the UO campus safe
     for Buddhist Visions at the Jordan Schnitzer       Historic Preservation                               and disaster resilient.
     Museum of Art (JSMA).                              Professor and Director Kingston heath in
                                                                                                            Professor marc Schlossberg recently pub-
     mara miller and Isabella nardi join the            October presented a paper, “The Role of Field
                                                                                                            lished “An Assessmnt of GIS Enabled Walk-
     department as visiting assistant professors        Schools in Preserving Cultural Heritage--The
                                                                                                            ability Audits” in the URISA Journal.
     in Japanese art and South Asian art, respec-       Traditional Stone Environments of Italy’s Os-
                                                        sola Valley” as part of the Training for Building   Assistant Professor yizhao yang coauthored
     tively. Miller authors three new publications:
                                                        Trades National Preservation Conference in          “Environment, Design and Obesity: Opportuni-
     “Gardens, Forest & Landscape: Imagining
                                                        St. Paul, MN.                                       ties for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research”
     Community & Identity in the 21st century” (ed.
                                                                                                            in Environment and Behavior (January 2007).
     Yrjo Sepanmaa), review of “A Philosophy of         Interior Architecture                               Her article with N.M. Wells, “Neighborhood
     Gardens” by David E. Cooper in the Journal of      Assistant Professor esther hagenlocher              Design and Physical Activity: A Quasi-Exper-
     Aesthetics and Art Criticism (Fall 2007), review   received the Finrow Studio Award ($5,000)           imental Longitudinal Study of Low-Income
     of “Preaching From Pictures: A Japanese Man-       for her “Prototypes in Contemporary Design”         Southern Women Moving to Neotraditional or
     dala,” in Education About Asia, (Fall 2007). In    and a 2008 UO Summer Research Award                 Suburban Neighborhoods” appeared in the
     addition, “The Garden in the City: Philosophical
                                                        ($4,500).                                           April issue of American Journal of Preventive
     Reflections on the Past and the Future” is being
                                                                                                            Medicine. Yang also had a major paper, “A
     translated into Chinese for early 2008. Nardi      Landscape Architecture                              Tale of Two Cities: Physical Form and Neigh-
     served as Chair of the panel “Transculturalism     Professor Kenneth helphand’s design studio          borhood Satisfaction in Metropolitan Portland
     in 17th century Indian art”, CAA 2008, Dallas,     focusing on Ashland, Oregon’s Wildlife Foren-       and Charlotte,” accepted for publication in the
     and authored “The Concepts of Indian Painting      sics was featured in the December 2007 issue        Journal of the American Planning Association.
     and the Figure of the Painter as described in      of Landscape Architecture Magazine.                 In addition, working with UO’s Chinese Flag-
     Selected Sanskrit Sources,” Archiv Orientalni      Research completed by Professor Rob Ribe            ship Program, Yang developed a new course
     75, Prague, 2007.                                  was featured in the ‘Practice’ portion of the       on China’s urban transformation to be taught
     leland m. Roth, Marion Dean Ross Profes-           December 2007 issue of Landscape Architec-          in Mandarin in Fall 2008.

                                                                                                                 AlumnI nOTeS

In memORIAm                                   a principal at Architects Northwest
                                                                                            donald Blair (B.Arch.’51) was awarded Archi-
                                              for 10 years, and was the Architect-
A&AA Faculty                                  in-Residence for Washington County            tect Emeritus from the State of Oregon. He is
Paul H. Tetzner,                              Educational Service District. The Ar-         practicing part-time and is Chair of the Planning
retired Associate                             chitecture Foundation of Oregon hon-          Commission for Bluffton, S.C.
Professor of Art,                             ored Marjorie by naming the Architects        Paul edlund (B.Arch. ‘56) will be honored in
died October 12,                              in Schools program after her.                 June by the Construction Specifications Insti-
2007 at age 81. Paul                          William Teufel (B.L.A.’53) passed away        tute as their Distinguished Member for 2008.
taught basic design,                          on November 5th, at the age of 82. Bill       gordon Chong’s (B.Arch.’66) firm Chong
drawing, painting,                            was a prominent figure in Northwest land-     Partners Architecture joined Stantec Archi-
graphic design, ty-                           scape architecture; he was responsible        tecture. The California Academy of Sciences,
pography, and tele- Paul Tetzner as           for the landscaping of the 1962 World’s       designed by Renzo Piano in collaboration with
vision production h e r e s t o r e s t h e   Fair in Seattle and designed many golf        Stantec, won Overall Top Project/Outstanding
from 1960-66 and Wilkinson mural in           courses throughout the Northwest. He          Architectural Design and the Green Building
rejoined the faculty Lawrence Hall.           was a Fellow in the American Society of       Award for Northern California for 2007.
in 1980 through 1991. In Eugene he            Golf Course Architects.                       dallas hoopes (B.Arch.’67) spent eight
worked as a designer for Roy Adams                                                          months helping the University of New Orleans
                                              Phillip Settecase (B.Arch. ’55) passed
Advertising. In 1989 Paul designed the                                                      with their hurricane Katrina recovery. Dallas has
                                              away on February 21. Phillip received
66-page book on Jack Wilkinson that                                                         a practice in University Place, WA.
                                              many awards and recognition throughout
accompanied exhibition of Wilkinson’s
                                              his life for his contributions to community   don Vallaster (B.Arch.’67), Vassos dem-
paintings at the UO Museum of Art. In
                                              and design excellence, including the Leo      etriou (B.Arch.’70), and nancy merryman
the 1990s Paul volunteered to restore the
                                              A. Harris Award in 1971, presented to UO      (B.Arch.’80) were each recognized in the book
large murals in Lawrence Hall painted by
                                              alumni letterman after 20 years of service    “Dream Homes Pacific Northwest: An Exclusive
Jack Wilkinson. As an industrial design
                                              and achievement after graduation, and in      Showcase of the Finest Architects, Designers
student Tetzner came up with the unique
                                              1997, the designation of Fellow with the      & Builders in Oregon & Washington.”
shape of the Dove soap bar.
                                              American Institute of Architects.             William miller (B.Arch. ’68) received the 2008
Dr. June King McFee
                                              George McMath (B.Arch.’59) founder and        AIA Utah Bronze Medal - the highest award for
passed on at the age of
                                              long-time chairman of the Portland Land-      architects in Utah.
90 on January 14. At
                                              marks Commission, and author of the           John mason (B.Arch.’69) has become Princi-
UO June served as di-
                                              city’s landmarks ordinance, passed away       pal at the Seattle office of Callison and directs
rector of the Institute
                                              on October 24th. George’s career spanned      its graphic design services.
for Community Art
                                              thirty-six years and was largely devoted      neal huston (B.Arch.’70) and martha Peck
Studies. She headed
                                              to restoration/rehabilitation architecture.   Andrews (B.Arch.’72) were acknowledged
the Department of
                                              He was a Fellow in the AIA                    for their exemplary service to the Architecture
Art Education from 1977 to 1983. In 1975
the Women’s Caucus of the National Art        Susanna Oroyan (M.A.’71) passed away          Foundation of Oregon as out-going board
Education Association established the         on August 22nd. Well known as a doll          members.
prestigious June King McFee Award to          maker, she was elected as an artist mem-      michael Wilkes’ (B.Arch.’71) firm, Architects
honor outstanding scholars in the field       ber of the National Institute of American     Delawie Wilkes Rodriques Barker, was honored
of art education. June is recognized the      Doll Artists and showed her work at the       by the AIA San Diego Chapter, with a third
world over for her scholarly contributions    Musee des Jouets at the Louvre.               consecutive Distinguished Service Award. A
to the field of art education. Please make    Jan-Krister Boman (’82) an architect and      recent project has been certified as LEED Gold,
contributions in her memory to the June       member of the Swedish Association of          the firm’s third project to receive Gold status in
King McFee Scholarship Fund. Checks           Architects, passed away from a heart          the past three years.
should be made payable to UO Founda-          attack. Jan-Krister lived in Stockholm,       William leddy (B.Arch.’75) and marsha
tion and mailed to 360 E. 10th Avenue,        Sweden and was involved with the UO’s         maytum’s (B.Arch.’77) firm Leddy, Maytum,
Suite 202, Eugene, OR 97401-3273.             Swedish Ducks.                                Stacy Architects designed two sites in Mission
A&AA Alumni                                   Thomas Bigham Jr. (Jake) (M.Arch.’96)         Bay North, San Francisco, for low to moderate
                                              was killed on December 22, 2007 in a          income families under the San Francisco Re-
Doris Watkins (’41) passed away on Janu-
                                              windsurfing accident in Cabo Pulmo,           development Agency’s First-Time Homeowner
ary 3rd, 2008. Doris taught art history at
                                              Baja, Mexico. Jake practiced architecture     program.
Marylhurst College. She was also an artist
                                              in Portland and the Columbia Gorge. He        Ken Canavarro (B.Arch.’77) , Ruth Wu
and painted in both oil and watercolor.
                                              was a former chairperson of the Oregon        (B.Arch.’95), Warren deloria (B.Arch.’97),
Additionally, Doris was a member of
                                              Investment Board and was recently ap-         Kina Voelz (B.Arch.’99), and Sara Vreed
the American Association of University
                                              pointed as a trustee of the Northwest         (B.Arch.’00) were promoted to associates
                                              Academy in Portland.                          at Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects of
Marjorie Wintermute (B.Arch.’41)
                                              David Wood (M.Arch.’98) died October          Portland, OR.
passed away on September 21st.
                                              26, in an airplane accident. Dave was re-     Bob Carothers (B.Arch.’77) was promoted to
Marjorie worked at Bonneville Power
                                              turning from Salem where he completed         principal at Ankrom Moisan Associated Archi-
Authority during WWII, apprenticed
                                              his Oregon architecture licensing exam.       tects of Portland.
with Pietro Belluschi, worked at an
                                              Dave was a member of Kasian Architects
independent practice for 22 years, was
                                              in Calgary, Canada.
                                                                                                           NOTES CONTINUE ON PAGE 18
     AlumnI nOTeS
     CONTINUED FROM PAGE 17                                tects in Portland, OR.                                Terry will travel to Okinawa and Fresno County,
                                                           dan Pyle (B.Arch.’98) and Kaarin Knudson              CA for her research.
     Robert l. Thompson (B.Arch.’77) received              (M.Arch.’07) were hired at Rowell Brokaw Ar-          lee Imonen (M.F.A.’96) with Professor Laura
     the design commission for the new University          chitects, in Eugene, OR.                              Alpert exhibited their work in the show Stone:
     of Oregon basketball arena, in Eugene and Park        evan Jacob (B.Arch.’99) has been promoted to          Recent Sculpture from the Oldest Material, at
     Avenue West, in Portland.                             associate in the San Francisco office of Sasaki       the Karin Clarke Gallery, in Eugene, OR.
     Robert hastings (B.Arch.’79) was promoted             Associates, Inc.                                      lisa deJohn’s (’97) work Blue Flower is being
     to the newly created position of agency archi-        F. Jordan Kiel (B.Arch.’07) and gauri Ra-             sold in over 200 IKEA stores globally. Lisa has
     tect for TriMet in Portland, OR.                      jbaidya (M.Arch.’07) were hired at Portland’s         also received attention from the Boston Globe,
     ethan Anthony’s (B.Arch.’80) book, The Ar-            SERA Architects.                                      Converse, and the Design*Sponge site. She
     chitecture of Ralph Adams Cram and his Office,                                                              currently lives in West Newbury, MA.
     was published in April 2007 by WWNorton, NY.
                                                                                                                                              Peter evonuk’s
     Ethan lives in Concord, MA.                           Ken Shores’ (M.F.A.’57) work will be shown at                                      (B.F.A.’01) work was
                                                           the Museum of Contemporary Crafts, in Port-                                        featured in a show
     Christopher Ramey (B.Arch.’81) and erik
                                                           land, OR., from April 10th –July 23rd, 2008.                                       entitled Dystopian Po-
     gerding (M.Arch.’96) were elected to three-
     year terms as directors of the Architecture           Paintings, drawings, and prints by dennis                                          lemetrics (Fun with
     Foundation of Oregon.                                 gould (M.F.A.’67) were exhibited at the Ja-                                        Bricks and Bulbs) at
                                                           cobs Gallery in Eugene, OR. Dennis lives in                                        the Laconia Gallery in
     garry Papers (M.Arch.’83) is the deputy direc-
                                                           Noti, OR.                                                                          Boston, MA.
     tor of the Urban Form division for the San Diego,
     CA City Planning Dept.                                Joe m. Fischer (M.F.A.’63) completed several                                       Chris Rothermel
                                                           portraits of children in Dallas and El Paso, TX.      Peter Evonuk’s Mar-
     Tim Richard (B.Arch.’84), gregg Sanders                                                                                                  (M.F.A.’03) had a solo
                                                           He currently lives in Longview, WA.                   ble Block (2007).
     (M.Arch.’92), John Smith (B.Arch.’93), eric                                                                                              exhibition of his new
     Ridenour (M.Arch.’95), and eric Philps                yasue Sakaoka (M.F.A.’63) received the                work in Hong Kong, in November 2007. He
     (B.Arch.’99) were promoted to associates at           Ohio Arts Council Heritage Fellowship Award           continues to be the sculpture area Head at
     SERA Architects in Portland.                          and the Ohioana Library Association Award for         Hong Kong University.
                                                           Achievement and Service. Yasue currently lives        Jenene nagy (M.F.A.’04) continues to run
     mike Cline (B.Arch.’85) was promoted to
                                                           in Columbus, Ohio.                                    Tilt Gallery in Portland, OR and exhibits her
     managing principal at Ankrom Moisan Associ-
     ated Architects in Portland.                          Site-specific installations in June 2007 by           own work at The New American Art Union,
                                                           mike e. Walsh (B.F.A.’72) include, Absalom            Linfield College, and the Portland International
     The drawings of Brad Cloepfil (B.Arch.’88),
                                                           at Blackfish Gallery in Portland and Lesson Plan      Airport.
     and the work of Allied Works Architecture over
                                                           for the Corvallis Arts Center. Mike currently lives   Stephanie Robison (M.F.A.’04) had a solo ex-
     the past decade were shown at the Portland
                                                           in Eugene, OR.                                        hibition at Tilt Gallery in Portland, OR. She also
     Contemporary Art Museum in June 2007.
                                                           Annette gurdjian (B.F.A.’84) showed her               exhibited new sculpture at the New American
     mack Selberg (B.Arch.’89), Carolyn Forsyth
                                                           work in the Maude Kerns Art Center’s exhibit          Art Union Gallery in Portland OR, and her work
     (B.Arch.’96), and Jeff Wilder (B.Arch.’97)
                                                           Spirited Journey: Women Artists.                      was selected for the 2006 COCA Annual in Se-
     were promoted to senior associates at Ankrom
                                                           Cristina Acosta (B.F.A.’88) was featured on           attle, WA. Additionally, Stephanie had her work
     Moisan of Portland, OR.
                                                           the Oregon Public Broadcasting show, Art              featured in the exhibit Stone: Recent Sculpture
     dave heater (B.Arch.’91) was promoted to                                                                    from the Oldest Material, in Eugene, OR.
                                                           Beat, in March 2007. The piece highlighted
     managing principal at Ankrom Moisan. Dave
                                                           her paintings and home décor work. Cristina           Paula Rebsom (M.F.A.’06) the Oregon Arts
     opened AMAA Seattle, the first branch office
                                                           currently lives in Bend, OR.                          Commission honored Paula with an Artist Fel-
     in 2006 and is currently working on several
                                                           A collection of airbrushed depictions of Oregon       lowship Award for outstanding work. Paula is
     projects in the Seattle area.
                                                           petroglyphs and pictographs by Allen Cox              currently an Advanced Sculpture Studio instruc-
     Steven eggleston (B.Arch.’93) joined Hen-                                                                   tor at Marylhurst University in Portland, OR.
                                                           (M.F.A.’91) that comprised the first exhibit of
     nebery Eddy Architects of Portland as a project
                                                           the University of Oregon’s Museum of Natural          laura Frantz (B.F.A.’07) received a Fulbright
                                                           and Cultural History, were remembered at the          award to teach conversational English to univer-
     eric meyerowitz (M.Arch.’93) has launched             museum’s 20th anniversary. Allen currently lives      sity students in Turkey during 2007-2008.
     the website and practices            in Knoxville, TN.                                     Berenice Ramirez (M.F.A.’07) juried Touch-
     architecture in Los Angeles, CA.
                                                           devin laurence Field (M.F.A.’93) is repre-            ing Warms the Art, at the Contemporary Crafts
     miltiades mandros (M.Arch.’95) is an instruc-         senting the United States on the international        Museum, in Portland, OR.
     tor at Chabot College in Hayward, California,         jury of the 2008 Olympics Sculpture Commit-
     and for the past three years has operated a solo      tee, and designed a sculpture for the 2008
                                                                                                                 Arts & Administration/
     practice in Oakland.                                  Beijing Olympics that will be installed at the        Arts Education
     lauren miller (M.Arch.’96) is teaching as a           Olympic Park. Devin’s May-June 2007 show              Fran Reed (’67) received the Rasmuson Artist
     full-time instructor in the Interior Design depart-   in Portland entitled Manufactured Landscapes,         Fellowship to continue her work and research
     ment at the Art Institute of Portland.                was inspired by his visits to China.                  on Alaskan fish skin and gut. She was also
     Tricia Berry (B.Arch.’97), Kari greene Turn-          Jean nishimura (’92) is currently living in           acknowledged for her work by La Jolla High
     er (B.Arch.’97), Scott Clarke (M.Arch.’00),           Honolulu, HI., and is continuing to produce art,      School with the Distinguished Viking Alumni
     and Joel Osburn (M.Arch.’00) have been                despite an illness.                                   Award. Fran currently lives in Anchorage, AK.
     named associates at PIVOT Architecture, in            Terry mcClain (M.F.A.’94) has been granted a          Interior Architecture
     Eugene, OR.                                           spring term sabbatical by AiCA-SF to continue         The silver and fine metalwork collection of mar-
     Kevin Sauser (B.Arch.’97) was promoted to             her research project “Climate Redefines Bor-          go grant Walsh (B.I.Arch.’60) is on view at the
     principal at Ankrom Moisan Associated Archi-          ders- Sugar Cane as Dyestuff, Fiber, and Fuel.”
                                                                                      AlumnI & deVelOPmenT neWS
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. The exhibition
is entitled Designed by Architects: Metalwork          R. m. TOlleFSOn PlAnS gIFT TO helP
from the Margo Grant Walsh Collection and will
be on exhibit through August 3, 2008.                    FuTuRe ARChITeCTuRe STudenTS
yuwen Su (B.I.Arch.’94) was promoted to                The creator of Tollycraft yachts, a Pacific Northwest icon, says his train-
associate at Ankrom Moisan Associated Archi-        ing as a University of Oregon architecture student influenced his vision as
tects. Yuwen currently lives in Portland, OR.       a master boat builder.
nicole Sabourin loeffler (B.I.Arch.’96) and            R.M. “Tolly” Tollefson grew up in Medford, Oregon, and fell in love with
her husband welcomed their second son in            boats as a teenager working summers at a resort on Diamond Lake. At 97, he
August 2007. Nicole is a partner with Manning,                             still reviews his drawing but cannot draw now because
Fulton, & Skinner in Raleigh, N.C.                                         of failing eyesight.
Kate emmons (M.I.Arch.’07) is working at                                      Tolly, who enrolled in UO’s architecture program in
Centra/Ruddy in New York City. Her work is                                 1929, plans to leave part of his estate to the university
mainly focused in the luxury-housing sector of                             because he wants to help students trying to finish in the
NYC Metro, with occasional hotel projects.                                 School of Architecture and Allied Arts.
                                                                              “I know it can be a struggle to graduate,” Tolly said.
Landscape Architecture                                                     “The Great Depression cut short my career as a UO archi-
Peter Rothschild (B.L.A.’74, M.L.A.’75), An-                               tecture student, so I hope my gift will help a few students
drew moore (B.L.A.’80), and mark Bunnell                                   graduate. Then I will feel good that I have helped in a
(B.L.A.’85) of Quennell Rothschild & Partners       R.M. “Tolly” Tollefson small way. That will be my reward.”
in New York City, have been selected to design                                After leaving the university, Tolly worked hard in
a 40-acre park on Governor’s Island in New          real estate. Even though the Great Depression was in full force, he did well
York Harbor.                                        enough that in his spare time, using plans from Popular Mechanics magazine,
Brian C. mcCarter (B.L.A.’75) of Zimmer Gun-        he was able to build his first wooden boat called “Tolly.” He continued to
sul Frasca of Portland has been selected as a       design and build more boats as a hobby until he entered the Coast Guard to
member of the American Society of Landscape         serve in World War II.
Architects’ Council of Fellows, the society’s          Tolly managed to save most of his pay during the war, which he used to
highest honor.                                      purchase Central Lumberyard and
hank lawrence’s (M.L.A.’78) book, City              Millwork in Kelso, Washington. Once
Trees: A Historical Geography from the Renais-      again, in his free time, he brought new
sance through the Nineteenth Century, was           design ideas to life in a 58-foot yacht,
published by the University of Virginia Press.      also named “Tolly.”
Hank currently lives in Venango, PA.                   In 1952 the lumber yard burned
John Pellitier (M.L.A.’85) was appointed by         down. He ended up with an insurance
Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski to a four-           settlement, went back to his “little
year term with the state landscape architecture     boat building shed,” and the Tollycraft
board. John is a landscape architect in Eugene,     Yacht Co. was born.
OR.                                                    Tolly used his UO architectural
Stewart Crosby (M.L.A.’02) is a landscape           training to sketch the boats’ profiles
designer at SRF Consulting Group, Inc., an en-      and arrangements and then sent the
gineering, planning, and landscape architecture     drawings to naval architect Ed Monk
firm based in Minneapolis.                          for the final design. “I’d met Ed before Tolly’s company logo above and his dis-
                                                    the war and we became very good tinctive 48 ft. yacht below.
Planning, Public Policy &                           friends. He designed all the Tollycraft
Management                                          and later, his son, Ed Jr., continued the tradition.”
geneva Wortman Wiki (’00) is the founding              Tollycraft began building 14- to 16-foot open boats powered by outboard
director of the Klamath Falls River Early College   motors. As the recreational boating market took off, Tollycraft grew to meet it.
of the Redwoods. In May of 2007 the school          A 28-foot model was succeeded by 30-, 34-, 40-, 44-, 48-, 53-, 57- and 61-foot
received the highest level of accreditation pos-    production powerboats.
sible from the Western Association of Schools          In 1987, with the corporation grossing $12 to 18 million in annual sales,
and Colleges.                                       Tolly sold it and retired to enjoy cruising on his last “Tolly,” a 48-foot yacht
Kamala englin (M.C.R.P.’06) has been teach-         whose distinctive blue hull became famous in the Puget Sound. He kept
ing English at the International Languages          boating for nearly another decade, logging nearly seventy years of cruising
Institute, near Budapest, Hungary, since May        by the time he fully retired in his mid-80s.
2007.                                                  Tolly said his UO experiences contributed to his success with Tollycraft.
                                                    Then as now, UO students were able to meet the world’s leading professionals
                                                    without leaving campus. “I had the opportunity to meet Frank Lloyd Wright,
                                                    who inspired my concept of design,” he said.” Asked what message he would
                                                    like to send to students now and in the future, Tolly said, “Work hard, study,
                                                    take advice from successful friends, and stay on course. You will succeed.”
                                                       Read more about Tollefson’s remarkable life:

     AlumnI FOCuS

     Alumni Win Competiton
     Response to environment and place captures Hong Kong judges

                                                                                                                                                                         Address Service Requested

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Eugene OR 97403-5204
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     5204 University of Oregon
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 AND COMMUNICATIONS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      OFFICE OF EXTERNAL RELATIONS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     School of Architecture and Allied Arts
        Competition rendering illustrating ground level of “Amphibian Carpet” and mesh structure.
         How can a world-class city redefine a waterfront to embrace both citizens and visitors?
     That was the challenge posed by Hong Kong’s Central Waterfront Design Competition. Three
     graduates of University of Oregon’s School of Architecture & Allied Arts, living and work-
     ing in the United States, Hong Kong, and China, answered the call with an entry that was
     awarded the jury’s top prize in November.
         Oregon graduates Lewis Chui, Bart Chui and Selah Au, along with partner Hins Cheung,
                                               a graduate from University of California Berkeley,
                                               were selected from among 82 submissions to the
                                               competition, sponsored by Designing Hong Kong, a
                                               non-profit civic organization.
                                                   After an initial design charrette, the four group
                                               members interacted online from their home bases
                                               when they weren’t able to travel. “We discussed and
                                               criticized each other’s production through e-mail,
                                               phone, and most importantly, through file transfer
     Lewis Chui, Bart Chui and Selah Au protocol, since architectural ideas can hardly be
     (middle three starting from right) accept explained without visual representation,” said Au.
     prize for winning Hong Kong’s Central “We tossed about ten schemes before coming up with
     Waterfront Design Competition.            the one we submitted.”
         “Amphibian Carpet,” the team’s entry, weaves together urban infrastructure with native
     vegetation. The entry statement defines the concept as a “permeable coastal urban and wetland
     development, which smoothly integrates aquatic habitat with
     infrastructure and buildings.” Resembling an undulating web
     or canopy, the green “carpet” winds its way around pedestrians
     from existing footbridges on the upper level until submerged in
     the waters of Victoria Harbour. The undulation creates a natural
     transition and allows connection to the city at multiple levels.
         The team was especially aware of how nature and the man-
     made merge, and how indoor spaces blend into landscape. Their
     time at the University of Oregon helped facilitate that spectrum.
     “The multi-disciplinary faculty helped widen our perspectives
     and think beyond architecture,” said Au.
         The jury favored innovation alongside feasibility and prac-
     ticality. It remarked that the “Amphibian Carpet” comprised
                                                                                                       ALL IMAGES FROM HTTP://CENTRALWATERFRONT.DESIGNINGHONGkONG.COM/

     “a strong environmental concept directed toward a sustainable
     development and open space solution in relation to the city and Competition model show-
     the harbour.”                                                        ing waterfront design.
                                                                                                                                                                         made available in accessible formats upon request.
                                                                                                                                                                         with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This publication will be
                                                                                                                                                                         action institution committed to cultural diversity and compliance
                                                                                                                                                                         The University of Oregon is an equal-opportunity, affirmative-

         Designing Hong Kong intends the competition entries to influ-
     ence the ongoing studies of the central waterfront by The Central Reclamation Urban Design
     Study, undertaken by the Planning Department of the Hong Kong government. “We foresee
     a lot of resistance and compromises between ideology and practicality,” said Au, “and there
     is no guarantee that our proposal will ever be incorporated into the coming government pro-
     posal. But no matter what, the competition has already raised a lot of public attention towards
     planning and cityscape in Hong Kong, and we hope that the discussion will go on.”
         Following the competition, Selah Au (M.Arch.’06) returned to Hong Kong and is working
     for Index Architecture. Bart Chui (M.Arch.’06) remains with Daly Genik Architects in Los An-
     geles. Lewis Chui (M.Arch.’96) is a senior architect at LRS Architects in Portland, Oregon.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Permit No. 63
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Eugene OR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      U.S. Postage

                        Architectural section from Hong Kong’s Statue Square to waterfront piers.

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